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  1. Where's Harrison Petty?

    I dunno man.. It looks as if from this image that Petty is trying to cover Hogan, as in cover something up. Rookies maybe asked to draw straws to take the fall for Jesse? Petty drew the short one. In this image it's almost as if Petty is 'covering up' Hogan. Thus, covering something up? An action? Just like this is an 'action-shot'? Illuminati confirmed.
  2. Where's Harrison Petty?

    Very strange all of this. But then again, it could just be a computer glitch.
  3. Where's Harrison Petty?

    Hmm.. That's very interesting. Has he been at training?
  4. Happy Birthday Pig

    Imagine if Essendon still had Hibberd, Ryder and Carlisle.. Geeez.
  5. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    It's getting a bit annoying how every day I log onto social media, there seems to be another article about this whole 'boot camp' cancellation tried to be written in a different way but with the same stupid message. If this same situation was cancelled by the Hawks or the Swans with old experience leaders, they'd be applauding them for sticking their necks out for the younger group and being hailed heroes. Absolute crock.
  6. Esports?

    Adelaide crows and myself are in talks in signing us up as a team to represent them in a new game coming out early next year. One of the players on my squad already plays in their ‘counter strike’ team. We’re signing a contract in the coming month. Pretty much it’ll just be from a funding perspective . We don’t play under the crows name or do anything except tweet things like we fly as one and the sponsorship announcements. What people don’t realise is esports in Australia isn’t what it’s like overseas. You can’t just jump on a train and attend a major competition in just a few hours, or have NBN speeds to play against any country. We’re so isolated that we are miles behind the Europe and Asian scene in all aspects of esports. It’s not sustainable in Australia.
  7. Yet to debut . . .

    Spargo will play more senior games in 2018 than what most people think.
  8. Nibbler - how good can he be?

    People underestimate his strength inside forward 50. He provides a decent amount of pressure, and he has the ability to lower his eyes and hit targets very effectively.
  9. Charlie Spargo will feature as a regular in our best 22, and come close to winning the rising star.
  10. Spargo will be a massive addition to us. The main reasons why he dropped down the draft order was due to his height, and shoulder issues. This kid is an absolute jet, I know talent when I see it. Watch him play predominantly forward early in his career, not only kicking goals and applying much needed forward pressure but even taking contested marks (think Jamie Elliott). His vision and kicking are elite also. When he develops more of a tank, will be pressed into the midfield as his delivery inside 50 will be a weapon. Watch this space folks.
  11. This guy will be a hard match up and will be a valuable asset in our forward line. Not only is he quick off the mark, he can also take a very good grab overhead meaning if he was 1:1 against another small defender you could back him in. Also someone who is touted to be very competitive and can lay a good tackle will help us to ensure we apply more forward pressure which we desperately need.
  12. DRAFT DAY 2017

    The excitement I get with late picks like these is hoping blokes we want to slide actually slide. Gets quite nerve-racking when it's very close to our pick and the player you want is still available!
  13. DRAFT DAY 2017

    My ideal draft scenario sees us landing Zac Bailey, Sam Hayes, Toby Wooller and Gyran Miers.
  14. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    For a bit unit, he actually gets a lot of ground ball. What he does next with it makes me cringe.
  15. The Zac Bailey thread

    Just spent quite a while watching through some of his games and highlights. The best thing I like about this kid, is that he has willingness to take the game on, and loves to hold the ball and draws a defender for him to tackle which allows a team mate last second to be released and fires off a handball. Oliver does this very well also, and those traits have class written all over them. Would be stoked for this guy, will be a player. Watch this space.