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  1. Mad_Melbourne

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Beat ya to it, but further want to put out that his agility is elite, his contested work is elite and his finishing is better than good. I really hope Melbourne end up with him as I think his skills not only translate to afl, but has 3-4 positions that he can play which will make him useful.
  2. Mad_Melbourne

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Xavier O’Halloran will be a steal this draft in my opinion, when Vandenberg was contemplating heading off, I thought this would be the replacement from the draft, just much higher foot skills than Avb
  3. Mad_Melbourne

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    No doubt it was a valuable experience for him, but I think it squeezed him out of the side. Fritsch was realistically competing for a spot in a position that was not suited to him. I think Fritsch has had a great season and is stiff to miss out this week. But with our game increasingly becoming a contest based game, especially in finals, the extra pure mid rotation helps, plus Our defensive matchups push him out I do agree his assets are most suited to the forward line, which is where I see his best football.
  4. Mad_Melbourne

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Tysons contest work and ability to realesse when drawing opponents is under rated, that said his outside work is somewhat fairly maligned. Fritsch outside work and marking ability is fairly rated highly, but his contest work has been subpar in the backhalf. I said earlier playing him in the backline, highlights his deficiencies more than his strengths, and whilst playing as a forward flank is clearly probably his best position, he doesn’t give the pressure that Hannan, Neal-Bullen and Spargo give, so realistically he’s competing with Melksham and Petracca and therefore he can’t move there. Fritsch is unlucky, but I think it makes our team look stronger/more competitive on paper. That doesn’t necessarily mean it to be true, but I see it as the logical move this week.
  5. Mad_Melbourne

    Help a brother out!

    I’m in China, it’s a bit cheaper but also willing to take donations for the cause. Send me money by post of carrier pigeon. Bloody hell this is exactly what frustrates me about gofundme. Surely a bit ridiculous
  6. Mad_Melbourne

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL Qualifying Final

    Nothing about a player hitting him, but removing all doubt of any sort of match related injury. I mean training can cause ACLs but significantly more ACL injuries occur during matches. Motivating risks associated with any other injury. In terms of flaring up of his foot again, I would assume ball training and running training with the team would provide the best test rather than a match where he might kick it 16-20 times.
  7. Mad_Melbourne

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL Qualifying Final

    It’s a risk vs reward set up. Viney is our captain, sure we could have played him but the fact that he could possibly have gone out and injured himself is not worth it? Plus he only just got out of the “rehab group” yesterday. I honestly don’t see how anyone would realistically see the benefit of him playing 2-3 quarters in a match. I think we were lucky to be able to put enough scoreboard damage and rest players who may be in contention for a spot. If the game came down to the wire no way Hannan and co would have been on the bench.
  8. Mad_Melbourne

    Casey Demons v Geelong VFL Qualifying Final

    If they played last week in the AFL they aren’t allowed to play this VFL game, I’m 90% on that. I heard it, haven’t checked to 100% it but would make sense
  9. Mad_Melbourne

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    But how we have played and Hogan missing is independent data. Setting up 6-6-6 has meant more 1 v 1 contests, which is a situation Hogan will thrive in. We’ve been lowering our eyes and hitting targets, which would help Hogan. We are are not playing better due to not having Hogan in the side, but rather structural changes made up the ground. We have also also played without Viney, so really we shouldn’t bring him in because the spirit is only due to 22 players on the field, not at all anything structural at all
  10. Mad_Melbourne

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I’d argue it does not improve our list. Midfield depth is not our issue, based on talent I think we have the most stacked midfield in the competition. Sacrificing a key forward for a developing midfielder and an already proven midfielder is not what we need. there is nothing reasonable about the suggestion of trading Hogan, there is no logic to it unless he has asked for a trade. It’s honestly one of the most ridiculous list management suggestions since, well ever.
  11. Mad_Melbourne

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    The trade Hogan debate is much like a trade Oliver debate. It’s ridiculous, but if a team (like Richmond) would give us Cotchin, Dusty and draft picks, we’d take it. People saying Wiedemans form proves the possibility that Hogan isn’t first selection, flat ridiculous. We have a 50+ goal forward vs at best a 20 odd goal forward. Has wiedeman held his own, yes, but that isn’t the question, plus I’d suggest all 3 of our keys can fit. Also Hogan in the backline is a silly suggestion, it removes most of his natural talents in my opinion, plus why would we bother when Lever (the best intercept marker in the competition) will come back.
  12. Mad_Melbourne

    Key tactical issues v Geelong

    I’m still shocked that people done realise the majority of the second half Frost was on Hawkins last game. That said I genuinely don’t think we match up poorly against them in any area of the field. If we are able to change lanes consistently and use it well/convert inside 50 we will win. Dangerfiel and Selwood putting the team on their back is somewhat of a worry, it I don’t think our midfield is outmatched by any in the comp.
  13. Mad_Melbourne

    Petracca in a rut?

    I’m not sure which moment this was, but there was one where he missed it by a bees willy coming back for the intercept or spoil. From this I’d suggest (as most players on the first line often are) is to leave a space that encourages the kick but can most likely close it down, trying to create the turnover. His strength would not be playing back shoulder in a zone but pushing back or forward to intercept. When it doesn’t come off it opens, but it happened once with Clayton Oliver as well and I’m sure by going through actual footage multiple options are given like this, but the turnovers created are often dangerous.
  14. Mad_Melbourne

    Sam Weideman

    Good contribution knuckle dragger. The ball definitely swings strongly and looks like he miskicked it. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t aiming at goals, but he definitely didn’t kick it sweetly
  15. Mad_Melbourne

    Sam Weideman

    I think he miskicked that from the TV. Looked like one of those ones that curved late due to a miskick, could be wrong though