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  1. Baghdad Bob

    Injury List - Season 2019

    Nicely articulated @binman but we all knew what was happening. STMJ was playing semantics with Saty as Saty was with STMJ. I used to get involved in this oneupmanship for which I now apologize. It really is just plain boring. On a topic related comment, Viney's situation is concerning given his history. Reported as an ankle operation postseason and in the latest from Ben Guthrie it's now turned into a foot issue. I'm hoping for the best but I'm not confident. Waiting for Misso's injury report and looking forward to seeing how many in rehab return to full training post-Christmas.
  2. Baghdad Bob

    Lewis Giving It Everything in 2019

    I have been a harsh critic and still am of Lewis but he was much better last year than I expected. But calling him an "ultimate professional" is the sort of statement that turns my stomach. He is grossly undisciplined on field probably costing us a finals position in his first year because for some unknown reason he decked Cripps 30 meters off the ball causing him to miss 3 weeks including a 4 point loss to Freo. Last year he followed up by giving away a 50m penalty against Geelong in the first game costing a goal and the game. Why? Arguing with the umpire. This is not "ultimate professional" behaviour. This is undisciplined arrogance. He is an enigma because he does a lot right but also has glaring weaknesses. It will be interesting to see when the footy department think the benefits no longer outweigh the weaknesses.
  3. Baghdad Bob

    Training - Wednesday, 5th December 2018

    The modern game has fallen right into his wheelhouse - just look around. He's just got to adjust to it. He'll do well to replace Spargo. It's hard to see them both in the same team but predicting a best 22 at this time of year, whilst fun, is very problematic.
  4. Baghdad Bob


    Californian mountain snake morelike. She was great as Ellie Driver.
  5. Baghdad Bob

    Training - Monday, 26th November, 2018

    Not really OD. PD has explained mainly why but it was your refusal to acknowledge any positive attribute or your willingness to look beyond your singular negatively. As PD said, we all get it wrong but few have ever bagged a player like you did Weed. I'll be happy if you learn something from this. We'll see.
  6. Baghdad Bob

    Training - Monday, 26th November, 2018

    Not for @old dee sadly.
  7. I remember watching him in his second season and being very impressed and am therefore pleased we've got him. But the unbridled optimism being shown by Demonlanders should be tempered a little I think. If KK was really as good as is being made out why was he traded? Why were GCS happy to see him go and why wasn't there any competition for his services? I don't know the answers but the fact the questions remain makes me hesitant to go all in on him being a success. It seems to me there is more to the story than just the concussion issues but we may never know. Like the majority, I'm happy with the pickup and think it has lots of upsides but there is a fair chance it will fail otherwise the particular deal wouldn't have been done.
  8. Baghdad Bob

    Biggest Draft Steals

    Pick 53
  9. Baghdad Bob

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Maybe it's just me but I think Petracca's 2018 season was very underrated by DL posters. I'd rate his season as good as he averaged 20 possessions a game playing predominately half forward. He had over 40 shots at goal but was inaccurate compared to his previous year but all his major stats were up. He came with a lot of expectation and I understand some are disappointed he isn't yet a superstar but it's only his fourth season in the AFL with his first ruined by injury. What I find more disappointing is people questioning his attitude when the reality is I doubt many know and are just guessing. Questioning someone's attitude by guessing is poor form. As for Lyon's view - I couldn't care less.
  10. Baghdad Bob

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    I don't know anything about any of the potential draftees this year but I know that as evidenced by the trading of Watts and Hogan we want players who are committed to being the best they can be and are utterly competitive. I'd be interested to know from those underage watches who fits these categories around our picks.
  11. Baghdad Bob

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    I agree Nash, and it's why Tom Campbell is a possibility as he can play permanent forward I think.
  12. Yes, it's an assumption and who knows who's right or wrong. Hogan will be just 24 when the season starts next year. He is a proven commodity tracking closely to the top tier of his position at a similar age, he has done the vast majority of his development and he is entering his best years. Reiwoldt played until he was 35 and Jesse has similar physical attributes. He may well have 8 to 10 years in him. And he plays a position that is the most difficult to have confidence around when drafting 18 year old. I think he is worth no one but it's just a view. Perhaps not, only (say) 5 years or so left is a short time span. But he went for pick 5 which is close to the top of the tree. I've been a blue sky junkie most of my life. For a long time I've rated picks over players; the hope of picking up that generational player. But we've had so many misses and few successes. And we are by no means the only ones to miss the rebuild. I've seen DL kick and scream when we've picked up Melksham and Hibberd and I'm not sure if Vince was welcomed when selected. I watched Roos pick players like Richards, Mumford and Jolly for "way overs" only to be proven to be correct. I think human nature is to want to open the parcel to see what's inside but my experience is it's usually a disappointment when measured against expectation and hence my view that draft picks are very overrated. Good list management (trading) involves valuing picks for players. If you overvalue picks you pass up on good players and good deals. Understanding value is critical. I might be right and I might be wrong. What I do know is Mahoney will know more than me and I'd love to hear the topic debated by knowledgeable people. Mahoney's interview on DL won't lead to that debate but it's an opportunity to ask someone with the knowledge his view.
  13. I'd like you to ask Josh about the philosophy of trading on premise that "picks are grossly overrated". If Hogan was in the draft this year he would have gone number one. If May was in the draft this year he would have been number one. Neither went for anything like that. Why? Do clubs completely overvalue "blue sky" in recruits and do they give enough weight to a possible "bust" factor and do they give enough weight to the "certainty" factor of a known trade? In general I'd like to hear him talk around this subject with reference to where in a cycle are club is and how that effects their thinking.
  14. Baghdad Bob

    2018 Player Reviews: # 20 Corey Maynard

    Can an upgraded rookie be placed on a one year contract?
  15. Baghdad Bob

    Tom Sheridan

    They'd be traded, not thrown on the scrap heap for others to pick over.