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  1. juzzk1d

    Changes v Port

    Is this game make or break for us? I just have a feeling we lose, it makes top 8 chances a lot harder. Looking at the run home for clubs like Hawthorn and Collingwood they can easily jump and push us out. So nervous about Friday night.
  2. juzzk1d

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    My mail is that we are looking heavily into out of favour Mitch Wallis as a free agent at seasons end.
  3. juzzk1d

    Peter Wright

    We need to start looking at another ruck option to play in tandem with Gawn. This will allow both Rucks to have spells on the bench and resting forward, and also help Gawn and his longevity in the game. We can't keep hedging our bets, and putting all our eggs in one basket by relying on Gawn week in and week out. Look at the way Collingwood tore us up with Cox and Grundy. Thoughts on targeting someone like Two Metre Peter? Is a decent tap ruckman, and can kick them dead straight from 60m out with ease. Another hole that we have in key marking forwards are confident in slotting them from outside 50. Wouldn't come overly expensive either I would have thought. Cheers.
  4. juzzk1d

    Peter Wright

    I agree. However, we can't just put all our eggs in one basket. Every team should have depth and backup options. If Gawn goes down, we're pretty much screwed. Trading in someone like Wright, who wouldn't cost the world would give us some breathing space of having him as a second ruck option. Additionally, a two prong ruck attack and Gawn / Wright resting forward would allow Hogan to play more up the ground and give defenders another big target to worry about defending, giving Tmac the best opportunity he can. It's another strategy that Goodwin could utilise and have up his sleeve. Otherwise, relying on players like Weideman, Smith and Pedo to be that back up ruck and rest forward isn't really helping our case I feel.
  5. juzzk1d

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    We seriously lack outside class and awareness. We have a plethora of inside mids that all butt heads and fight for the same ball, that we have no outside mids waiting for them to extract it. It’s like all our hard bulls in Brayshaw, Oliver, Jones, Viney, Harmes are all just sticking their head down trying to fight for the same ball, when the opposition just set up on the outside, waiting for that pinball extraction and then run away with it..
  6. juzzk1d

    Lewis on Lever & TMac on AFL360 Tonight (5/6)

    From that Twitter post, it looks as if Lever isn't on AFL360 'Lewis on Lever'. However your thread title suggests otherwise: Lewis & Lever on AFL360 Tonight (5/6)
  7. juzzk1d

    Wines Unsure of Contract

    Wines would be huge. Jones won't be around forever, and we don't know how susceptible to injuries Viney is. Outside mids are a dime a dozen, and it seems we have the players to accomodate for this (Fritsch, ANB, harmes etc) obviously not as good as Gaff but if you have that dominant inside midfield, your outside mids instantly become better players. Which is why I'd rather Wines over Gaff any day. Wines, Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Petracca. Imagine those players choosing from and rotating the likes of Tracc and Oliver up forward to keep the opposition guessing.
  8. juzzk1d

    Changes v Collingwood

    As Roos said on SEN, it's not going to happen that we are going to create two problems with one by moving players around to fill the hole left by Lever. Coming up with ideas such as Smith to go down back, Tmac to potentially cover back, Harmes, Fritsch etc is just robbing Peter to pay Paul. One of Pederson, Frost, Smith or Wagner will come in.
  9. juzzk1d

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    [censored] me to tears how clubs like Richmond can go a whole season like last year unscathed. The only injury they had was when Rewioldt poked himself in the eye. This year looks no different for them.
  10. juzzk1d

    Brendan McCartney - Moved to the bench

    It must have been the decision to want to slow the game down and play a more boring brand of footy. Max Gawn touched on it in an interview as well, he said for a while we were playing boring footy and not taking the game on and playing on as much as they'd like. I'm only speculating here, but maybe McCartney was trying to foster more of a defensive mindset and Goodwin was having none if it?
  11. juzzk1d

    Nathan Jones' 250th.

    These are the type of games we have dropped in the past. 250 games for a club champion, 5 wins on the trot and up against a team that's shockingly out of form. Need to do this for Chunk. Need to take another team to the slaughter. Need to keep boosting that %. TAKE NO PRISONERS DEMONS!
  12. Everyone called me crazy that Oliver will be a better player than Petracca when we drafted him.. Everyone called me nuts for saying he will be a Brownlow medallist before he even played a game... Everyone told me to seek help for the abundance of love and man crush I had on him when I saw him out on the training track for the very first time... We're all now having the last laugh.
  13. juzzk1d

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    I was getting anxious because I wanted another 100 point win. Oh how selfish we’ve become 😉
  14. juzzk1d

    What the Fritsch

    Thanks 👍 been waiting for that gold medal for around 3 weeks now. Probably along with half of the Melbourne supporter base.
  15. juzzk1d

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    Forgetting about the humidity there?
  16. juzzk1d

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    I have a feeling we won't risk him. It's not the best knowing that the toe is flaring up from a training session. Imagine when he travels, and plays a full game in the heat where it will most likely flare up even more?
  17. juzzk1d

    Trac's Goal Assist

    If you look closely, Clarry does that every game. Except he doesn’t tap it. In that instance he would have jumped up and grabbed it mid air and hand balled it into space before his feet touched the ground, avoiding the tackle. He does this week in and week out. I just wish more players could learn and develop that skill as a habit.
  18. juzzk1d

    Tom McDonald Contract Talks

    Exactly. They mentioned Degoey..Has a few ripper games in the space of a few weeks and suddenly clubs like North are reportedly lining up to offer him 800k per year. If that's the case, a player like Tmac with an amazing tank, can cover all of the ground and is that key lead up forward who can also pinch hit, play down back, on the wing AND is a dead eye should be worth 1mill per season if we are looking at comparing values here.
  19. juzzk1d

    Trac's Goal Assist

    I really don't see this as anything special. Granted it was a smart and clever play, but we should honestly see more of this in the AFL. It staggers me how many times a player will jump and take the ball out of mid air, wait to land and get immediately tackled and wrapped up, especially when they know an opposition player is close. Blokes like Oliver look to handball it every time they grab the ball out of mid air to a releasing player before they land, allowing him to avoid the tackle and get the ball out. Yet most AFL players will just grab it. If anything, we need to be seeing what Trac did a lot more consistently, especially from elite AFL players who train and do this day in and day out. Most players 9 times out of 10 would have blindly taken that ball out of the air and just get wrapped him, causing more stoppages.
  20. juzzk1d

    Tom McDonald Contract Talks

    Worth in excess of 800k per year. Anyone who disagrees have rocks in their head.
  21. juzzk1d

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    😂😂 Pretty funny typo, that’s why I was excited to watch the video
  22. juzzk1d

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    Get excited fellas
  23. juzzk1d

    Angus Brayshaw

    Had my doubts on Angus. Was flirting with the idea of ‘would you trade Brayshaw for Zac Jones’ earlier in the season. Given his last month, I certainly wouldn’t do that trade.
  24. juzzk1d

    Clarry vs Cripps

    I told everyone as soon as we called out Clayton's name, that he will be a star and reach higher levels than Petracca. Most people disagreed. YOU'RE MY BOY CLAYTON!
  25. juzzk1d

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    I'm very surprised Charlie didn't get a week. He was intentionally holding back an umpire from getting close to a melee. That's intentionally touching an umpire, is it not?