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  1. Bitter but optimistic

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    Arrh thank you. I thought there was a trick to it.
  2. Bitter but optimistic

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    You have alluded to your ability in this regard on a number of occasions Ethan and, I must say, such high level skills are laudable. However, it begs the question about the supply of …. err … ammunition. Do you carry, shall we say, a magazine or is there some spontaneity involved?
  3. Bitter but optimistic

    I'm going to Perth ... Am I crazy?

    Only if you bunk with Ethan
  4. Bitter but optimistic

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 21

    Usually too [censored] off to give votes after a game like but some efforts deserve recognition even after what the yanks call a cluster [censored] like that. Harmes . a terrific all round game. took it on when needed and battled all day. Clarrie. tagged but still got plenty of it. forgive his kicking Brayshaw. See harmes above. It gets tougher now Omac. Did what he had to and played with some composure Salem. Tried and showed his class Vanders. Far from perfect but he was played as a forward and kicked 3 .
  5. Bitter but optimistic


    It might have more impact if you give them a brown eye Ethan
  6. Bitter but optimistic


    I’m really seeing the value in my Trident membership, that guarantees me a grand final ticket
  7. Bitter but optimistic

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    We’re [censored]!!
  8. Bitter but optimistic

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    It’s not wrist slashing time yet - but it’s [censored] close
  9. Bitter but optimistic

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Just arrived. Lots of Sheilas today looks like they’re labor voters
  10. Bitter but optimistic

    Clarry: From Flab to Fab

    Tells us a bit about Clarrie’s focus and determination There’s got to be a Brownlow brewing away under that ranga top!
  11. Bitter but optimistic

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    In my experience Cards, the exact opposite has proven to be true
  12. Bitter but optimistic

    Rd 23: Opposition Watch vs GWS

    Along with not moving him to Hawkins much earlier in the Geelong game.
  13. Bitter but optimistic

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    That's the spirit Red - don't tamper with a winning formula!!!
  14. Bitter but optimistic

    Congratulations Bernie Vince on 100 MFC Games

    I posted a congrats above to Bernie as I ( among many others) really enjoyed his niggling, his good footy and his enthusiasm. I don't like to write the obituary too soon but sadly I think his 100th will be his last game for the Dees. If Hunt goes ok and Hibbert is nearly right I will be very difficult for Bernie to get back. Add to that he is 33 I believe and out of contract. It will be another one of sport's cruelties if Melbourne plays finals and Bernie is forced to spectate.
  15. Bitter but optimistic

    Go and get Gaff!

    Just listening to David King on 360 and his very reasonable comments about the moral outrage ( my words not his ) that have accompanied this incident. Yeah it was a shocker but don't the media love it. [censored] me the vultures would love another big whack this weekend so that they could continue the sanctimonious [censored] they have been wallowing in.