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  1. Teams usually start games with maximum pressure. We can't handle that at the moment just like in close finishes when pressure heats up. We concede the innitiative far too often and still reactive depending on what the opposition offers up.
  2. Best game so far: Adelaide and Carlton(Only game we prevailed when challenged late). To be a good side we have to beat teams that challenge to the end be they good or bad. Worst game so far: Freo. 4 points for the taking went piff in the air. Most improved: Garlett Needs to lift: Bugg. Could have been a very damaging small forward if he kicked straight. Leading the Bluey: Oliver. Best recruit: Hibberd. Will we make the finals?: Our best chance in over a decade. Has to be yes.
  3. One thing I predict even though it's been a very even season, the post bye season will start to sort out the real contenders from the pretenders. I think we are in a good position and this is our best opportunity to have a decent crack in a decade.
  4. Being where we are on the ladder instead of sitting in the 8 might be a blessing in disguise for preparation for the second half of the season.
  5. I hope that fact sticks around like a bad case of anal pruritus over the bye period for the players.
  6. That was a season Deefining game hopefully.
  7. Perfect rehearsal for the big one next week.
  8. Neither would Nostradamus.
  9. You must mean deecline.
  10. The line in dee sand in the dee sert?
  11. Our last chance today or we will be deefinalised for 2017.
  12. Shouldn't it be deefining?
  13. Not having a go at you but just sick of hearing this excuse trotted out after every loss by some. Might as well cut and paste posts from 2010.
  14. The real rules are a tightly held secret stored in a secret underground mushroom farm so that interpretations can be made on the fly as it suits by the AFL illuminati.
  15. On your figures there are 11 clubs including us within a 150 day range including some of the current 8. Not a very compelling excuse stat.