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  1. Looks like there might be some rain in the second half (note my cut and paste didn't work - the 3 predictions are 3pm, 6pm and 9pm respectively): Monday, April 24 3pm Shower 22°C 71% 4 N 16km/h 16°C 67% 6pm Shower 19°C 82% 3 NNE 11km/h 15°C 74% 9pm Heavy shower 18°C 86% 2 NE 11km/h 15°C 81%
  2. Not sure i quite understand your point here but what i would say is that a concern for me is how easy we have been to score against this year.
  3. On reflection you could probably add Stretch and Garlett to that list, so not too bad in some senses. Which is good for trenners.
  4. Agree on point about the freo game (and the last point for that matter). At risk of repeating myself Trenners obvious lack of speed is no doubt an issue but for him, given that is not going to change much, the critical issue is more the speed of the rest of the team. You don't need the whole team to be jets, just 6 or 7 mid size players with really good leg speed. Trenners big problem is that we don't have 6 or 7 such players. We have Hunt, Kent, Oliver, Frost, JKH, and perhaps Kennedy and that is about all. I guess that is close but for example Hunt and kennedy are in the magoos. Where trenner's opportunity lies is that we still have too many players who make poor decisions and cough the ball up to often. He does both very well, which as you rjay would have been very handy against Freo. if we can get enough leg speed around him i am confident he could play regular senior footy off the half back or in the middle as an extractor and distributor.
  5. .....blame the [censored] hopeless [censored] umpires.....
  6. A critical issue has arisen that is germane to this thread given it is a match preview thread. Proof, if we needed it, that the there is conspiracy against the dees.
  7. If you were being intentionally ironic, then kudos - well played sir.
  8. Comedy gold. Jayd must also enjoy good comedy based on his likes
  9. Quite amusing actually. On reflection not a good call. Gold At least put some effort in and go to the trouble of posting a couple of dozen pro demon posts that at least hinted at a real fan/non troll. First post? Double sheesh. Maybe goody kicked his dog?
  10. Yep, just swipe your membership card. A word of warning though GA seats will be limited.
  11. I have stumbled on to the tech forum. My head hurts. By the by Praha i love NBA 2k and am amazed at the HD graphics. $K sounds awesome. Have you played FIFA on 4k?
  12. Spot on. And, in terms of due process and good governance good succession planning is a critical element of good governance (and when orgs have to be accredited a key focus of the review process). Any decent, successful organisation in the not for profit space or business has solid succession planning policies and procedures for key employees (eg CEO). This is a point Roos made a number of times when he came on board and pointed out that the fact it does not happen in footy is related to the culture of footy and is bad practice. I'm sure PJ has succession planning in place for his job. In an ideal world good succession planning involves having someone within the organisation learning how it works and stepping up (though noting this is not always the best option - new blood can be helpful, but that is why you plan). Exactly how the dees did with Goodwin, how the swans did with Longmire (and perhaps Dew now?) and incidentally what the AFL did recently with Simon Lethlean. So far from bad governance and not following due process the Roos - Goodwin transition reflects what is considered best practice in governance.
  13. Copied their failed model? Are you kidding. We replicated the model that roos used in sydney. A model that resulted in a flag, perenial success and most importantly embedding a famously robust culture, which by the way is what roos will ultimately be judged on as it the precondition for success not the orher way round. Anyway im out of this discussion. Op is clearly trolling. And not well. I mean he asks an innocent question and states his 'concerns' rather than actually stating his opionion about goodwin, which becomes evident in his liking of the aptly named kingdingaling's 'great' posts and then hissubsequent posts. Sheesh
  14. Don't always agree with you, but this is spot on.