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  1. Farewell Colin Garland

    Excse my ignorance but I missed this. What happened?

    Was disappointed when I first heard but all for it. I along with many last year whinged and complained at Hibberd for a second rounder saying too much and it was an absolute steal. Even Melksham looks good value in hindsight. Draft picks are so overvalued throughout the industry because we see year in year out good juniors not develop and overlooked juniors ala Sloane, Fyfe etc turn picks 30-40 into AA's. adelaide have done the hard work risked the pick and developed him and it's cost us downgrading a first to a second and upgrading a 4th to a 3rd. The more I think about it, I'm just thrilled to have him on board

    I think the clubs actually do a good job of only speaking to the players when acceptable. I'd hope Melbourne aren't attempting to speak to Lever at present whilst he has far bigger things to worry about. I think the thing that get's forgotten is the majority of the information we're pushed is fake. The media create a story to comment on it, drum up two days worth of radio, reporting and back-slapping from their other media cronies to move on in 2 days to the next fake story and have no accountability for the dribble. Blokes like Sam Maclure frustrate the bejesus out of me because 95% of their 'reports' prove to be incorrect yet nothing is said of it. IMO too many uneducated, irresponsible media personalities now that it's become more Daily Mail than news.
  4. Welcome to Demonland ... CAMERON JOHNSTON

    Bigger. I think it's called the Coliseum regularly gets 110k + with standing only. A lot of the big colleges like Texas, Alabama, Georgia, USC are all 80+
  5. Private security harassing supporters.

    That is one of the worst generalisations I've ever heard on here. That's saying something. I'll presume that you have chosen your words poorly as opposed to that being your attitude towards every supporter who isn't in reserved seats but insinuating everyone not in said seating requires in your eloquent terms 'a barrel of [censored]' is incredibly poor and likely a good example of why Melbourne supporters in general are seen as arrogant rich flogs amongst the other teams.
  6. GAME DAY - Round 4, 2017

    Tom McDonald has gone third up to mark about 5 times and not marked. Disgraceful
  7. iSelect - new BOJ sponsor

    Whether people think it looks good or not, it is a revenue stream 16 other clubs have that we don't. Each week that passes loses value as the sponsor sees less and less 'airtime' so this can't be seen as anything but a disappointment to be March with no sponsor. PJ has enough runs on the board that I'll allow this and back his judgement- however, if Cam Schwab had us in this position people would be wanting blood not saying how classy the jumper looks....
  8. 2017 AFL FIXTURE

  9. Tom McDonald (and Oscar) SIGNS.

    This is such a big misconception. All players who have signed deals in the last 2-3 years have a clause in their contract for their wage to go up in line with the CBA agreement. If you signed for 500k last year but the CBA goes up 10%, you'll be on 550 next year. It's a convenient excuse for supporters to stop worrying about players who are delaying contract talks, but there is absolutely no reason for a player to delay awaiting the results of the CBA- they'd be applied to their contract regardless. \ Source: Current player
  10. Thanks New Balance

    Purchased $3,500 worth of gear for a tick over $900. The quality is fantastic and even better, the brand awareness NB would receive from everyone wearing their New Balance gear is crucial. Nike's biggest asset is the fact everyone is constantly seen wearing it, so fingers crossed we're all chipping in to help NB. Cannot wait for next year. As for the above re Melbourne drop down menu, it was there on the first day of sales, it was only removed as there is no stock remaining relating to Melbourne.
  11. DEMONLAND Stubby Holders are here ...

    Makes sense! Thanks and can't wait for the stubby holder
  12. DEMONLAND Stubby Holders are here ...

    Hi DL, Look great. Just wanted to confirm- if you're a life member does the $5 automatically come off at the check-out. I was under the impression I'm a life member but it's still requesting $25. The $5 doesn't bother me but could you confirm what my membership status is? Thanks!
  13. Part of supporting the club is also supporting the companies who help keep us afloat. New Age Caravans, New Balance and AHG were able to get on board when we were a pathetically run club 2 years ago with no real commercial potential for them. It's not like sponsoring a winning Hawthorn or big Collingwood. I'm happy to give them a leg up whenever I get the chance as I'm sure heaps and heaps of companies I use day to day told us to bugger off. Embrace supporting the sponsors who helped keep your club alive.
  14. Demonland Supercoach 2016 Comp

    Hi Deevoted, BDM from R Flower League and keen to go again also! Count me as confirmed