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  1. Tiger success and luck

    I'm at a complete loss is to how Richmond have made the grand final. Good on them, but at the start of the year I had them pencilled in for bottom 4 with the list that they had. Castagna, Butler, Macintosh, Broad, Graham, Townsend, Grimes, Grig, Lambert, Vlastuin, Caddy etc. All these blokes played in a prelim and if any one of those players walked through the doors at the start of the year for the Dees, I would be laughing at the fact we recruited another depth player. Yet, all of them played in a side against quality opposition that won them a Grand Final berth. Is it just the fast manic pressure around the ground? Is this the new meta and way to play where you just have an abundance of small fast blokes who cause contest after contest, kick the ball wildly into your forward to just either mark or bring the ball to the ground then have all your forwards pounce and kick crumbling goals? I have no idea how Richmond have made it into the Grand Final with at least 8-9 players on their list I wouldn't have in my best 22, but it has paid off for them.
  2. The Jake Lever Thread

    It seems Lever is pretty much a certainty to leave the Adelaide Football Club, but just thinking about after winning a flag with Adelaide would that make him more likely to leave now that he has won a premiership, or less likely? This question has sparked a bit of divided opinions with my mates. Thoughts? I say more likely.
  3. Trade rumours

    Just heard from my old man who deals with a few clients who are close to Melbourne officials, that Gawn could be on the move as we are looking to use him to secure Lever and retain our top picks to then get Gaff. They believe with the way the game is evolving that having that extra runner in the midfield in the form of Watts / Pedo / Tmac rotating in ruck we are less reliable on just winning hit outs and become more unpredictable. Very complex deal, up to 4 clubs involved something along the lines of Gawn to GWS, their 1st rounder + 2nd rounder to Carlton, Gibbs to Adelaide, Lever to Melbourne. Our pick 10 for Gaff and looking to land another experienced player through free agency from Geelong, that's all I know (starting to think it's Motlop, wants a fresh start and would compliment as another outside runner and also to help support Jeffy and look to improve his forward line pressure) Don't shoot the messenger. Cheers.
  4. Trade rumours

    People place far too emphasis on 'hitting the gym' and 'bulking up' thinking that is going to increase their output and skill level.
  5. The Andrew Gaff thread

    Tyson + Kent (WA Boy) for Gaff. Hang onto Pick 10 + 2nd rounder for Lever + 3rd rounder. Draft Rockliff as an UFA to replace Tyson as that inside midfielder. West coast with Priddis + Mitchell hanging up the boots would see Tyson as a much needed addition. In: Gaff, Lever, 3rd rounder, Rockliff. Out: Pick 10, Tyson, Kent, 2nd rounder.
  6. Sam Frost on the move?

    Just signed a two year deal with the club. Unexpected.
  7. Lachie Hansen as a delisted free agent? Turned 29 only a few weeks ago, led intercept marks from 2014-2016. Could be good depth for us and allow T mac to stay forward with Lever potentially coming in also?
  8. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    LMAO, look at everyone demanding him to be traded, and when I put his name up for the Lever deal I got put to the slaughter and was called out for even mentioning his name as a trade option.
  9. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    How did you miss the sarcasm there lol
  10. GAMEDAY - Round 23

    Pathetic effort. Thought we have changed, and we can't beat an under manned Collingwood side who aren't playing for anything.
  11. GAMEDAY - Round 23

    Game over. We aren't scraping back to win this. They are getting numbers to every contest and it seems like every opportunity for us to kick a goal it's an absolute scrap, where it just lands in their laps every time they do a quick kick from the pack..

    Kirby in for Reid. Leads the VFL goal kicking, has a lot of hype around him in terms of x-factor. Small forward, was very overweight at the start of the year. Should be easily shut down by our nimble backline.
  13. Changes versus Collingwood

    Goodwin's comments surrounding Viney made me think he wasn't a possibility to get up against Collingwood and might be ok for finals. Did anyone else get that inclining also? Or are we just getting him cherry ripe for next weekend?
  14. Out: Wagner, Stretch In: Salem, Viney Unsure who comes out for Watts.
  15. The Brandon Matera Thread

    New lease on life at a different club could spark him (this worked for Jeffy). Has real X-factor about him, and having two dangerous smalls to support Hogan + Weideman bringing it to ground would create havoc. Kent/Kennedy out of favour, and Matera wouldn't come with a hefty price tag. Yes for me.