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    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    I think that the MCC/MFC should be more creative with membership options. I am a full MCC member and also donate $87 as an MCC/MFC member, but only get to about 8 games per year. I don’t like cricket so it costs me about $100 per game on average to see the Dees. I would happily forego my right to see the cricket if it meant the Dees received more money and I could pay a bit less on my MCC each year. If there were MCC AFL only and cricket only membership, then the 20 year wait list could be shortened, the MFC and MCC would both be financially better off and I would get much better value out of my membership. I am sure that there are other creative ticket options as well.
  2. Romey

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Sam McLure on Twitter saying Lachie Neale is now a Lion
  3. Romey

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I wonder if Sydney Swans are gearing up to make a godfather offer to Hogan? They are apparently in the market for another forward to support Franklin and are clearing salary cap to land a big name. They surprised a lot of people when they got Tippett and Franklin so it isn’t like they haven’t done this before.
  4. Romey

    Jack Billings

    It became pick 22 I think. We also coincidently had pick 23 as a compensation pick for Colin Sylvia which we traded to Adelaide for Bernie Vince. Adelaide then used this pick to select Matt Crouch who has gone on to be an All Australian midfielder and win their B&F by the age of 22. Bernie had been great for us however I think Adelaide would be happy with that deal.
  5. According to the AFL tracker Alex Neal-Bullen today ran 17.2 km to make him equal 10th in the AFL for distances covered in a game since this started in 2017. Nine of the top ten records belong to Tom Scully and Andrew Gaff. He also had an equal game high 32 pressure acts. No doubt there are some areas of his game that he can still improve on but this kind of unheralded effort in a losing team deserves some recognition I reckon.
  6. Romey

    Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    A good read. https://www.playersvoice.com.au/tom-bugg-im-not-who-you-think-i-am/
  7. Romey

    Friday in the Sun

    Great photos. I’d be interested in the thoughts of others on the kicking techniques of the players in these photos. For me the ones with with flawless techniques were Lewis, Stretch, Melkshem and Lever, but I don’t profess to be an expert.
  8. The sentimentalist in me would like to see one game a year where current AFL listed players play for the team they grew up supporting. Given three elite players in Judd, Franklin and Pendlebury all apparently barracked for the Dees we'd have have the start of a very strong team, however i'm not aware of many more to select from. I've started a team below - can anyone help me complete it? ??? Dylan Grimes ??? Jack Grimes ??? Simon Buckley ??? Moloney Andrew Gaff ??? ??? ??? ??? Franklin ??? ??? Pendlebury Judd
  9. Romey

    Worrying Stats

    From memory last year that the Bulldogs had the highest possessions per game in the competition at just over 400 and Sydney had the second highest at around 390. Both were all time records I think. Being first in the competition for disposals is not such a bad thing.
  10. Romey


    Does anyone know why Hannan was playing in the midfield in the first two quarters? Was he tagging? I though we could have done with him in the forward line and a pure midfielder at the ball ups in his place.
  11. Romey

    Changes v Essendon (Round 6)

    I wonder how Oscar McDonald would go in the ruck? He is fairly tall and would be able to hold his own in the body work. This would allow Pederson to come in for Smith.
  12. Romey

    Spencil it in!

    My prediction is that over the next 12 weeks Spencer will hold his own against the top ruckman in the league and we will be offered a top 20 draft pick for him at the end of the season.
  13. Romey


    What about Jarrod Witts from Collingwood? He is now third in line there behind Grundy and Cox. Compared to Gawn he is 1cm taller, 1 year younger and debuted 2 years later. Still has plenty of upside and would offer more years of service as a backup ruckman than Spencer who will be 27 next year.
  14. Does anyone know if most of the Melbourne players are still following the Paleo diet? Research just announced by Melbourne University is not very favourable and makes you wonder whether we were a little hasty jumping on-board this bandwagon. http://www.theage.com.au/lifestyle/diet-and-fitness/paleo-diet-could-make-you-gain-weight-new-scientific-research-shows-20160218-gmy7kp.html
  15. Romey

