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  1. scarlett

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    Same reason hawks play in tassy.
  2. scarlett

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    I've never said its an advantage. I just doubt it's the cause of our previous years fade outs. Or our injuries since then. If we are going to play it I would like it before the bye, we seem to be getting used to playing in darwin and it could become quite an advantage that round. Edit. Sorry I'll be a bit clearer i contradicted myself a bit there. I would be more confident facing sydney with no experience in darwin than the home game at the mcg. When its a lower placed interstate team not so much.
  3. scarlett

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    So our opponents have to deal with it and recieve no compensation. Freo played alright against port last week. And teams havent fallen away in previous seasons like we have.
  4. scarlett

    Darwin game to be dumped?

    Without doing any fact checking myself, what about the teams we play in darwin. Do they get any financial benefit from playing us there and how have they followed up the following weeks. Havent freo played well since darwin?
  5. scarlett

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Morris jusr chops arms. Direct goal to dogs
  6. scarlett

    Training - Wednesday 11th July, 2018

    I seem to recall vanders weakness was his disposal? If vanders were to come in i feel it would be spargos spot. Goodwin loves anb's running so i can't see him being dropped before spargo. An option might be to push salem back permanently into lewis's position and Petracca and vanders swap between forward and midfield. I dont think that will happen this year though, for all of lewis's brain fades he is still a bigger positive to the team than not. If Vanders can return to form and stay fit, kent and hunt do the same we finally have pace to select.
  7. scarlett

    Essendon VFL v Casey Demons - VFL Round 13

    Pederson is no defender. That was really disappointing
  8. scarlett

    Round 15 Non MFC Games

    Talking about rules, if you try to break a tackle but fail it should be holding the ball. Why are some players allowed to attempt the don't argue fail and no free given.
  9. scarlett

    Essendon VFL v Casey Demons - VFL Round 13

    Also he hits stoppages at pace. Something we haven't seen from him at afl level. I think he will make it at afl level as a role player.
  10. scarlett

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    While i agree we miss viney and t-mac and believe they will make a difference its the lost generation of players thats hurting us. Vince, Lewis and not so much jones but he shouldn't be relied on for this is what this club is missing. Players that should be in the same experience group as viney, t-mac, gawn and hibberd (jones should be getting pushed out to where vince/lewis are) that are just consistent and know what to do. Our list is badly balanced with lewis and vince not being pushed out because of this. Theres too much for to do for these few and we rely on younger players and role players to do more than their capabilities. Weids help in the ruck was good. Provided more than pedo. I think him and t mac taking turns to spell gawn will work. Hogan is very mobile and t mac can be used as a marking link between the arcs a lot more while still leaving structure forward. Weids tackling and chasing has always been good. Id rather t mac replace harmes than weid. Watts was in that age/experience group but couldnt be relied on. Perhaps salem needs a role change. While hes not the quickest either is gaff but he uses his skills well. We know salem goes in hard but wouldnt we be better off having it shovelled out to him with a fraction of a second more time?
  11. scarlett

    Angus Brayshaw

    He was a big part of our 3rd qtr comeback and started to show some form
  12. scarlett


    We cant fold over here. Leaders need to get everyone up
  13. scarlett


    We'll find it hard from here after a huge effort that qtr. Richmond's fittness will over run us being 1 down on the bench also. Positive qtr from brayshaw there.
  14. scarlett


    2 different set of rules tonight for holding the ball tonight
  15. scarlett


    Wheres levers 50?