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  1. 2017 Contracts

    @Unleash Hell it's a real tough one this time of year. Maybe Jackson Trengove wants to come over and he'd be best 25 so we'd need to find space. We'd be up to our eyeballs with Harley Balic from Freo as well considering we were keen 2 years ago in his draft year. Motlop will be shopping himself around as well. If players think we've got a shot at a flag and they think they can make best 22 their managers will be making a call which might put a spanner in our players plans.
  2. 2017 Contracts

    I'm thinking it's match ups. I think that he will be floated in the Lever trade but if we don't get Lever I assume Frost will sign. Vince I can assume it'll just be a year extension until he feel he's done. Maybe might try to get 2 years considering Lewis. Kennedy I assume is on the trade block and best case rookie but I think Hullett more chance for a rookie lifeline. King will stay, I assume Flip will get another year. Id be more worried that AVB doesn't have a contract in front of him yet. White is the other one who would be worried.
  3. Alex Neal-Bullen Re-Signs for 2 Years

    Do yourself a favour and read the article. We knew when he was first drafted that ge was more than football. Glad to see he's kept it up.
  4. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    My thoughts watching the game Watts - maybe we need to play him on the wing? Whenever he was on the ball he was outstanding when he was in the forward 50 he looked annoyed and disinterested at times. It is a wet game but when he was around the ball it looked dry. Just so clean with the ball and showed why he is far beyond this level. End of the game he went back to the backline and controlled the ball. 20 touches 12 marks. "If I get done for that..." Speaks so well and loves the tem. Bugg - Just got better as the game went on. He'll have a huge week for us next week in the 2's and hopefully with Salem will help us win in the first week of VFL (and AFL?) finals. The stats will come out and have no doubt it will have a heap of it. The thing it wont have is the 5 odd almost disposals in the first quarter which wont be counted. 24 touches and 12 tackles. 18 contested possessions. Weid - Some decent delivery and he would be in the conversation. He did everything we know he can. Kicked beautifully, led strongly at the ball and took some good marks, tackled hard, went missing. He looked like the most talented player on the field at times. Frost - above and beyond the level. He is so strong, reads the play well. Didnt take it on as much this game. He defended well, and showed a really good leaders game. He looked like a captain at times. Keilty - why did we ever play him forward? He was really strong in the air, read the ball really well. Needs better disposal to make me not want Lever. He is exactly what Dunn and Garland gave us last year. JKH - stats are going to be awesome but dont be fooled. He'll be unhappy with his polish. Really good application but didnt have the polish that he can have. In and around the contest but a lot of his tackles werent game saving. Buggs were. King - better as the game went on. killed in the first and looked better and better. Doing not enough around the ground but looks good in the ruck. Trenners - held really well after quarter time. Did some nice things in the last. Not his best game but it was a Grimes like game. Hulett - a couple of good goals, I'd like to see him on the rookie list as I think there is something there. We need to work out how to get him into the game more. Maynard - A little like Oliver. I could say that I didnt see him much with the ball but easily could have 20+ possies. He is going to get there, I just wish he was 19 not 25. He does look like he is a year away from being a good AFL player. He reminds me a lot of AVB and whilst they play different roles, they have a similar hunger for the contest.
  5. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    JKH laid 18 tackles and had 16 touches. Not getting a recall but he's put in. We've got control now but we need to score (we just did from Scott). Bugg a sneaky for a finals recall. 2 games before AFL finals, will have put together a case by then.
  6. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Nothing in it at all. Running back with the flight, didnt hit his head. Free kick against. I dont know if it would have been a free kick let alone a report in the AFL. Commentators arent worried. You know that Mark of the Year by Reiwolt running back with the flight or basically any Brown mark.... yeah they shuold have been reported...
  7. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    50m penalty...... I hate umpires. Its a good 50 too. kicking for goal. Weid on the line touches it over. I assume Weid has been sent back behidn the ball to keep us in it. Keitly stops yet another forward 50 entry. Maynard forward kick to Munroe and WATTS REPORTED
