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  1. Changes v Richmond

    IN: Hunt, Pedo, Hannan, Tyson OUT: Harmes, ANB, Lewis, Frost

    I think the conditions suit us more than ever now. It looks as though we are kickint it long at all costs. With hawthorn who are heavily reliant on controlling the footy and hitting up targets, the wet weather should play into our favour, especially if we are bombing it in our forward 50 for our smalls to crumb.
  3. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    I think we will struggle with Hawks forward line. Too many cheap off the pack and out the back goals from players like Bruest, Puopolo, Riolo will hurt us.
  4. Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    Assistant coach: “I think we should stick Oliver at Full Forward and isolate him. See if he can snag any goals and put us up by more” Goodwin: “LOL, nah that’d be too easy for us. Let’s see if he can get over the tag physically and mentally even though the game is well and truly on the line” Yeah, makes sense.
  5. Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    And Grimes, Townsend, Butler, Mcintosh, Castagna, Caddy, Broad, Vlastuin, Grigg and Lambert.
  6. Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    I said to my friends at half time at the game that Oliver needs to be played and isolated at full forward as he was getting held well by Jacobs. Why did it take Goodwin up until 3 minuets left in the last quarter when the game was iced to tactically make this move? As soon as he did as well, he kicked two goals. Baffles me how Goody didn’t proactively do this earlier.
  7. How do we STOP Ben Brown?

    Ben Brown gets his goals easily against us when we are pushing up, and get caught off guard. When they rebound we are always looking to scramble and get a fist in to spoil. Need a body on him constantly with great closing speed as Brown is quick off the mark. Frost suits this perfectly. Will allow Lever to zone off and play that intercept/spoiler for what he's known for.
  8. Changes v North Melbourne

    Out: Wagner, Harmes, Bugg In: Frost, Brayshaw, Stretch
  9. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-03-27/top10-under-23-we-rank-the-young-guns Ben Guthrie rates his top 10 under 23 years of age. We have 3 players that feature in this (4) Hogan (6) Petracca (8) Lever. Surprisingly no Oliver, however, if you think about the list we have and the talent that is under the age of 23, it's going to be amazing just imagining what our team will be capable of when the main core are all 25-26 and used to playing with each other and the chemistry and bond they will all form.
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    I find it incredibly frustrating when our targets always seem to lead to the boundary line in our forward fifty. Why aren't we just hitting the hot spot, and giving our smalls in Melksham and ANB the best chance to score with snaps around their bodies in front of goal? Why make it even harder for ourselves by trying to hit someone lace out to a bloke that's 40m out on the boundary line?
  11. Name 3 good things

    1. This is Petracca's year 2. Oliver will become even more damaging when it starts kicking more goals more often 3. We still have Brayshaw, Tyson, T Mac, Viney to all come back in.
  12. Viney’s foot is worse than we think

    Is it just me, or do we seem to have a recurring 'foot injury' problem with blokes?
  13. What the Fritsch

    I like this guys field kicking. He has that really silky/classy look about him the way he gathers the footy and puts boot to ball. I think he will be quite the headache when it comes to matching up on him. That intercept leapfrogging mark inside forward 50.
  14. Salem ready to make his mark

    People need to relax. Salem will be an absolute class player. Not only has he had constantly interrupted pre-seasons, but has also struggled with injuries and thyroid issues during the home and away season. Additionally, he has been played in multiple positions which has never allowed Christian to find his feet and work with that one main training group and on his craft (see Pederson) Wait until he strings games together, and gets continuity under his belt and playing in a position week in week out.
  15. Doing a Richmond

    I don't like these type of pre-season hype articles. They weren't there for Doggies or Richmond before the start of their premiership-winning seasons. I just hope we don't get sucked in. I'd rather prove the doubters wrong. Go Dees!