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  1. Forum Footy - Sunday, October 5

    Great game to watch and some brilliant plays too. I must say the player that resembled Bernie Vince was one of the best on the day. Congratulations boys!
  2. Changes v West Coast

    Out: Rodan, Gillies, Byrnes, Pederson In: Pettard, Rivers, Gysberts, Moloney
  3. Petition or mass rally

    I can't watch anymore!
  4. I quit

    you need a ticker like DUXY. He'll be there week in week out. You are not a MFC supporter you are just a fan.
  5. Keeping the Faith

  6. A picture tells a thousand words.

    will someone get him some tissues please?
  7. Captain phones young supporter after loss

    I feel sorry for you that you feel that way. I hurt too but I won't quit. I was inspired by a man named Jimmy Stynes. He didn't quit. He didn't know the meaning of the word.
  8. Everyone Calm Down!

    Pathetic effort today. So damn embarrassing. I should have stayed home and hunted for Easter eggs.
  9. Jack Grimes to wear #31

    It’s all about marketing and theatre. Personally I think it is a fantastic initiative.
  10. Changes for next week

    Whoever? -- Then you agree ....Matty Bate for mine!

    Our club has a new emblem that is both inspiring and captivating. I can just imagine the envy, opposition supporters must be feeling today. Bring it on...
  12. Changes for next week

    Bate is an important part of the forward line. He needs to play. I say give Jones or Bartram a rest and bring in Maric.
  13. Demonland Player of the Year

    1:Sylvia 2:Scully 3:McKenzie 4:Davey 5:Bail 6:Green
  14. My 3 word player analysis V The Cockers

    I must have been watching a different game to you
  15. Which 3 men cost us the game?

    let's get the game off to a good start annd we may win every time!