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  1. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    Listening to Gawn on SEN. Hilarious and: Camp with the AFLPA was a beat up and they were already cancelling the camp before the AFLPA got involved Gawn has put on 4kg since he came back Hogan in great shape and might play midfield, but clearly the best forward Lever talking a heap, looks like he'll be in the leadership group Gawn says he's a better barrister than Jobe Trac is going to play midfield and Gawn is looking forward to Danger, Selwood, Ablett v Viney, Oliver, Petracca Gawn looking at wine bars in New York but unsure; looks like there might be one in Melbourne and some food trucks as well. The best story was talking about the Simmons story. So not sure if it has been covered on here yet, but Trac had courtside seats, Harmes and Tyson were in the nose bleeds. The Trac was in the limo to NYC, H&T had to Uber there ($150 later), the uber turned up after the limo so H&T had to wait in the line outside before finally making it in. And apparently, Trac was in an area with Simmons and Le Bron that the other 76ers werent allowed into.
  2. Corey Maynard

    Couldn't be more inside if he tried. Not sure if he ever has had a loose ball get stat.
  3. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Going to put my 2 cents in here. Have loved Joel Garner for 2 years now. Really great kick, good speed, good decision maker, natural leader. He was in top 10 calculations coming into the year and did not get enough of the ball this year. He will fall down the draft order, and I think that he is a great fit for us. We have accumulated accumulators (Oliver, Viney, Trac, Brayshaw, Hibberd etc) and having a guy who gets 15 touches of a half back or wing and goes at 90% by foot complements what we have really well. James Worpel is one I am warming to now. He is an inside beast, AFL ready, whilst plays like Oliver, he kicks instead of handballs. There is a really nice piece on him today on AFL.com about his year and how his contested ball, tackling, clearances have been outstanding, his decision making has been second rate. However, his kick to handball ration is 7-3 which insane for an inside mid. Work on bringing that back to 1-1 and take his time a little more with his kicking, his 20m burst, his hunt for the football could really add good depth to our midfield. Hamish Brayshaw is one I wanted as a rookie last year and I wanted as a rookie this year (we have no spots) so bring him on down with our mid 40's pick. Ooozes leadership, is a great kick of the football, great overhead contested mark, clutch with his goal kicking. The knock on him is his speed, he has had a bad run with injuries, but really good decision maker. Is he what we have a lot of (Melksham, ANB, Stretch, AVB, Hannan)? Absolutely, but this is a fairly vanilla draft and he is a low risk option, like his two brothers, and will play 100 Andrew Swallow B+ games for whatever club drafts him. Also, Melbourne invited him to the combine and are one of four clubs (Syd, North, Collingwood) to show interest in him. As for our first pick in the draft, I'd say best available of the top 20 that drop. Personally, I think that might be Matthew Ling. I think O'Brien, Petrticcle, Richards and Moore go higher than expected (high risk high reward) whereas Ling is a quick player with good skills off half back who is a nice player without having the potential to be a top player in the comp. Thus, think he'll slide. Looking forward to seeing 4 new Demons soon!
  4. Charlie Constable

    Top 20 might drop a little but Won’t make it to our pick sadly. As you’ve brought up Brayshaw - rumours circling Freo like him at 2!!!!!
  5. aren’t all our rookie spots taken?
  6. Billy Hartung

    Listen - I like him and have liked him in his draft year (was on the opposite wing to Z Jones and they dominated outside together). What Hartung does well is receive the ball and run. We dont have a lot of those players so the right price might be the way to go. The issue is that whilst he is a good kick - he seems to have not used it that well in games at the Hawks. A 3rd round pick and I'd jump at it.
  7. Insane amount of upside and we are not giving the farm for him. Could be best 18 or could be delisted in 3 years. Don’t worry about it, let’s just see what he does.
  8. Trade rumours

    This is doing the rounds now and expect it to blow up into a full blown steam train story tomorrow. Lansburger said he’s heard 5 and Balic but that’s unders. Unders? It’s daylight robbery. 2 first rounders isn’t enough for the dees to think about it let alone do it.
  9. Trade rumours

    He was asked about the rumours that were circulating at the grand final - which was the alcohol comment =)
  10. Trade rumours

    Zanotti files on Facebook with a great track record posted about Sloane. Trade Whisperer saying St Kilda have contacted GWS re Shiel

    Townsend tagged Lever (interview with Townsend at the end of the game). An intercepting defender was tagged by their forward line. Our defenders don't get tagged. Just sayin'
  12. Trade rumours

    Griffin is being linked to Carlton via Fox Footy as part of a Kennedy, Smith trade. However, with Gibbs staying, they might struggle to come up with the currency they want. Pick 3 is very high when GWS dont have a first in return. The idea was pick 10 for those 3 players. But without Gibbs going to Adelaide, no pick 10 for them.

    Not really relevant to the thread but it's headed that was. The King boys, Walsh and Lukosis would all be top 7 this year and they are 16-17. If I was a bottom team I'd want 2 x top 5 picks in 18. This year, I like Raynor I like LDU but the development of the U17 boys next year should blow Raynor out of water

    14 of 15 disposals hit the target including 2 kicks that went on to be goals in under a minute. in a game that was one sided he played a rebounding role really well
  15. For those who haven't seen him play, the reason he's so highly rated as he just has time when he gets the ball in traffic. That's the Pendles comparison. His kicking was terrible but he's worked hard on improving it and it is quite good when not under pressure (not helpful). Doesn't have speed or break away speed like Oliver and Trac but does have serious Scully endurance. He is something different than what we have but considering we are a little slow at times and really we only have 4? Spaces on our list, maybe not the best fit.