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  1. When he first stepped up from VFL I was very happy for him - and for us. He showed such great intensity in the Scorps as an in-and-under midfielder. His ability to provide quick release by hand (especially) and also by foot with short passes to players in the clear showed his great awareness, and clean skills. But step up to AFL, and his skills seemed to go missing under the extra intensity at the higher level. I still wince at some of the missed passes and crucial turnovers he did even earlier this year, but I am SO SO glad to see those becoming far less common as he becomes far more prolific with possessions. Finally, he is looking comfortable on the big stage. And he is still a very young bloke. It bodes very well for his future.
  2. Fantastic work by Casey, following on from the win at the G earlier today. Personally I had a very good Friday night, so this has the makings of a great weekend....
  3. I hope Trenners is being judged on merit rather than group think, or bias??? I was watching him for signs of slowness today and was actually pleasantly surprised. I didn't see any concerns in his speed other than fatigue during a chase nearing the end of the game
  4. Nice work Drunkn and thanks for the updates. Casey Radio's FM signal doesn't make it very far into the city burbs more than about 15-20k northwest of Cranbourne. Thankfully they are steaming it online so all good.
  5. Great qtr Max, Viney, Jeffy, Nibbler, Hibbo. Watts working hard. Trenners in several plays and holding his own really well.
  6. MCC website forecast was 33,000
  7. Only 17 more to go. Getting ready for the AFLM league.
  8. Train arrives at Camberwell station and a phalanx of Dees supporters strut onto the train. Just to add to the stereotype.
  9. Wearing so many layers I feel like the Michelin man. At least 5 of them are MFC paraphernalia. Now just need the boys to bring the heat and light up a fire on the ground. Stoked to see the return of Trenners today.
  10. Nice report. But those dacks! You must have broad taste. Hoges was wearing black tight jeans. Gus had on the floppy loose grey trackies with the elastic cuffs.
  11. Great win Casey! And Weid leads the boys up the race.
  12. At least at this level, Fritsch is shaping as a very good alternative forward target / goal sneak, similar to what Hannan offers in the seniors.
  13. Correction: 94.1 FM
  14. I'm listening at the ground to 3WBC. 94.3FM. Google and check if they are streaming it?
  15. Fritsch is unlikely looking but definitely has an X factor. That goal of his was also aided by Weid's contested effort in the pack for a mark.