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  1. Incorrect. One of the companies we are progressing talks with has already been mentioned in this thread. We will have something done this year, we will just miss out on full value for year one.
  2. It's worth $1m. The Club are still talking to 2 suitors. One is a beverage company.
  3. AHG have scaled back their sponsorship dollars, and their contribution no longer is market price for front and back.
  4. Don't know company names, but aware the Club are progressing positively with a couple of suitors.
  5. Wont have a deal done by next weekend. Should be something sorted in the first few weeks of the season.
  6. We might also see AFL distributions revenue reduce in line with the reduction in Roos wage bill.
  7. Looks like most are playing. Pederson not
  8. Definitely $15 for 50 year members.
  9. What? He will be paying $15 a year as of next year.
  10. Nope, just the one off fee
  11. What's the relevance of this to the Barassi collection? Surely not suggesting the Club should have bought the former HQ to house things such as the collection?
  13. Thought the same. Moves very similar. Not quick, strong through the the hips, neat left foot kick. Has a similar gait to Hodge. If he is 1/4 the player then not a bad rookie pick.