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  1. Tarax Club

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    D Day Do it Dees!
  2. Tarax Club

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    With more than a nod to the great Chuck Berry Somebody help me get out of August. Just help me get to final’s town. And I woke up high over AFL headquarters. On a jet to the promised land. Swing low chariot come down easy. Cut your engines and cool your wings. And let me make it to the telephone. Tell the folks back home this is the promised land callin’. And say the poor ‘d’ boy is on the line. Waiting for the dees to come home...
  3. Tarax Club

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    No, keeping with the Roman despotic theme Pinot Nero. Great drop intend to try amore! Cheers
  4. Tarax Club

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    Buongiorno, with mention of Caligula your top end correspondents cannot resist. At present holidaying in Italia and on the march south to Roma. Wi-Fi here is decidedly sketchy so when there is on opportunity we will take it. From reports the attrition rate continues as the season goes, with a few more casualties on the wayside. Shame about Smithy mi dispiace, after showing some definite promise. From the brief viewing of the match highlights the tackle causing his injury appeared overly et tu Brutus and worthy of the Colosseum and Bernie's on the backburner with Casey again... Mi scusi must remain relevant and on topic. Charlie Spargo excites your roving correspondents as a worthy addition to the Demons legion who 'jack in the box' (apologies to our co-captain) like appears front and square for that opportunist goal. Doesn't shirk the physical stuff either in the heat of gladiatorial combat. From where we're sitting, like Caligula thumbs up the mighty Demons, thumbs down to Equinus and his cohort this Sunday. Arrivederci. postscript If we run into Jake we will say ciao!!!
  5. Tarax Club

    My 3 word player analysis V Bulldogs

    Binnie, keeping strictly in the spirit of Joeboy's 3 word player analysis there is little opportunity for flexibility or balance in a 3 word comment. In general it is either probably going to be a bouquets or brickbats. My perception of Oscar's performance was he was under some duress from young Schache in the first half, who was providing the bullies with a target going forward, as evident by the number of his positive play involvements. Agree, in the second half Sam Frost appeared to be his minder and his influence on the game waned as it did for a number of players in the bullies team. Was the switch of Schache's opponent in the second half orchestrated from the coach's box? Perhaps the coach should be applauded for this move and other tactics that turned the game in the Dees favour! To be fair Oscar did make a positive contribution to the team performance as he does most weeks, but given the constrictions of this format perhaps his Ying needed greater Yang.
  6. Tarax Club

    My 3 word player analysis V Bulldogs

    After some contemplation! Jones - off the boil Hogan - positioning advantaged team Tom McDonald - signs are positive Garlett - confidence is returning Neal-Bullen - ball handling improved Spargo - spark and go Hannan - upgrade goal GPS Lewis - positives outweigh negatives Melksham - dribble wizard extraordinaire Oliver - champion player now Petracca - damaging 3rd quarter Fritsch - kid is clean Vince - some blooper handballs Brayshaw - sublime midfield playmaker Frost - keep it simple Gawn - dominant big man Harmes - blue collar ethic Hibberd - smell the roses Jetta - courageous pack mark Kennedy-Harris - JKH KPI CIP Oscar McDonald - opponent gave grief Salem - smooth and combative
  7. Tarax Club

    Marrara Training - Friday 6th July, 2018

    M_9 fyeo! check topic thread!
  8. Tarax Club

    Marrara Training - Friday 6th July, 2018

    This has been gnawing away for a little while! Thanks to our research a correction is in order! According to Denzil Howson's online archive The Tarax Show 1957-1964 http://tdgq.com.au/tarax-show/tarax_home.html Happy Hammond initially compered the Happy Tarax Show from its first show live at Myer's Lonsdale Street window on Monday 21st January 1957 until 1960 when he left GTV9 to go to HSV7 to host The Happy Show. Geoff Corke aka Corky King of the Kids was drafted in as Happy Hammond's replacement in the role as the show's compere. Happy a keen Geelong supporter, was accorded the honour of running through the banner with the Geelong players on VFL Grand Final day in 1963. On a sadder note Ron Blaskett recently passed away April 2018 at the grand old age of 96.
  9. Tarax Club

    Training - Wednesday 11th July, 2018

    Terrific reports cheers Dazzle and Kev! To allay concerns about untidy skills and missing practice shots at goal post-Darwin, these were occurring during training last Friday 6th July. During the game a number of the goal kicks sailed through either side of goal posts at one metre or less from being 6 pointers. Whilst the game as a spectacle was a little underwhelming. On reflection the team performance in other phases of the game was cause for optimism. As the competition for finals places ’heats up’ in the later rounds of this season. Territory proud on both Demons’ performances here!🍻
  10. Tarax Club

