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  1. But it looked across the line. Bloody Buddy can't kick straight. 0.6 ! Hope he doesn't obverse next week.
  2. $$$ talk. Maggots have has a huge impact on this quarter in particular.
  3. FCS in the back to Swans is a block to Bummers. Such a good ride from the maggots. What have they been paid with - PEDs? And yet another score review. W R O N G AGAIN !
  4. That Daniher free should surely have been the other way for a block.
  5. If I hear once more about how much the poor players (the ones who signed false ASADA declarations) have been through I will seriously throw my whisky bottle through the TV.
  6. OMG BT is making me spew. Throw in Bruce and I can't take any more.
  7. How could that score review call a behind? Bewildering.
  8. Joe Daniher couldn't look good in a cowpat nor in anything else for that matter.
  9. I am thinking more of a parallel with Nev Jetta and his early concussions. I think many thought that he was done and dusted but patience, persistence, belief (self and club NB Roos) and hard work now sees him as an essential part of our team. Hope Gus follows a similar trajectory.
  10. Just watched a few minutes mid 3rd Q - are Essundone coached by Ian Meckiff? Got away with three or four throws inside a minute.
  11. Hallelujah Christian. Well done all involved. And i am very very very very happy - beat you by one :-))))))))
  12. Dickins wrote quite a bit, I hear, though I don't remember hearing anything about footy.
  13. IF he makes a good recovery he will be a very valuable player for us: if not he will have no trade value anyway. So this is surely just a 'non story' or as POTUS would say, 'fake news'!
  14. The most open season I can remember, even more so than 1990. A big chance for any team making the finals. No false steps, Dees.
  15. Is Clarkson going to walk unescorted to his hotel tonight?