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  1. Jack Watts (again)

    Personally i would have liked to have played him. But i think the way he has played since coming back hes not in front of pedo weed or mcdonald (according to the coaches, i would have preferred weed in the 2s as i think he and mcdonald are too similar)as a kpp and isnt offering as much as a hannon harmes combo compared to watts hannon. With such an important game i cant see the coaches dropping him to teach him lesson. It would be about team performance. So its taken a while but what I'm trying to get at is watts might offer more then hannan one v one but he has to be good enough for the difference in hannan v harmes if hannan moves i to harmes posi
  2. When we have had certain setups it has worked well. Petraccas intensity and penetrating kick to the disadvantage of the extra 2 or sometimes 3 backman has worked well. Garlett and hunts speed and ive seen frost but not as effective work well. Anb has improved but still misses that simple handball give to another streaming player. But the other one that gets unnoticed is when jones or lewis are the outlet and no good option forward they use our extras at the contest. Vince and hibberd seem to just hack snap it forward with no depth. Or try more than they are capable of.
  3. Jack Watts (again)

    I just think the coaches think they can get more out of the selected forward structure than the one with watts. But as i detailed above a slight improvement from jack either pushes someone out down the line like a harmes or if his aeriel competitiveness improves he could push out the lesser performed of pur 2 secondary talls weed or pedo. I think it would be weed because i think mcdonald plays better as the closest to goal forward and i think weed plays best there too but mcdonald plays it better at the moment. *edit also it should be mentioned jack plays better when things a forced onto him. His rucking. His aeriel play when he was forced to be one of the main targets with hogan last year. Maybe with the extra talls hes lost his role and isnt competing as the second forward in his head.
  4. Jack Watts (again)

    Watts is an important part of our team, when in form, he seems to be regaining some touch but what he seems to have lost is the appetite for the contest, mainly aeriel; which will never be a strength of his but he had worked on and improved since early last year (ruck work seemed to have helped with this which he was back up in vfl today). But with brayshaw and hannan coming back in it gives goodwin a chance to have hannan forward more and release petracca to his more damaging forward flank. Atleast i hope brayshaw takes midfield minutes and isnt played out of position. I think Hannan and petracca have watts' spot this week, but a slip up from pedo might see him back in the vfl. Mcdonald weed pedo in the same forward line could cause easy rebounds. I would perfer 2 talls mcdonald and best performed of pedo weedeman. If watts gets his aeriel contest work back then he could replace weed or pedo but until then hes competeing with lead up mobile flankers like hannan and trac *edit also if watts regains form it wouldnt be direct swap for hannan, i think he would push hannan into a more mid rotating role and push someone like harmes out. While i love harmes commitment and contest, his skills let him down
  5. Clarence Oliver

    Imagine hunt with his speed silly courage and the space, skills and game sense of flower.
  6. Sam Weideman re-signs

    He's not fast, he's not holding his contested marks yet but showed he has a clean pair of hands when not getting pushed around by bigger bodies. He's crashed a few packs and created the loose ball and when watching him he seems to have courage in the air. He has missed a couple of sitters but seems to have a nice kick. In some games weideman has been clean below his knees and other times has fumbled. Admittedly these observations have only been from his afl games, and a couple of televised vfl appearances. (Although that one half where he kicked 5 looked like he was playing above his experience) Probably where you would expect a tall forward to be at, even maybe a fraction behind but that could be blamed on quality of ball coming into the 50 at vfl level, strong winds and inferior grounds. In his draft year i was hoping for oliver and either weideman or curnow. Looking at the way Curnow moves accross the ground compared to weideman you could tell Curnow was the more mobile and the one that would have a sooner impact. But Curnow seems to be flying at the moment which i think is making some of us worry about Curnow vs Weideman and this is caused from past draft failures where it really hurt us. (Toumpas v wines, not interviewing martin, morton v everyone and if i recall blease or strauss before shuey ) But this time even if Curnow ends up better than sam, it wont hurt as much because in time he will still reach the status of reliable afl quality forward.
  7. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    That was petracca

    Id like to see tmac out of the square hogan chf. Carlton have a big defence
  9. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    Nice job poita. Good luck everyone.
  10. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    Im happy to adapt to any on field line up. A couple of the settings. Player lock out should be first game sat or first game of round. And player positions updated throughout the year
  11. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    Yeah from memory i did pay for the upgrade, how much was it?
  12. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    I liked last years scoring too. Seemed even and defenders were worth as much as midfielders with the spoils catergory. I changed my name back to Scarlett to make it easier.
  13. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    Yeah that would be great poita. Omr is correct I am currently away at the moment and pretty busy at this time of year but if you need a hand just yell out. Demon king I'll add you to the list Krazy jaeger its a draft based fantasy game where you score points by winning categories such as marks goals handballs and kicks. You vs an opponent each week with highest points winning.
  14. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    Spaces are open if anyone wants to join, anyone that was in last year has until the end of feb to nominate again this year other wise you will lose your spot if other people join before you.
  15. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    The list so far Omr Goodvibes Poita Demon mil (melissa) JCB Galahs Demon king v2 Myself
  16. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    Melissa and i are in again. Last season was good. Not great because i didnt win, but still good.
  17. Thought I'd start a thread and see who was interested in going around again in 2016, also set the rules for year and if we were to have keepers again?
  18. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Harmes disposal is terrible. Needs to go back and work on it and he will be a very handy player
  19. Selection Failures

    Stuie you posts recently have mostly been spot on, I was at the game and noticed Garlett putting in effort but things just not coming off for him, and his reading of the play seemed off. As for the Hogan comment I'm glad I wasn't the only one, seeing him jog around the forward 50 and watch hawks defenders just run past him was so frustrating. He needs to lift his defensive efforts big time, when he does I bet he will become the player he could be.

    Campbell Brown in his jumper presentation apparently bagged Melbourne and said something along the lines of saying we were soft and always have been. Must have forgot the coach played for us along with 3 of his assistance Neita, Bruce and Yze.
  21. GAMEDAY - Round 11

    heading today, sitting in the olympic stand row c, whats the weather like, i think we'll be packing raincoats
  22. GAMEDAY - Round 10

    Kent has to kick on his right, first time I've seen that. Don't want to see it again. on the full
  23. GAMEDAY - Round 10

    if we kicked what we normally would, we would have won this
  24. GAMEDAY - Round 10

    why don't they pay throws anymore? wines just swiped it up off the ground and scooped it out, the umpire was 20m away
  25. GAMEDAY - Round 10

    that was a terrible effort by garland on the boundary that lead straight to a power goal