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  1. If we could see the same chart for the doggies, I'd like to see if there was an obvious shift in form after that win they had against Sydney in 2015. I like to believe there is that game than change everything. Sure, the form of your performance is never linear. There will always be ups and downs. But surely and so rarely, some games and wins are worth a whole lot more than the four points.
  2. Its quarter time, we can still win. Hudson is far more tolerable than Russell. Take a deep breathe.
  3. No matter how many times I watch the incidents, I see nothing but good clean strikes to the head/jaw. I can't understand the surprise at these penalties. And people comparing them to the Thompson hit, yeh, that is a load of crap. He got off real light.
  4. So basically what you're saying, is that it is ok to throw a stupid hit off the ball and run the risk of a suspension, just so long as it's your first offence? And I'm the one talking 'trash'?? Lewis is as much of a leader as Vince is. If Vince should've known better last week, then Lewis should've known better today. Repeat offender or not.
  5. Yeh the Vince 'hit' was way worse ey mate... Hogan punched Rowe in the jaw. Lewis hit hardly looks any better. You were very vocal (not for the first time) about the Vince incident last weekend and this is your response? Unbelievable.
  6. Making poor decisions seems to be like a contagious disease at a footy club. From the top down, Carlton is a very sick football club. Ain't it a beautiful thing! #raisehell
  7. Is there the possibility that Vince is being instructed to go out and upset a few opposition players? Even at the risk of an occasional suspension
  8. Players get sucked in by his antics and more often than not, it really does seem to throw them off their game. This time he crossed the line. Didn't look like there was much in it, but sure... Cop the week, it is what it is.
  9. Ain't demonland a lovely place these days
  10. Re Watts and the co-captaincy Only time will tell whether they were good 'coaching' moves or not. Besides, us supporters don't know the full story or what goes on behind closed doors that led Goodwin to make his decisions. whaddaya say we back the guy in at least until his coached a game or two?
  11. That's actually kinda sad. Ive grown a real soft spot for the guy. Limited footballer, but always* has a real crack. Case in point, busting his ass off at training despite the discomfort. Lingering injuries sure is far from ideal at this point in his career. * except that one time
  12. "It must be noted that Melbourne has been rebuilding since 2007 and had a top-five pick in seven consecutive drafts. Meanwhile, St Kilda has been replenishing its list with young talent for five years." Ah yes... I'm glad they included this important slice of information when discussing who is closer to a flag in 2017. It's a stupid argument though. Our list is clearly better and we are clearly, a lot closer to a flag than they are. I just wish we'd stop letting them bend us over. Every. Single. Time.
  13. Woo! That's the spirit!
  14. I for one am excited to see the development of flippers "infectious smile".
  15. Spencer is a lot more to this team than just back-up for Gawn (touch wood). His presence at training and Casey is going to benefit a lot of the younger, developing players.