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  1. scarlett

    Demon Brownlow Invitees

    Without looking at any predictors or form guides im tipping j.hogan 3 votes to jump out of the blocks early followed by c. Oliver 2 votes then when the media were all over the aa ruckman the umpires will realize they shouldn't be handing out votes because they struggle with the job they have and have no clue how to judge footballers and just vote for the midfielder they see get the ball most so will jump on the media hype and the leader board will finish m.gawn 3 votes c.oliver 2 votes with razor fan boying over a.brayshaw 1 vote after the low five. T.Mac will be referred to as Tomald once more by a channel 7 former player battling early onset dementia caused by concussions (was it bt or frawley? If anyone is affected or family member affected by this terrible disease please dont take offence or personally, it is intended as light hearted) Fooling all channel 7 big wigs he is popular and deserves more air time and we will return to calling him Tomald and he will probably pip j.hogan for 4th with hogans strong start holding onto 5th.
  2. scarlett

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    Hunt has a battle on his hands, he lost his burst and speed this year, the injuries must have been affecting him but with out his closing speed defending his weaknesses showed up and on the counter he was just as bad as smith with disposal and his go to was bomb down as far as he could, most of the time to a group of opposition defenders. He needs to get his body right and work on these. He has time to improve and will be a weapon if he does.
  3. scarlett

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    Tyson is a better footballer and more influential than our bottom six. Its just he isnt in the top few for his position which means he's playing a different role. Now he's spot in the 22 is under threat because other players might be more skilled for that role. If he drops out this week and we lose he might ask for a trade, if we win through and he isn't in the gf 22, it would be pretty hard to take being a player of doms quality.
  4. scarlett

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    Tyson is a average mid, played in his preferred position, injury free and consistent games hes an above average inside mid. He's not a bull like viney oliver and brayshaw, he's an extractor who scans for the best option and hits it most of the time. This can cause him to get caught some times or dispose under pressure. If he were playing inside he wouldnt be in our bottom 5, but others have pushed him to the wing where despite not being suited and never playing that role he still manages to be serviceable. Unfortunately for Dom, if we have smith in it pushes fritsch from defence back up to the wing. Fritsch's value to the team has been greatest on the wing. So smith defensively upgrade on fritsch. Fritsch up grade on tyson. Fritsch could go forward in hannan or spargos spot but its not as much gained across the field.
  5. scarlett

    Oliver doesn't care if you don't like him

    He didnt dive, he just didnt try and not fall over. Umpires warned a few hawks and oliver himself for retaliating. They had been targeting him and umpires were watching for the next one to put a stop to it. He went down easy but most players have gone down easier in their career, its just people will grade him harder since the west coast incident. He might not care what people think but he should be making sure he does nothing to get the media whirl wind going again. Because the umpires are easily influenced and if he's got the rep of a flopper, they'll let that influence decisions.
  6. scarlett

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Ahh wow thats amazing! Again thankyou guys so much it really made it a great day having us all with him, at the end of the game his eyes went watery when he was saying thanks for everyone coming but if you asked him it was dust. And his eyes still wouldn't be like that, there was probably dust in our eyes and it made it look like that. If there's something i can do for you two or something i can get you to say thankyou it still wouldnt be enough. I tell you what, next year ill guarentee a premiership (confidence) attendance and let you two fight it out for the honor. But i cant reward violence so ill think of something else... Thank your brother for me if he misses this.
  7. scarlett

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    Who has Tomald when Mcgovern goes forward? Last time when Mcgovern was in defence melksham played as a defensive forward on him. A defensive forward that ripped them apart offensively. Smith seemed to be finding the time to dispose better before his injury but i wouldn't expect him to find that time first game back in a prelim. If he's serviceable by foot takes the easier option then the gain would be defensively Smith over Fritsch who is ok but gain more from him on a wing and you dont lose his disposal you just move it to where he gets more chances to use it. So that would be tyson an unlucky out, who has improved his disposal but is not a natural wing and is doing well with a role that doesnt suit. The other choices i think would be spargo who was good last week and even his quiet games he still has good important moments. Or Hannan who can either bag 3 or 4 or only get 1 or and with his low possessions is vulnerable. But remember his last game in perth? Got us firing early. Fritsch would have to go forward who is better than spargo/hannan but not as good as his good games on the wing. so the team gain wouldnt be as great as it is for unlucky tyson.
  8. scarlett

