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  1. Parallel universe. The runs look great but uhtil there is consistent reliable targetting all they are is spectacular. He needs finals standard disposal. I dont care about the torp goal. Once in a lifetime and doesn't win games.
  2. Comedy re: Hunt also: So not being able to hit a target or nail a running open goal isn't a pre-requisite for selection? Interesting.
  3. Goody sings the blues

    I think he makes good points on analysis, noting the warning signs were there in Round 15 and onwards. Citing the St Kilda fast start but nearly blown, as with Port Adelaide game. Knows there is work to do but the foundation is there. The timing of the message was appropriate - no one wanted to hear these messages earlier in the week. And about just getting to finals is not good enough, its about winning them. I liked that. I doesn't make me feel better but with our line up we would have been creamed this weekend.
  4. 2017 Post Mortem

    Terrific analysis which also states by omission the flip side. When we had flying starts IN the first 1/4, we blew those leads and nearly lost.!!! e.g Saints and Power. Overall flakiness and lack of 4 1/4 focus due to...........
  5. Just been looking at where the wheels fell off, apart from Saturday , and thought maybe after round 14 and the swans the inconsistency started. But then looking at the whole season from Round 1, the trend is clear IMO. Inconsistency reigns. There were reasons, such as losing max in round 3 and THOSE suspensions following the Blues in Round 4. But, the entire season stumbled form heroics like west coast in Perth, then back to the Bombers giving them a start and catching them in Rd 6, but losing to under-performing teams (tigers and Hawks at that time) either side of that match. Rds 8,9 and 10 were poor (incl win against suns which could easily have been a loss), then barely beating the pies, thumping the bulldogs and then Perth and T Mac. Absolute inconsistency. After that flaky-central. Perhaps Wayne Carey is right, we are a year too early and will arrive in 2018. The good wins and comebacks show the talent is there. Its the head space and the glaring gaps that need fixing. Like Jayden Hunt's inability to hit a target- any target as an example. The FD have a lot of thinking to do over summer.
  6. 2017 Post Mortem

    Probably just grabbing at straws, but Jobe Watson on Footy Classified last night believed this would set the team up for the next 10 years in the ' resolve' department and lay the foundation for success with the memory of the last performance against Collingwood.
  7. My 3 word end of season player analysis

    Thanks Joe boy. I always look forward to these posts after each game. I am wondering if you would consider taking this list above and then doing a prediction for the same time next year for each as to what you think might be scored for players then. e.g. although Brayshaw was a 4 above, I am hoping he'll be an 8.5 next year. Just asking, no pressure to have a shot at this. Thanks for the efforts this season.
  8. Soft Underbelly MUST become extinct.

    I asked for some enlightenment , not some base emotional outpouring. Check the threads after the more than numerous wins I mentioned and note the site's propensity for fickleness. This year WAS different for the above efforts. Need to lock in consistency. My question still stands.
  9. Soft Underbelly MUST become extinct.

    I hear all the comments on this thread and agree but am confused now about a club that heroically beat Adelaide away, West Coast away, Port, last years premiers and the saints twice - yet produced yesterdays effort. The recent form lines against north and Brisbane shows they were definitely off the boil and yesterday was a real test. Gave the pies 7 goals starts and got to 8 points down.??? I'm still an optimist but how does this fluctuation happen. I was at the Adelaide oval it I can't believe the above successful games were aberrations. Bring back Frost BTW. Any form of enlightenment welcomed.
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    Was this part of a cunning plan to now finish 8th and avoid playing the swans at the SCG. Instead now probably Port at Adelaide Oval - a happy hunting ground for us?
  11. GAMEDAY - Round 23

    At the g m team walikng off after a group meeting in the middle. jack viney. Walking ok with some type of support strap on upper foot. Seemed upbeat

    Is Goodwin sending a message to him and Maynard as emergencies - not far away, keep perservering etc.??
  13. Changes versus Collingwood

    At last. I also thought it was me. I watched Tyson do an individual skills/ball handling warm up at the G last week and just reflected that he seems to get the ball a lot in traffic and links well getting the ball out. That's his strong suit. Granted the team needs outsiders and that's not his forte but gee, he's not Robinson Crusoe either in clangers.
  14. I am grateful for ...

    JV7started a post "Embrace it" yesterday and as a consequence I have also brought forward my post planned for next week. If we lose it might be too late then and the mood may not be conduicive.. I wish to express gratitude to the following for this season, in no particular order... Peter Jackson - enough said Paul Roos - for bringing an on-field foundation and respect Mr and Mrs Todd Viney - need I mention him Viney jnr.? Enough said Nathan Jones - This is for you Nate The Player welfare group - for looking after Jesse, Jeffy and no doubt many others for us in their times of need Daisy Pearce - leadership and professionalism The Board (and Glenn Bartlett) Simon Goodwin - coach of the year contender and all class. Max Gawn - for continuing the No.11 Guernsey with respect and humour. Robbo- for Hogan's Heroes Tom McDonald - Domain Stadium heroics Jack Watts - QB 17 heroics Jordan Lewis - making us a destination and THAT Carlton match mark at 30 seconds to go. Angus Brayshaw - for listening to your mum. Oscar McDonald - for perseverance Michael Hibberd - Nothing needs saying here. Apologies to many others. I shall sit back and enjoy this weeks game now.
  15. Changes v Brisbane

    IF we can get through with full available squad to past Collingwood, then use the 2 week rest to revitalise Viney and Petracca. The latter just has to suck it up until the pre-final break. Viney out if there is any danger he could miss first final.