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  1. We will make him an offical Victorian.
  2. I thought I was desperate ET but you have left me in your dust.
  3. Agree 100% hardtack. So that will mean none of that happens! well Gawn is in I guess.
  4. You have my vote ET I was just responding to your challenge.
  5. Sorry E T but you led with your chin. JKH will come in for Jones.
  6. Or you live in a town with a lot of bright people!
  7. The view is nice from up here Nasher. I thought we would never see it again!
  8. You have my vote Ernest. I have waited decades to be hated like Hawthorn.
  9. If he does not get a 2018 extension we should storm the barricades
  10. The best problem in over a decade!
  11. Way too much information ding
  12. Please over weight he was still better than the the Weid and will be for the foreseeable future.
  13. If he had been played instead of the Weid against Freo we win that game. No doubt in my mind.
  14. Hardly surprising SD. This ground has been like a grave yard for us for a long time. I did no go today. 50% of the reason was it was at the dome of death. The other 50% was it was my family birthday party today and game time was bad for me. I could not disappoint my grand daughter by not being home for cake and candles etc. IMO opinion it will be a long time before a large number of Dees supporters goes there. Bad memories die hard.
  15. I actually think we play this ground better than the G.