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  1. Tarax Club

    Down Memory Lane # 1

    Back at the very beginning of the John Northey Dreamtime! Have a distant memory of attending the opening match of the season at the “G” versus the tiges on that very hot late March Saturday arvo. Remember the win but the rest of is decidedly hazy. Of course sufficient cold ‘refreshment’ was necessary even in the shade of the old Southern stand to maintain adequate hydration levels that day. The video bears testament to players endurance and ultimate determination to win, qualities that Swoopers’ teams were rarely short of. Prior to the arrival of the professional era players maintained regular weekday employment or study. According to footy folklore, Ted Fidge who was a plumber by trade kept weights in his van, so if the opportunity arose he could do extras at the worksite. Ted did not possess the footy IQ or skills of Alan Johnson, Brian Wilson or Gary Lyon so he was not regularly selected for the firsts. Fast forward a few seasons to VFL Park Waverley on a dark wintry day. Faux magpie enforcer Darren Millane whacked Ted, who duly retaliated with a fearsome right jab which had the birdies singing and once powerful thighs reduced to liquorice legs. Unfortunately for Ted the live audience was considerably larger than TV ringside and the incident was in the centre of the play. Northey’s team discipline mantra was breached, the runner delivered the coach’s instruction, Ted left the field where he spent the rest of the afternoon on the bench. After serving what must have been an extended suspension.Ted never again played in the seniors, he was delisted at the end of the season.
  2. Tarax Club

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Of course just over the border is the “big banana”🍌. The local forest dwellers have been known to worship there. It seems recently discovered archaeological evidence exists of arcane if not bizarre ritualistic practices that go back centuries. Apparently these indigenes now known to anthropologists as ‘tourists’ initially formed a somewhat obscure provincial cult which grew exponentially over time to become almost pandemic in its appeal. Hence the expression ‘an old banana was once young and green’.
  3. His pedigree suggests he has some definite 'mongrel' about him . Hopefully that can be positively channeled as controlled aggression on field. Attack the opposition offensively from the fullback position all the way downfield.
  4. Trust it wasn't a dodgy echo beach cab merlot!
  5. Tarax Club

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    and so ends today's lesson... Give them hell Demons!!!
  6. Saved a certain goal in a very tight preliminary final contest with a goal square intercept. Has determination and courage in spades reminiscent of Sean Wight. Go Well young Smithy!
  7. Tarax Club

    My 3 word player analysis V Hawthorn

    JB top summation overall, team performance improved markedly after half time as did many individual performances. Suggest alternative -Tyson teases again?
  8. Tarax Club

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Our team! Our town! Our turf! Our youth! Our future! Go dees!!!
  9. Tarax Club

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    Going stir crazy here (almost) confined with a audio link behind four walls no this is not porridge (Italia Milano) it will definitely be black label tonight (tarax of course!) Gloria! Viva! Amore! Diablo!
  10. Tarax Club

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    The Revolution is nigh the crowd is yelling for more... The ancien regime off with their heads! All the way with the red and the blue!!!
  11. Tarax Club

    Robert Walls is tipping the Dees for the flag

    Your intrepid correspondents reporting from the very far ‘top end’ (Sparta Greece) It is all in the lap of the gods. Team will hopefully take inspiration from the locals when famously confronting the Persians pussycats at Thermopylae ‘G’. No problem with Robbie Walls the oracle at Deelphi has cast his bones...
  12. Tarax Club

    Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    Agree Nasher, only able to listen to (AFL nation) webcast from afar...(on the the grand tour Athens) Robert Walls praised Jay Kennedy-Harris for winning a one on one contest with quote ‘courage and will’. Robbie seems to be a a bit of a fan and has mentioned JKH in dispatches previously. Detractors need to take their blinkers off rather than dwell in a negative self-indulgent universe of their own creation, without the grace of conceding maybe the young bloke can play and make a positive contribution to team success. Fortunately the Match selection committee make the team selection decisions which appear to be based on fair and rational parameters. Great if Jay gets a finals gig with the first 22! Super pleased about the team performance, may the momentum continue to roll on. ‘[censored] hang on to your 👜 ‘s!!!
  13. Tarax Club

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    D Day Do it Dees!