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  1. If (When) we beat Port Adelaide i will.....

    So I saw the Oils at the Olympia in Paris, they played everything I wanted to hear, pretty fit bunch of 60 somethings. (It was funny the age of the crowd - plenty of receding hairline or no hair and glasses ;-) ) and had a pretty stella time for the rest of the stay all though I must say it is a 4 qtr effort keeping up with the French.
  2. Rance the Stager

    my thought too, although I reckon Jetta could handle Tony Atm. Personally would like to see Viney clean him up in the Prelim... But no report thanks
  3. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    another poster touched on this but I think you might have something. I really felt JT is a safe pair of hands to relieve pressure as well.
  4. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Just asking but does anyone think we managed the trip to Darwin, while not tanking, but being a little bit conservative with an eye towards the bigger picture, i.e. September? I thought the difference in the week was amazing as was the efforts, and I don't think we are flukey any more, just good.
  5. If (When) we beat Port Adelaide i will.....

    So the new French Demons(paid up member) fan has promised not much sleep...
  6. If (When) we beat Port Adelaide i will.....

    So I arrive in Paris on Sunday, (going to watch the Midnight Oil show-super excited to see the last last tour) will watch the replay with a very new Melbourne member.
  7. Round 18 Non MFC Matches

    is there a link, most of this year I haven't got worked up about the MRP but since Oliver I am totally over it as a even handed process because the precedents are so inconsistent and media driven.
  8. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    Very happy with this, I admit I'm a tragic, and spew every time someone calls footy a business, but 3 jacks in your hand, is a strong hand!
  9. Jayden Hunt - Goal of the Year?

    Your nice, I just gave my brothers details
  10. Nat Jones

    you get the like for the 'full Chomsky' reference.
  11. Jayden Hunt - Goal of the Year?

    ^^^^ and email and i couldn't submit without agreeing to receiving spam
  12. Jayden Hunt - Goal of the Year?

    so to vote for goal of the year you get spam for ever from Woolworths and the AFL gets to manage your Google contacts... bugger off
  13. Round 17 Non MFC matches

    I can assure you, the bottom of the barrel gets cleaned here as well sometimes.
  14. Christian Petracca - Under The Radar

    Trac reminds me of the truck ramming the armoured car in the opening heist sequence of the movie HEAT, huge devastating impact. Every time he runs into a contest.