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  1. I keep reading this thread title as APEX
  2. On monday we had back AND front coverage of the age (big pictures). Headline on front page, with a photo of viney hugging a teammate, was CHAMPAGNE FOOTBALL VERSUS PREMEIRSHIP HANGOVER
  3. Please, please, please MQ, if we kick away near the end yell PERCENTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Absolutley. Not only does he have the x factor and pure ability he has the desire to impact on games and be 'the man' to stand up and win a game foe us. Goody said as much after the pies game. We have some young guns - oliver, hogan, hunt, salem, brayshaw, omac - but i fiemy believe trac has the most talent. And we still havent seen his best
  5. I agree. To be truthful
  6. "He's a small poppy. But a hard poppy'. Seriously weird. Time to retire
  7. Something about the mythical 'fast deck' that dramtically increases the speed players can run and how quickly tbe ball can move end to end
  8. Unless they just swap jones for gawny, who is a pretty mobile big man. Also wc have a few bigs
  9. I had a similar thought yesterday. I reckon he'll get a game in tbe next 2-3 weeks
  10. Best. Mural. Ever
  11. I love how, in his speech, goody made mention of 'my players' a couple of times. Not the players. My players
  12. Totally agree. I would also love to see some proper post match ANALYSIS, not just a 500 word year 10 essay just saying what occurred (and then melbourne kicked a goal to win the game)
  13. One thing we know for sure. Sentiment won't be a factor in their decision. Perhaps if it were near the end of the season and we were out of finals contention it might be. But its not and we're not.