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  1. I think his field kicking goes underrated here. Always seems to use the ball cleaning and lowers his eyes. He has had a few midfield stints which I was impressed with, would like to see him more in the centre around stoppages.
  2. Hannan really surprised me on the weekend. I'll put my hand up and say he was one I wanted to see come out of the team, however he proved to be one of our best players on the day. I was quite impressed with his body work 1:1, and his willingness to play on at every opportunity and create play. He set about about 3 goals with his smart decision marking and hitting up targets instead of blazing away. Good stuff Mitch, keep it up!
  3. In the third quarter, Petracca marks on the 50 metre arch against 2 North players, who subsequently went to ground and Petracca stayed up. He jumped over the player and was about to blitz and stream into what would have been an open goal. One of the North Players purposely tripped Petracca and help him back/dragged him to the ground, which was deemed a trip. I'm sorry, but how isn't something like this awarded a 50m penalty and not even looked at the MRP? If you intentionally trip someone who has the opportunity to stream clear, and you hold them up by tripping them, they should be suspended and the player should be awarded a 50m penalty.
  4. Gold Coast may be wanting an established player for May. Hawthorn are into him also, but don't have trade picks to get him in so they'll look at sending someone of experience to land him. If we want him, we will need to give up something. Out: Tyson, 2nd round In: May, 3rd. I think that would be reasonable enough.
  5. Probably the most naive, uneducated and uninformed comments about gaming. I can completely understand how you can think this is and miss the point 'entirely' about what professional gaming is actually about. In your mind it's basement dwelling, unsociable, apprehensive individuals, who can't hold a conversation or function when installed in a social environment. It's honestly the complete opposite. These guys/including myself in the past had to live in a house that was funded by sponsors and management, live with team mates, travel overseas competing for million dollar prize pools, conduct interviews for fans, sponsors, players, attend expos, play and be featured on live TV/broadcasts with over 20+ million tuning in, maintain a healthy and mental well-being lifestyle, constantly be on the move, learning, adapting and competing at a top level to justify high-paying player profile contracts within a massive cut-throat industry. So yeah, I can see how you can miss the point entirely about gaming. But again, each to their own.
  6. Sorry mate, but this is quite an ignorant statement. I used to play games heaps when I played professionally, but at the same time I went to gym (and still do) 6 times a week, played sport and ate healthy. Right now when I work full time behind a desk staring at a screen all day, it's actually more unhealthy than staring at a screen playing games professionally.. It's what you do outside of your activity (whether that's work or playing games professionally) that defines whether or not you're a healthy person, not just because you 'play games' lol..
  7. You can be the judge of that
  8. Nah unfortunately not
  9. Team Leagacy is a multi-eSports organization, where they host players who represent the team under various game titles. Overwatch is a first person shooting game, CoD = Call of Duty, war shooting game, CS is counter strike another first person shooting game and DoD was an old school shooter game also. eSports video games are a mixture of titles. Some are war / shooting games where you play 5v5 against another team. There are other games called LoL (league of legends) where it's 6v6 and it's called a 'MOBA' game where you select a 'hero' and gain experience and points and eventually you have to enter the other teams base and kill their 'throne / well' Honestly, they won't be any benefit at all. Adelaide and other clubs were low-balling offers to get into the eSports market and tests the waters. Legacy players might end up donning their Guernseys and playing under the brand, but eventually Adelaide will soon realize there isn't enough coming from them to benefit having them as a side.
  10. Agreed. I went competitive in Overwatch also, was invited to attend World Cup and represent Australia but didn't have the time to take off work or dedicate myself to it. Huge game and the way to go currently.
  11. Yeah? Was it CoD or CS or DoD? I was in Team Immunity. Yeah, very heavily dominated by them. We do well, but it's massive overseas.
  12. http://www.afc.com.au/news/2017-05-17/crows-strike-esports-agreement http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-to-enter-12-billion-esports-industry-wants-etihad-stadium-tournament-20170501-gvwixm.html Adelaide Crows have officially announced they have entered the eSports scene by purchasing an eSports organization called 'Team Legacy' For those of you who don't know, eSports, is all about playing high-stake video games spurred on by thousands of cheering fans and the prospect of millions in sponsorship, prizemoney and endorsements. "eSports events sell out," Darren Birch, the AFL's growth, digital and audiences general manager told Fairfax Media. "They are amazing live events. I was/am a professional international eSports player, and been playing for a Team who was recently approached by 5 clubs (including Adelaide and MFC) for them to buy us out. Thought I'd raise this topic as a bit of a discussion on where the clubs / leagues are looking to expand to. Unfortunately, what the AFL doesn't realize is that gaming in Australia is a drop in the ocean compared to Asia and Europe. Should be interesting to see what happens and if the AFL actually back the scene. Could be an exciting time ahead, however I really don't see this taking off.
  13. Adelaide are tall and we seemed way too fast for them.
  14. I think people underestimate how good he is 1 on 1. Reminds me a lot like Dusty where he is just so clean, powerful and strong at the contests. I would love to see Goody push our players up the ground and leave him deep at FF on occasion. Would back him to win it 80% of the time.
  15. OUT: Hannan In: Stretch