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  1. AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

    I don’t think the ball crossed the centreline once that quarter. Free are going to turn this into an ugly game.
  2. Tilbrook and Lever

    I thought “Diamond” Joe Gutnick was the messiah
  3. Women told to score more

    I d rather see a a hard fought game with fewer goals than a softcoque scoring spree. High scoring games with cheap goals and no pressure is like pre digested junk food. If ones wants plenty of goals better to watch manby pamby basketball. I like the contests the women put up. Skills aren’t fully there yet but the game will keep on developing as will scoring efficiency. Hate to see their game dumbed down.
  4. Women told to score more

    I agree, it’s a no brainer to shorten the playing field. Its like the men playing on a field over 200 metres long. Ball movement has improved and the contest is feisty from what I have seen but it’s a big ask to consistently expect more goals with mostly 30 metre kicks and short handpasses. Rules and game design needs more tweaking. I guess the AFL find it too much of a chore to shorten grounds just for the odd women’s game. The women may need their own dedicated playing field.
  5. Millionaire Ex-Demon

    As with many’s things MFC, was too good to be true.
  6. Fenceology Predicts the ladder

    If we follow the template of the past two seasons, it it not illogical to see Essendon, Carlton and perhaps Brisbane high up there.
  7. Colin Sylvia

    I wonder what Sylvia’s mother has to say?
  8. AFLX is coming (the X makes it sound cool)

    I won’t be paying much attention. My interest levels are zero. This is just another attempt to market football as a new global entertainment product. There is far too much saturation these days with so many different sports all competing against each other for attention and $$$. These days there is only limited time for me to watch sport given all my other interests. I now only watch AFL football in season be it live or TV. I’ve switched off everything else. It is a great game and any variation is like serving pink slime when steak is not available. Couch potato sport addicts might love it. This a product made for them. A guy who used to work with me lived off sport. Spent all day and night in front of his big TV watching Fox sports and more. Now in his mid 40’s, never had a meaning relationship and living alone in a flat munching take away food. He will watch it no doubt.

    The whiff of stinky cheese here. And rats like cheese.
  10. 2017 Player Reviews: # 32 Tomas Bugg

    No doubt Bugg despite his obvious playing deficiencies has some X factor influence on how the team approaches the game. Kind of like the opposite of the “0” factor from some of the leadership group namely the bald co-captain.

    I wonder what Geelong got away with?

    Reported that the raid was in connection to a recent drug bust in Geelong where three people were arrested.
  13. 2017 Player Reviews: # 32 Tomas Bugg

    Bugg being rehabilitated? As anything to do with this club, I”ll believe it when I see it. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/head-down-for-tomas-bugg-as-he-rebuilds-trust-of-melbourne-teammates-and-coaches-20180104-h0ds4c.html
  14. Looks like the AFL will weigh up the situation with or without police involvement. They will be judge, jury and perhaps executioner. http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/afl-supports-woman-who-has-accused-player-of-sexual-misconduct-20180103-h0d0dz.html
  15. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    At least they seem to be trying to be winners.