    Player loan system

    Putting the Essendon situation aside I think there is some merit in a player loan system throughout the season if both teams consent. It could give our players senior AFL games to fast track their development and give us access to players from other teams to cover injuries.
  16. Romey

    Dion Prestia

    Disappointing news given he fits the profile of the type of midfielder we are hoping to lure to the Dees next year. Does this now make O'Meara or Aish our number 1 target?
  17. Interesting read. I personally hope our players resist reading Demonland and Watts proves his detractors wrong. http://m.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/social-media-is-the-afls-most-damaging-opponent-mark-robinson-writes/story-fni5f0at-1227356430147
  18. Romey

    Training - Monday, 9th March, 2015

    Very disappointing experience as a supporter and golden opportunity wasted by the club. I turned up with the extended family at 12pm as advertised and left with a bunch of grumpy kids at about 1.15pm with players just beginning to turn up. We certainly didn't feel like our club was inclusive or accessible today.
  19. Romey

    MFC injury list - 2015

    Yes I recall him saying this. Would that mean in Roos eyes someone like Watts could be considered as having done a quality pre season even though he has rarely been in the main group?
  20. Romey

    MFC injury list - 2015

    I'd also be curious to know who the club consider as having not completed a "full pre-season" as I am always surprised to hear how many players are retrospectively referred to as having not done a pre-season 12 months down the track. By the training reports it sounds like nearly all the players are participating most sessions in some form, however many on restrictive programs for various reasons.
  21. I think a related but different question to ask for this thread is "what differentiates our club" and also "how would we like to be differentiated in the future". From a marketing point of view you need more than just success to be a powerhouse (although it helps) and also a club may "stand" for great and noble values but it may simply be a marketable player or likeable logo or song that converts young children or adults that are new to the game to support a club. The A-League has demonstrated how far behind Aussie Rules is in terms of atmosphere on match day and I can't help but feel that the first Aussie Rules club to get something similar happening will win a lot of new supporters. I also think the Dees could allow some of our likeable characters such as Bernie Vince to have a bit more creative license in the media as frankly the interviews at our club are too scripted and bland for my liking. Anyone else agree?
  22. Great post and interesting thread. I really like the concept of Melbourne adopting the mindset of a progressive expansion team whilst retaining those things that are core to our club. Some innovative, even radical thinking may be required to crack open new markets and help us to become a powerhouse club with 100,000 plus supporters in 10 years time.
  23. I really like this idea. Central location and close to our heartland. Other left-field alternative locations ideas which are close to the city and ripe for development could be the Burnley sporting precinct, Fairfield park precinct or somewhere around Royal Park. Royal Park could be especially appealing if tied in with our relationship with Melbourne Uni. All are within 6km of the MCG and have plenty of space to negotiate with the needs of existing community sporting clubs. What are people's thoughts on these locations?
  24. Romey

    Potential future at Melbourne University

    I also love the idea of linking up with Melbourne Uni and trying to tap into the student base. If successful it could bring some much needed youth, vibrancy and diversity to our supporter base - three traits that are not strongly associated with our brand today. The challenge will be bringing the MOU to life so that our club is embraced by the students. One left field idea to make this happen could be to do an anti - Schwab and let go of control of our brand somewhat and leave it to students to reinvent our identity and define the future direction of the club. What better way to endear ourselves to a market than to give them genuine ownership and control into the look, feel and operations of our club. Who knows where this could take us but it would certainly generate some interesting and innovative ideas. Many of the worlds most successful brands have adopted this philosophy and I can't help but feel that the first AFL club to fully embrace a similar approach will reap the rewards. Just an idea. Suspect many on here will shoot the it down for plausible reasons I have not considered.
  25. Romey

    Our ruck stocks ...

    Does anyone know which of our current stock is the best long distance runner? I've always been of the opinion that some of the best rucks are also some of the best endurance runners. (Think Dean Cox or Jim Stynes.)