  8. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    2 goals and a few points to Williamstown to start the quarter. Bar Bugg not an AFL player in sight.
  9. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    JKH, Bugg and Maynard around the ball and King looks like he is competing much better so far (2 HO to 1 so far). What is good about our back set up is that Keitly and Frost wont go up into contests unless they are the man in the contest. They are letting Hutchins (e.g. McDonalds) do that and they look for the intercept mark or the crumb. Goal to Williamstown with some willing the ball forward pressure. Not an AFL player in that passage. The other thing Willy do really well is how they get tackled. They all duck but once they are tackled they wait for people to come around and then get it out. They are playing the late whistle in the VFL really well and often our players will look up waiting for the whistle and they'll get the handball out. Another set shot coming up. 6 - 0 inside 50's 10-5 contested possessions. Didnt make the distance. They are getting numbers to the ball and we are shell shocked by the pressure.
  10. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Got to love Bugg - even when he is not trying to take people out, he still manages too. Their ruckman is now really sore which will be important for us in the last.
  11. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Bugg been really good in this quarter. Really gone in and under. The Weid goal at the end of the quarter was due to some really good work by Bugg in the back half. Watts better than quarter. Frost another really solid quarter. A little more from JKH as well.
  12. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    @DemonAndrew The thing I am seeing is that when he goes on to the ball we look dangerous. When he is deep we look like we miss class through the midfield (or down back). The other thing is I cant remember a missed kick. It seems that every kick he has had the target has marked it and probably 40% of those would be contested marks which are made to look uncontested. how good is Frost!
  13. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    My thoughts so far: Watts - Strong first quarter, Tippett stopped him in the first half of the second, and when he went up the ground late in the second we looked so much better. Will be playing next week against the Pies. 7 touches. Keilty - Will be on our senior list at the end of next year. Very composed. Not ready yet for AFL but will be important back up for us in case something bad happens. Frost - Could easily come back next week but I dont think he has a match up against Collingwood. 9 touches. Weid - Gee he can take a mark. When he is in the game he is impressive. Then you dont see him for 10 minutes at a time. I'm looking forward to seeing him Round 1 for the Dees as he clearly has all the components to be a 200+ game player, it is just a time question. His tackling is outstanding. Bugg - Almost game. Almost breaking through packs - almost breaking the game open, almost taking possession. 9 touches. Trenners - 1 touch that quarter. Assuming tagged out of it? Didnt see much of him at all. Maynard - Looks a little behind the pace which is odd considering he is coming back to this level. He's had 11 but I dont think many have been effective. Looks like he could be a serious player in another 12 months. JKH - Bar that last goal, he really hasnt had an impact. Maybe 6 touches? King - Meese has had 50 hit outs and Watts played more on the ball in the second half and Weid went to the ruck at times. Hulett - Just is not having the same impact he had last year. I wonder if he will be rookied? He can kick a goal, has been crueled by injury this year and he should have just played forward all year (same with Keilty should have played back). I think he is worth hanging on to. Fritch - hasnt had much of a game today sadly. Such a good player but hasnt had an impact....yet....
  14. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Enough time for a dont argue is enough time for prior opportunity. That is a free kick umpire! But then again you could have paid 2 previous frees for encroaching the mark so what do I expect. How was that not deliberate against Tippett for rushing? And twice we have seen two umpires call different things at the same time. Good luck being a player in these conditions.
  15. Casey Demons v Williamstown

    A lot is how the football is being played. Its a James Magner sort of game. Its wet and I'm going to just tackle you and force it forward. The free kick count is 15 to 8 their way. They are playing like a team who knows how to play VFL (staying low when they are being tackled - so many head high frees). Our Melbourne listed boys are playing like they have professional umpires and replays available (Frost, Watts, JKH). Watts would have been given maybe 3 or 4 frees so far this quarter in an AFL game for off the ball stuff from Tippett. Just needs to keep his cool or he will be reported.