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  1. 6 - Hibberd - amazing amount of metres gained and just was in everything. 5 - Oliver - Viney was well held after quarter time and we needed someone to stand up. What a game. 4 - Jetta - just stood up and under so many contests. Such a great game. 3 - Hunt - 600m gained and just was so important when our inside game disappeared. 2 - Hogan - it's coming together... 1 - Tyson - industrious throughout.
  2. I forgot to give you the links: Zak Jones: Jake Lever:
  3. @Moonshadow nothing personally since May at a demons lunch but McLure et al have had us linked all year along with Saints and Dons. I recon it is fair to say any out of contract player who has the ability to be an A grader we are interests in (like everyone else). I'm sure other clubs are waiting to see what happens with Salem.
  4. Just wanted to bump this up the thread. Assuming we are still interested, he played well again yesterday on top of a really good season. He along with Lever are the two we are apparently into in the offseason. Jones can just be a handing over of a first round pick (depending on how high it is, we might get something back), Lever looks like he will cost a mint. Next year's first rounder and ??? If we can deliver both of these boys into our side next year it solves our outside run and key defender issues.
  5. @rjay understand the underdone opinion but by that standard we wouldn't have Wattsback for another few weeks and Chunk will finish the season in the VFL. Whilst Gawn and Hogan are underdone they offer more on one leg than there replacements which really are Kennedy and Stretch? We've been playing small without them so in theory that's what we'd be going back to. If the match committee thought that they'd get more from Weid than Hogan he would have played yesterday. We've got to bring our guys back, get minutes under their belts, make finals and then see what we can do with a fit 22
  6. Disappointed we lost and understand that it is always hard missing so many players. Adelaide were missing Milera, Ellis-Yolman, and Hampton from best 22. Dees were missing Tyson, Viney, Jones, Watts, Salem, Brayshaw, and Bugg(?) (Vanders?) from ours. Average age of the sides 24, 7 months to 25 and 7 months. Games difference 75.3 to 102.3 (16 under 100 (11 under 50) v 12 under 100 (6 under 5). To put this in perspective, 'playing the kids' North had 12 under 100 (9 under 50); Dockers 12 (10 under 50 and younger than us); Carlton 16 (10 under 50, older than us). We put out the 2nd most inexperienced side (after Bris) and third youngest (Bris and Freo) in the league this week. Things aren't that bad.......
  7. 6 - Hunt - 27 touches, 10 contested, 8 rebound 50's 5 inside 50's. 733 meters gained. I was worried that he wasnt going to get back (this season) to pre knocked out form. All it took was to play Adelaide again to reset. W 5 - Hibberd - 779 meters gained, 11 intercept possessions. He and Laird (who will go AA) basically had the same game (eerily similar) and Laird's is another game to add to his AA crown. It is tough coming back from injury and getting into AA contention because certain players are already cemented. But will be interesting to see if he makes the squad of 40. 4 - Oliver - was going to go Lewis, but I think Oliver's game has been underplayed. Leading clearance and contested player on the ground. He is a second year player and without him I dont think we would be in the 8. Just found a way to win the contest. 3 - Lewis - The Lewis insurance policy paid off again. Just looked like he was playing at a different tempo. Sees what is happening and helps our boys get to the right position. 2. ANB - Toss up between him and JKH. 11 contested possies, 5 inside 50's, 24 pressure acts, 6 tackles, he is getting better and better and I think a few clubs (Adelaide included) will be asking him if he is happy playing half forward flank for the Dees. 1 - JKH - did not see that happening. Started slowly and then bang in the second half! 20 pressure acts, 10 contested possies, 5 tackles. Really played with some freedom. Will be interesting next week with Tyson back (maybe Viney), then Jones, then Salem what happens with JKH, but done himself no harm. Special mention to Petracca (much better second half), Melksham (3 goals), Vince (tagging), Oscar (golden paw), and Jetta (keeping a good Eddie down).
  8. @Wiseblood - what s/he didnt say is that Oscar got his mitt on 4 balls on the line that would have been goals. He was a goal keeper tonight and would have been a lot worse if he wasnt back there. We bombed it in a lot to the forwardline which was our issue. Kent had another down day. Some good pressure work but looks a shell of last yer. Frost had a terrible last quarter which undid a lot of his good work. Pedo he was right on and Max looks like he is short of a gallop. Again the opp targeted him off the ball and one time Jacobs took an uncontested mark as Max was 10 metres away on the ground with 2 crows standing over him. Hogan was an almost game. If the umps were on his side, he would have been paid another 3 marks which probably would have given him confidence to take another 3 he dropped easily. Garlett tried a few things that didnt work, but we get that. ANB wasn't poor - he was a key cog and looks like one of the only players who have grown whilst our leaders are out. Hope that helps.
