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  1. binman

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    Yes. But all that assumes he is, in effect, a power forward. Which personaIy I think is his best position. But if he plays as a 50 50 forward mid then he will need to lose bulk. I've read some comparisons to Gary Ablett and, which I reckon are valid but ga and never really played as a mid. De goey is the player I reckon trac most resembles in modern footy
  2. binman

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    Agree, on all points. I think it is really good point that a semi permanent mid size forward position is a really hard one to play. And i reckon that fact gets overlooked a bit when people assess trac's performance. Mids can pad their possession numbers but forwards have little chance to do so and most possessions are in the critical part of the ground His possession numbers are strong given his role. I think it was Prodee that noted half his possessions are are contested, which is remarkable as forward. terrific forward pressure. Jeffy can only dream of that sort of percentage. I said it a couple of times last year bit i would really like trac to be a bit more selfish and take some more shots. He so often looks to set other players up, which is admirable and i guess team rules but in some ways it feels as rather being the over confident player he is often portrayed as he works hard to contain the star quality. I don't want him to be like Stringer was at the dogs, but have some freedom to really attack a game. Release the beast - a bit more often. If he can average 2 goals a game we will have a lethal forward line, even without hogan
  3. binman

    ANB: Lever building to something "scary"

    Lever will provide sold support for Omac. Nice to have a bit off cover. About time he got a chop out.
  4. binman

    Meet Braydon Preuss

    I'm not sure if it matters if it is the first bounce or latter bounces in the first half (first quarter?) there is little doubt Presuss has been brought in to give Gawn some relief. I doubt he will play every game but will play - about 75% i reckon. And definitely against those sides with two rucks. As you rightly say teams definitely physically tried to work Gawny over to limit his impact - understandable given how crucial is to our chances of winning. I thought the Hawks took it to another level in the semi. They were brutal. Smashed him at every opportunity. i was surprised he got up from one collision at the Punt road end when the hawks were pushing. Didn't help them much (though it wasn't his best game it has to be said) but it certainly helped the Eagles. At the ground you could see how stuffed gawny was from the first bounce. He was fully spent halfway through the first quarter. Preuss might repay some of those hits with interest. He has rugby background i think so should be well used to using his strength and size to hit hard. I pity the fools.
  5. binman

    Training - Monday 14th January, 2019

    [censored] hippy
  6. binman

    Guy Walker - any hope

    No. We can call him Sky.
  7. binman

    Training - Monday 14th January, 2019

    Agree dazzler. i think salem has scope for improvement, particularly as unlike previous year, last year and so far this year he has had uninterrupted pre season. He is also now entering that key stage of a players career - 70+ AFL games - where all the parts start to come together. Plus i suspect the mid filed experiment is dead and buried and he will play out his career off the HB - which gives him some nice continuity. Its interesting what you said about his right foot kicking. Ii don't recall him kicking on his right much in games. If he starts to do so that can become a weapon off HB as it opens up space with opposition players covering his left side
  8. binman

    Tom Mitchell out for the season

    God, i hope that's not true. if so, poor bugger
  9. binman

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Good with binmum. Not so great with binman snr.
  10. binman

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    It is my birth name.
  11. binman

    Dream Forward Line

    As in a cut from a blade?
  12. You're not alone Chook. Never has your avatar been more appropriate for a thread.
  13. binman

    Mark Neeld

    Don't you mean Steven May?
  14. binman

    Dees List Envy of Competition

    Agree. Add to the above that we are a high scoring side and he takes his chances. Should be favorite but won't be. So will be good value.
  15. binman

    Dees List Envy of Competition

    If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Please. What about the dees can't afford for it to break in the first instance. Losing Gawn to injury (god forbid), even for short periods is the single biggest risk for us in term of our chances of going deep into the finals. I would say no single player in the league is more important to their team. I know he is referencing the idea of Preuss and Gawn playing in the same side but i have no doubt they will, not all season, but strategically through the season. Sometimes because of match ups but other times just to lessen the incredible load Max carries and give him some well earned chop outs - particularly mid season. I can even see the Dees resting Gawn mid season around the bye period (perhaps an interstate game?) to give him a chance to rest. And of course if Max does get injured we have some insurance. And on his choice to come to the dees, why wouldn't Preuss want to got to genuine premiership contender?