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  1. Be Patient with Lever

    Can we draft Jake Kelly. Apparently a terrific intercept player. Perhaps we meant to and they got the names mixed up. Easy mistake to make. Kelly. Lever. Almost the same
  2. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    1117 posts. And i don't recognise your name. So i am assuming you have changed your name. What was it previously?
  3. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    Yep, i was thinking the same thing. i am still filthy about the loss. Well to be accurate filthy about the manner of the loss. I went with a good mate who has a young fella and so hard to get to games and time is an issue. He was filthy. In the heat of the moment, straight after the game, he said is going to come again this year. don't blame him and doubt he was the only dees fan one at the ground saying the same thing. It was so dispiriting. The funny thing was with all the talk about our strategy of bombing it long we should have done done precisely that when it started raining - not into our forward line to the stupid outnumber but from the backline and centre. Basic wet weather football rather than all those little handballs
  4. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Interesting point. As i posted a couple od days ago our back six were looking a bit angsty with each orher last game. Maybe nothing. But there is norhing like a bad loss to expose cracks. The camp drama and the trading of watts (and the way it was handled) will have required some good man management skills from goody. And to be honest im not convinced in this regard. Many criticised the players for going to the aflpa. I was more concerned they clearly didn't feel comfortable going to goody. I suspect if roos was still coaching they would have discussed the issue with him first.
  5. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    That is a very hard thing for orhers to gauge
  6. A Day at the Races

    I won't do my form to Friday. But trapeze artist was super impressive kast start. I backed le romain last start at huge odds.. A very talented horse but doesn't win out of turn. Those sort of horses often upset the aplle cart. Like catchy an wstb last sat.
  7. A Day at the Races

    I've got one more week in me Macca. I forgot about the All Aged. My Autumn is sputtering a bit so a chance to go out with a good day. Me and my mate are well up this Autumn but have been scratchy the last few weeks. That said we have avoided wipe outs (those awful days when you get no, or very few collects , which are hard to take when you put as many bets on as we do) which is critical n terms of turning a profit and when we have lost it hasn't been too bad. Actually ended up making a profit on Saturday, which was a pleasant surprise because it most definitely wasn't a leaders track. Had to laugh though with Qulaista leading all the way in the last. Which was good because we were on it. I actually watched that before the Sydney cup and thought there was every chance we had snagged the quaddy as we had 4 good chances. Unfortunately i decided to leave WSTB out (which i almost knew would cots me as i did so). Our bets result for the day, believe it or not was the Winx race. Was super confident in Gailo Chop running second so slammed the quinella (which remarkably paid $6.20) and stood it out second in short trif which we got a bunch of times. Happy to give trif numbers in selected races but still think we should put our best bets up. I like to see what people have selected.
  8. Be Patient with Lever

    Agree. I think the bolded bit is critical as he doesn't look like he has connected fully with his team mates. I had my binos trained on the defenders a fair bit after goals in the last q (as i like to do) and i have to say there was some pretty average body language (eg pointing and gesticulating) and not a little angst generally but also towards Lever. All didn't look rosy, which i guess is to be expected when being smashed but still it wasn't a great look. It made me wonder how well he had been accepted and how well the transition had been managed. I mean he appears pretty confident young man, prepared to share his opinion, lauded for his leadership who is paid probably twice say jetta and Hibberd and who has struggled thus far. On field he looks a young man devoid of confidence and second guessing himself. To be honest it is the coaching staff's job to help him with that and they need to accept some of the responsibility for where he is at in terms of how he is travelling emotionally. Not all. But some. Which is query i have with Goody - how strong is his emotional intelligence? A problem the coaching staff now face is that if it was say Frost they would put him back to the VFL to regain his confidence, as they did with Hunt. But dropping lever is problematical as it would point a huge mainstream and social media spotlight on him and might impact even more on his confidence. Imagine the social media jibes he would get playing at a wet and windy Casey fields.
  9. Be Patient with Lever

    That's all well and good. But 5 of his first seven kicks went to a Hawks player
  10. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Yes is my short answer. But i have some nagging doubts i have to say. Can't really put my finger on it but i think it related a bit to a feeling he can be bit inflexible in terms of man management and his non negotiables. I can't find the quote but i found in interesting Clarko saying he thought the dees lost out from the move of playing Jones on Mitchell. Perhaps a little dig at Goody? Even if not i'm sure Goody will be smarting a bit with any suggestion he was out coached.
  11. Round 4 Non MFC games

    You and 50, 000 others. Which is exactly why the contention that Channel 7 would actively encourage the AFL to give Carlton such times slots is so off the mark. Unless of course you think they have got confused and are actually trying to achieve low ratings. This is down to the AFL.
  12. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Channel 7 must be so pleased they used their influence to give carlton another fta night game.
  13. A Day at the Races

    Oh oh. Fotoo came from last. On the rails! Abort Will Robinson! Unfortunately too late
  14. A Day at the Races

    In terms of trying to guess the pattern of races it is obviously a bit riky if you punt as i do which is putting all bets on at the start of the day. If i get the pattern wrong i struggle. Last week i read it the same and picking Houtzen was a result of that. But it actually ended up playing ok and horses from mid field had their chances and i couldn't sang any more. That said i had remarkable number of seconds last week (across 3 states). Five or six i think from memory. In an ideal world i would put the first couple on and get a read of the pattern and then adjust selections as required. But my model of punting with a mate doesn't allow that as neither of us can focus on the races enough during the day (other than listening to them) Determining bets between races can be very time consuming, even if you have done the form thoroughly and have narrowed selections down to a handful of chances (which is how i do form)
  15. A Day at the Races

    I hadn't seen that but have backed it. I think i may have posted this before but Sportsbet have a seemingly standing offer of the first four races money back up to $50 if your horse finished 2-4. It always syd and melb but changes for the third venue. The week it is Morphetville so really getting each way with Music bay in a small field. I've done the form for Randwick with the thought it will suit horses on the speed and and sitting 2-3 of the fence (so favouring horses from barriers 8-13). It is one reason i also really like Hiyaam.