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  1. 2017 Player Reviews: # 13 Clayton Oliver

    yes he shrugs high, he opens himself up to do that, is a brave fella
  2. 2017 Player Reviews: # 2 Nathan Jones

    i was super impressed with his pace this year. I actually think he found a step.
  3. +1 IF ever there was an exception to be made it is for Trenners.
  4. AFL Finals - Week 1

    I have never followed Priddis much as a player, but i really enjoyed watching him give his all, nothing to lose and leaving it all on the field, didn't look slow tonight. Good on him, first rate way to play your last game. However watching Wines play makes me want to sue the club for emotional abuse. I also think that WC got its money's worth out of Mitchell the guy is a sniper but wow he makes an extraordinary coach. He gets some of the credit for turning a bunch of oea-hearts into lions...
  5. Article of Koch's expectation of players

    I'm almost willing to put his comments down to being a frustrated, hurting, supporter. But then i think he's a [censored] of rhe first order. Watching that game, the Port players all tipped in, it was a furious game, you think Dixon wanted to kick 5 points, i didn't see too many passengers this is the sort of comment that when player are hurting would make them say F U ... if i was coach I'd be pi$$ed. Dude has a record of being a windsock just like Kennett.
  6. Goody sings the blues

    my 2017 Membership pack arrived this week , I kid you not... (but to be clear that is the Italian post and not the MFC)
  7. Purge - Mad Monday

    ;-) am jet lagged, arrived in Melbourne, Australia to find out that we were bumped out of the finals as soon as I got out the door at Tulla... personally Tourettes Tuesday is good for me as well.
  8. Purge - Mad Monday

    After this season, I think we need a short period with no swearing filter - I really am frustrated. But just for a day or two, and then lock it down and move on.
  9. The Jake Lever Thread

    After R23 I've suddenly gone a bit cold on him. Reckon he's signed with Carlton after that game.
  10. Delistings

    Am not big on putting injured players like Garland and Vandenberg on these lists - Garland is not a spud at all.
  11. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    it is all part of a cunning plan - easier to beat Port in SA than Sydney in Sudney.... have faith you doubters but seriously what a train crash.
  12. Deep Dive for Viney

    Certainly mixed reports on the benefit - the initial sites I read seemed more positive but I trust the mayo clinic http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/basics/why-its-done/prc-20019167
  13. Deep Dive for Viney

    So Webber et.al.(the medical folk)... I am freaking out about the foot injury, shades of Trengove etc. Would there be any value in oxygen therapy for this injury. We need him in finals, as i'm sure everyone agrees. At the moment he is looking 4 to 6 and it is a huge disaster. Please tell me he will be up for the elimination final? I am sure it is worth the cash.
  14. Josh Kelly

    The are many things to like about this rumour. 1. Ending up with Salem, Kelly and Tyson in the same team, swallow that purple. 2. Watching a Scott brother spontaneously combust. 3. Reminding the World of where the centre of the football universe is. 4. Best of all... probably won't happen, but will still make DB choke, the Scotts go shrill, and dominate with the list we have.
  15. Max Gawn

    So I'll take that as a 'no', you have no clue what a press pass is. Please don't subscribe me to sentiments I don't hold. No effin where, do i say i want to curtail free speech. Most of the pulitzer prize winners didnt have a press pass. As for the AFL I agree, there is plenty of dodgy behaviour that needs to be held to account. But still my point is about holding the media to account by some method, not the AFL and two wrongs, reporrtedly, don't make a right.