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  1. TMac has seriously improved both his decision making and disposal this year. He's much quicker in assessing risky options and shifting to handball instead of kicking, selling a dummy, and avoiding being smothered. He backs himself to mark, halves contests he shouldn't have any right to, and frankly has become a mountain down back. That he is one of the first five players picked each week, and for good reason, will continue to evade the whingers on here who can't see past their historical bias. The boy is a gun.
  2. Perfectly put Demon77. There is a large group on here however who can't see it, don't want to see it, and won't get past their own frustrated petulance to ever have your perspective. Footy's a tough game, and sometimes it's more satisfying to acknowledge the qualities in honourable defeats than easy wins. Last night was one of those times.
  3. Slow down there Scoop Junior. Haven't you heard we've got a team with no leaders, too many VFL players, an irresponsibly competitive list clogging ruckman, and coaches who don't adjust tactics to game ending injuries? Fatigue and bad luck simply have nothing to do with it. We lose, we're rubbish. There it is. You heard it here.
  4. So really, you're making a presumption, and otherwise talking rubbish. Genius stuff.
  5. Richmond's good start to the season has been based on their ability to force and exploit turnovers.....no. 1 in the AFL thus far. Our lapses have been based on our inability to avoid making critical turnovers and being carved up on account. As ordinary on paper as they seem to be, this makes the Tiges our worst nightmare. If they get a hold of us, I fear it's going to get very ugly, and searching questions will be asked about our game plan and trajectory. Thus, a season defining game, even though I think we effectively cooked our season in last week's third quarter. Depends how much they've learnt from that. We're just a very young, talented, potentially great but enormously brittle team, so as we'll frustratingly see all season, ANYTHING could happen.
  6. The problem is that yesterday's third quarter was season killing, because it revealed an absolute inability to maintain a defensive game plan under pressure. We are arguably the most brittle and easily exposed team in the AFL, and the good teams will exploit it mercilessly. No real advance on last year as I see it.
  7. He's also a very good mark. Billy Stretch will be the player who is perenially left in the margins of discussions about our best players, but by my estimations he is already one of the first ten picked every week. And he's only gonna get better.
  8. Looking forward to seeing Jake, time to be the bride. Maxy's marking hasn't been the best this year, where it has become a feature of Jake's game. Aside from the rucking, I'm thinking Jake could be more than up to it around the ground. Doubt we'll see any other changes.
  9. Anyone imagining Alex Neale-Bullen will get dropped after a 28 disposal, 10 tackle game is simply irrational.
  10. 111 posts. Wow!
  11. Love Josh Mahoney's attention grabbing refutation; 'That's not how we want to be perceived'. And yet there he was bringing attention to it. It is very clear that this group want to psychologically intimidate other clubs. It's a deliberate aura (Hawthorn-like) that they want to manufacture. And whilst Lewis and Hogan stupidly hurt our chances for on field success over the next 3 weeks, and in no way do I condone their behaviour, I have to (begrudgingly) admit that their actions help build that aura. Like it or not, a big part of success in footy is about physical intimidation and the psychological effect it carries.
  12. He'd be mad not to move on. I guess the nagging thought for me is that considering Max's talents away from the ruck, how might the team go if Jake were doing 50% of the rucking whilst Max was hovering around the goals (and vice versa). Geelong have Mackie, Lonergan, Hansen and Taylor (if they play him where they should) who are all going to be dominant in the air against us if that's the way it comes in, which it sometimes will. Playing a small forward line in the hope we can use speed and precision for all our goals seems a little thin to me.
  13. I suspect you're right ProDee, but it's a bit cruel watching Spencer wither on the vine. He's in good form, at peak age for a ruckman, and just isn't getting the chances he would at any other club. The price paid for sitting behind the AA ruckman I guess. Tell me you don't imagine the Max and Jake show might just be a winner though.
  14. Two words..........Big Jakey! It's time.