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  1. DaisyDeeciple

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Are we a chance with this one Jesse trade thread to match all the Jack Watts threads in total, time for some research...
  2. DaisyDeeciple

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    You could come and work with me in the UN.
  3. Am not against this, but why when clubs are all over themselves about ruckmen, is North letting him go, North has more cash to spare and Goldstein is up to his last season or two, haven't seen a answer to this anywhere but somethings sounds NQR, did he fall out with the coach or what? If it's fitness, why is North not backing themselves to fix his tank. @La Dee-vina Comedia makes a good point but it seems a big gamble to be recruiting based on rule change speculation. Anyway there is still a piece of the puzzle missing for me, and when something looks too good to be true... But as always, the FD recruiting, led by Taylor and Viney have proved they are worth the trust, I'm just curious about the back story I guess. Just quietly I wouldn't mind Stefan Martin coming back either.
  4. DaisyDeeciple

    2018 Player Reviews: # 14 Michael Hibberd

    Where are the height/weight data from? 90kg seems a tad heavy for him, wouldn't have him at more than 86? Fwiw ie not much.
  5. DaisyDeeciple

    2018 Player Reviews: # 17 Sam Frost

    I agree with the positives noted by others, but wanted to add that he is a smiling assassin in the Bernie mould. He really likes to make a tackle hurt and has some serious but very well controlled aggression. I really think it would be a huge mistake to trade him.
  6. DaisyDeeciple

    Go and get Gaff!

    this is what i thought, must be close
  7. DaisyDeeciple

    Go and get Gaff!

    So if a club has to pay to the cap, what does North do with all the cash? Secret Santa with the current list? They have been putting aside dollars for years now, how do they spend it?
  8. DaisyDeeciple

    2018 Player Reviews: # 24 Jay Kennedy Harris

    He actually showed more at the end of this year than seen previously, the fact that he got games from a coach that does not seem to play favourites suggests the penny has dropped and he is doing what he is asked (although I don't think anyone has accused him of an attitude). I do see him as depth though and not best 22.
  9. DaisyDeeciple

    2018 Player Reviews: # 30 Alex Neal-Bullen

    Watched the Geelong Elimination Final win again last night, he was huge. Lays a very good tackle consistently as well.
  10. DaisyDeeciple

    The Kade Kolodjashnij Thread

    He's worth 34, not including double/triple letter values, and the bonus for all the tiles. I really think anyone we recruit I can trust the FD to make sure the 'not soft' function is installed. Certainly of the Suns that have left they all seem to go ok. K.hunt, what a bone-headed move that was, 3 million for a party drug culture. Funnily enough I'm more worried about May working out than KK if we got both.
  11. Was anyone else frustrated watching Collingwood kick to Mason Cox during the prelim? I was frustrated the whole time, 'why don't they kick it like that to Hogan' with a few expletives thrown in.
  12. The web stream keeps freezing - anyone else having dramas?
  13. @Whispering_Jack you bombing proceedings with the Demonland player of the year???
  14. DaisyDeeciple

    Jayden Hunt

    OK, obviously didn't explain myself enough for the @Ethan Tremblay & co, never said he was Gaff. just that he could do some of the things that we would like him to do. Gaff> Hunt by the length of Flemington, but what we are looking for is outside run and I think Hunt has shown enough potential to fulfill that role obviously he does not have Gaff's skill set or he would command Gaff's salary and not be stuck in the VFL. Everyone is keen to go early and definitively write off every player, I think people are going way to early on Hunt, the kid is a late bloomer, that is obvious from reading about how much he grew after school (~18yo). I for one am happy to see how preseason goes, that run is just too exciting to ignore if he can marry it up to a nice flat 25-30m kick