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  1. DaisyDeeciple

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    About to take off to GVA from Rome and miss the last quarter, am saying it now 4 goal win. Will be super stressed until i land. From what i can see we are gut running and gang tackling attitude is right, i think we'll wear out Port.
  2. DaisyDeeciple

    Bob on fox footy

    I find Bob like a TV version of Martin Flanagan. Felt like he is exploring the role of interviewer will get better and Nick taking the pi$$ out of him was funny on 360. However I really enjoy his endeavour in trying to find a different perspective, there is so much crap from people like Purple and Hutchinson and Footy show types that this is a much needed breath of fresh air. The Nat Fyfe outtake for next week makes me think the interview will be a ripper. The tea thing felt a bit contrived For me he gets a bit tick for his idolization of Flowers as 'the patron saint of skinny players'. Anyone with that love for Robbie, well that is a pretty fair start.
  3. DaisyDeeciple

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    I am thoroughly in favour of the site: a, i would be shameless in promoting the indigenous links afl has to the local community and put our players men and women at the front of it. this use is consistent with what the area was and has been used for ever. b, mention that you are converting a car park to an oval c, emphasize how often the oval will be available to the public. versus it's use as a carpark. d, incorporate a water conservation strategy into the proposal, also maybe a zero emmission strategy - how Melbourne is looking to reduce its energy footprint, linkbit to preserving the snow at Buller... but seriously a little effort in that regard to try and bring the greens into the conversation rather than treating them as the enemy. that way if they take a mindless nimby approach they can be called out for it. e, be smart about lighting, come up with a plan that doesn't pi$$ off the neighbours f, pedestrian access, focus on access to site that doesn't pi$$ off the neighbours, so they dont get scared by demonlanders loitering doing training reports. g, offer the neighbours on the closest street the use of the gym and some game tickets etc even get Hunt carry the old biddy's shopping home. h, speak to local councils about youth unemployment, see if something can incorporate some training for local youth on landscaping and other activities associated with developing the site. Really want this project-if enough community consultation is done we can get over the nimby factor
  4. DaisyDeeciple

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    We play like we did this year and I'm on board with that. Darwin however is a seriously tough climate for elite sport, as a one off you can do it, but don't expect to feel chipper for a few days after. @don't make me angryI wonder if the sports scientists could explain further, when I've been in the tropics, playing beach ultimate tournaments, regardless of what the BoM details are, I find it much more draining, Like some sort of lethargy creeps in.
  5. DaisyDeeciple

    Home ground disadvantage

    i am not impressed by our wet weather skills, Blues an exception. I think that had more to do with how we go at the G
  6. DaisyDeeciple

    Islam in the West

    So have I, did you even read the thread? I've listed where i have been, for 23 years now in harms way (ok Rome has been cushy last couple of years, but I travel a fair bit). I actually feel a bit sorry for you, seeing anyone killed and not being able to do anything must gnaw at you. I can understand with a first hand experience like that you might be damaged. All i am arguing against is this one size fits all approach to islam, it's moronic, we have no argument about the extremists, I want them extinct. But I cannot reconcile all the muslims I know who are good faithful people by any western definition as being the same as nut jobs who commit atrocities like your description.
  7. DaisyDeeciple

    Islam in the West

    Yep end of Ramadan, we get a holiday (-; , am enjoying today with a lovely glass of wine.
  8. DaisyDeeciple

    Islam in the West

    read the thread muppet, a truck load more than you. I live in Rome because it's the HQ of my organization and i am very glad to say your tax dollars pay my salary, thanks biffen (assuming you earn enough to pay tax).
  9. DaisyDeeciple

    Islam in the West

    Nothing civil about his discourse, lazy and without personal insight, on a par with children calling names. @ProDee @ethan @biffen @faulty there are as many deaths committed by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_terrorism And as many insults as you throw I know three things, you are scared, and thats ok, not everyone gets to be brave, tolerance does not equal leftist (makes me chuckle at a silly attempt to put us in a box, being a racist has nothing to do with politics) and lastly FFS you have no idea about Islam except for what the internet tells you, let me know where you live so I can sponsor some refugees to live near you or contribute to a mosque (I'll donate a $100 in your name) you can learn something. Radical Islam (Salafist etc) doesn't scare me because our western, pluralist culture is stronger, our women contribute to society in a meaningful way, they just can't compete, economically or socially we are going to steamroll them into history. Get worried about something serious like Trump screwing with free trade, China, global warming, etc, because that will stuff your childrens's future not some dersh militia.
  10. DaisyDeeciple

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    gracious 👏
  11. DaisyDeeciple

    Ed Langdon

    how many more times can we burn Freo?, Colin Sylvia didn't set the house on fire over there. I reckon Ross would be a bit suspect. Most of our offloads recently haven't had a dramatic turnaround. Those that we lost unwillingly are a different story...
  12. DaisyDeeciple

    Alex Rance

    He is a dog of a player, without doubt good decision making, his ability to read play and leave his man annoys the bejeezus out of me because it's good. But I am confounded by the love he gets from the media for all his dog acts. Even when Viney squared up to him he took a dive, right after being a dog. On 360 Lewis looked like he was biting his tongue, Jack has to back his team mate but Lewis was not into that segment. @Wells 11 Prance (love it) = Prancer https://gifer.com/oTF
  13. DaisyDeeciple

    Wines Unsure of Contract

    they are GOAT contenders for sure, but our two i disagree about being a long way off, viney just as hard and making himself better by dedication just like Voss. 2019 barring curses etc, they will be very close. Notwithstanding the drugs that pair together were incredible, I don't count his injuries against him, was more a conversation about the peak that they reached. Judd's decision making combined with speed, were phenomenal. I used to be so dirty he didnt come to Melbourne but looking back at that period of the club you have to say he was right.
  14. DaisyDeeciple

    Wines Unsure of Contract

    Not this year, but soon, Oliver and Viney would walk into that Lions/eagles midfield. Gawn is better. Brayshaw 2018 has something. Just out of interest i reckon Judd/Cousins>>Voss/Black what do you think? I would have Oliver/Viney close to par with the Brisbane pair.
  15. DaisyDeeciple

    Tom McDonald Re-Signs for 4 Years

    This is a serious win to get it done so quickly, creates a vibe, not that I ever thought he was going. We would have to be top 4 for destination clubs (Sydney/Geelong/Richmond) if you removed the go home/state factor and just focused on culture/prospects of team success. Adelaide people jump ship pretty regularly, WCE doesn't seem to do particularly well nor Collingwood. Hawthorn has been the benchmark for awhile but their stock price has slipped i reckon.