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  1. Demon17

    Round 23 Excitement

    Only if north lose today. I saw port live at the G yesterday and very underwhelming. Absolutely will be gob smacked if not taken down by bombers next friday.
  2. Demon17

    Watts Dropped from Port

    This post isn't to gloat and i wish Watts well. Just that watching him last week, even in a winning team, I thought I saw exactly what he delivered to MFC. No aggression, slipped tackles and falling over. Not surprised at this selection decison by Power. Unfortunate for him, but early validation of MFC call last year.
  3. Demon17

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    Thanks for the comparison TGR with Fraser Anning mate - as an practising member of the Jewish faith i really appreciate the analogy with a white supremacist. Why on earth was this insult deemed suitable by you ? Moron!
  4. Demon17

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    Not quite what i was typing in my post simultaneously as you 1554. Similar drift though.....
  5. Demon17

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    This stat is a week old and not his own work. It does not address goodwins key premise either. Media commentators only survive on oxygen and attention or they risk irrelevacy. I've only got 2 words for you Terry- Rodney grinter.
  6. Demon17

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    I suspect the stars will align and am planning the options for week 1 finals attendance. Likely to be Dees Vs either Swans in Sydney or Hawks at the G. Champion Data also forecast, and have included loss of Hogan etc. Although round 23 last year hurts, I firmly believe the Crows tanked by resting players and shut up shop - nothing to lose by trying too hard in Perth. Hence their karma this year too? The opposite is true for the Bombers next week against Port. Port are shot and the bombers have a lot to prove, including players playing for their careers. So the circumstance are very different. We just need the Tiges to get the job done tomorrow night first.
  7. Demon17

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    That's assuming the Pies beat power, and tiges beat bombers tomorrow and Saturday - then we can sweat the final game in comfort.
  8. Demon17

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Any way to get finals experience into Oliver, Brayshaw, Gawn etc is worth while no matter how it plays out. And based on narrow losses recently to Port and Cats I am a believer that a first final in Melbourne from 8th is winnable ( if Viney is back would help ). In the absence of a home game this weekend I WILL be attending the Pies/Port game and I WILL be cheering the home team - and closely monitoring Jack Watts efforts just for interest.
  9. Demon17

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    No way does Port win either of their next 2, Pies and Bombers. Champion data also forecasts this. Melb , even losing next 2, end up 8th on %. And this will be clear on the Friday night of Rd 23 when Bombers play Port. So if Port DOES win, then at least its still up to club to beat GWS.
  10. Demon17

    Viney MUST be sole captain 2019

    Sorry - that was meant to be Lever/TMac.
  11. Demon17

    Viney MUST be sole captain 2019

    Agree with all of the above deanox. Jones would be scary slow in the modern game for any flank and especially for applying defensive pressure. Lever/Viney is my 2019 choice for leadership team as co-captains. Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, etc will always play that ' follow me' approach anyway.
  12. Demon17

    Goody and the Ferrari?

    Last year Hutchy said his now-famous quote that Leon Cameron was in charge of a Ferrari and maybe wasn't the driver to get maximum performance from it (GWS) I firmly believe the Dees are or will shortly with a couple of retirements become a Ferrari, but again yesterday with 17 more inside 50's, swans with 2 less players, playing injured players, lack of ability to counter smart game style mods by swans from mid-second quarter, not playing Frost earlier when Lever went down (like for like, sort of), begs this question. I know I will get howled down but I sure hope the FD coaching team evaluate themselves as well as the players and don't waste the opportuiities coming up over coming seasons, and maybe still this one. I recognise the team' s courageous efforts on the road this year (was at Adelaide Oval a few weeks ago) which confirms my view how good they can be, but erratic driving is costing us. One KPI in this regard will be how they perfom making tough list decisions in the off season. FWIW - I really like the Coach but that's not the point
  13. Demon17

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    60,900 members actually, only 15K more the us, in a monopoly market of 5.0 Million. This mornings Sydney Morning Herald online has 21 rugby, , Union, Soccer and cricket articles until it hits the swans with a piece. I got sick of scrolling to get there. Get the drift? Mmmmm....?
  14. Demon17

    Who is our Forward coach?

    Comedy Gold!
  15. Demon17

    My 3 word player analysis V Swans

    Petracca IS a no show when needed against class. A la yesterday running into open goal in first couple of minutes and overthinking/panicking/wrong option....... Take your pick. Against the Suns he was great but so he should have been. 20 possessions yesterday and 5 critical errors. Huge potential? Really? He has the most work to do for 2019 which will be a make or break season for him.
  16. Demon17

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    Simple comeback to those types is how do they feel about a team from another city thay deserted them. They hate the concept and it just makes them angrier. It can also apply to smartarse lions supporters when appropriate. It doesnt matter for suns or gws as those teams are artifical constructs. If youve ever spent considerable time in sydney you'll realize how irrelevant the club is in the greater scheme up there.
  17. Demon17

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Sad but correct. No speed and takes 2nd or 3 option then gets caught. I cant see a serious future with him in the team. Started on the wing a lot also suggests goodwins thinking.
  18. Demon17

    Melbourne and Matthews

    The lethal hit on bruns may have been personal surrounding possible issues about a 3rd party who was playing for geelong or living there at the time. Might be more complex than a simple hit behind play. One wonders why lethal refuses to speak to bruns which may be a clue. But who would know apart from both parties.
  19. Demon17

    Training - Saturday 11 August, 2018

    Much appreciated russian.
  20. Demon17

    surprised at odds

    I like ypur thinking. I do this. Its called therapy. Wayne carey said this week mfc will be scary in coming years. I suscribe to that theory also and belive dees will win big agaonst a team that hasn't kicked more than 70ish points for mearly 2 months. Oliver gawn brayshaw Tyson hogan etc won't allow it. Hun5s forst big run will be the crowd favourite and welcome back.
  21. Demon17

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    Bringing in hunt - A poor kick inable to consistently hit a target. Drop spargo who is the opposite.? I dont agree.
  22. Demon17

    Allen Jakovich on The Front Bar (9/8)

    Brilliant show. Andy mahers tribute to jarrod lyle was all class.
  23. Demon17

    Allen Jakovich on The Front Bar (9/8)

    Fastest first 50 goals in history. This will be the 2nd best highlight of the week after 5.50pm sunday.
  24. Demon17

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Good predictions but I don't agree on cats/hawks and we will know more after Saturday, but I see the Hawks as greatly underrated, and the opposite for the Cats. Both forms lines have plusses and minuses but Hawks have the defence, attack and midfield to beat the cats.
  25. Demon17

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    And the Eagles game is at the new Optus Stadium which is the exact dimensions as the G, so no surprises like the old WA ground which was narrow. Should be helpful