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  1. It doesn't matter what your view is, that's neither the issue or the point. And this is a discussion forum where people talk about what they want.
  2. Can those that gave votes to Neville Jetta tell me why. Yesterday he had 15 possessions, 2 contested, 2 tackles, 0 clearances and 2 critical errors. That doesn't strike me as a great game by his or anyone's standards. I'm a Jetta fan but Geelong's small forwards did well yesterday. Menzel, Motlop and Parfitt were damaging yesterday. Jetts had a poor game IMO.
  3. What was wrong with Roos?
  4. The riddler had some fun which many seemed to enjoy. Most recognized it for what it was. Generation Dee is a troll but I doubt he'll be banned.
  5. He relies on space. The modern game doesn't allow space - see Dogs GF performance for an example. Modern game requires contested ball. Garlett is great in an open game and these will occur during the season and he will look great. In finals it rarely happens. He's far from a lock IMO.
  6. My sources tell me the same thing but I'm told they are unreliable with agenda's to hurt the club despite the doubters not knowing who they are.
  7. Yes.
  8. Really, sorry, missed that.
  9. Sorry, but no. Mahoney would have said we'd looked at it but not proceeded. He wouldn't hide it. But you of course can believe what you like, no malice or criticism intended.
  10. Are you suggesting it's not? Have you got a rumour?
  11. GD was either lying about the source (David Noble - Operations Manager Brisbane) or lying about the trade. If he'slying about the source it could have been a rumour. If he's lying about the trade it cannot have been a rumour but a fabrication. I like rumours but I don't like fabrications.
  12. Who the f said anyone was "cool with us losing by 100+". Some will slit their wrists thinking of the last 48 hours, others will try and analyse it and look at it in terms of the season. You said you "wouldn't cop it". That implies some sort of action on your part. What are you going to do?
  13. As everyone knows I like Caroline Wilson and she has written some really good stories lately but Emma article on Jesse and James Aish are just first class. Congrats Emma. And get well Jesse, courage and determination.
  14. Come back Hazy! For starters Garner was responsible for AAMI. McLardy left a greater debt than they inherited but took 5 million from very generous supporters in the process. They appointed Schwab and Neeld. They were responsible for our situation despite the best of intentions. I've only posted this so your position is balanced by a few facts. Enough.
  15. Fluff piece. Nothing to see here.