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  1. Yes but opens up now a real top 4 chance for mfc. Bring on canberra. Thanks tiges.
  2. Clayton oliver sends his regards.
  3. Not having seen any of the game, can somone advise the style that seemed to put the scoring in lock down for quite a few minutes ?. What went on there?.
  4. Betting suspended,. Does that mean we're home. I cant get any feed.
  5. The team will be up today or tomorrow and have a scheduled closed session tomorrow at the TIO ground.
  6. I went to Adelaide this year and have seen 3 wins (and nearly a 4th ) at Etihad. Plus last year against Port. All seemed impossible untilrecently. Anything is possible with this group and coach
  7. I was wrong. The Age this morning has NOTHING on the issue. Move on everyone. Clarry quite rightly apologised in a 'non- apolgy ' manner . "I didn't threaten him, did I?" he said looking sideways to his advisor. Brilliant repartee. Good on him. Another 30 possies this week coming up. Well managed by MFC media department.
  8. Missed the first 1/2 of seven news tonight so presumably Clarry was a lead story...BUT The main AFL news at the back had serious time on the club, and importantly, this lead angle was about this is a tough month that will decide are we Top 4., from Mark Stevens. Not - will we make the 8 ? Why is this important.? Just thought this was interesting , but more fodder for self belief on what's possible and the image of a club going somewhere. The payoff is the reinforcement of the concept now the Demons are a " destination " club..
  9. You must be joking. The club has done 2 things right - again.. 1. Got it off the back page in 24 hours - you won't read about it after a small article tomorrow reporting the apology - PR Rule No.1 . Any other action would give the story legs. 2. Then - they wheeled out the best team member to handle todays' presser - Jordan Lewis, who put it all in context, and again hammered the " culture" issue as laughable in a contemptible manner. And why was he the best you asked? - because no-one doubts a 4 time premiership player on what successful culture looks like. Great media management today, we won the 4 points and Clarry will live to fight another day in Darwin and get 3 Brownlow votes next week, and conversely to what the Blues banner said about us........ They can book THEIR September trip to Noosa instead of me. I'll have commitments at the ' G ' .
  10. Agree. I've done the Darwin flight a few times. Its just too long and hard work and I'm only 178cm.. Then there's the flight home. Save Jack for the run home and finals. I'd even consider resting Max in the VFL for the week for the same reason.
  11. Just watched Goodwin's press conference where he was asked about the culture issue. The next 2 1/2 minutes are worth bottling and a must view. It was as if he just wanted the question and his opportunity to then theorise about what makes a good cultutre and what he and the club are doing about it. Coach of the year material and we're lucky to have him. Its as if he was sending the players the message, but just via the presser. And how in tune the leadership group is with him. Well done Simon.
  12. Life Insurance in place then?
  13. Not my favourite place in the world Jasper by any chance? I watched last years GF there in a packed house.
  14. Report much appreciated D&77 I was hugely impressed by Smith's JLT game against Carlton and seeing him up close on the fence thought we have a real player here. I reckon Goodwin thinks also and will be worth going tomorrow just to see his progress .