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    A Day at the Races

    Apologies. My best is sin to win. Race 4 number 6 at rosehill.
  2. binman

    Who's going to Perth?

    Thanks for letting us know
  3. I backed a greyhound at casino after work. It won. Its name was Jonsey.
  4. binman

    Monkey Business

    My best footy bet is the tigers to make their 14.5 line. They will win by six goals plus as piers will run out of juice.
  5. binman

    A Day at the Races

    I'll do my form on the 4 hour flight to Perth!
  6. And the eagles fan was shamed in perth because he never cried after his beloved team was beaten by the demons. With apologies to albert
  7. binman

    The Steven May Thread

    That explains it. Rumour is 12 months old. Just takes that long to reach the gold coast
  8. Good analysis of the game - though i reckon he plagiarized me! (got his tackle stats wrong for WC - 13.5 a game? where's the editing?) https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/west-coast-v-melbourne-preview-the-stats-that-matter-on-road-to-grand-final-20180920-p5051w.html
  9. I'd have to watch again but i'm not sure hibberd had gunston. My sense is Friiter and at times Jetts were on him. Could well be wrong though.
  10. Goody rates him. So do i. I reckon he will rotate between their medium forwards as as you say he is quick enough and he is also very athletic. Omac will get Darling and Frosty Kennedy (with freedom to run off him) and Smith will get across to hep when needed. This frees hibberd up to be much more attacking, which is a worry for WC.
  11. At the time of writing the odds for this game are eagles 1.80 and dees 2.05. Which is about right. No question that the eagles deserve to be favorites. They've had a great season, have a good system and a very dangerous forward line, particularly their medium size forwards. And it goes without saying they have a huge home ground advantage. How big an advantage? Well, i reckon the odds would be reversed if this game was at the G. Leaving all that to one side i really believe we will win this game. And if we clik we could even do a number on them. The key reasons for my confidence are: Momentum: we have it in spades Confidence: see above Belief: see above Settled team: since the west coast game we have had only three players out - Kent, JKH and the dreadfully unlucky Fritter. Super important from both an injury and team synergy perspective From our best possible 22 we only have Lever and hogan not playing (with Kent close) They have 3 of their best 22 out in Nik Nat, Gaff and Sheppard (and arguably 2 of their best 3 out) and these outs hurt them more than ours do us as they can't cover them as well, particularly Nik Nat and Gaff McEvoy held his own against Max, unsurprising given he is a top shelf ruckman. This was big factor in them leading clearances and inside 50s at half time. Lycett and Vardy will struggle to come close to containing maxy let alone match him. Gives us a huge advantage in terms of clearances On clearances, we are third in the AFL for clearances (WC 13th) and 1st for center clearances (WC 10th) We travel well. I think i am right in saying we have won 6 of our last 7 interstate games, with the one loss being the Port game we should have won The ground suits us as it is narrower than the g by some 30 metres and will make it hard for WC to find space, chip it around and escape our suffocating pressure - not to mention get through our press The perfect conditions suit us as quick, clean hands are so critical to our quick transition and ball movement, which are the key factors in our high scoring game style (and conversely a reason why we struggle in the wet) As has been noted by many commentators WC win if they get within a -11 differential for contested ball. We average +18. They will have to bring some serious heat to stop us winning the contested ball. Hawks did and kept with us - until we got on top in contested ball On that point our contested ball, high pressure style matches up well against their more traditional style of accurate, surgical kicking as it disrupts their kicking accuracy and creates damaging turnovers Our style is built for finals and theirs is susceptible to finals pressure (like GWS last week) Tackles will play a big role in creating pressure - we are number 1 in the AFL for tackles. 70.7 tackles a game to WC's 60.6 a game (15th) Yes Kennedy in is huge and obviously having Darling play a full match helps (though it is worth noting we already 3 goals up when he was injured i think) but Sheppard is a big loss for them as Hanna, Spargo and Trac are dangerous But more significant is our in - the raging bull. I admit i am guilty of underestimating the value Viney would bring to the team in the finals. He has been incredible and is a critical addition given how crucial contested ball will be And whilst Weed played in the last game he is almost a different player now such is his form. Certainly a bigger threat Yes Kennedy and Darling represent a major threat (though i worry more about Jetta, Rioli and Ryan) but since we played WC we have kept three very good sides in perfect conditions to an average of 58 points. Our all team defensive game is working and our back six have been terrific That all team defensive pressure will ensure Kennedy and Darling won't get the silver service they have got in their 11 wins together Besides for all their supposed forward line strength we are the number one scoring side, by some margin, and average almost two goals a game more than WC Add to that we are the number 1 side for marks inside 50 with 14.8 per game. WC are 7th with 11.5 - they better worry about our forward line! We have yet to hit our straps and as Moncology noted before the hawks game we still have gears we can go up. If we click on Saturday there is a real chance we will, at some point, kick 4,5,6 goals in quick succession as we have done all year If we do that in the first quarter we will take the wind out of the sails of WC and their fans and we will be very hard to beat The crowd noise will be pure Fugazi to the dees The 2, 600 demons fans - demonland posters among them - will carry the torch for all demon fans around the country It's the vibe
  12. binman

    Who's going to Perth?

    Billy, bin and the range rover. Sounds like Perth FM radio show not 3 blokes sharing a taxi
  13. Second post. Cool strategy to set the bar so low. The only way is up. I hope.
  14. The other option Smith provides is the player who has the speed to come off his man to help frosty and oMac as third man in and the strength and leap to really impact the contest. Strong in the contest as well.
  15. in order to be consistent with his/her avatar
  16. Reducing their clearance numbers will go a long way to helping us win. They only turned things around against the pies when they started to win more contested ball. They were in trouble when the pies were on top in that area. So it is a Yeo from me!
  17. binman

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    G'day WB. I thought you must of gone on holiday wit the stevethemanjordon
  18. binman

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    He has nice hair though.
  19. binman

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    So, to be clear, you are not a Tyson fan?
  20. Good points. His weakness this year has been being caught with the ball. But he seems to have made an adjustment to his technique and is better at still getting a handball of when tackled. His value comes in the second half of the game where his relative lack of pace is less an issue and his strength in the contest comes to the fore. Fritter marks beautifully and reads the play well but is still not very strong, and made a couple of bad blues against the Hawks. Very unlucky f he comes out, in large part because really he is a forward who has had to go back to cover the loss of Lever. Which may have cost him his spot in the end.
  21. binman

    MFC - the original owner of the MCG

    It might be too nuanced for them. How about. [censored] OFF!!!!
  22. binman

    If we beat the Eagles in the prelim I will ...

    Great name. Did you see the sun today. Second last page. The column with random stuff including whispers. Some footy player had a baby called Oliver and they put clayton's face on a baby's body.