    Marrara Training - Friday 6th July, 2018

    All this appreciation and encouragement! We shall be soon drinking our own 🛀 water! Ron of course is the “ghost writer” Gerry naturally is the ideas man. Happy Hammond is just happy where he is. The question is who really was Mr Football?
  11. Tarax Club

    Marrara Training - Friday 6th July, 2018

    Cheers Kev, As the attendance at training was for the dedicated few and faithful, your top end correspond team did get the opportunity to interact with a few of the key personnel who will represent the MFC in tomorrow night's game. Some splendid fellows there, interestingly some guys are more relaxed, open and friendly in person but on field their demeanour is at poles opposite to that. Where others appear to be more introspective in person and perhaps more extroverted and expressive over the white line. Christian trained with forwards but don't read too much into that, the training session was all over in 45 minutes. Frosty may get his opportunity in defense, he appears to be mindful of last year's team performance. Wish him well he has some excellent attributes.
  12. Good Evening fellow demonlanders, as posts from Darwin seem rather thin we shall attempt to fill the void. Team arrived at midnight last night, according to our source the flight was delayed. Consequently the training session was delayed somewhat, commencing just after 11:30 am this morning rather than the advertised 10:30 am start. Which was just fine, the Marrara ground is a picture, its surface is well grassed and some additional 'outdoor' new seating has been built on the outer side of the ground adjacent to the Michael Long Centre. The grandstand now honours the late Maurice Rioli no doubt Junior Boy will be in attendance come Saturday night. Being the nominated 'home' team Demons really get the pick of the facilities using the more modern change rooms and gym facilities of the Michael Long Centre. Fremantle get the more antiquated visitors dungeon deep in the bowels of the stadium we assume. Perhaps a swap of change rooms would be in order after Captain Viney's call for the team to get back to the 'basics'! Goal kicking practice for a few of the forwards was the first appearance of players on to the ground. Led by a Tom McDonald mini-clinic, he has a rock-solid goal kicking technique, head and ball position is maintained prior to a faultless ball drop and an efficient and linear kicking action, a bio-mechanics masterpiece. Even Bayley Fritsch struggled for accuracy deep in the forward pocket but Tom split the middle consistently. Goody appeared and purposely strode up to the coaches box to take in the view, which was decidedly smoky after recent scrub fires close to the oval. Sunset will indubitably be enhanced, hopefully it will not affect athletic performance game time. Meanwhile the small advance party were called back inside for what appears to be another meeting. The bane of the modern workplace it seems, although contemporary orthodoxy suggests footy as well as being a "game of inches" is won or lost between the players ears. Hope they were listening. Whilst this was going on one of the factotums was placing colourful plastic position discs around the forward fifty arcs both ends of the ground. The full team session was about to begin! Max Gawn demonstrated his ability to kick the high degree of difficulty checkside goal with ease from the tightest forward pocket position as the team positively bounded out of the team meeting on to the ground. The team approached training in a spirited and positive frame of mind. The mostly brief drills initially focused on sharp ball handling skills, hand-balling, short-passing by foot and some contested drills gaining possession in packs without much contact. After the the first series of ball-handling drills the team divided into forwards, mid-fielders and defenders. For what appeared to be succinct on field tutorials with the line coaches. Sam Frost joined the defenders, as did Bernie Vince who seemed to be the only emergency traveling up. But surprisingly, given Goody's mantra about total team defense, much of the later part of the training session was dedicated to ball movement into the forward fifty. The colourful plastic position discs came into play, with a complex drill which almost seemed to mimic marching girl precision with speed, with variations on a big "W" pattern. Anyway lowering the eyes, delivering a well weighted and directed pass either by foot or by hand was the theme. Post-training those fans in attendance including your top-end correspondents got to meet the players. After last year's disappointment here against a resurgent crows outfit, the guys seemed to be enjoying the territory warmth and hopefully can re-discover the spark to re-launch our assault for a finals berth. Go you Mighty Demons !
  13. Tarax Club

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    Another snippet which may be of interest. Players will be appearing at Intersport at Gateway shopping centre Palmerston on Friday evening apparently, best check with store for times.
  14. Tarax Club

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    Coach, Only pre-game event I'm aware of (from the club's website) is the team will be training at Marrara oval tomorrow morning at 10:30 am until 11:30 am followed by players signing autographs and doing photos with fans. Cheers TC
  15. Tarax Club


    Somebody give Frosty Tony Campbell's super sticky footy mitts! He may be frosty but he is no lover of the pre-frost precursor dew.