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  1. Watts is not "an adequate back up ruck who can play forward" but rather a very creative forward who can play back up ruck (surprisingly effectively). But the Geelong, the Freo and the Richmond games have shown us just how much we need him up forward, and what a gaping hole he leaves there when required to do any other than brief relief ruck work.
  2. Good thought. IF Tommy plays his best and negates Daniher all day -- even following him to the bench when he goes there -- then we are in with a real chance.
  3. Coach's favourite will play wherever he wants, provided he doesn't have to lay a tackle Injury issues?
  4. If Melksham plays, which I suspect he will, I will join you, au chapeau, for dinner.
  5. I am certain that we would have been at least a little bit better in each game with them both in the team: v Freo it was just a little bit that was needed, and the experience at winning of Lewis may well have held the line. With the loss of Gawn v Cats the forward line, disappeared with Watts having to ruck, may well have done the deed especially were Jesse there to lessen the loss of Watts as a forward. Lewis may well also have provided that missing stability in the critical moments v Tigers, and we all now know what terrible distractions Jesse must have had that night. So, in summary, without the Carlton doctors either maliciously, or incompetently, overplaying those injuries, we could well be 5-0.
  6. That is a dilemma for all teams, especially given the three up rule and the construction of the bench. It had been suggested at least by some here that both Max and Spence play in the earlier games. It can never be known, but I guess one could speculate that were they both there would either or both have suffered these particular injuries. Was Max "overtired" when he did him hamstring? Was Spence "fatigued" when he did his shoulder? One can and will never know.
  7. Can't get there but will be very interested into reports especially - ruck drills - including very unlikely additions Flip, King - Petracca - Viney - Weidemann Thanks in anticipation.
  8. There is a guy called Lewis due back this week, who also plays HBF (as much as anyone plays any position these days).
  9. My condolences Jesse. A very tough time ahead for you and your family, especially the next few days. We will welcome you back when you are good and ready and will be thinking of you in the meantime. Keep strong. Apologies for some judgmental comments re smoking - all understandable, if that helps.
  10. Probably the best balanced side available given the diabolical big man situation injuries have left us with. Especially with Jesse out we desperately need Watts and / or Pedo up forward most of the game. And probably need Frost down back to try to handle the Anzac medalist (yuk) Rather like the protected species #18 I thought more that he needs a kick in the butt.
  11. .......and Spencer hopefully even sooner. I think that is pivotal. In the weeks sans Hogan Watts was called upon to do more ruck work than he should have, leaving an underdone (and in has last game injured) Weideman as the kay forward, far from ideal structurally. That is why Pedersen (or even Keilty, maybe) to take the lion's share of ruck work, hoping to contest and maybe nearly break even, would allow JW4 and Hogan to work as a team up forward.
  12. As always a matter of cost v benefit.
  13. Spencer was an excellent choice as backup ruckman but how foolish of our list managers not to foresee (i) Max stricken down with a new injury and (ii) Jake, who performed very well against a freak in his comeback game, would also get a new injury! Will someone please give them a crystal ball! Shocking run or really bad luck. But for this cruel run of injury the mystery mature ready to roll ruckman alluded to by some here would have been bored to tears at Casey and have blocked King and Flipper's development
  14. Haven't lost with him: haven't won without him. He needs to learn he is no longer at Hawthorn so won't get away with anything anymore I think it is a matter of the umpires thinking ( and I know that is a rare occurrence) not that he threw it but that nobody could possibly have handballed it correctly.
  15. So, is the head band, that was banned, no longer a banned band? Sounds like something out of The Court Jester, (a Danny Kaye comedy of the era when MFC won flags regularly) which, coming from Gil and his motley crew, is no surprise.