  9. They haven't made that public yet. They don't give you the whole rankings for the year, just top 20
  10. He is now like the 20th best mid in the comp and Jones is 15th according to their figures for this year. Their mids are ranked: Danger, Martin, Ablett, Pendles, Zorko, Sloan, Sellwood, Cotchin, Fyfe, Jones, Neale, Heeney, Treloar, Bont, JPK, Over the last 2 years they have Viney at 33rd best player in the comp (22nd best mid) Jones 42 (27th), Tom Mc (31st and 2nd best def),
  11. At @ProDee mentioned the AFL champion data stats. I love them because they measure everything that you do on the footy field from putting on pressure, to competing in contests. This year, Trac is ranked 40th in the league. He is ranked the number 1 Mid-Forward player in the league above that of Wingard, Walters, Libba, Mundy, Sidebottom, Daulhaus, Edwards, Sheed. He is also on the forward line of their team of the year and really has been since round 3. He is ranked the 92nd best player in the league over the last 40 games. For those astute people out there, you will know he has only 32 to his name. So whilst everyone around him on the list has played 40 games, he hasnt (score / 40). Thus, each game he plays his ranking sky rockets. Knowing that the first few games that you play you are finding your feet, expect that if injuries don't hit and we play at least 1 final, he will have 40 games under his belt. I'd be expecting he'd be finishing the year with his ranking inside the top 50 players in the league with an assault on the top 20 in 2018. Well done on Mike Sheehan for predicting his rise into the top 50 players in the AFL at the start of the year. Off topic, but the other 2 who are sky rocketing are Hunt (ranked 141 overall, 93 for the year, only 34 games) and Oliver (184 overall, 28 games), which are reasons why our rankings are now so good.
  12. CAnt find it on the radio...
  13. The Dogs, dees and Saints have as many supporters combined as either Rich or Essendon. It's a $$$ decision.
  14. Thanks Neita!
  15. Casey at 2pm will make fascinating watching. Start with the in's this week - Wager (replaced Salem) and White (who replaced Hunt as Hunt went forward for Garlett). I believe that we are not going to drop these 2 for more Casey players as they both have good disposal and are not bad players. Not to the extent they showed last night. They were not up to AFL speed, and you dont get up to AFL speed by going back down to the 2's. I would assume they stay in for one more week. If one goes, I assume it is White. We start with the contested ball, so who is in the centre? Gawn, Oliver, Tyson, and Petracca. Our defence needs to hold firm, and Hunt needs to come up off the backline again, so you have OMac, Frost, Jetta, Hunt, Hibberd, Vince. We need to create a forward line, so that goes to Melk who will have the role on Docherty, TMac, Pedersen, Hannan. You know Lewis will be in there as well somewhere. So we need 2 half forwards who are going to trap the ball inside forward 50, 2 wings, and 3 men on the bench who can play the contested game. Last night we had: Harmes, ANB, Stretch, Wagner, and White. None are playing a contested beast role (although ANB can play it). I assume Harmes stays in the forward 50 role (although no pressure last night from him), ANB (22) and Billy's (18) pressure acts numbers were quite high which might save them. If Weiderman has a 3 goal game today, he comes into the side for Bugg. One of Trenners, JKH, or Kennedy comes in for Viney, but wouldnt be surprised to see ANB on the ball and bring in someone like Kent. Hunt goes to the backline and White comes out for Kent/JKH/Kennedy. See how we go today. Also couldnt find a Bulldogs injury list from 2016, but right now we have Hogan, Viney, Jones, Watts, Brayshaw, Salem, on the sidelines. That is 6 first round picks (yes liberally applied). Take 6 first rounders out of any side and they are in serious trouble (e.g. Dogs - Bont, Boyd, Stronger, McCrae, Wallis, Libba). Having injuries to McKenna, Garland, AVB at the start of the season didnt hurt because they were depth. You can replace your bottom 10 with others. The cream on top wins you games, and weve not had that for so many years. Now we do, and we've just been unlucky.