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  1. monoccular

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    😂😂 Quite obviously GW$$$$ and Carlton need to share the first ten picks this draft.
  2. monoccular

    Port Melbourne v Casey Demons - Round 8

    Thanks for the summation Drunkn and to you and others for their reports on all Casey games. A few specific queries when you get a moment. Petty - how is he developing, what role is he playing and is he close to a call up? If so whose spot would he be competing for? Baker - same questions and how is his pace you mentioned some runs. Were these runs based on super pace or evasiveness and reading the play? Balic - is he a HFF FP type or can you compare him with anyone in the seniors? How is his pace? Smith - last year started on fire as a HBF type until Riewoldt did his shoulder. He hasn’t seemed (from reports) to have regained any of that form. What is his current role? Does he appear to have made a full physical recovery? Has he recovered mentally? Thanks so much
  3. monoccular

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    Easton Wood also was always referred to in full ...... maybe the morons in the commentary box think he has a hyphen.
  4. monoccular

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    Yeah. It got that big log off last night, though he does come from the same team as the one man MRP so no real surprise.
  5. monoccular

    Port Melbourne v Casey Demons - Round 8

    There are thousands of ex AFL players and I would put little faith on what 99.9% of them say
  6. monoccular

    Port Melbourne v Casey Demons - Round 8

    Haven’t read all the posts but not sure that it is player hate rather than form hate. I doubt if any of us want him to fail or hate him; indeed if he finds his best and his disposal improves we will all be happy. Sounds like a classic Richo dummy spit. Cant see him staying on the list as he doesn’t have any special tricks which a small player in particular needs. (And as one can see from my faves list he has been one of mine)
  7. monoccular

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    Just looked at the Carlisle Riewoldt hit Cant argue against high contact, high impact and at very least reckless Wonder which way Christian’s roulette wheel will spin on this one
  8. monoccular

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    Remind me which team did Mr Christian play for. This was always going to happen. So I take it Your Lordship that you are not an alias of Broooose McIvaney. And I agree, a dirty dog and not a defender’s #$&@$#&
  9. monoccular

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    In fairness they also had to play well enough to squeeze into the 8 first (which we haven’t done forever and a day) But yes, a manic finals campaign and Murphy aside a good injury run.
  10. monoccular

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    FMD Footscray played like dogs in the third quarter. How did they ever win a flag. PS and the fourth has started even worse for them.
  11. monoccular

    Bye After a Darwin Game?

    The big difference is the climate, not the travel time .... but then as you. say the AFL would argue only the one point.
  12. monoccular

    Bye After a Darwin Game?

    IF there was a skerrick of integrity and even handedness at AFL HQ both teams involved in games at Darwin (or Cairns for that matter) would get a bye the following week, so ............
  13. monoccular

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    Surely the lower placed team winning would always be to our advantage - then it is entirely up to us to keep winning In the first 5 minutes maggots have put themselves in the line of fire at least twice. Now they have been declared sacrosanct (most of the time anyway) they seem to think that players should avoid them without taking any personal responsibility
  14. monoccular

    Wallace Urges Adelaide to Target Lever

    Did he have that annoying squeak (beautifully described by Wadda We Sing) before or do we have Rod Grinter to thank for that?
  15. monoccular


    Carey Laid Stevens?
  16. Pardon my ignorance but can someone clarify what exactly is the status of a cat B rookie? Are they totally ours or do they still need to go through the draft in some way?
  17. monoccular

    Tom McDonald sent for Scans (24/5)

    Added pace, no foot problems, and of course a pretty straight shooter.
  18. monoccular

    Injury List - Season 2018

    Probably, only as a result of injury, has close to zero trade* value. If fit would give him another year to prove himself again; there are a few ahead of him I would delist. * what is his contract status?
  19. monoccular

    Etihad to be renamed Marvel Stadium

    Is that Tom and Oscar?
  20. monoccular


    Need to smash pies and dogs regardless of this result. Carlton were cocky (a) because they are Carlton and (b) they were coming off one on the trot
  21. monoccular

    Etihad to be renamed Marvel Stadium

    I prefer the MCG! Sadly renaming the soulless concrete box will not make it any more welcoming, nor the viewing any better. Can’t polish a turd.
  22. More like their first beer for the day
  23. monoccular

    Last 2 Minutes: 88 Elimination Final

    I remember the excitement, sitting in the upper deck behind the goal when GL3 snapped what we thought was the sealer, followed by the terror of that last thrust forward by WCE. Cant remember quite when but Alan Johnson kicked a lifting goal earlier in the game. Horribly wet and pretty cold at old arctic park
  24. Not really much of a gamble at all — all potential gain virtually cost and risk free.