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  1. Deevout

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    One would hope the club wiIl have Colin grace the “G” in the Red and Blue one last time.....on the big sceen. Round one 2019. Then a minutes silence. RIP Colin Sylvia 😞
  2. Deevout

    2019 Fixture

    Will be interested to see what happens with the Big Freeze on QB. Now it’s not our home game. I assume it will still happen. If we play well the club could make some serious coin.
  3. Deevout

    2019 Fixture

    This year bought hope along with it expectation. Mine was, round one versus another 2018 top eight team. We didn’t get it I move on. However I am entitled to give an opinion. Your entitled not to agree with it. Your positivity often helps me balance out my negativity. Cheers.
  4. Deevout

    2019 Fixture

    We will have more night games for sure. I was expecting to play another top eight side. That’s all. I can express an opinion, your entitled not to agree with it. Also I might add that as I am getting older I would prefer day games any day of the week.
  5. Deevout

    2019 Fixture

    Port Adelaide. “Yawn” at least it’s a home game on a Saturday at the G. Thought we would have got repaid better than that for making a Prelim,. Oh well.
  6. Deevout

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Wallace needs to give up the Demon drink 🍷👍
  7. Deevout

    2019 Fixture

    Correct. It was stated in the article about the 2019 requests for fixturing and that both clubs were having another crack at getting this game next season.
  8. Deevout

    2019 Fixture

    Talk of Round 1 Pies v Dee’s on Friday night as a blockbuster. Reported in the press a month or two ago.
  9. A straight shooter is PJ. You also mentioned in your previous post about his legacy. One thing that’s would be for certain is that he would not want it to come undone after the tireless work he and Roos et al put into the club. Very much doubt it will, but it’s always on your mind especially when you have just left.
  10. Mayday! That’s what I would be thinking just before the bone crunching hit. He needs to temper his aggression as he got rubbed out for a few of these bumps. We need him on the park not in the stands. That said very happy to have him onboard.
  11. Thanks for the PJ interview. It was very insightful, a great look from inside the tent from an management point of view. I thought he was very open with his answers, the bit about the Geelong prelim and how we out sold the Tigers in the first 30 minutes of ticket sales opening, and that he was going to the game knowing the crowd was going to be pro Melbourne. Didn’t think Pert got a tick and it was the only time he bristled. Sounds like he will be following the Dee’s. Enjoyed the discussion about the clubs trading as well. What a day. Well done.
  12. Deevout

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    For mine we need another winger/outside runner, tall forward and small forward/lock-in player. Moving up the list to hopefully get what the FD have targeted.
  13. With Preuss coming in, he or Max can spend some time forward when Preuss is in the side. I am surprised that not much has been said about bringing in Preuss, I think it’s a much better get than most seem to realise Opinions please.