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  1. Thanks dd Probably accounts for why there was no mention of him.
  2. May in the outer might be a good start.
  3. I notice the Weid was selected to play at HB last night From anyone who saw the game, did he play off the back line as he seems to have got no mentions in any of the game reports I have seen?
  4. Thankfully no dc. I did not see the game it was not on 7 so I know that means it was not on!!!!!!
  5. Exactly dc if they suspended by area covered we have a couple of players including our captain who are facing lengthy spells in the outer.
  6. There are a couple on here who make my blood run cold. Angus is facing a serious injury that could end his career and seemingly all they want to do is snipe at other peoples comments. For God sake it is not about you. Get a bloody grip.
  7. Yes makes a nice change!
  8. Don't put the house on it Dr. I smell some favourtism.
  9. Love that last line biff. One of my all time favourites and in this case apt.
  10. Probably got the sulks and from the outside who could blame him.
  11. Sorry but I do not agree IMO you cannot be over the top with concussion injuries (no pun intended)
  12. Yes dc some say I only started with half of one and some days I think they might be right.
  13. Of course the players want to play on they always do. Simply because they did in the past does not make it right. Greg Willaims played on and he has big problems as have a number of others. we need to be way more cautious than in the past.
  14. And no one knows how they will be in 20 years DD. You only get one brain and the so called experts are we know learning on the run with concussion.
  15. Sadly it is starting to look familiar RtG. I hope it is not the case but from what we know now about concussion injuries the end might be near.