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  1. Likely, but depends what 'gone' means. Gone for walking down the street or sprinting after a football.
  2. On the hamstring issue, broadly there are only two reasons for hamstring pain and tightness. Firstly referral from the low back, which has no time frame on recovery. Could be a day, could be ongoing and frustrating. The other is a tear, of which the severity spectrum is broad, from small and undetectable on MRI or US scan (? Jack Watts), to big rips or avulsions (Max Gawn). For ANY hamstring tear, as minor as they are, it is a mandatory 3 weeks, no exceptions. The reason for this is that statistically the risk of a worse re-tear under 3 weeks is unacceptably high. Hopefully Jack Watts, Salem's and Jeffy's are back related, otherwise they'll follow this management, sadly. If Jack Viney has injured his Acromioclavicular (AC) joint and it's structurally stable (which it must be, as he came back on after a jab), playing relates to being able to play with any pain. Jack won't miss, I'd say.
  3. I reckon you might have had the best supporter experience tonight, and that's saying something!
  4. Stil waiting for the maggots to somehow take it off us.......
  5. It's an embarrassment to our game, and the biggest blight on the AFL that the powers that be can't remedy the umpiring dilemma in the west. When so much else about the way the game is run creates an even playing field for all clubs, this sort of stuff just kills it stone dead. I don't know what the answer is though.
  6. Actually it was a perfect sling tackle. Arm pinned, spun and slung with no opportunity for the tackled player to protect the head hitting the turf, which it did. The only reason he wasn't reported is because Dom got straight up for the kick.
  7. As we all know, you're fighting a 4 goal umpiring bias in the west, and you'll never see a more obvious example than Jeffy's perfect dispossessing tackle in that last bit. The very definition of spineless, unaccountable umpiring.
  8. Given our ability to avoid heavy defeats this year, the line at 18.5 would have seemed attractive. 5.5 not so much.
  9. Happy mowing odm, but I reckon your formula has actually nailed the true order of teams this year. Love your work, get on to Gill!
  10. Just watched all the goals. Alex Neal-Bullen is in everything. He might go largely unrecognised here, but I reckon the selectors know exactly why he's getting a gig. And continuing to improve.
  11. Agree both, Clint. Johnson was a great player, but can't hide his dogginess. BTW, did you enjoy Dom Tyson's goal on Sunday? Hit it bang on the 50 metre line, landed it by my rough count 7 rows back. So what, 60-65 metres? Makes him comfortably one of the longest kicks at the club I'd reckon. Whaddya say? Oh, no tail wind either 😈
  12. That's the context that all those dissing Oscar have failed to apply. He's going to be huge for this club, as he showed yesterday. Consistency comes with age and experience, particularly for a KPP. Too many of us just fail to allow for the bumps and imperfections along development road, thus having to make an about face when those players start reaching their potential. We do it to so many young players, but never learn it seems.
  13. If there is any hint of a hammy tear, and he'll be scanned, he won't play for 3 weeks. Sounds harsh, but is non-negotiable these days, and for reasons of reducing recurrence and chronic behaviour. Jones quad another story. If it settles and he gets through training, he'll play.
  14. I reckon this game's all above the shoulders. Depends whether the young Dees are inspired to consolidate on a sniff of finals action, or are still celebrating the high of QB. Tending toward the latter, based on history, but the odds seem out of whack despite this.