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  1. Can if you are wearing yellow and black, it seems
  2. Menadue staged that. Maggots gullible. Grabbing the jumper isn't a high tackle.
  3. So Hunt is wearing the multicoloured headband -- so no doubt if we pull this game off they will make a typical "on the run decision" and not allow his goals, or even DQ us
  4. FCS 2 uncontested defensive marks by Tigers in a couple of minutes Still, the "kick it long!" barrackers will no doubt be happy.
  5. Moggots giving them every opportunity. BUT ANB unbelievable brain fade.
  6. Geezzzz. God** hates us. Every half blind kick by them seems to find a target ** if there is one
  7. Great set up for Hibberd goal. Well done Jesse too
  8. So glad that Rance wasn't paid "high" when he dived into a tackle Is he injured?
  9. Hibberd held - no free [email protected] umpiring
  10. I tell you Watt - Tigers % inside 50 far >>>>. ours. May end up costing us - like v Cats
  11. Agree. So creative as a forward.
  12. How good was that Oliver > Watts had all day (created time) to Salem. GOAL!!!!
  13. Great tackle Trac
  14. Spencer sounds like stuffed But of course never need [Pedersen] as insurance
  15. Hibberd made the fatal mistake of hand balling to Melksham who turned it over.