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  1. Baghdad Bob

    Misson Leaving at End of 2019

    Yes, a brilliant strategy to get his wife to apply for a prestigious position overseas. Why is it that when anyone leaves the Club they get canned? Watts, Hogan and now Mission and that's just off the top of my head. Misso came to MFC when we were a basket case and we are now an elite organization. He's part of that. Thanks Misso. Good luck and thanks.
  2. Baghdad Bob

    Kangaroos Intra Club 13th February

    Really? NM surprised everyone last year and have added some good players. I wouldn't be surprised if they did okay this year.
  3. Baghdad Bob

    Kangaroos Intra Club 13th February

    I watched the Geelong v MFCC game at Geelong we won in 2015(?) the other night. It was terrific but it reminded me of why I was so bullish about Dom, he was very good. Gus played a fantastic game as well and it was easy to forget how good he was when he couldn't really play for a couple of years. But watching that game showed that last year was just what you'd expect. Vince and Jones carried the midfield and Viney played a tagging role on Selwood. Gawn of course had his break out game. But Dom can play and I'd not be surprised if he has a good year now that he's back where he plays his best footy.
  4. Baghdad Bob

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    I attended my first training session for the year yesterday and whilst it wasn't really a proper training session I did notice that there are two posts positioned about 18 inches inside the normal goal posts providing an even smaller target to kick a goal. I'd imagine it's to sharpen our goal kicking. On Hibberd I read in the paper that he thought he'd done his hammy on Saturday but scans had cleared him. I imagine that's why he's on restricted duties. Having spoken to a couple of people yesterday my impression was that all bar Lever are expected to be fit and available for R1 based on their current injury status. Good news
  5. Baghdad Bob

    Training - Monday 11th February, 2019

    All out of my price bracket Andy.
  6. Baghdad Bob

    Training - Monday 11th February, 2019

    First time at training this year for me. There appeared to be two levels of rehab, the more serious one contained KK, May, Jones and Walker. They did heaps of running starting with straight line three quarter pace 100m and 200m runs and at the end they were doing lots of laps. None looked very inconvenienced. Hannan was just walking laps, tried to find out what the issue was but got nothing. The second rehab group was quite big but my guess is that they were just on light duties after Saturday. I'm not sure I'll get all of them but Maynard, Petracca, Viney, Lever, Hibberd, Stretch, Melksham, JKH, AVB, Baker and Nev Jetta. They did lots of handball drills but no running that I saw. The rest of the group did very light duties. Gentle run throughs, a little bit of kicking to leading players and some goal kicking and crumbing snaps. Today was clearly just a gentle "get the legs moving" session after Saturday. Spoke to some of my contacts down there who reiterated what Saty has been saying about rehab but recognized we'd been a bit unfortunate not to have the number of players in full training mainly because it makes doing the drills a bit more problematic. Another positive was that this year all our recruits bar Hore have done the major part of the preseason which will stand them in good stead for the season and is unusual as usually the young guys struggle with the loads and carry injuries from the TAC season.
  7. Baghdad Bob

    Training - Monday 11th February, 2019

    Free coffee as part of the LAUNCH!
  8. Baghdad Bob

    Training - Monday 11th February, 2019

    Sponsor announced event this morning. Nice product!
  9. Baghdad Bob

    Training - Monday 11th February, 2019

    Hannan walking laps.
  10. May, Walker, KK run through a in rehab. Jones much longer run through.
  11. Baghdad Bob

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Nev, Tom, Jack, Max
  12. Baghdad Bob

    Jack Watts video

    It always disappoints me to see people turn on a player as many here have but I suppose for someone we placed so much hope in and then disappointed us it's an understandable if regrettable reaction. I was one who supported him when he was with us but I'm pleased we traded him. But lets put this Hawthorn business to bed. If Watts had been recruited to Hawthorn he would have been in one of the best cultures the AFL has produced coached by one of the best coaches and captained by one of the best captains. He wouldn't have turned into the player he now is. He wouldn't have had the hopes of a team resting on the shoulders of a teenager. He would have been developed properly and when he came into the team he would have been surrounded by mature players and played in a winning culture playing an appropriate role with appropriate expectations. And if you want an example of Clarkson understanding players strengths and coaching to them just look at Brad Hill. Soft as butter but Clarkson used is attributes. He would have done the same with Watts. For all Watts is being criticised now he played some really good footy for us. He was loyal when he probably shouldn't have been and I'd contend his dumping by us now means he finds footy without his mates just plain boring. Footy has been pretty cruel to Watts. When Watts played his 100th game the AFL media department put on a video of his worst moments. When have they ever done that before for any other player? He has been the subject of more media attention than just about any other player in my memory. He's done some dumb things no doubt and he's soft by AFL standards but he's probably a better human being than many other players and many here who are spitting bile at him. It's time for people to move on and just accepting Jack for the person he is. Sadly it won't happen.
  13. Baghdad Bob

    Round 1 team 2019

    Love your work PD. Like Crompton I don't hold the optimism for Hunt that you do. I think disposal skills, vision and decision making will be paramount this year and whilst Hunt has some elite attributes I think these things will hold him back. Salem or Fritsch take his spot back. Also like KK ahead of Hore who I've only seem briefly in VFL footy so he misses because I know more about KK. Smith finds a spot forward where his kicking and decision making is not such an issue but his athleticism and speed are real assets and I really like Old55's idea of him playing a stopping role on the oppositions intercept marker. Hannan gets the other spot although I'm not sure he'll be ready for round 1. Lewis probably gets it in the short term. Tinkering at the edges I know. As you point out, there is a lot of competition for the last 5 or 6 spots and traditionally a player or two come into the team nobody was expecting. Baker, Sparrow, Bedford, Hore.......
  14. Baghdad Bob

    Tomas Bugg Announces Retirement

    I'm just stunned you knew about it or bothered to watch it. BTW, I haven't. It takes all sorts DS, live and let live. We're all just trying to make a living and it strikes me that the girl is not really hurting anyone.
  15. Baghdad Bob

    Demonbracket 2019 - voting under way

    Jones, Spargo, Harmes, Salem. Viney’s just about my second favourite, and certainly is amongst that group. Odd selections if you’re trying to get a “pecking order”.