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  1. A genius review. Dickens also wrote OLIVER twist, and Great Expectations. He had 11 Children too - Big max's number. I think you're onto a theme here.!
  2. Eminently doable. Shows the impact of losing the freo game, but 5 and 5 without Gawn and Hogan I would've taken any day. Gawn back soon and self belief should get us there. Great % position also. The 8 pointers mentioned earlier means once we beat the Pies in 2 weeks we are in the 8, and then in the clubs hands entirely to stay there.
  3. We saw him at the team hotel last week after the crows win. There's nothing of him, but looks taller than on the ground. Kudos to his courage in frightening big defenders and more than not is better than even money to win his one on ones against them. Cue last week. Chasing is sensational .
  4. KB said yesterday we are one of only 3 Victorian teams that can win the premiership this year!. How's that for exciting.
  5. Thanks Stingray. Hibberd is a great ball distributor in defence allowing the not so good kicks to do their thing , but he provides great outlet, like Salem. Watching him end to end at Adelaide last week was insightful. Huge pick up by Goodwin.
  6. A scary analysis Nasher. I guess we better drop them all this week due to their unreliability?
  7. He sure has. Harmes is a consistent butcher. Tyson's last half at Adelaide showed what a clever link player he is, and was always laying the tackle. Smart footballer and important part of the engine room. Our captains, great thought hey are , can also be problematic - cue the hawks game. This is a silly thread with no meaningful analysis on the premise and statistics.
  8. Fully agree. I was at Adelaide last year for the Port game and last week. There were clear similarities with the way Frost played and last week I thought Wagner did miss a few handball targets , but I could see looking end to end the backline starting to come together. Wagner's tackling was great. Downside is as David king said we have a few backs that can't hit targets 100%, but at least Hibberd is brilliantly filling the role. FWIT - I love Dom Tyson's work.
  9. It was a great day. Picnic rugs, chairs in the outer, great playing conditions. Just need to be flexible. Got out of the carpark in a 1/10 of the time as at the ' G ' too.
  10. I agree. He was one of the few who could hit a target from half back - Roos needed at least some quality in past years. He was great yesterday and this will be his year. Also he wears No.3 and is the dead ringer for Garry Lyon.
  11. Agree. Was the start of the slide we are only now coming out of. Not quite the sacking of the great Norm Smith but a sliding doors moment.
  12. I don't understand why Hibberd doesn't just take Essendon to court and have his contract terminated for the Bombers negligence and lack of Duty of Care to him as an employee.? And seek the court to order his costs payable by Bombers while he's at it. No brainer.
  13. This is a great analysis and in line with some very insightful thoughts by Dermot Brereton recently who talked about how hawthorn now play not needing a large forward. He believes those days are not necessarily over but teams , including hawks, have leaned how to score without now the traditional KP forward. I have always been concerned at Hogan's lack of kicking depth and think his value to the team isn't the be all and end all now that other talent is on the horizon, and as David King said this year , Melbourne now have a premiership standard midfield.
  14. GWS are, as they say in the movie the Matrix - an artificial construct - and always will be. No passion or interest in the vein of traditional clubs and the heartland. But the TV rights pay all our bills so they need to succeed. The common theme this week has been the swans making the finals 18 out of last 20 years. A great effort but is code for treading water in the Sydney market. Keep paddling guys, for to sink means disaster for AFL/NSW., a la Brisbane Lions.
  15. Watching the game live standing up on the hill you get a better idea of what Hogan does and leading isn't one of his strengths and he's a lousy disposer of the ball. A largish contingent of demon supporters in our area and thought the same. Great contester in packs but that price tag must be based on some future upside. On the other hand, that real love for jack watts is now fantastic - his forward pocket goes in the last steadied the ship for sure. Tyson is straight our engine rook material too. Another 10 possession first 1/4 when it was needed.