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  1. binman

    A Day at the Races

    I will do the form for this race tonight and post my two place getters
  2. binman

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    Thursday morning all is rosy and i'm super confident of a win. Nek minnit......
  3. Blimey, we will have a pretty good starting 5 bball team
  4. binman

    Distance Runners and Speedsters

    Beat me to it. Word for for word what i was going to say.
  5. binman

    Key Defensive Pillars

    Ironically long post STMJ given your long winded quip about my quoted post. Leaving that aside, to clarify you have got the wrong end of the stick. Completely. Our difference of opinion has nothing to do with an emotional standpoint. It has everything to do with a fundamental disagreement about your assessment of Oscar's ability. Yes i dislike it when footy fans are over the top in their criticism of players in the team they support. I have an equal dislike of opinions and arguments that are illogical and not supported by the available evidence or fact. I have no issue with you STMJ on personal level and am certainly not personally offended by your 'commentary' on Oscar. Since your commentary on Oscar began all i have ever done is rebut your arguments. And i think largely successfully so. It seems to me you often state your opinions about Oscar as fact, - or at the least confuse opinion and fact, something that is all too common these days i'm afraid. There are any number of examples - your posts about Oscar are littered with them. But as an example from your post quoted above: 'His improvement and growth this year has been enormous simply because of the low base he was coming from' It is your opinion that he is coming of a low base. It is not a fact. And i disagree he is coming off a low base. My opinion is he had a really solid year last, his ability was evident and i expected him to go up a level in 2018. You are surprised he is playing so well this year and i'm not. So i'm happy to accept that your opinion is that he was coming from a low base. But i reserve the right to debate that opinion. With debates my preference is that facts are used to support arguments. And there is ample objective evidence that your opinions of Oscar's ability and level last year is off the mark. One such piece of evidence is the fact that, much to your frustration, at the end of 2016 they elected not to target a mature KPD to mitigate against the risk of Oscar not being good enough. Again at the end of 2017 they chose not to chase a mature KPD - despite planning to play his brother up forward in 2018. These, critical, recruiting decisions were made by a club with full time professionals in the recruiting and football departments. In 2017 they would have been hoping to make finals. In 2018 they would have realistically been targeting a top 4 spot. In that context making the correct call on the KPD position is super important and not one they are likely to take a risk with, for example not recruiting a solid back up player if they were not 100% confident they had a laity player who could do the job. Given all this it is logical to assume the club decided Oscar was good enough to be a KPD capable of performing at the required level and in 2018 be their key big defender (allowing them to implement their critical strategy of moving Tmac forward). And that there was no little risk of him not excelling. Hence not recruiting a mature KPD as you would have had them do. Another fact is that generally a young players development is relatively linear. Though a huge improvement can happen in one pre season it is unusual and even in that scenario the talent is usually evident (or else why would they have been recruited in the fist instance). And in such a scenario it would be very unusual for a young player to have been played most of the previous season in the seniors (history suggests players who are not ready do not play regular senior footy - particularly in teams pushing for finals). More common is that a player builds year on year as they gain experience, fitness, strength etc and improve in increments. I would argue that the latter scenario reflects Oscar's progression and you obviously would not. But the fact remains the latter scenario is more likely to reflect Oscar's development, simply because it is the usual way young AFL players progress. So your opinion is he came off a low base. Mine is that he didn't. I concede i could be wrong. And you could be right. But the facts support my opinion not yours so logic suggest i am more likely to be correct than you are. I'm happy for you not to respond to this post STMJ, in fact i didn't ask you to respond the previous one and if i recall correctly about the the only time i have ever done so was to follow up your promise last year of going through a particular game of Oscar's involvement that was supposed to offer proof of how poorly he played. Something you never did. By the by if you want to follow through on that commitment AFL stats pro has video of the entire 2017 season. And i have no intention to PM you. Why would i? I'm not unhappy, insulted or interested in engaging in a private conversation. You post opinions on a public football forum and if i feel like responding i do so. Simples. And i will continue to do so. And in doing so i will continue to use fact as the basis of my arguments rebutting yours.
  6. Interesting stats. Not surprised about wagner. Bit surprised Oscar covers so much ground (more than rance). I guess he tracks the key forwards who all now have to be great athletes (eg brown tops the roos list - daw has their fastest sprint by the by) Given he basically never gets a spell on the bench and his position is so physically taxing he must be a fit young bugger.
  7. binman

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Indeed. The other irony is demonlanders deriding the intelligence of the supporters of other teams, like those of the 'filth' when dl provides ample evidence the dees have their fair share of supporters with cognitive challenges.
  8. binman

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I mentioned a few weeks back, after our loss to the tigers, that it felt if something was not quite right at the club. My feeling (and that is all it was) was there was communication issues and goody was perhaps a little dogmatic in his approach, for example the roles some players were playing. I felt that we would learn alot about goody over the ensuing weeks. And we have. The team seem more connected. Yes wins help, but it is more the manner of those wins. Goody also seems to be less dogmatic. For example salem has gone back to the half back line, lever has played more the intercept role and jones has played as a pure inside mid not a tagger. That said he has stuck to his guns in terms of players playing multiple positions within games - particularly forwards -and his emphasis on flexibility. Look at the heat maps of hogan, tmac, spargo, hannan and fritter. They cover huge territory. In the last few weeks goody's tactical and strategic points of difference have been evident. All of this gives me great confidence in goody. He is the real deal.
  9. binman

    All 25 Goals in 8 and 1/2 Minutes

    Watched it last night and when it finished it went straight into the video of all the Casey goals. Gold.
  10. binman

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Why? Because it is good manners to apologise if you have caused offence, even it was done so inadvertently. The world (and DL for that matter) would be a damn sight better place of there was more such respectful interactions.
  11. binman

    Trac's Goal Assist

    Good get. My spell check does not work on the phone. Ironically that would not have been picked up anyway. Mist footballers are those like Robbie Muir who see red mist when the cross the white line. Spot on about players bringing it down and creating stoppages. You only really want the ball to be loose and moving forward inside your forward half or if it clearly releases a player into uncontested space.
  12. binman

    Trac's Goal Assist

    Agree it needs to be done more and goody is clearly coaching the team to, in the absence of the chance of a clean disposal, keep it going forward in our forward half by any means necessary - punch, tap, jamming it onto the boot (right or wrong foot) etc. However for many players the sort of tap trac did - and the even better one melk did in the previous game where he deflected it to allow a player to run into an open goal - is not instinctive for most footballers who have been trained to grab the ball. Whereas basketballers do it much more instinctively, which is why players like Watts and pendles do so many deft taps etc.
  13. binman

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Yes i know. Just some mild trolling on my part. I was being ironic because every year this issue comes I did think about putting a smiling PJ emoji next to my comment.
  14. binman

    Changes vs Adelaide

    It will be so humid and steamy and therefore super slippery come game time. Like playing in hot rain