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    GF Ballot Barcode

    I have a P2 barcode. My 27yr old son has a P3 barcode. Both of us are long standing members, his is a 3 game membership because of other sport commitments in winter. We would love to apply together but, given the numbers, I doubt there's much chance of success if we both opt for P3. As with other appeals above, I would hugely appreciate any offer of the use of a P2 barcode that anyone is not planning to use. Absolutely no intention to on-sell. That's unthinkable. All evidence of any code sent to me will be destroyed afterwards. Please PM me today if you are feeling generous and able to help. Go Dees.
  2. bjDee

    Eddie shows love for Dees

    There has to be an agenda. Or money in it. Or a setup - like when he had Trac on the Footy Show before QBD game and gave him a big head.
  3. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I’m loving this thread each week.
  4. bjDee

    2018 Liston Trophy

    Thanks KC
  5. bjDee

    2018 All-Australian Thread

    Yeah really big congrats to Maxy and Clarry. Deserve all the accolades they can get. Really love their work. Same too to Nev, Tommy, and others who missed out. Genuinely love them all, have done a great job this year. So far... But unless I’m missing something, these guys play in a team game. And isn’t about where the team finishes? I would be happiest for us to get NO AA nominations - if it meant we were focussed, laser like, as a team, on the final goal. The rest - AA, Coleman, Brownlow, are all distractions from the team’s purpose. Might sound harsh, but that’s what a winning culture is built on, IMHO. As just one example, I saw the effect that a Brownlow win to Shane Woewodin had on our readiness for the 2000 GF, and I believe it affected the whole team for that week. Just give me under the radar, determined, crunching, gut running, never say die, all you can give efforts. That’s all I ask as a loyal supporter.
  6. bjDee


    On holidays in Hawaii and couldn’t get the game or even score updates last night. So I’m now poolside, working up a sweat drinking birthday beers, and soaking up ALL the great good news comments on DLand. Well done boys! Such a great relief to be in the finals at last! Get on a roll now lads for the next 4 games!!
  7. bjDee

    Gawn's article in the HS 12/8/18

    Great article Max! A deep thinker as well as a lovable character. His description of the development of culture at the club is enlightening and really encouraging.
  8. bjDee

    Casey Demons v Sandringham - Round 19

    Great job Casey Thanks to all reporters
  9. bjDee

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL - Round 16

    What has happened to Bugg's performance last couple of weeks? Does anyone know if there is any reason his stats seem to have dropped off?
  10. bjDee


    F’n gutted with that result
  11. bjDee

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL - Round 16

    It’s like putting a towel on a poolside sunlounge at a hotel resort, then going out on a morning shopping tour.
  12. Bugg looks at home in these conditions
  13. Funny commentary as it’s pi55ing down and the ground is awash: “Casey are kicking with both the wind and the tide at the moment...” Commetti-esque.
  14. Vanders making an impact around the ball straight away after coming on. Hope for his sake that he has a great game.
  15. Hope the telecast quality is better than the choice of venue
  16. bjDee

    Casey Demons v Collingwood VFL - Round 10

    Glad you asked it - was thinking the same thing. Hope someone has an answer. It’s been so long since I’ve seen Casey play that I thought it must have happened a while ago. I’m tempted to make myself a bacon and egg roll to add to the atmosphere while watching at home.
  17. bjDee

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    So (and I hesitate to ask...) ...... if they had to go aboard in pairs, two by two,... ..... How do you tell the male banana from the female one?
  18. bjDee

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    That is very good Hem.....
  19. bjDee

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Watched through the whole telecast just to see the consummation broadcast by Ch 7. Quite disappointed - they mustn’t have have paid enough for the broadcast rights!
  20. bjDee

    Changes Vs Essendon

    Help me if you can I’m feeling down....
  21. bjDee

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Didn't see the game Red, but I like your sense of fair play. Hopefully, if/when the tide is turned next time, we throw the club song, lights, hall hat stand and a few chests of drawers and mirrors at Hawko or his replacement.
  22. bjDee


    I’m not naturally a fan of Lewis but he lowered the eyes that qtr. Used his skills (most of the time) very well to set up the next possession.
  23. bjDee


    Good to see Paul Wheatley in the outer in Dees colours. Looks in good shape still.
  24. bjDee


    Decided on a light blue. Just want to smash a blue today.
  25. bjDee


    On the way. Just had to drop into the deli. Couldn’t decide on which cheese to bring...