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  1. Baghdad Bob

    Support Melbourne

    Idiots or just plain victim mentality? Not that you can't be both. Nice one Fifty 5. But you're throwing seed on a lot of barren ground.
  2. Baghdad Bob

    Sam Weideman

    You can see it here. https://afltables.com/afl/stats/players/S/Sam_Weideman.html He's been given good experience over three years with consecutive games. He's just young and some supporters are either just impatient or can't judge talent.
  3. Baghdad Bob

    Was the win against West Coast rigged?

    Let me get this straight. You said the umpiring was "rigged". Then you said it was mind boggling that it was fair. And this after saying in the OP " and (I)still can’t comprehend how we were awarded frees, or at least not penalized for many blatant errors". I know you've now opted out of responding but how do you reconcile these comments? On the other hand, perhaps I can see why you have run away. We had a few go our way on Sunday, they had a few go their way. "Rigged"? You can't be serious.
  4. Baghdad Bob

    The song that describes how I'm feeling - Round 22

    We AreThe Champions”. Queen.
  5. Baghdad Bob

    Melbourne and Matthews

    I don't think that's right Bin. In that era he was regarded as a remarkably tough footballer who took the culture of the game to its limits but not beyond except on a few occasions. There wasn't much talk when he flattened Smith or Giles and virtually none when he flattened McMullin. Any talk was all over in a day or two. It was an era when the sort of thing Matthews did was fairly common and whilst Matthews did it more often he wasn't considered a thug. And he was hugely admired for his unbelievable football ability. He and Carey are the two best footballers I've ever seen play. Neither are particularly admirable people although people change and I think Matthews has. His interview with Mike Sheahan is very good and a good insight into the man. And those suggesting he was a coward off the field are kidding themselves IMO. If you want another insight into Matthews watch Pert's interview with Sheahan. It's a fantastic story.
  6. Baghdad Bob

    Who else do we realistically target at season end?

    I'm not in the camp that says we need an extra KPD but even if I was could you please tell me how we get him and the reasons Carlton would trade him? The thread title refers to "realistic".
  7. Baghdad Bob

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL - Round 16

    Who was held over?
  8. Baghdad Bob

    Who else do we realistically target at season end?

    It seems that the word “realistically” should be removed from the title.
  9. Baghdad Bob

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    There are tackles and tackles. It would be interesting to ask someone like Misso about the relative impact of the different sorts of games. I know I was told that game like Casey's on Saturday are one's where you don't tend to get injuries.
  10. Baghdad Bob

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    I don't know. They did a lot of crashing and bashing but no running.
  11. Baghdad Bob

    Lewis on AFL360

    Did he take any responsibility himself?
  12. Baghdad Bob

    Casey Demons v Coburg - VFL Round 12

    That's bad news for Keilty, Petty and Frost. I would have thought there was no shortage of talls KPB on the list.
  13. Baghdad Bob

    Go and get Gaff!

    Sorry, my mistake. I should have said, "why are you quoting WCE supporters views to back up your view" when you continually tell is it's the coaches that count, not the supporters. And how do you support your stance when the WCE coaches, whose views you always say should be respected, voted Gaff their best player in a year where they finished third on the ladder. To finish third on the ladder a team needs multiple good players and the coaches, you know, the one's who's view we should respect, thought Gaff the best during the year. And to finish third you play some good teams in tight matches where if you don't perform you lose. Clearly Gaff, as voted by the coaches, performed. It's ironic because I have some concerns but I can see the argument for taking him as a FA. But what I won't do is make things up to support my view and then not recognize I was wrong on a number of factual issues. That behaviour is the stuff of schoolyards, not those questioning your arguments and logic. Anyway enough. Like Gaff you have your strengths and weakness and these sort of discussions are not your strength.
  14. Baghdad Bob

    Go and get Gaff!

    And why are you worried by supporters view of Gaff when you continually tell us “the coaches know best”? Do WCE supporters or coaches vote in their B&F?
  15. Baghdad Bob

    Go and get Gaff!

    If you know West Coast supporters who were shocked he won a best and fairest why did you say he hadn’t won one?