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  1. I swear every year the new recruits are getting bigger and bigger. Dream of the good old days when Toump and Morton got drafted and they made me feel like I could have been a footballer.
  2. Thanks for the insight @Satyriconhome. Anything stand out about Walker or Bradke thus far or just mainly running and basic skill drills? Thanks.
  3. What I love about this draft is we have 3 superstars, and 3 others who could easily play 200 games each. For all their flaws, they have great signs for young players. ANB over the last 2 years has been in the top 5 forward pressure players in the comp. and he wants to work hard and thinks about his game. We know Oscar has been tracking at a high level for a key defender due to his age. Although prone to bad decision making and we lament when he gets beaten one on one, he is getting bigger every year and we are putting better users of the football around him. Also, there is not a player in our team who knows his role better than Oscar. You can see it in his face “opposition has ball so I have to run back and stand on this blade of grass”. They are components of a winning team - rather than superstars The other thing about this draft Taylor nailed is that they are all mates and want to do this together.
  4. If we could nab one (or both) of the Xav’s, I’d be very happy. They aren’t the bollocking bulls of the first round but they have great kicking and speed and have played outside inside role. What we need - and hopefully they can provide it.
  5. I'm a big fan of O'Halloran. It takes a lot to be a captain of a rep side and he did it well. Has speed and great kicking skills. He should be around the early 20's mark so here is hoping.
  6. So we have 7 senior spots and 1 rookie spot (or 5 senior and 3 rookies). 4 or 5 drafting (23, 28, 54, 62, 70) and then possibly we need to look at someone who has been delisted. Or, I believe we heard a rumour that Dec and T Smith were being upgraded? (Could ve wrong). I still am a fan of giving a freeman or hartung a lifeline, but there is a reason I’m not a list manager.
  7. I am so happy right now. And I love that Damo and Terry are going nuts on Freo!
  8. Everyone is gobsmacked on trade radio. Everyone cannot believe they did that too us.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/AFL-Trade-Parade-Updates-and-News-1607159189583643/ A rumour site going with Zac Jones looking at the Dees.
  10. Reports are that he wants to go to Hawthorn.
  11. The other two that we have used this year are Salem and Brayshaw. Both are not slow and both can deliver the ball inside 50. Obviously Salem is the best kick, but I think both of them will be used more on the wing next year. Also remember that James Harmes has played wing for us and he is quick and quite a nice kick. If he is tagging on a wing (Sidebottom, Gaff, etc) then he'd also be there. I agree we do need more depth in this area though and personally I think Billy and Fritsch are the other two I'd run on the wing.
  12. In terms of the money, it has been reported a few times that GC are having to pay overs for players to stay which is why (hilariously) they are dealing with salary cap issues even with loosing Lynch. I dont have the article on hand, but I think it was in about July, August when they were talking about the move to Collingwood it would be on less dollars than what he'd make on the Gold Coast in order to fit in with the contracts of the club. I would hope that this would be the same case for us. I cannot imagine that our dollar and year offer is that different than Collingwood's. It will be a lot less than the GC's year and dollar offer though which I'm sure is one of the things May has to weight up.
  13. Do yourselves a favour. Have a look on YouTube at his work this year. Then look at Footywire and compare to Salem. The boy has serious talent which has been shadowed because of the concussion injuries. Us of all supporters should know what happens to quality players when this happens. Exactly what has happened to Kade. It might cost us a second rounder, but it is a great way to spend a second rounder. Allows us to move Salem further up the ground and use Kade's kicking skills in the back half. 2 x 22 under 22 team of the year 5th in his NAB rising star (behind Taylor and the Bont) 2015 he was the runner up in the GC Best and Fairest We are not talking about a player who has no runs on the board. This is a player who hasn't wanted to be at the GC this year, who is dealing with concussion issues, and just wants to get back to playing his best football. An absolute no brainer to me.
  14. There is an interesting article on AFL.com.au that talks about WCE and Collingwood list builds for the GF. I wanted to see how our 22 on the past weekend matches up. In terms of top end talent, they are actually very similar. All 3 clubs have drafted 5-7 top end and then added a heap of top end through trades. This is going to be something moving forward that I'm interested in where we go. You can add Lever and Hogan to the list of first rounders and Stretch to the second rounders on top of 3 guys in Lewis, Melksham, and Tyson who are top 10 picks in their own right. There is a lot of top end talent in here moving forward, even though we like to talk about our steals with Gawn, McDonalds, Vanders etc. First Round Picks (WCE 7; Coll 5; Melb 6) Petracca (Pick 2) Brayshaw (3) Oliver (4) Salem (9) Weideman (9) Jones (12) Second Round Picks (WCE 3; Coll 2; Melb 3) Viney (26 but first round bid) Spago (29) Neal-Bullen (40) Third Round Picks (WCE 5; Coll 0; Melb 4) Gawn (34) Hannan (46) T. McDonald (53) O. McDonald (53) Fourth Round / rookie (WCE 1; Coll 6; Melb 4) Jetta (51) Harmes (2 in rookie draft) Vandenberg (2 in rookie draft) Smith (Category B) Trade / Free Agency (WCE 6; Coll 9; Melb 5) Tyson (originally pick 3) Lewis (originally pick 7) Melksham (originally pick 10) Frost (53) Hibberd (pick 4 rookie draft)
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