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  1. I note that the font of all knowledge, the HS, says the Eagle will be cleared due to insufficient force! Insufficient to KO him? Insufficient to break his jaw? A "gentle" elbow to the jaw is OK? So all this BS from AFL HQ about punching and hitting being a blight on the game is just that, BS.
  2. Am I being querulous by asking has Max's personal experience made him an expert on all things hamstring? Here is hoping that he is ok, but ........ And back to the known facts, Salem's pain should be Wagner's opportunity. Answer every challenge.
  3. OMG God* hates us.. I suppose it is natural for a God (*if there is one) to detest Demons. Still, we are answering the various challenges put before us recently. Maybe a case of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
  4. Or push it right? Ah Dermie. A true expert on everything, and now meteorology and maybe ballistics? My favorite was the time he said players went into the water at chilly StKikda beach the day after a game "to wash out the lactic acid"😂😂😂
  5. Must be a horror to plan a match up. Tall? Quick? It would have been interesting (and possibly heartbreaking) had a Eagle marked at that time and in that position. Imagine the umpire's fear of lynching had he not 'failed to hear the siren)? He did deliver some really good kicks. Still, I will trust him and the coaching panel to make such calls - they are doing pretty well so far. Maybe the moron thinks he can have the result reversed by us having a non listed player?? Or is he just really, really dull?
  6. Hogan Weid has started to get form and confidence at VFL, now needs to work on that, and develop hunger. I would hold him back for now.
  7. I would do just that. GO DEES
  8. Like Hogan????
  9. Regardless, I wouldn't trust the bastards.
  10. Before the MRP knee jerk into anything they should get an expert opinion from someone in the boxing industry. Furthermore, IF he is cited (and he maintains that he did not dive) then to clear his name we must fight the case and get our own boxing expert to clarify. Of course that would be after they have grasped their opportunity to exonerate the assailant That is a big problem with the current MRP system - the case is arbitrated by amateurs and rarely tested Didn't our club doctor report a gum or lip laceration? The MRP took cognizance of the Carlscum quack in their excessive penalty on Jesse, and their penalty on Lewis. But knowing their inconsistency, and their blatant bias, no doubt they won't ask I don't follow boxing, but some who do say that this is a very natural response to a jaw tap.
  11. If the club feels it needs to and the AFL "support" playing in Darwin then it must be demanded that this is always, for both teams, followed by a bye. That really shouldn't be hard to arrange if the AFL actually cared.
  12. And as I recall some of the media were saying that it was OK because he meant to elbow him in the neck but it just slipped upwards !! Really - and no mention of elbowing high, off the ball, medium impact (drew blood). Maybe we should have called in the Carlscum Quack. And just watch, the blatant hypocrisy at AFL HQ who one week say that striking just has to be stamped out "for the integrity of the game" (LOL) then let some old hack get away with this with at very most a fine, or week or two.
  13. Are you seriously suggesting that if Watts is fit he will be sent to Casey? A lot of fringe players may have something to prove - NOT a good enough reason to get a gig at this very important time of the season. I would go for Wagner.
  14. rpfc - do you have your answer yet??
  15. Don't be so cynical - everyone knows they are doing it for Bucks!