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  1. Robbo as an interviewer

    What do you think is the point of Robbo as an interviewer? He's not meant to be the hard-hitting media type who does what he can to get as much material out of the subject as possible. The idea is he's meant to be one of "the boys" who gives an insight into the light-hearted atmosphere around the club. He talks about himself as a bit of a joke to bring out the light-hearted banter oucher pointed out between Neeld and himself. If you are watching Robbo's interviews for anything other than a laugh and insight into the personalities around the club you are seriously mislead in terms of his role. I for one am a big fan of what Robbo does on DeeTV. Always worth a laugh and gets away from the stress of us worrying purely about the on-field performance. Keep it up Robbo!

    6. Clark 5. Frawley 4. Grimes 3. Jones 2. Morton 1. Howe
  3. Jack Vineys injury

    Well he just played a full game for Carey Grammar today and played very well in a win. Think he'll be alright, one of the toughest kids I've seen play footy
  4. James Sellar set for key defensive role

    Wow, alot of positivity here for what was a very speculative pick. You're all saying there's minimal risk involved as its only pick 50 odd that we used but following that logic, there was minimal risk involved in any decision we made at that pick. Sellar is just like any other kid we could have picked up. Not better, no worse until they start playing and proving themselves. Alot of positivity on zero evidence, here
  5. New Midfield in 2012

    Excellent post Bhima. Interesting thoughts that are extremely well reasoned and I see the logic in all you say. Just a few observations: 1. Howe just seems to be a natural forward to me. Although you point out many assets he could bring to the midfield, his number 1 strength is still his pack marking and the only way he will make full use of that is in the forward line 2. Agree whole heartedly with your belief about the way Morton needs to be treated. Some people are motivated by criticism but others require constant praise and for Morton to get the best out of himself he needs alot more confidence than he holds now. However, can't seriously play on the ball with his size.He'll be smashed out of the way by the bigger bodies and this'll just crush his confidence more. Needs to play on the wing for now at least 3. Absolutely must happen. Only concern is fitness, everytime he plays in the midfield he appears to be injured next minute! If Nisson gets him up and running he MUST play midfield. Especially with the likes of Tapscott and Blease having the ability to play his backline role. These two could also be important to out midfield, get them switching between backline and mid roles 4. As high half forwards I think this will naturally happen. They should both be rotated between forward and mid with plenty of flexibility to go to either regardless of position
  6. The Waylen (aka Zyrus) Manson Thread

    Ok, I was quite sceptical about this at first but 18 goals over two weeks, wow! Fev was dominating VFL level and Manson has upstaged him, he has to have something to show on an AFL list! If he is available at our 1st pick, please get him! Jurrah and Manson in the same forward line is too exciting a prospect to pass up!
  7. Colin in the news

    Can't get stuck into him too much right now. Details are still not fully given. For all we know he was on his way to some running track for some early morning fitness when someone from another car or his mate who was driving did something silly. In that case, we'd all feel sorry for him. Not saying he didn't do anything wrong as he may have at 6:45 but wait for more details before hammering him completely...
  8. The Aaron Hall Thread

    This is the most impressive highlights video you will ever see! He has everything - pace, good mark, good kick, takes the game on etc. Someone with a skill set like that should be tearing a Tassie competition apart. With only 5 times in the best he must have some serious work rate issues...
  9. The Jordan Lisle Thread

    Saw Lisle play a bit in his junior years (his year 12 really) and didn't rate him at all. He shows glimpses of potential but never really dominated a game, even in the APS competition where he should have looked a class above. He's done nothing to show me otherwise since he got drafted. Would be pretty disappointed if we picked him up
  10. The word on Brad Green

    I seemed to remember that he was actually playing very good football before his injury. In fact I looked it up and he averaged 22.5 disposals which was his 3rd best year across his career as well as averaging 7 tackles. That's with a few very average games coming back after his injury. The McDonald decision was a shocker regardless of how poorly it was handled. Agree however that Green deserves to play on with us. Not a great captain but has been a wonderful player and servant over the years. Give him another year but strip him of the captaincy. The problem is there's no one who has shown they have what it takes to take over as skipper. I'd give a Grimes or a Trengove a shot, it's a big risk but I don't think our experienced players are up to it. Source: http://finalsiren.com/PlayerStats.asp?PlayerID=512&SeasonID=2010
  11. Sam Blease

    Agree he's shown alot the last 2 weeks but also agree with this to an extent. I think his biggest issue tonight was his fitness. He looked exhausted along the wing in the last quarter and that's the reason his chases were so sub standard. Has alot to work on (fitness and accountability) but has shown he has what it takes to be a really damaging player!

    Hawthorn round 2: 26 disposals Collingwood Queen's Birthday: Our best player with 17 disposals and four goals Colin Sylvia had an awesome and consistent 1st half of the year and then had a big form slump. We all jump off him and say he must be traded... Today I thought he was going to shut you all up... apparently I was wrong He is our most dangerous match winner and before being dropped was our leading tackler going the other way... Give him a break!
  13. Davey in the Forward Line

    When I read the title of the thread I presumed it was going to be about how he shouldn't be playing forward. I don't know how bad his injury was but he seriously struggled to get involved today (still used it beautifully when he did). As a result, all today did was show that he should be playing mid and behind the ball as much as possible, certainly didn't look like a forward today!
  14. Todd Viney's theme this week

    Bruise free stuff should be irrelevant. I don't care about some player weeks ago who made a comment which turned out to be very true. It shouldn't be our motivating factor, we have bigger things on the agenda. This week is about pride and respect: Respect for our club Respect for your teammates Respect for yourselves
  15. Sylvia gone too ??

    Unbelievable some of the hate on here for Sylvia. Thought the fact he was winning our tackles this year would get him some respect… Sure, when Scully, Mckenzie etc. came back he spent more time in the forward line and struggled. He's lost form the last month or so but before that he was one of our most consistent performers. He's one of the few blokes in the team who we've seen stand up when we're losing (Haw last year, 4 goals Queens bday this year). Also thought he was one of the few blokes who looked like they were trying to get something going on the weekend, he failed but tried - 8 tackles Would be shattered if we lost him. One of our few dangerous playmakers and match winners!