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  1. Not much if he was not an MFC player he would be in the development league.
  2. You have my vote tu
  3. Easily the best way to watch football on tv is without sound. No idiot commentary to get agro about.
  4. Throw away the lid LH The time has arrived as a Dees fan to show a little arrogance.
  5. Is it all over for NIck. Watching tonight's game I have seen him get two hand balls.
  6. Both won against good teams Mr Leg. if you are good you win it is that simple blaming Darwin is just an excuse by those who do not want to sell a game.
  7. Perhaps we should play more games up there rpfc!
  8. I am hoping for a tough encounter with numerous injuries / reports and a 1 point win to Sydney.
  9. On that basis I should be firing on all cyclinders tomorrow morning.
  10. Mended the family fracture Bbo so I have few Pinot as well. Not at my best thought have been suffering a heavy cold all week.
  11. Hang in there JN c there are another five great games to come.
  12. I can guarantee you it is not the shinboners drinking it chook.
  13. Have you noticed a distinct lack of lids around Demonland tonight Bbo.