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  1. Are we ready for 580 Brownlow votes?

    An impressive evidence based assessment Ethan.
  2. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Now on another matter. Even during my relatively short viewing of tv, I have been assailed by a flood of adds for a program called "married at first sight". Unless I have been overcome by shiraz and passed out, I don't believe I have ever watched a so called "reality" show. Do any of you fellow interlectuals watch this stuff? Could someone tell me who does? Am I making a harsh judgement based on little evidence in saying this stuff is rubbish? I just get the impression that it must be some sort of black hole that sucks out whatever brain cells remain. This whole concept of "reality" tv befuddles me. Perhaps I am totally out of touch with the world - a strong possibility I'll admit. Please enlighten me.
  3. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I'm pleased to hear the local pinot is a success this year. Sadly OD, I lack your contacts and am unable to guzzle it freely.
  4. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Bloody hell OD!! You must be hammering that single malt if you are resurrecting posts from 7 years back!
  5. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    You are clearly a man of refined taste Col - a cut above the riff and raff with whom I appear to be increasingly surrounded. However, if I may be so bold as to one make one correction to your above epistle. Surely you meant to say " those who cast nasturtiums on you"?
  6. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Exactly! I fear my wit is wasted. Speaking of witch, I have noted that the immoderator vandals have been heavy handed with the red pencil to some of my recent most eloquent posts.
  7. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I'm back and now refreshed. Although I note that this interlectual thread has been sadly neglected in my absence. I did have to take have a few days rest after my sojourn to the colonial outposts. (Being fawned over for a week can be very arduous - even for one who is accustomed to flattery) I had little success in avoiding Biffen unfortunately. Though I must say he has a surprising and extensive network of contacts over there. Albeit among the drunken and drug addicted class. As I understand it, he is currently working his way through rural villages buying antiquities and funerary artefacts from the poor and ignorant. He makes the British Museum look like a philanthropic organisation. I have also noted some irregularities on my credit card statement and, as I had Biffen conduct a financial transaction for me, I fear he may have "Sylvia'd" me !
  8. New MFC facility?

    Well, as you would expect OD, there are certain legal formalities to be observed. I'm waiting on the post. Tut Tut Man!! What century are you living in? The MFC is an inclusive and welcoming organisation. I'm afraid Mansfield just doesn't cut it in these enlightened times.
  9. New MFC facility?

  10. New MFC facility?

    There's plenty of space at Romsey. I might even open the doors of The Manor for some special fund raising events.

    If I happen to tune into this circus, even by mischance, I shall give myself a sound flogg ing.
  12. AFLW: Dees & Pearce Tipped for Double

    I like to live on the edge Ernie.
  13. AFLW: Dees & Pearce Tipped for Double

    Read the above article while breaking my fast. Daisy is very articulate and the article provides some insights into what a well rounded person she is. She is the type of figure needed in schools to provide an inspiration and role model to young people - young women in particular.

    I'm with the Doctor and OD on this - I couldn't give a flying [censored] about this circus.
  15. [censored] me !! Book reviews!! What is Demonland becoming ?