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  1. bjDee

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    He was in the main group drills, trained with the backs. No sign of him being on the outer with the lads or having any injury. He’s not a loud character so he doesn’t stand out. Just seems to be focussed on doing things right in the drills for now.
  2. bjDee

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    I didn't see much of him yesterday, only glimpses. I was situated near the backs group and he definitely wasn't training with them. I agree and I like him too - he's done the odd freakish move, moreso from what I've seen at Casey than anything in the seniors, but for now it's mostly potential. Time will tell.
  3. bjDee

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Nice pics Saty. All just on the iPhone?
  4. bjDee

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Viney is running like a powerful machine. Very driven attitude. Baker is struggling to keep up with him while they do repeat 30-40sec run throughs around the boundary. Viney is timing everything and telling Baker what to do next.
  5. bjDee

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Was your reflection admiring your own Red ar*se, or counting down the steps till you reached it?
  6. bjDee

    MFC cryptic clues - to keep you amused

    G. Jayden M Hunt
  7. bjDee

    MFC cryptic clues - to keep you amused

    At the risk of overstepping the 2 name limit: 7. Charlie Spargo Had me stumped, but eventually saw the initials of each clue word. Well done IHW.
  8. bjDee

    2018 Player Reviews: # 32 Tomas Bugg

    1 out of 3 ain’t bad.
  9. bjDee

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Just a derivation from my initials. Was sadly lacking in imagination at the time. Avatar was from a gift shop in Beechworth. Although it looks like a homage to Freddie Mercury, it’s just a phrenology bust with lots of positive affirmations on it.
  10. bjDee

    Membership packs

    Mine came after Xmas, with membership card but missing the 12 mth calendar and the fridge magnet / fixture schedule. Anyone else missing those items? I did email the club and got an auto reply about their out of office period, so not concerned for now.
  11. bjDee

    MFC cryptic clues - to keep you amused

    6. Jack Viney 9. Sam Weideman
  12. bjDee

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    The Bummers one is a bit too cryptic for me. A bit like Red's countdown clues - too much for my simple brain. And how does Sydney get to claim the coffee image?? I thought anything coffee-wise was copyrighted to those very earnest folks of inner Fitzroy.
  13. bjDee

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I always thought that was spelt "fore" Anyway, I much rather shout "duck, I just shanked it"
  14. bjDee

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I’m hoping the MCC will have a stern word to the test XI first before dealing with the common public What should the team be called this year? The Incompatibles perhaps?
  15. bjDee

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I usually go every year to Day 3 of the Boxing Day test with a large bunch of former suburban cricket team mates, and relive our glory days in the Percy Beames bar. We are thinking of bringing our day forward to day 2 this year 😳