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  1. Mad_Melbourne

    Frosty comes in from the cold!

    I think Frost has been very good, since coming up from the VFL. I initially thought we couldn’t feature a backline with 3 talls. But I think he could successfully play in the backline with Lever and OMac next year. He offers a significant point of difference and is much improved at picking the time to leave his player. Franklin playing up the ground suited Frost but he also played a much less attacking role this week.
  2. Mad_Melbourne

    Trade HOGAN

    I will preface by saying I did want to keep Watts and think that he would have been able to help hitting up targets inside 50 this year, but also think that Fritsch was an acceptable trade off. But, I never stated anything about wanting to trade Oliver, I said almost, Hogan is top 5 in our untradeables, and would be close to top 3. Gawn and Oliver are 1/2. I think you are flat out wrong, he’s nearly been our most important player this year. His early year form was at all Australian level. I will agree that his pressure on the ground could improve, but will put that down to efforts in the air and km covered. Its ridiculous for people to call for him to be traded. But sure, if we get the right compensation he is tradeable. As with anyone. If we got Grundy and Sidebottom for Gawn I’d trade Gawn, but it’s unrealistic. To trade Hogan for draft picks is ridiculous
  3. Mad_Melbourne

    Trade HOGAN

    Not stirring at all, people who call for the trade of Hogan have the footy acumen of a sponge. He is close to the most untradable player on our list, his efforts this year have been far superior to what’s is portrayed by the gooses that suggest his trade. Trading Hogan, puts us back 4-5 years. There is no legitimate reason to trade him and suggestions from anyone to do it is just stupid. The further calls of playing him in VFL and playing Pederson as a forward are stupid. While I’m at it suggestion of trading Petracca is stupid also. So yep
  4. Mad_Melbourne

    Frosty comes in from the cold!

    Frost tried manfully, we lucked out buddy didn’t kick well. 100% if same game had of been OMac everyone would have lambasted his effort allowing Buddy to have so many shots on goals. The demonland story
  5. Mad_Melbourne

    When will they take Hunt and Hogan off the banner?

    Go to bed mate
  6. Mad_Melbourne

    Harmes post game interview.

    Interviews of players should only be conducted of the players with nooses around their necks after games where the fans aren’t happy. Harmes was a Melbourne supporter growing up. The game was a loss sure, but at the end of the day he is enjoying his footy as he is playing well, for the most part the team is playing well and at the end of yhexday to suggest players don’t care is out right ridiculous
  7. Mad_Melbourne


    Not to mention it highlights his deficiencies, out bodied in multiple marking contests and also goes at the footy with One hand too often
  8. Mad_Melbourne

    Trade HOGAN

    People on demonland reveal their lack of knowledge about football quite often. They are done through: trade hogan trade petracca play pederson to name a few
  9. Mad_Melbourne


    It’s not like he’s wrong, he’s a great bloke and playing good football at VFL but with a Sydney side have 2 key forward (counting mccarten is almost a big of a joke) and one ruckman. For us to play 3 tall defenders is ridiculous. the Selection was always one that was going to make it easier for Sydney to score That doesn’t excuse Nathan Jones, Jayden Hunt, Alex Neal-Bullen, JKH, Spargo for having absolute stinkers
  10. Mad_Melbourne


    Lost the game at selection, we picked a side that was too tall/too slow, they made the ground large and their smalls were always dangerous. Also, is any one else frustrated that we have the slowest and least agile smalls in ever. Gartlett and Hannan have speed and lateral movement but Spargo, JKH, Neal-Bullen(who can run) are slowish and very easily turned.
  11. Mad_Melbourne

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Can we send Pederson, JKH and Neal-Bullen to the car park, 3 of us are constant momentum killers. Fritsch goes for it with one arm too often and is so easily bodied off the contest
  12. Mad_Melbourne

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Lucky for us Sydney have 2 on the bench, because our mistake at the selection table is already hurting us. They get out the back far too quickly with our top heavy slow backline. Midfield is getting beaten as well, but will be punished on every turn over based on how we have selected the team.
  13. Mad_Melbourne

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but offensively and defensively last year Hunts speed was a weapon. This year he didn’t find the balance, often caught out of position especially defensively early in the year. Vince is slow, but by reading the play well for the most part he was able to influence more contests whilst both were playing. Hunt is clearly the quicker player, but putting yourself out of position kind of negates that, no?
  14. Mad_Melbourne

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    I am not disagreeing with that, he’s played well at VFL level and on form deserves to be picked. But team balance is a consideration. The whole “know better than the coaches” is counter intuitive to any discussion and you have provided little in the way of helping me understand he reason he is selected. Cheers
  15. Mad_Melbourne

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    I’d like to be proved wrong and see Pederson blistering pace and sure hands influence multiple contests in the air, I just don’t think he’s got it in him. If Gawn is not up to play, I would not play him. Then I can see why we’d bring Pederson in to compete in the ruck. If Pederson is playing as a key position defender, as he has been in the vfl, I think it’s not a good fit for him. McCarten and Franklin both far too mobile for him, take him on a lead up the ground, change directions and they’ll have lost him as he’s got an arc bigger than an 18 wheeler. I just can’t see the logic in selection unless Gawn is out of the side? How can you see the logic of him playing anywhere else but ruck?