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  1. DaisyDeeciple

    Sports Psychology

    I really was hoping this post contained information to help me cope with Sunday, took ne 4 days to log onto the site.
  2. DaisyDeeciple

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    hey very sorry to miss this, will PM you, short answer no but i can share my app
  3. DaisyDeeciple

    Round 21 Non MFC Games

    Nah I want them to lose twice in a row, no way I want to play a final in Perth.
  4. DaisyDeeciple


    I think I have the answer - there is a high correlation to our score assists and lack of selfishness. This team first attitude is the reason, players check for who is in the very best position and pass it, even if they are a reasonable chance of dobbing the goal themselves.
  5. DaisyDeeciple

    Go and get Gaff!

    No not from WCE.
  6. DaisyDeeciple

    Go and get Gaff!

    If (and it is a huge 'if') WCE had some class they would foot the entire medical bill. I reckon they should raise the issue on AFL360, WCE has stunk with how they have handled it so far.
  7. DaisyDeeciple

    Go and get Gaff!

    Could you nuke his computer anyway, obviously been watching Punisher on Netflix.
  8. DaisyDeeciple

    Go and get Gaff!

    paid killers, you have no clue, everyone is a deranged ticking time bomb in the right circumstances, yourself included after reading this post.
  9. DaisyDeeciple


    The GCFC 'non holding the balls' were a joke as well.
  10. DaisyDeeciple


    Me too, endless hours playing with the ladder predictor, manipulating 4 Vic teams in the top 4, playing Collingwood in the Prelim and Richmond in the Granny.
  11. DaisyDeeciple

    Go and get Gaff!

    You are right and are more evolved than me I think, (it's not a matter of love, it is silly to chest beat about who loves their brothers more), I watch a bloke, out of play, spear tackle my brother over the boundary line onto his head (may have mentioned it before) knocking him cold - I still wouldn't shake his hand 8 years later, and I'm not normally a grudge holder.
  12. DaisyDeeciple


    Frost is doing a great job, I think he has been watching vision of Lever. I would give him the job on Buddy and as a smokey move Tmac if Buddy finds some sort of form against us, We actually have the tools to keep buddy quiet. I like the comment about the bar being set high in the 1st QTR, when you see that you just want to watch more and more of it. Garlett doing defensive efforts in the back line was a pleasure to see, he's looking interested, this is huge news for us, I always say a little prayer that mentally he is 'on' before a game. Oliver - woo hoo, this resting forward thing works well. Harmes - cut from the same cloth as ANB, just keeps working to make himself better, has found some good endurance. Hogan is still looking proppy, I am concerned, his heart and head are ok but I wasn't sure this was a game he needed to play. I gave him votes, I did love that even with an injury he still puts his arms out for marks, he's putting his body on the line. ANB I know I'm a booster, but this bloke never stops trying to get better. Tyson played a little more outside and was cleaner with his disposal, he is best 22 for mine. Can anyone tell me how far the Gawn barrel went? From the broadcast it looked like Gawn kicked it 75 m to Tmac chest (would have been 3 brownlow points to Gawn if Tmac had kicked the goal) Tmac, seemed to not have any luck today. Could prattle on about all the other players, everyone showed what they can do at their best, keen to see the next three weeks and who does the same stuff under adversity. I thought Dew played the Suns to learn rather than to stem the scoring. I thought they were positive, they still have some good players, rumours of their demise are exaggerated - yes the experiment is in trouble, but a few things change and I could see them improving, I thought Dew being bold enough to do press shows he is not a nervous sort and just the guy for the job. Witts played his heart out, good on him. I still think with our new whole of team defensive mindset we are a huge threat for the finals, our scoring will continue to mean we start games with the initiative, we are just devastating offensively. Personally I feel we are a even money chance to win the next 3 games, with the Giants run of injuries today and West Coast in trouble as well, I would say we are favourites for Syd/GWS and even money for Perth (barring anymore injuries of our own. Against Syd I think we will win by at least 6 goals. JKH Vince and vdB not currently in my best 22, seriously want to know which Hunt will come back, he plays his best footy it is Houli like and would really complement - Viney and Hibberd the obvious two to come back for finals.
  13. DaisyDeeciple

    Go and get Gaff!

    I get your point, yes he would offer something to the Suns, but after dealing with 2007-2015 why on earth would you put yourself through that again? for sure he will go out on a high with us.
  14. DaisyDeeciple

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 20

    6 Oliver 5 Brayshaw 4 Salem 3 Hogan - not for his goals, all the other stuff, I still think he's injured and should have rested this game. 2 Frost 1 Harmes Frost in the 1st qtr was huge, wasn't much of a game after that - jeez his run is a weapon.
  15. DaisyDeeciple

    Go and get Gaff!

    Yeah while Bugg needed the stint, I didn't love some of the commentary he got from the club.