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  1. ox_5

    Best of 3 Grand Final

    This is getting plenty of media coverage for an idea which can’t happen, not in many of our lifetimes anyway. Didn’t government recently sign a long term deal to keep the grand final at the MCG?
  2. ox_5

    INFINITI announced as Major Partner

    My source wasn’t the Club
  3. ox_5

    INFINITI announced as Major Partner

    Apologies but don’t know any specifics, will have to wait til 6:30 like the rest of you!
  4. ox_5

    INFINITI announced as Major Partner

    Consider my post the announcement! Lock it in!!
  5. ox_5

    INFINITI announced as Major Partner

    New sponsor ladies and gentlemen. Infiniti Cars You are welcome
  6. Where are these figures coming from? From what I know from inside the Club this couldn’t be any more wrong. Club only writes a cheque when we play as the home club at Etihad, never at the MCG, even when drawing 15000 in the dark days against Freo.
  7. Also noticed he didn't put his body behind the ball on a couple of occasions, which resulted in North taking clean possession. Pre-seasons don't teach that. All mental with this one.
  8. ox_5

    iSelect - new BOJ sponsor

    Incorrect. One of the companies we are progressing talks with has already been mentioned in this thread. We will have something done this year, we will just miss out on full value for year one.
  9. ox_5

    iSelect - new BOJ sponsor

    It's worth $1m. The Club are still talking to 2 suitors. One is a beverage company.
  10. ox_5

    iSelect - new BOJ sponsor

    AHG have scaled back their sponsorship dollars, and their contribution no longer is market price for front and back.
  11. ox_5

    iSelect - new BOJ sponsor

    Don't know company names, but aware the Club are progressing positively with a couple of suitors.
  12. ox_5

    iSelect - new BOJ sponsor

    Wont have a deal done by next weekend. Should be something sorted in the first few weeks of the season.
  13. ox_5

    MFC make $720k profit!

    We might also see AFL distributions revenue reduce in line with the reduction in Roos wage bill.