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  1. Ok, that went over my head.....
  2. Experiencing the same but I'm stuck between stations. Still short of Camberwell. Bugger of a time for a train fault.
  3. I just wasted a whole 5 mins of my life.
  4. Agree. Weid is still very young. Even at Casey he's not been a standout player yet. Just a very good young and developing prospect. I'd like to see him build his game, his fitness and his body at Casey for an extended period.
  5. Hannan has made a big improvement already since last week.
  6. Gotta feel sorry for T Smith. Thought he would surely be given more games while Hoges is on the sideline.
  7. It's something about the Carlton Banner. Or the Crows Banner. Or a coconut banana. Something like that I think.
  8. Weid was so absent in the first half that I had to check the on line game commentary to see if he had been withdrawn or injured. Unfortunately a game to forget for him when we were so short of forwards - exacerbated by the loss of Watts to help fill the unfillable Gawn gap.
  9. Was handed my scarf by the famous Saty outside the ground. 'Just doin' me other job mate' he says.
  10. Same with me, some joint in Swan St, along with some Blues and Dees friends, then onto the game. For once this game time works well for me. Will I recognise you by the turban?
  11. Wow. So much of nothing on this thread, then the dam bursts. its a bit like Sydney leading into the Mardi Gras. Or so I'm told.
  12. That's a bit obtuse Earl!
  13. It IS strange, and as others have said, I'd like to see him play pre-season round 3. But I'm still looking for the "Absofarkinlutely" button. Now, I will go outside and attempt to walk and chew gum simultaneously.
  14. Maybe taking things at their apparent face value a bit Biz? I don't know Biffen, but the T$ thread is not to be taken seriously. Seriously. If your beef is over there, please take it up over there. From an avid AFLW fan.
  15. Personkind is very aggrieved that you would use his / her / its name in a post without reference to personkind's sensitivities, ancestors & forebears, sexual orientation, preferred brand of hair removal product, emotional state, yoga position, mental health status, personal hygiene status, the feelings of his / her / its pet avocado, and the number of months since his / her / its preferred transport vehicle (car is just such a mansplaining word) engine oil became overdue for a change even though vehicle oil change products are not exempt from GST.