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  1. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    How about just winning both?

    CHF please (as much as positions actually mean anything) Great start last week wasn't exactly translated to a cruise 😱

    Presumably he has had a MRI +/- bone scan. Hope they aren't hiding something.

    Melbourne team: round 22 B: Michael Hibberd, Oscar McDonald, Neville Jetta HB: Jordan Lewis, Tom McDonald, Jayden Hunt C: Dom Tyson, Nathan Jones, Clayton Oliver HF: Alex Neal-Bullen, Jesse Hogan, Christian Petracca F: Jeff Garlett, Cam Pedersen, James Harmes Foll: Max Gawn, Bernie Vince, Jake Melksham I/C (from): Angus Brayshaw, Billy Stretch, Mitch Hannan, Sam Weideman, Ben Kennedy, Josh Wagner, Corey Maynard In: Hogan, Stretch, Kennedy, Maynard Out: Jack Viney (foot) IMO Brayshaw, Stretch, Hannan and Ben Ken or Maynard will stay in the 22 Viney will be a loss in the midfield but offers an opportunity for others like Angus, Billy S, Maynard to step up in the midfield
  5. Gus Brayshaw

    Similarly in Europe, NB Spain and Italy......where incidentally they have no shortage of organ donors as we do have here. Expert opinion is that a low incidence of helmet wearing is a large part of the reason for this.
  6. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Honest Carlton!! The Visy paper bag mob, the inventors of tanking whose recruit got another club investigated for their invention, the club with the doctors who repeatedly screw other teams' players at the MRP?? That honest Carlton??!!
  7. What did Jason's skull feel like against your shin?
  8. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Almost as deluded as the "EssUndone innocents" and their backers. Have they been, or have they not been, all season "doing it for Bucks"? Only when it suits them it seems.
  9. Changes v Brisbane

    Lay on the ground overnight and killed off the grass? Bloody cold out there.
  10. The Weed

    Sam's set shot routine in his debut game was a lesson for all to see, so he does have it in him. I remain very optimistic and positive about his prospects. How good would it be for him to really turn it on against his father and grandfather's club, on a regular basis 😄
  11. One of my favorite players back in the glory days was Barrie Vagg, who is also one of my favorite posters here. Presumably - in fact I think there are site rules governing this that one can't use a player's mane unless you are he - Ray Biffin also posts.
  12. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    You obviously were not listening to the (yes, as usual totally innane) TV commentators who (ridiculously) said that Essendon were everyone's second favorite team! Even were the alternatives Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Kim Jong, ISIS and Trump they would still come last.
  13. The Weed

    Yeah. But could Good win possibly know more about the team and the players and their roles than posters on this board?? I know it sounds ridiculous but just maybe he does. Many posters here must get that desperate feeling of food envy if they eat at a good restaurant: mmmm, shouldn't have chosen the fillet steak because the lamb the guy on the next table has looks really tasty. Or maybe the pork...or ......... The Shiraz was good but maybe the Cab Sav was better...or the Pinot?..
  14. You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    Well, not behind Salem this week anyway. IMVHO he needs a run at Casey to regain match form and anyway, who from last weekend's team would you leave out?
  15. Redpath 3 weeks shocker.

    MEMO FROM AFL TO "LESSER CLUBS": lie back and let the MRP have their way.