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  1. monoccular

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    Umpires coming 8nto play when needed.
  2. monoccular

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    Geez Suns have pulled one out of the hat. Come on Dees ..... this is your opportunity. Are you up to it? (Will need to beat 25 vs 22 tonight).
  3. monoccular

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL - Round 16

    Doesn’t read very pretty to me. Thanks for the updates. Is there a wind favored end?
  4. monoccular

    Threat to runners

    Ethan. Why do I get the impression that you are not taking my suggestion seriously? The captain is (or should be) the on field leader and would have to find a way. Yes, it would entrench mids and on ballers as captains.
  5. monoccular

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    SWYL sounds a lot more exciting than tonight's game
  6. monoccular

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    I must say that every time I have spent a week, or two, in Alice in winter I have come back to cold Melbourne invigorated. Absolutely NO sapping of energy. (Can't speak for Darwin as I have only spent a few days there in Spring).
  7. monoccular

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    OMG the Friday scheduling has hit rock bottom, thanks Gil. There was a time that I hardly missed a Friday night game on TV: this year hardly ever. Tonight watched a bit of the second quarter then totally lost interest. What a farce.
  8. monoccular

    Neville Jetta Re-Signs until 2021

    Well done Neville Shows what dedication and hard work can do. Next task - mentoring Dion Johnstone to become a worthy successor: by all accounts some inroads have already been made. Some symmetry perhaps: Nev was dropped to the rookie list and thrived, whilst Dion looked to be gone but a change of role (like Nev from forward to defense) may make the grade, perhaps.
  9. monoccular

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    What was our half time score in 186? If Richmond pull their fingers out one of our shameful records could be lost.
  10. monoccular

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    OMG the more I watch this the worse I feel about us allowing Saints to bath us. Really angry.
  11. monoccular

    The 2019 fixture

    Firstly I hate the word 'conference' - first used in the contact of AFL by the US sports addict, Vlad. But I could see fairness in having two 'divisions' or 'sections' or 'groups' based on the previous year's final ladder: 1,3,5,7,9,etc in one group and 2,4,6,8,etc in the other. Play everyone in your group twice and in the other group once. It would (according to my rudimentary maths) 27 rounds. But of course fairness is an anathema to AFL HQ. Keep the rich rich, and the poor dependent. And regarding prime time allocations, given Gil's penchant for. high scoring, how about allocating them on the basis of the highest scoring teams of the completed H&A season? Plenty for us and none for Carlton, GC$, Saints and Ross Lyon's boring mob.
  12. monoccular

    Threat to runners

    Gil has an addiction to changing rules, most to the detriment of the game and only to the benefit of his giant ego. Here is a worthwhile one. A runner may go onto the ground say three times per quarter, deliver ONE message to ONE player, and leave the ground within ONE minute. The runner must never be closer than 50 metres from the play / the ball. Not allowed on the ground during the time on period. Any breach, including staying on the ground for 61 seconds, results is a free kick at the top of the goal square. This would result in a very dramatic change of coaching tactics. Waterboys have similar restrictions and penalties re closeness to the play / ball, and must not speak to the player other than to offer them water. AFTERTHOUGHT: A perhaps more radical option would be to have the captain wired with an earpiece, allowing the coach to communicate with him and him alone. He can pass messages on when as as he finds a way. Good for on field leadership.
  13. monoccular

    When we beat Geelong, I will...

    IF we win by more than 187 points even those well known posters here who cant allow themselves to be happy about anything may nearly be happy, though no doubt they will find a load of negatives.
  14. monoccular

    The 2019 fixture

    "......again look to reward on-field performance when completing the 2019 schedule....." Again - like Carlton and StKilda getting prime time games gifted to them this year? Pull the other leg.
  15. monoccular

    Training - Wednesday, 18 July 2018

    Does Nathan Jones post here ? :-)