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  1. Sniper Sheedy takes aim at Paul Roos!

    Not damn likely given that he spent his time at Richmond and at EssUndone.

    Whilst Scott's head exploding, finally, would be a joyous sight, a massive (think our 1986 first final since 1964 v North, played in the wet, and a massive win) percentage boosting win How about they don't get it down to him. IF he does grab a few, I guess the Oscar bashers will have a field day
  3. Gus Brayshaw

    That sounds like the sorts of helmet I have seen in Rugby Union.
  4. Our Failure to Crush Teams

    Winning even narrowly is far better than losing: we aren't used to repeatedly winning. And our manic game style is hard to sustain over 4 quarters. Just learning to keep winning, then learn how to crush. That said, I sincerely hope that we can dominate and crush Norf this weekend.
  5. The Don's delusion!!!

    I wouldn't put it past the cheating bastards to suddenly find "documentary evidence" that only Hibbert and Melksham took "the good stuff" and that Jab took vitamin C.
  6. Changes vs North Melbourne

    Well seriously why would one broadcast a Norf home game before 55 spectators?
  7. Rance the Stager

    I take your point, this is how it should be, but the fact is that Rancid and selected others get away with it repeatedly.
  8. Rance the Stager

    Sure, I agree he was hit and his reaction (this time) may have been appropriate. But he has history. But what really pi55e5 me off about him is his recurrent sneaky sniping: quite apart from the serious assault on Watts last year, which the AFL didn't punish half severely enough*, he also regularly jabs opponents in the guts, something that the hypocritical folk at AFL HQ, lead by their weak kneed CEO, said they would address but haven't. [I guess they are waiting for someone in red and blue like Lewis or Vince to do it - then watch the clampdown]. *I have said it before and will say it again, elbows to the back of the head can and do result in extremely serious injury, or worse. It would be truly tragic if they were to wait for a "Phil Hughes moment" before they really clamped down on this low act. But they lack the leadership to do so. Pity.
  9. Manuka v GWS

    ...and then downgraded to 1 as they are due to play us. What is the betting it will be deemed accidental, low. contact, low impact? And Rance's sneaky jab to Stevie J's guts - low impact, low contact, no case to answer.

    Sounds like winning the double chance. Win for us: loss for them.
  11. Gus Brayshaw

    ....which it was, but the VFL didn't seem to give a damn.
  12. Gus Brayshaw

    I see the helmet debate has resurfaced. Does anyone know why Celeb Daniel wears one? Has he a history of concussions? And the StKilda dude who wore one for many years - name escapes me (dementia)? If he feels better wearing one, why not? What proven negatives?
  13. Round 18 Non MFC Matches

    or remembered the golden AFL rule, look after Collingwood.
  14. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Shhhhhhh! Despite the glaring 'evidence' re North, Carlton (yet again) this's year and Freo last year and this the AFL "Integrity Unit" 😂😳😮🤔will no doubt fine us and take away draft pics from us but ignore those other breaches.
  15. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    How many times have you made this point, basil? Getting rather tedious, frankly. Didn't look like a duck to me - a clumsy tackle. And I hope he carries on the same way when Selwood, or his new disciple in ducking, Paddy, does it in his tackle.