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  1. So what you're saying is these stats have some validity. Teflects well on omac i guess
  2. Right about what? I posted the graphic to highlight what a great defender May is, this being a thread about May and all. Remarkably since the start of 2015 he has missed 11 games and the suns have lost them all. Critical player for them as are the other players at the top of team's lists. Some pretty good players at the top of those lists. Oh wait, i see what you're getting at. OMac tops ours Go figure.. Who would have thunk it? That Oliver lad seems to be pretty important also.
  3. Backing that up is the article in the Age suggests they will explore neck strengthening exercises as preventative measure.
  4. Honestly, you seem to have a significant problem with the English language, and in particular the meaning of words. Who said anything about bare minimums or minimum requirements? Until this post you did not mention anything about bare minimums or minimum requirements and nor did I. You challenged posters to give an example OMac's 'strong attributes'. Note you didn't say 'elite attributes', 'above average attributes' or anything similar. You used the phrase 'strong attributes'. Clearly he has a number of strong attributes. Otherwise he would not have been drafted by an AFL club, not would he be in the second year of an AFL career, playing regularly for a team that is on the improve and hoping to make finals. or for that matter a key player in back 6 that kept the premiership favorites - and highest scoring side in the league - to 10 odd goals on their home ground in near perfect conditions. I agree the qualities I listed as his 'strong points' are minimum requirements for a defender playing at this level. Strong attributes in other words. It makes no sense at all to suggest to he has no strong attributes. Plain silly. Similarly you stated he was not AFL standard. Despite the fact he is playing AFL and continues to get selected to play AFL senior football. And don't give me nonsense about not having other options. if he was not at AFL standard he would have been de-listed after his first season and if he had somehow avoided that fate would not be selected in the seniors this year. Again plain silly. Now to be clear i have not made similarly silly, black and white, definitive statements about OMac. He has a long way to go. We do need another defender and in particularly a really good defender like May or Lever. If we got one i believe (but will not state as fact as you seem so keen to do) he would remain in the team and be a very important tall running defender. But how about we agree to disagree and leave it there on the OMac topic. I think the one thing we can both agree on is we are not going to convince the other person our position is the correct one.
  5. Surprise, surprise. A poster responds to your puerile offer of $10 to a poster to find 'one strong attribute that Oscar has to his game'. A poster responds with not one but two 'strong attributes' - one percenters (which is actually a goods stat in terms of assessing a players effort level) and endurance, which is an obvious strength of OMac. And you derisively reject both points. Classic case of confirmation bias if i ever saw one. OMac played well last week and was ok this week. And i watched both games. His effort, spoiling, ability to run back with the flight of the ball and not give away a free, his ability to play his part in a zone defense, his work ethic and his team first attitude are all strong attributes that Oscar brings to his game. You can give my $10 to Demonland.
  6. Funny you should say that. I was speaking to my best mate today, who perhaps not coincedently is a big dees fan, and he said we are favourites, should be favourites, have made no changes and the oppo have made 5, they are coming off a six day break compared to our seven, we have a superior win loss record and percentage and have more talent. Ordinarily all reasons to be confident of a win. Unless you barrack for Melbourne.
  7. He would have got us up to speed
  8. Both of those examples you give were 'the game', so to speak. The cats game showed we could match it with the best and that were on the right path. That game gave us the chance to bury the ghost of 186 and saw the emergence of the best ruckman in the game. The hawks game confirmed that and gave us a chance of making the final. We showed we would no longer be bullied by them and came back, not once but twice, winning running away. As a nice bonus we sent the hawks into free-fall. It is worth noting we backed that win up, winning at a hostile AO against Port the following week (a game we were outsiders in). Both of these games are critical elements in our oft spoke of journey, as was last weeks epic win. Such games are indeed worth more than 4 points in the grand scheme of things. And we win our flag they will be referred to as key markers.
  9. Agree. There is definetley something about him, an x factor.
  10. A good point i reckon. Good for the players to play new roles but also for the coaches to have extend themselves and come up with creative options and decisions. It has also meant that more players have been given AFL time and exposure than would have been the case if we had less injured. That said it goes without saying it will be great to have Gawn back. Having to do so much rucking has impacted on how dangerous Watts has been. He has been ok this year and I've loved his endevour and dare i say it his intensity (loved hearing 'crunching tackle from Watts' in the call form the crows game) but we need his class in our forward line
  11. [censored] you all! Woops. Sorry. Spending so much time on a, largely, anonymous internet football fan forum has left me desensitized and confused about realities and proper social conventions
  12. Some good points. Sides do not win flags without good midfields - and not just a handful of good mids but a raft. And we are getting close to that. We have some real bulls as well. Bulls that will do well in the furnace of finals. To that end it was interesting to see Hannan go into the middle last week for a short time. And i agree with with the war of attrition idea. A very long season and we have had our share of injuries but in a close season they key will be staying in touch with the top 8 and hopefully, with some luck, having a healthy list come September. That is exactly what happened for the doggies last year. In addition to Vandenberg and Melksham we have some other stronger, older bodies who might come handy in the heat of finals - Wagner, Hannan, Mckenna, Bull Smith and even Maynard. Yes all pretty inexperienced but strong and all early 20's.