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  1. or remembered the golden AFL rule, look after Collingwood.
  2. Shhhhhhh! Despite the glaring 'evidence' re North, Carlton (yet again) this's year and Freo last year and this the AFL "Integrity Unit" 😂😳😮🤔will no doubt fine us and take away draft pics from us but ignore those other breaches.
  3. How many times have you made this point, basil? Getting rather tedious, frankly. Didn't look like a duck to me - a clumsy tackle. And I hope he carries on the same way when Selwood, or his new disciple in ducking, Paddy, does it in his tackle.
  4. On the day.....maybe??? But looking The Egyptian Tourist Board does well out of one.
  5. Ah. This week did they decide "to do it for Bucks?" Whereas other weeks....... It actually means a lot for Collingwood - it means they will be stuck with the current coach indefinitely 😄 Please explain ? Haven't they lost quite a few over there including against us?
  6. Blues looking pretty ordinary up at the Gabba :-)))))
  7. Hope he puts in a blinder next week to make it tough for Bernie - may make him think twice about cheap shots if he has to come back through Casey.
  8. His name is Rance - as in rancid.
  9. GWS 1.1 for the second and third quarters!! WTF???? Pretenders.
  10. Well, prepare for disappointment. It was in fact far more aggressive than Bernie's so should go for more, and intentional and not in play (I think it had stopped).
  11. Of course Rance's jab to the guts that instigated the encounter will go down as (yet again) low impact, low contact, totally accidental - small fine. Protected sniper. And the MRP questions re Greene will go along the lines of: - who does he play for - GWS - who are they playing week 2 - Demons - one less week.
  12. We all certainly hope so - but depending on how he goes, and team balance / spots there should be no reason that he doesn't get a gig this year too.
  13. How does one (oldie) do that?
  14. Will Vince necessarily walk straight back in? If we manage a huge win over Norf with no injuries? If Gus plays a blitzkrieg next week at Casey? Adelaide did appear to fade in Q4, as did we....but both won. Maybe we should enlist Adelaide's support when we (again?) insist that a Darwin game precedes a bye, for equity and for the benefit of both competing sides Don't forget Gus if he can regain his best over the next few weeks
  15. Thanks for the reports. How good was Gus?? A couple weeks of weeks off??