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  1. monoccular


    Haven’t seen those clips since before he debuted I must say I thought that it must have been very highly edited but seriously one sees most of that in every game he plays now. A truly amazing phenomenon, and best of all, a DEMON!
  2. monoccular

    Hodge and Christian

    Christians are supposed to be charitable and forgiving but this is, most of the time, ridiculous Are you suggesting he is quite sweet?
  3. monoccular

    Was the win against West Coast rigged?

    juzz - your last paragraph sums it up. The WCE players are so used to getting soft frees at their home ground that they just continued to wait for the free that didn’t, and shouldn’t, have come. Well umpired, for a long overdue change. How can you rig a game? Check out the replay of the Port game. Very clear that one. oK, maybe not absolutely rigged, but absolutely certainly the maggots were intimidated by the crowd, but they were not this time.
  4. monoccular

    Why do we still have the blood rule?

    Only if one contacts blood from a WCE or Collingwood fan. But on a serious note, I did hear recently some infectious diseases specialist saying something along the lines of the risk of catching a BBD in this context being infinitesimal. Maybe Gill could ask Waleed Aly his expert opinion?
  5. monoccular

    Losing Jack Viney

    Maybe they realized that they had to....? Good idea to have a VFL run, since Wojinski isn’t playing 😬
  6. monoccular

    What they're saying over at Roberts Road

    Surely not. Name them both.
  7. monoccular

    Was the win against West Coast rigged?

    I guess Joeboy may have been thinking that the umpiring was quite unusual, by not being hugely biased to WCE for a game in Perth. In that respect was it ‘rigged’? Just because it was reasonably fair most of the time? Did it mean that the umpires were “under instructions” to be even handed, for a change? I haven’t yet seen the entire match but the umpires did not appear to be influenced by the feral home crowd. I thought that Collingwood and Geelong crowds were feral, but this was a new level for me. Perhaps they were wearing noise cancelling earphones? Good job and hopefully they will survive to do it again in finals
  8. monoccular

    Changes v GWS Giants

    Jeffy has lost the trust of everyone. It is what many oppponents used to get playing against that sniping kneeing dog Sam Mitchell
  9. monoccular

    Dean Kent, Aaron Vandenberg and Mitch Hannan

    Dean was a winger though if I remember correctly he rather surprisingly played the 87 finals as CHF when Lyon went down in the winning final H&A game at Western Oval and acquitted himself rather well. I think he got a knee and hardly played again.
  10. monoccular

    Which Dee has X-Factor?

    Clarrie is surely the one at the moment. Harmes is pushing. But certainly Tracc could be: I think he realizes but can’t / won’t deliver, yet.
  11. monoccular

    Put your hand up if you started crying...

  12. monoccular

    My 3 word player analysis V West Coast

    A job for our psychologist, should we have one?
  13. monoccular

    Changes v GWS Giants

    Never ever forget that Christian was a Collingwood player, and that he has been all over the place re his inconsistency this year, and that we will be perhaps threatening the AFL’s pet project’s top 4 position, so a week for each of them Totallly unjust, but that is the AFL.
  14. monoccular


    Great job Dees. Now all we have to do is to win the next 5 and then 😂😂😂👹🍾🥂🥂 But, to use a hackneyed phrase, one week at a time x5 more!