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  1. Nice report. But those dacks! You must have broad taste. Hoges was wearing black tight jeans. Gus had on the floppy loose grey trackies with the elastic cuffs.
  2. Great win Casey! And Weid leads the boys up the race.
  3. At least at this level, Fritsch is shaping as a very good alternative forward target / goal sneak, similar to what Hannan offers in the seniors.
  4. Correction: 94.1 FM
  5. I'm listening at the ground to 3WBC. 94.3FM. Google and check if they are streaming it?
  6. Fritsch is unlikely looking but definitely has an X factor. That goal of his was also aided by Weid's contested effort in the pack for a mark.
  7. Qtr time egg and bacon roll report. And the conclusion is: don't bother. Nice attempt though. The best bit was a very nice egg although a bit runny to have in a roll. The roll was fresh but not soft enough and with the hard shell top it ends up tasting too much like cardboard. Cheese was a slice of tasty, but in cold weather it's too stiff and dry and better left out. In its place I'd have preferred more bacon of the middle rasher variety instead of the short bacon that was undersized and lost in the big cardboard roll. Casey cooks have nothing to fear here.
  8. Great qtr Casey! Showing heaps of intent.
  9. How good was that mark by Weid??? Very strong in the pack. Nice conversion too!
  10. Weid and BenKen are here. Wagner must have taken the trip west then.
  11. Cool but clear day here. And they have E&B rolls on the menu. Reckon I'll be forced to try one for comparison.
  12. How good is it knowing you can't lose the game from here??
  13. Tommy Bugg was named on the ground this week, not on the bench which is where he often appears. That told me the coaching staff liked his game style last week. Today he's taking it a notch higher, but to me it's lifting the team and bringing results. It may be unsociable, but I've hated being everyone's biatch for way too long now.
  14. a ducking fisgrace ?
  15. Met him in the rooms after the game on Monday. Hell of a nice kid. Uncle is Andy Moir, former Dees player 1977-81.