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    Put your hand up if you started crying...

    When Melksham kicked that goal I cried. I was in disbelief we held up after they hit the lead and held firm. I just couldn’t bare another close loss to cost us finals. This past month has killed me emotionally and mentally. The shed of tears was a gigantic sigh of relief and enjoyment of what’s to come. I can finally enjoy one weekend of football knowing we are playing finals.
  2. juzzk1d


    Suck it West Coast supporters. Every time there was a contest all I heard was a collective whinge and sook. I’m so [censored] happy right now. Yes Melbourne!!!
  3. juzzk1d

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    OUT: Hogan, Spargo, Hunt IN: Melksham, Hibberd, Kent Perderson plays the Hogan role. He will be given a license to fly and crash as many packs and bring the ball to ground as often as he can. Jeffy and Kent to mock up the crumbs.
  4. juzzk1d

    Trade HOGAN

    I think one thing people are forgetting is that key forwards do not demand the current as they once did. Deals like the Boyd trade inflated their worth, but now Richmond and Collingwood are quickly proving that they aren't needed for a premiership tilt. Even if we decided to put Hogan on the trade table, he'd command a first round pick. Nothing more, nothing less. Gone are the days were people sold the farm for one key position player.
  5. juzzk1d

    Changes vs Sydney

    I've heard different stories on Hibberd returning to the side. What's the latest on this? Is he in the mix for this weekend?
  6. juzzk1d

    Changes vs Sydney

    Would considering Hunt be too early for a senior recall? I just think with the wide open G' and Sydney lacking some pace, having Hunt off half back to replace Smith would be our most ideal scenario. For me: OUT: Smith, JKH IN: Hunt, Melksham
  7. juzzk1d


    Looks like a Coles bakery employee. Pass from me.
  8. juzzk1d

    Alex Neal-Bullen

    You don't need all our players to be stars to win flags. Just a couple and the rest all role players, look at Richmond. Do you think blokes like Lambert, Castagna, Riolio, Mcintosh, Broad, Townsend, Caddy, Vlastuin, Ellis, Astbury, Short, Grimes are all stars? No, they are role players. That's what ANB is. A role player, and he will eventually be one of our 22 who will help deliver a flag.
  9. juzzk1d

    The Age: Dare to Dream

    Jesus I hate these articles. Absolutely hate them! It's like the media knows how we react in these situations, then they write a fluff article about us and 'premiership chances' just to add to the tension and troll and then watching us burn and fall over at the finish line. JUST GET THE JOB DONE MELBOURNE! I CAN'T GO THROUGH THIS ANOTHER YEAR IN A ROW. JUST WIN!
  10. juzzk1d

    Changes v Gold Coast Suns

    I was quite impressed with Smith. Created a few good contests and got a fist in at important times to kill the ball and prevent goals from being scored. Ordinary disposal, but has a role and playing it to justify his spot. Spargo can play alongside Garlett. There can never be too many small forwards to create forward pressure and intensity. Even if it's taking one of their defenders, this allows Garlett to be more free. A lot more dangerous worrying about two smalls than one. Didn't do too much against the Crows, but had a few good weeks before that. Doesn't get dropped on the back of one ordinary game in a winning side. For me, no change. Review how VFL team goes next weekend, as there could be some crucial and big ins against Sydney in Viney, Hibberd, Hunt, Kent.
  11. juzzk1d

    Changes v Gold Coast Suns

    I would like to see Kent come in. I had JKH’s pampers stamped at half time but he impressed me in the second half. Likely no change tbh.
  12. juzzk1d


    Thank god for that. Heart in my mouth for an entire 10 minutes. When Betts nearly kicked that goal I almost died.
  13. juzzk1d

    ROUND 19 - Non MFC games

    Collingwood can't seem to take a trick with their injuries.
  14. Sky is falling.
  15. juzzk1d

    Brayshaw Re-Signs Until 2022

  16. juzzk1d

    Dangerfield Stages

    What [censored] me off the most with the Dangerfield ruck nomination incident, is when after he kicked the goal and celebrated, he ran to his team mates and pointed to his temple to infer "Look how I just outsmarted the opposition to milk a free kick and goal." Clearly did it to exploit a rule and in turn, create an easy shot at goal and important momentum killer for them. For a rule that allows a player to do that is a blight on the individual and the game.
  17. juzzk1d

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Out: J Smith (did alright, harsh on him but think we can do better) JKH In: Pederson, Kent
  18. juzzk1d

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    First goal is so bloody crucial here. We kick it we go 5 goals up and break Geelongs momentum of a come back. If Geelong gets a sniff they always seem to dig deeper. Don’t give them that sniff Melbourne! Keep taking the game on! Put the foot on the throat. Let’s go!!!
  19. juzzk1d

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    It’s amazing how Dangerfield can scoop / throw out the ball right in front of an umpire and it’s play on.
  20. juzzk1d

    Club to Assess Training Program

    Can we just copy what Richmond are doing?
  21. juzzk1d

    Hibberd Ruled Out of Cats Clash with Quad

    FOR [censored] SAKES!!!!!!!!
  22. I was in shock when he shrugged Marcus Adams off in a marking contest. Very unlucky not to grab it as it bounced off his chest, but he actually two-arm stiffed armed him over. Was incredible.
  23. juzzk1d

    My 3 word player analysis V Bulldogs

    Our team mates really need to help Frost out when it comes to his disposal. I noticed on several occasions, Frost will kick it to the player who is declaring for him to pass the ball. He doesn't anticipate or notice who is around that team mate, he will just do as asked. This is what Gawn did on the wing, lead up and declared for the ball, only to be surrounded by 3 doggie players at ground level. When the ball is in Frosts hands, his team mates should only be declaring and screaming for him to pass it if it's completely safe to do so. Otherwise point and tell him to go long to the boundary.
  24. juzzk1d

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    When will people understand that some of our best footy is interstate when our backs are against the wall? I don’t know about you, but I’m more confident against teams like Adelaide and Geelong away than I am against GWS at the MCG. We travel very well and were unlucky against Port who have proven to be a very good team at Adelaide Oval, the only team we have lost to interstate this year. Beating the Lions at the Gabba was a lot harder in retrospect than what most thought. The Melbourne team I know is the one that always proves me right. Lose to St Kilda on our home turf, but look like first class against a harder opponent on their ground. Expect at least one 30+ point win against Geelong, Adelaide and or West Coast. Go Dees.
  25. juzzk1d

    Changes vs Geelong

    Me too, think fitness would be a question mark over running out games? Unsure about the work he has done there but he would really lift the team.