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  1. You've got me there BB. Though there should be a gentlemens agreement about listing hawthorn premierships on demonland to prove a point.
  2. I hear what you're saying. Gregg Popovic sprung to mind whilst I was writing my post. Of any sport, anywhere in the world, he is arguably the greatest coach of all time. Never one to shy away from giving his 2cents worth in a not so friendly manner. Would Clarkson be even more respected had he of been a little less outspoken over the years? Uhh, probably. But would he have still been as successful?
  3. I'm surprised at the disappointment some have with the club for not speaking out about these decisions. You want respect in this comp? Shut up and win games of footy. Even when thats unfairly made harder to achieve, just get on with it. Saying the club has no backbone for not speaking up is unfair. I mean, just look at the Scott brothers... It's not our style to whinge and complain. We're better than that.
  4. "It's an uneven progression with a trend." Is it ironic how you criticise others for trying to be a bit profound? Last weekend was the best I've seen Melbourne play for a very long time and I think it set a new standard of what we should expect from this team. I hear what you're saying - we are on the way up, but there will always be 'highs and lows'. But if we are to keep heading in the right direction, you need those 'breakout games'. Some wins are worth a lot more than the 4 points.
  5. After every single shitty thing that has happened to this club... whether it be things that happened this week or 40 years ago. Surely last weekend was the moment we've all been waiting for. Surely it was 'The Game' that changed everything. That the players now truly believe that their best is the best, but they have to bust their ass off to get the job done. Every. Single. Week. Everybody knows that North will have a crack. Let's just hope we 'crack in' even harder and smash these pricks.
  6. If we're going to be speculating about weather or not he was under the influence of drugs after watching a seven second clip... My guess is yes and I'll be very interested to see how this plays out.
  7. If we could see the same chart for the doggies, I'd like to see if there was an obvious shift in form after that win they had against Sydney in 2015. I like to believe there is that game than change everything. Sure, the form of your performance is never linear. There will always be ups and downs. But surely and so rarely, some games and wins are worth a whole lot more than the four points.
  8. Its quarter time, we can still win. Hudson is far more tolerable than Russell. Take a deep breathe.
  9. No matter how many times I watch the incidents, I see nothing but good clean strikes to the head/jaw. I can't understand the surprise at these penalties. And people comparing them to the Thompson hit, yeh, that is a load of crap. He got off real light.
  10. So basically what you're saying, is that it is ok to throw a stupid hit off the ball and run the risk of a suspension, just so long as it's your first offence? And I'm the one talking 'trash'?? Lewis is as much of a leader as Vince is. If Vince should've known better last week, then Lewis should've known better today. Repeat offender or not.
  11. Yeh the Vince 'hit' was way worse ey mate... Hogan punched Rowe in the jaw. Lewis hit hardly looks any better. You were very vocal (not for the first time) about the Vince incident last weekend and this is your response? Unbelievable.
  12. Making poor decisions seems to be like a contagious disease at a footy club. From the top down, Carlton is a very sick football club. Ain't it a beautiful thing! #raisehell
  13. Is there the possibility that Vince is being instructed to go out and upset a few opposition players? Even at the risk of an occasional suspension
  14. Players get sucked in by his antics and more often than not, it really does seem to throw them off their game. This time he crossed the line. Didn't look like there was much in it, but sure... Cop the week, it is what it is.
  15. Ain't demonland a lovely place these days