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  1. SSM postal vote

    My concern here Pro was not so much the issue, as the fact that our elected representatives were too pizz weak to make a decision without testing the electoral water by means of a very expensive poll. Should we have a postal ballot on refugee policy? Renewable Energy? Tax reform? We're considering buying some new destroyers for the Navy - send out the letters! Where does this postal polling nonsense stop? The Victorian Parliament is currently engaged in a debate that certainly "fundamentally changes the fabric of society" as much as any. At least on that issue they are doing their job. As to my being of the Left. Well I'd say I swing on that issue. Nowadays, I'd describe myself as mostly politically cynical.
  2. I'm addicted and cant help myself!

    Since you started it picket, I'll make an emission. I'm addicted to porn.
  3. SSM postal vote

    This is my first (and probably only post on this thread) My postal "vote" is still kicking around the floor of The Manor, or maybe the Lads ate it. One hundred $mill on a survey! [censored] me! Our political system is currently a [censored] up! We have no leaders! No decision makers! We have a bunch of [censored] ups who are only prepared to [censored] with the wind behind them.
  4. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Thanks Wise - I just love that saying.
  5. Ty Vickery has retired.

    Ty Vickery? Who GAF?
  6. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    Well this idea of scrapping the bounce is bullshite. It's a quirky part of our game that should be sacrosanct. [censored] me, umpires are getting sore backs! Well find another [censored] job! Teachers get mentally [censored] up from dealing with out of control kids. What are they told? It's your fault for not engaging the little [censored] heads -FMD! Plumbers get sore backs! Furniture removalists get sore backs! Well let's not move house. What a soft [censored] society we have become! [censored] , I hope my heart surgeon doesn't feint from the site of blood and walk of the job. Have a designated bouncer or make being able to bounce a condition of employment. Stop pandering to soft [censored]. Next thing we'll have to stop throw ins because boundary umps are overextending their elbows! [censored] me! I'm going to open another shiraz.
  7. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Well sue the [censored] Red!
  8. Top 10 Exciting Demons

    I suppose we define "excitement" differently, but for me R. Flower was it. During some very dark days for the MFC, I only went to the footy to watch Robbie. If he was out injured, I went to the boozer. We were getting flogged more often than not but you just knew Robbie would produce something that would make you stand proud as a Demons supporter and even draw admiration from the oppo. He might take the ball and run and bounce - excitement. He might beat an opponent (or two ) in a contest. - excitement He might take a beautifully timed mark and then goal - excitement He could do it all. For me, Robbie Flower was unforgettable.
  9. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I'm not a horseracing aficionado Red but I saw the name and thought " arrgh yes must put a wager on that"! Of course, I then forgot all about until I heard the race result - and sadly the dividend. FMD - again!
  10. Preseason Training - Week commencing 6/11/17

    Is this a new trend? I wear bespoke linen underwear (prewarmed by the maid of course) but I've never thought of having them coded by the day. Although, I must say wearing the same pair for a few days is comforting.
  11. Hannah Mouncey

    You missed my point Gip. I have no particular interest in the moral, social or physiological debate. My point was that the AFL was illogical in making a decision that allows Mouncey to play against lesser opposition but not in the main comp. Logic dictates that Mouncey either be banned from all comps or allowed to participate at any level.
  12. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    For mine, Weideman is the wild card in this deck. If he develops into the KPF many hope, then we are in front of the game.
  13. Terrific bloke. Cruelled by injury and possibly the worst coach in history. I hope he comes good for Port and has a top season. ( I wouldn't even mind a cracker game against us) Go Jack!!
  14. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    2 plus 2. Surely you've got more than that Red!
  15. Stewart Crameri to the Dees?

    I reckon all these speculative threads can be wiped We're going to the draft.