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  1. DaisyDeeciple

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Heh, I was amazed to find common interests beyond the Dees too.
  2. DaisyDeeciple

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    It's probably confidential, but have always wanted to know the PB times of player for running and some of their weight records, curiosity has killed me over the years. Even a couple of 2km times would be much appreciated please. Do they crack 5m30sec? Under 6? I am flat out busting 20m for 5km, currently blown out to 22m for the distance. Always interested in what I could do in my salad days versus the players. PM the times if you don't want them spread around.
  3. DaisyDeeciple

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    I once thought that too, the name is a coincidence, they companies were not connected. Correction a British engineer bought the rights to the name and motor design but afterwards was always a english company.
  4. DaisyDeeciple

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Yes it had the Jag 5.3lt 300hp engine, was released as the double six, Daimler was a UK company bought by Jag in 1960. Basically aXJ stretch saloon.
  5. DaisyDeeciple

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Super happy about the sponsor. My dad had the W12 saloon with fabric roof (Daimler), I still remember going to Snowy Mountains for a summer holiday with a little 3 cyl Suzuki 4WD, a Honda moto bike on the trailer, and my 2 brothers plus camping gear blasting along at 140km/h listening to Neil Diamond and Willie Nelson on the cassette player, was epic. My uncle had the E type until the rear axle broke off. I have had a life long love of Jags ever since. Dad had the car until I was 18/19 and I got to drive it, including at speed, you really could see the fuel gauge move.
  6. DaisyDeeciple

    Jack Watts video

    I was happy that the article went with 'Port Adelaide player' and not ex-Melbourne... For me, playing with consenting breasts is one of life's great joys, for everyone one involved, and has very little to do with his ability as a footballer. And as has been said by others, obviously taking the urine. I sometimes feel we are headed for a world of sad, wannabe puritans who can't discern between consent, fun, and actually offensive behaviour, it is Oktoberfest, not a bloody kindergarten. By the way it isn't mutually exclusive to enjoy drinking champagne off a consenting nipple (for instance) and being an ardent feminist. Blowing off steam and getting drunk are risky behaviours (as are other drugs), things do go wrong, and the worst possible result is death, but the likelihood of that is still low enough (as proved by all os us on here surviving our teenage years) to be acceptable and tremendously sad for those that don't. But living in a world where all risk is redacted and sanitized, no thanks, we will just be killing ourselves more slowly as a spinless species of semi bright apes.
  7. DaisyDeeciple

    Weids ready to grab opportunity with both hands

    Interesting the spread is from $5 to $251 on these players.For sure Weid at 251 plus is a reasonable bet. I would have thought 50:1 would have been the right price considering the mids we have. Sorry about the cut and paste on phone format was terrible. Joshua Kennedy (WCE)5.00 Lance Franklin5.0 Ben Brown 8.00 Tom J. Lynch (Rich) 9.00 Tom McDonald 10.00 Joe Daniher 12.00 Jack Riewoldt 15.00 Tom Hawkins 15.00 Jesse Hogan 18.00 Jack Darling 21.00 Jeremy Cameron 21.00 Jordan De Goey 21.00 Jack Gunston 34.00 Taylor Walker 34.00 Charlie Curnow 41.00 Charlie Dixon 41.00 Luke Breust 41.00 Eddie Betts 51.00 Eric Hipwood 51.00 Josh Jenkins 51.00 Robbie Gray 51.00 Mitch McGovern 67.00 Toby Greene 67.00 Dustin Martin 81.00 Mason Cox 81.00 Patrick Dangerfield 81.00 Daniel Menzel 101.00 Harrison Himmelberg 101.00 Jack Ziebell 101.00 Jake Stringer 101.00 Jamie Elliott 101.00 Josh Caddy101.00 Tim Membrey101.00 Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti151.00 Jade Gresham151.00 Jamie Cripps151.00 Jarryd Roughead151.00 Paddy Ryder151.00 Willie Rioli151.00 Jaidyn Stephenson251.00 Josh Thomas251.00Mark Lecras mark lecrae 251.00 Will Hayward 251.00 Will Hoskin-Elliott 251.00
  8. DaisyDeeciple

    Weids ready to grab opportunity with both hands

    He seems a bit sharper between the ears than Hawkins who comes across as a slightly beautiful but quite stupid golden retriever. The nose/height is Pavlich, for style there is something Salmonish about him I reckon, even if not as tall. Jeez I'm bullish about our chances in preseason
  9. DaisyDeeciple

    Weids ready to grab opportunity with both hands

    If he has a 40 goal year, Collingwood is going to offer him the farm. I wouldn't mind if the club hired a minder to just keep the filth from whispering in his ear. He plays like a FF in a way Hogan struggled with, Hogan to my mind was an awesome 100kg FF who played like a goal sneak, we were always hoping he'd time his pack marks better and kick straight from 40 but it never really happened. Weids really has all the tricks to go far, and I think will end up stronger than Kennedy.
  10. DaisyDeeciple

    Demon expats

    Thanks I will and it's not, but the scuba diving is 1st class in DJB, swimming with whale sharks next week. Reason for going is my partner got a (good) job there. It is 50 to 55 deg in summer Jul/Aug/Sep, utterly miserable, but she is the love of my life and mother to our kid so what to do. Security wise it is safe in Djibouti so no stress there. I also bought 200kg + of italian produce ( kilos of walnuts and pine nuts and pasta etc) so I can make pizzas and bread etc which are hard to find. The cheese will require some more logistical expertise but that is in my lane as well. As for Yemen it is close to her and has good FIFO ratio, and well my life insurance is huge... and we will build a bunker at the port like you wouldn't believe for when those Saudi S.O.B. are bombing everything. Upside to Yemen is the Houthi hate ISIS and they have all been potted, so hopefully no orange is the new black style jump suit for moi. But yes sad to be leaving Rome. PS she did organize an awesome TV and internet connection for home so watching footy will still happen.
  11. DaisyDeeciple

    Demon expats

    This is seriously good info, I always bought a club family membership, I wonder if I can get a pass being overseas?, the membership has always been more of a donation than used. Because paying for watch afl on top of the membership is expensive. FWIW Rome Italy the last 4 years- hugely enjoyable place to live, places to watch afl as well. Moving to the ar$e of the earth, Djibouti, this month to follow wife's job, I will probably end up working in Hoediadah, Yemen, on a 4 week rotation, so big changes, A big fear will be slow internet. 2 years and hopefully our last crappy gig and back to Europe.
  12. DaisyDeeciple

    Laughing at the Pies.....

    I wonder if I could get away with posting the 1st vic on the pies site, how long do you reckon it would last???
  13. DaisyDeeciple

    Dream Forward Line

    HF: Lyon Schwartz Davey F Farmer Fanning Jakovich IC: Neitz Premise is based on their best efforts. Love Jurrah but Davey invented/took Fwd 50 pressure to a new level. And I love Neitz but Fanning as a big game performer would be the starter.
  14. DaisyDeeciple

    Gaming - we are out!

    @Smokey it slipped my mind, that irony doesnt work on forums (secret handshake)
  15. DaisyDeeciple

    Tom McDonald Presser (14/12)

    McDonald good name for a captain. Super impressive interview, wouldn't mind if he was made captain, probably sense in it being a midfielder though. Jones, Viney, McDonald, Gawn we are not short of leaders.