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  1. Like you bb I cannot wait for us to be that successful and unsocialable.
  2. That makes two of us bb. To suggest we are a Grand finalist at this point must be the greatest act of lunacy so far in 2017.
  3. My gut feeling is that Demonland would have more traffic than the MFC site.
  4. Most of 12/13 we were not that good Gorgoroth.
  5. Thanks hardtack don't think I need to say anymore.
  6. Yes mono not sure how I could even entertain the thought.
  7. From here it looks like a disaster. $4million to stage hardly a local in sight but that might be good as it barely got above an exhibition match as a spectacle. So what was achieved? Effect on the local? Hmm looks bugger all to me. Getting the AFL game of the weekend televised in China every week would achieve a lot more. If that cost $4 million it might be a better use of the money.
  8. That would go a long way at a number of VFL clubs!
  9. Some interesting fake news about this game. prior to the game AFL says the ground holds 20k+ Vision of the game shows lots of space free of spectators. Day after the AFL says ground sold out and attendance of 10k+ and it was a big success. Hmm is it just me or does something smell here?
  10. Having a foot injury makes it difficult to keep up aerobic fitness. As you say I find it hard to see him playing AFL this year. The worst part is that there does not seem to be improvement or comment on his injury.
  11. I reckon it has been 628 for 10+ . It is looking like 2018 to me
  12. The thing that will take pressure off him is when he starts playing like an AFL level player
  13. It appears Hunt is ok Ernest so you may be correct.
  14. So we cannot discuss how we cope without Jesse this season?
  15. This could go on forever A F however I think our both our cases beauty is in the eye of the beholder.