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  1. If we beat GWS in round 20, there will be not bag left, the cat will have shredded it; the lid would have been exploded off; and Melbourne will become everyone's second favourite team..... Based on what we have seen so far this year and the fact that only Brisbane arent competitive, it looks like 11 wins will get you to 8th. Pre GWS and GC 10-12 wins were getting you in. Also dont look at those ladders, it will depress you. We were seriously bad....
  2. Rightio - The O-Mac dropping question. The reason we can play Tom forward is because O Mac is able to put on the pressure to defend. There was a comment earlier about taking a contested mark against an opposition forward - the kid is 21. When we drafted him, honestly don't know if any of us expected he would have played 25 games by now. He is structurally important. He allows Tom and Frost to run off their man and hurt offensively. He understands the zone really well and the reason we all pull our hair out is because he seems to be at every defensive contest - even when it isn't his man. If you drop him, you will loose the defensive run of Frost and/or Tom because they have to play full back and be more accountable. Yes he is making mistakes, yes he is frustrating, but in terms of young defenders, he is doing what he needs to do in his development. Yes I'd love Lever, but then I'd need someone to play the full back role because Tom and Frost don't play it. In saying all of that, O Mac doesn't get dropped. Right now, we need to play the best 22 we have to play our game style (rather than Collingwood's). So assuming that we are given a gift with Hogan In: Salem, Hogan Out: Wager (like for like with Salem), Bugg (playing short in the forward line over the past month so this straightens us up)
  3. Start of the year I would have had the losses as St K, Ade, Geel and hoped we beat Hawks (with no certainty). So 6-4 going into the bye. Now we have hindsight that we should have won a whole heap of those games as mentioned above. If you said we had no Hoges, Gawn, Brayshaw, Spencer and VDB I would have said no way we beat North and Rich probably goes to them. So 4-6. So I cannot not be happy. Yes the losses sting as we are so close, but it's good they are stinging rather than me sitting there in the second half hoping we make the margin respectable.
  4. He's so important in structure. He understands what Goodwin wants and seems to always be in the right position. Let's wait till this time next year and see where he is at. Once he cleans up his decision making by 10% he will be very important
  5. 6 - Jeffry - pressure pressure pressure 5 - Jones - turned the game 4 - Hibbard - kept us in it at the start 3 - Oliver - such good hands 2 - Lewis - so important down back 1 - Melksham - good come back sorry Tyson, Viney and O Mac (getting so close.....)
  6. End of the day we want the best 22 players in the league on our field. If May is gettable, he is an upgrade on present day OMac and Frost. I cannot help but think though that we might be making a mistake there as Rance and Hurley are the only two KPD who are better than Tom Mc and O Mac is progressing roughly the same as T Mac. I dont know what we do here at all. I've heard that Lever is happy (only one source so not confirmable) but May is very gettable. As the last poster said, first rounder and something at least.
  7. 1%ers. Sits after Rance and Jonas as the 1%er kings of the AFL (in front of McGoven, Hurley, May). His 92% game time ranks him 30% in the league (endurance).
  8. OMac getting hounded for nothing. He was far from the worst and he worked hard all day. He and Frost are getting better each game and there shouldn't be that many free north players that those boys are stuck between a rock and a hard place of what to do. The mids were beaten today with pressure. It was immense. We weren't ready at all. By the time we had space we were so in our heads we rushed and turned it over. Weid might not be ready but what else do we have? No other KPP has put their hand up. We are holding on until the big boys come back.
  9. Wow - everyone's seeing the game very differently. 6 - Hibbard - the best trade we've had since Vince?? Such a good player. 5 - Tyson - just gets the ball 4 - Viney - what I loved is that he was tagged but still tackled and cleared the ball. 3 - T McDonald - important everywhere 2 - Frost - they were hammed down back today and whilst he and OMac might make mistakes, but they offered run 1 - Jetta - held strong in a barrage
  10. 6 - Viney as good as he has been. Tried to do too much in the end. 5 - Frost - so important and just took the game on. 4 - Jones - really strong at the stoppages. 3 - Oliver - Hodge loves him. So do I. 2 - Lewis - such an important player for us. 1 - Watts - we look so much better when he is in the ruck.
  11. Casey tweeted the team sheet and no Brayshaw or ANB today
  12. Foxfooty saying Brayshaw playing this weekend but not in the named side.....
  13. My favourite bit of this was "I know he is a downhill skier, but he is genuinely good downhill skier". How good is it to be able to talk about guys who are downhill skiers and bringing them into the club rather than getting rid of them????? He is going to cost draft picks and the only way I want us using a draft pick on a trade this year is for a KPP, ready to go mid (e.g. Kelly, Whitfield, Hopper, Kennedy), or trading for a future 1st rounder. Now to find the next Hawthorn to trade with.....
  14. Also Oscar played nearly every minute of the game (99%) game time and had 14 1%ers. Had a few ah poo moments (ANB handball and being out muscled) but much more confident than he was. A good strong backline with the 6 back there.
  15. 6. Watts did everything again and kicked 4 goals from it. 5. Lewis - controlled when it was needed. 4. Tom Mc - he only screwed up so much because his intercept marking is that good. Really should have been best on. 3. Trac - held Hurley accountable after Hurley killed us in the 1st half. 2. Oliver - 33 touches. 1. N Jones - so good when it was his time to lead.