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  1. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Try as I might mono I can never quite work out which. Fair to say one of them!
  2. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    The new vintage ain't half bad Bbo
  3. 2017 Player Reviews: # 10 Angus Brayshaw

    The majority of that yo yo effect has been injuries. IMO his biggest problem is staying on the park. I am not covinced his body (well head I guess ) can go the distance.
  4. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Miracles happen very very infrequently DC.
  5. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    I really really hope you are taking the -iss!
  6. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Willmoy your persucution complex is showing.
  7. Sounds like Kent dc.
  8. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

  9. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Not my hero. Average player on his best days who cannot kick goals. Depth player IMO.
  10. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Exactly bb.
  11. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    Trouble is when kicking for goal he cannot kit the side of a barn with a cow.
  12. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    I can I am perfect!
  13. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    They will get to it in October.
  14. 2017 Player Reviews: # 8 Heritier Lumumba

    One a century is hardly a great success rate mono.
  15. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    He has wimped it DF. some crap about being too far away and is counting by months. Can you believe it? Sounds like he has the very same problem he is berating the team for. Not enough endeavour. Sad but some struggle to go the distance DF.