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  1. The Jake Lever Thread

    Perhaps he could also school him on taking a man on in his back half, getting done for dropping the ball 40 meters out and then compounding his error (after his man missed the goal) giving away a silly 50 and giving up a gimme goal. How much did they lose by? Oh that's right 3 points. Just imagine the response from some if the whipping boy had made those errors and cost us a game?
  2. Jack Watts (again)

    No its not. Forrest demon is spot on. There is no mystery. Goody has said several times of late he is picking his best 22. It is why weed was dropped. Hw earnt his call up. But didnt take his chance and is dropped. Watts form (and that incorporates intensity) since coming back has not been that of best 22. The reasons for this are moot. One thing is 100% certain. Goody wants a best 22 watts in his team. As i have said how watts plays on saturday will tell us a great deal about jack. I for one am confident he will give his all and earn a recall against the pies. And lets all remember his match winning gut running and kick for goal in their ladt encounter.
  3. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Sung to the tune of " i'm still standing" by Elton John: '" i'm still dreaming, better than i ever did...."

    That's a stronger base than for many of the arguments on DL (particularly the dark web)

    General manager of football operations Josh Mahoney said Viney’s foot injury was different to his previous setback; “He pulled up sore in his foot, but his previous plantar fascia injury is fine,” he told melbournefc.com.au. “He’s got a different injury to his foot, which he pulled up sore from on the weekend. “He’ll have this weekend off and we expect him to be available next week.”
  6. Jack Watts (again)

    Great post. Interesting comments about Goody balancing the now and future development. Weed's selection is a perfect example of the latter. But the rubber is close to hitting the road. But perhaps it hasn't quite hit yet. I said in the changes thread that i think they are 50 50 on dropping Weed for frost this week. If they keep Weed it will be for development purposes and if so it is a bit of a gamble because it is must win game. The gamble is that if Weed competes well we should still win even if he plays to the level he did last game. But the rubber definitely hits the road against the Pies and it is for this reason that i agree that Watts and Salem will both come in for that game. Assuming of course Watts does not bother on Saturday. That said they would be pretty annoyed with Salem for getting reported. Both are best 22 and we want to to win a finals not just make it. I think Hogan will also come back in for the pies game.
  7. Changes v Brisbane

    And Plapp said this: Declan Keilty: Declan had 22 disposals, 11 marks, including eight contested, two inside 50s and one tackle. It was a big step forward for Declan on the weekend. His aerial work and his ability to be able to read the ball in flight was outstanding. He took 10 marks from opposition kicks, which must be some sort of record at VFL level. It was one of the best games I’ve seen him play, which was fantastic. He’s been building and although there are still some things in his game we’d like to see improve, it was a massive step forward for him and his most consistent four quarter performance we’ve seen him play, which is really exciting for him.
  8. Changes v Brisbane

    Agree on both bolded points. As i say he competed in the air and with Jessie out that was important. Also agree he does that better than Watts. Which is a bit of indictment on Watts but crashing packs has never been his go. I was happy for them to bring Weed and happy for Watts to be dropped. My comments were in response to Demons1858 saying Weeds form was better than Watts.
  9. Changes v Brisbane

    Good point. Which probably makes it more likely frost will come in at the exspense of weed as surely he is more likely to play finals as hogan (and perhaps also watts) will come back in
  10. Changes v Brisbane

    Bollocks. I watched the replay last night and weed was really poor. 4 kicks and at least 2 were turnovers and once was a missed set shot from 30 metres - his only score or indeed score involvement. Cant recall outcome of his 2 handballs. Yes he competed in rhe air but only took 2 marks and neither were contested. Yes he tackled ok but only laid 4. He played the entire game and only scored 35 fantasy points. That's a stinker. Watts wasn't much better against gws but he was better. And was better again against the roos - though still poor. Watts issue isn't laziness. Never has been. It is intensity. Dont gwt me wrong. Im happy for him to have been selected ahead of watts.andfinw if he pla6s this week. But this week i would drop weed and. replace him with frost. And hope watts realises how close he is to missing playing finals for the first time and plays with incredible intensity this week at casey. We will learn a lot about jack watts this weekend
  11. Changes v Brisbane

    Yes, good point about yoir perspective. I chose the wrong post to highlight my point. It was a pramatic choice because i wanted to agree with your selection ideas. Out of interest do you rhink they will drop weed and pick frost?
  12. Changes v Brisbane

    This is nor directed at you c. Just an obsevation. I have said this before in changes threads but there is often some confusion if posters are saying will happen or, in their view, what should happen. Im with you on selection. To be clear i think that is what rbey should do (frost in, weed out, tmac up forward).it makes a lot of sense. I think frost was dropped partly for form but also match ups. Unlike watts and salem intensity was nor the issue. However I think it is only a 50 - 50 chance of happening as they will be keen to give weeds another shot
  13. All Australian: Which Dees Deserve a Nod?

    All four will make the squad. I will be shocked if Jetta does not make final team. The premier small defender in the league and won't be over looked this year. Hibberd will make the squad but I'm not he will make the final team. It seems it takes more than season at the elite level to make the final cut and for this reason i dont think Oliver will make the 22 either. Agree DL that garlett's last few weeks will cost him a spot in the 22
  14. Gus Brayshaw

    Agree with most of this. Many young players coming into the afl these days seem to lead with their head, rather than instinctively turning at the point of impact and hitting with the shoulder - as i was taught as a kid (and as gus seemingly is being taught now). I'm not sure however it is as a result of helmets. They might be a factor but i wonder if it is more to do with the emphasis on players 'putting their head over the ball' and the praise these 'brave' acts get. I know there has been research done about concussion rates in afl/vfl but i cant recall the results. Whilst there have always been concussions in footy i wonder if back in the day they were more to do with legal off the ball heavy hits that are now banned (think pickett) or people being punched to the head than the frequent head to head clashes we now get. An obvious issue with head to head clashes is it is two heads being hurt. Whilst brayshaw might have been lucky the saints player wasn't and in addition to concussion copped a burst ear drum. The other possible problem is that the issue with gridiron seems to the thousands of small head knocks players receive rather than infrequent heavy concussions (though of course they are still problematical). Whilst a footy player will never get thousands of hits to the head, is there a risk of hundreds of small hits to the head over a career if the instinct is to lead with the head rather than the body?