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Hey guys i know everyones after a barcode for the gf, i didnt get the grand final guarantee instead bought my daughter a membership too. But i can live with that, that was my choice, i'm hoping that i can get my dad there, he had been a member for decades, priority 1, and only missed the 2000 finals series with his first bout of cancer (I know timing). He got struck down again last year for a third time and it didnt look good, they even gave him a month time line, but the tough son of [censored] is still here, numerous times i invited him to some games this year but he always had an excuse, or said it was to bigger day, it wasn't until our first final that the proud sod told me he couldn't afford his membership this year and after burying mum he just gave up a bit i think. Fellow demonlanders @ding got him there vs the cats which was just amazing and @faultydet also lent me his and our whole family got to go and enjoy it with him. Thankyou guys so much, thats a memory that will stick with us forever. He wouldn't accept a ticket last week because we all couldn't go, but a grand finals a bit different I would love to go with him, but from where I'm sitting i just need to get him there. If i knew he didn't have the money or wasn't buying his membership i would have pulled money together and bought it for him. We didnt even know he was struggling financially, he only expected to last a couple if months and set up his funeral costs and paid off what he could on his property which he wanted kept until the grand kids were 25 to give them something to build from. If anyone has one I'm more then happy to pay the grand final guarantee amount, hell even if you want me to pay a bit extra its worth it. it would feel like i could make up for not picking up what was actually happening and sorting it out at the start of the year. Thanks for taking the time, I'm not usually one for airing personal things on the internet so thankyou to the two posters i mentioned and if anyone isn't using one please keep me in mind. Ill be doing everything i can to get him there.
  9. scarlett

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    So adding a tall defender for a tall forward line isn't a need? Lycett and Vardy will rotate through ruck and forward and will be too tall for hibberd, but might enjoy the freedom running off but the net gain wouldnt be worth it. Nev would make a mockery of needing tall defenders and embarrass the afl and we'll get a fine for bringing the game into disrepute when he continually beats two ruck forwards. Leaves lewis or salem. Who ever we play (including smith) will get massacred one on one, so we need smith in for his intercepting. Between hibberd, smith frost(who is ahead of o'mac for quality intercepts meow) and o'mac hopefully we can limit the influence of the 3rd big tall. Im thinking back trying to remember the last big forward line, it would be adelaide playing 3 talls, and vince took lynch and i think vince on vardy would as good as lewis on vardy.
  10. scarlett

    Dees shutdown star eyes biggest scalp yet.

    Or Harmes can stop him and hurt him the other way. Viney to mitchell same as ablett, not so much a hard tag just beat him. shiel is the one that got off the leash last time with the focus going to mitchell. Matchup for bruest? Could see smith being an in this week if anyone pulls up sore or us extremely unlucky.
  11. scarlett

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    When lining up to get into the G, Roosy walked through to a massive cheer from everyone, he couldnt help himself he stopped and took it all in with a bit of a smirk on his face.
  12. scarlett

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    Just got to melb, grab something to eat, what time would be safe to get to the game and get in with a bit of time to spare? Is there any pre game stuff?
  13. scarlett

    Training - Tuesday 4th September, 2018

    Viney for kent, are you assuming viney spends more time forward? Bringing in two a inside mid for a forward(jkh is more forward than viney) I think he and oliver will rotate through there a bit more if these are the selections for team balance. Viney would be good on touhy. JKH plays that midfield forward role so hannan would be an upgrade for a chance at more goals. Where i think the out of the blue selection may be is hannan for kent Viney for tyson, forget the forward roll mid for mid, keeping the balance. Smith for JKH smith to play as a defensive forward on stewart or Taylor or who ever is floating around killing our forward entries. Gives the flexibility to throw him back and swap fritsch as well. And hogans not playing so he can't get in his way.
  14. scarlett

    Opposition Watch: Elimination Final

    I never liked bartel as a player, probably because of all the smashings, my partner goes for hawthorn so she naturally hated him, but even she said he's best special comments, actual insight into why a team is dominating or what it needs to do to get back into it. Instead of the usual "they need the next goal" or "they need to be harder at the ball". And for all the 300 game and star power chanel 7 employ in these positions Daisy's a close second, she often comes up with a bit more inside knowledge on why a teams setting up the way it is.
  15. scarlett

    Changes v Geelong - Elimination Final

    They nay look at playing viney forward on touhy. He's very damaging if he gets to kick it and might hear footsteps when their viney's. Then swap with oliver, they weren't working perfectly together when viney was in earlier in the year. Also if tyson plays it keeps the midfield closer to what they are used to. Joel Smith could be a handy in, his defensive speed and height is very underrated by many here, and in his last game started to sort his disposal out. But he definitely saved more goals than he cost