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  1. binman

    Sole Captaincy?

    I think the fact he finished 4th in the b&f indicates the coach thinks he is comfortably best 22, the assessment of some erstwhile do posters notwithstanding.
  2. binman

    Sole Captaincy?

    Agree Jr And on the flipside there is possible downsides to taking the captaincy off him eg sending a signal his career is coming to an end, annoying his senior (and no doubt loyal) colleagues etc
  3. binman

    2019 Betting Odds

    Indeed. Speaking of betting i backed Oliver to get get more votes than Maxy, thinking it was good value. I chose the wrong player. I could not believe Brayshaw polled more votes than Oliver. Crazy. I reckon the umps must hate Oliver. Perhaps a touch too lippy?
  4. binman

    2019 Betting Odds

    Even money to make top 4. This [censored] is getting real!
  5. binman

    Pre-Preseason 2019 Update

    He is an emotional fella who I suspect often, despite his exterior bravado, often doubts himself. Confidence is a common word used when discussing trac. Yes he could get to elite levels if fitness. But I reckon his main focus should be getting his game time psychology right. He gets good numbers. Which is really important in terms of a foundation. If he can find a way to consistently get really mentally prepared he will go to another level. I would love for him to get more aggressive and be encouraged to go for goals more. Cage him in the 50 meter arc and tell him to kick 3 goals a game. I am confident we will get the elite player with x factor we all hoped for. He is a gun. And if does go up a level next season that will go a long way to softening the blow of losing Hogan. Which will be important as even with may in the team Hogan is a huge loss.
  6. binman

    Pre-Preseason 2019 Update

    Agree AFL clubs do an amazing job developing wold class athletes, arguably the (all round) best athletes of any major sporting code. But i don't think it is true to say it is on a shoestring budget. AFL football department budgets spending is in the millions after all. Sure the football department budgets of even the biggest spenders (West Coast, Adelaide and Collingwood?) are a fraction of the equivalent teams in the NBA, NFL, Premier league, Serie A etc etc. But i suspect there is pretty significant diminishing returns for investment for those clubs once they expend what our budgets are (does that make sense).
  7. binman

    Pass Mark 2019

    Yep. Top 4 is pass mark. That said a lot has to go right and not much wrong to achieve it.
  8. binman

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Strange isn't it. When we secured lever some on here said that would mean omac going to Casey for his "development' having been 'gifted' games in 2017. What happens? Plays almost every minute of every game in 2018. Including the 8 -9 lever played in. Having played all b as r one the previous season. And frost. Only got a run at it once lever went down and only after he had worked on his weaknesses. Omac is well ahead of frost.
  9. binman

    Draft Needs Analysis

    Not sure I agree. We need outside pace and skill.Let's ask josh
  10. binman

    A Day at the Races

    Im a bit worried i might have got the track wrong. its been upgraded to a good 3 and the wind has got up and so there is bit of headwind in the home straight. Both factors suit on speed horses with a bit of cover, but he win will make it hard for leaders, Funny actually because i almost always favour on pacers. My one exception today - ie i mainly selected run on horses - is Thinking Big as i figured he is the best stayer. Conditions will help him now
  11. binman

    A Day at the Races

    Oh Damn. Lets go with Thinking Big in the derby
  12. binman

    A Day at the Races

    My best is Osborne bulls. Race 3 no 1. Its run on rubbish ground in the Everest was huge (cost me the trif - which I thought I had from the vision). Redzel form is primo and ob is a winner. Also suspect track will suit run on horses. Which I hope is right as I have made my selections based on that.
  13. binman

    2019 Fixture

    Of course the TV networks have some pull. Like der. I never said they didn't. That pull can be seen this year. 7 would have made it crystal clear they wanted good, evenly matched top teams scheduled in the marquee slots. And no carlton. But having some pull is a long way from the control you have previously suggested on multiple occasions (but seem now to be walking back from) tm7 and fox have.
  14. binman

    2019 Fixture

    Got it wrong? Are you still seriously suggesting channel 7 advocated for blues to get Friday night games? Not a single person in the world would have expected them to be competitive last year. Even if you knew zero about football all you would need to do is look at their record and points for and against for the preceding decade to know that. But you think a station that has been covering football for 40 odd years got it wrong. And the television era? Please.