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  1. 15 game membership yes and only for entry, none of the other benefits apply.
  2. Looks very American sports inspired to me, which i personally dont like, but I can understand how they'd think it was a good idea.
  3. Frawley and Maric get a yes but aren't in your team. Also i'm not sure how you can give Watts an N/A but still put him in the team while Blease and Strauss get N/A's but don't get in? I'd have those two locked in for our next premiership side.
  4. There's a Saturday afternoon too?
  5. From Mount Gravatt, so some kid Bails has been hiding up there? No stats at all on the AFL draft tracker, not even height or weight.
  6. Can play anywhere on the ground and has the body to play next year, while Watts will still be skinny. I'd go with Naitanui, if we don't get Warnock he can ruck, if we do he can play a key position.
  7. I'd be happy with a 1 dollar profit
  8. I worry about speed more than endurance to keep with Harvey. So Bruce is out and I don't know if Dunn is quick enough either. Bartram is quick enough so maybe use him. Bell is also a good idea High Tower, definitely has the quickness. What about Davey?
  9. Pavlich is the same age as Brown, and is from SA, so he would be an unlikely target IMO.
  10. Do you mean Jace Bode instead of Matthew Bode?
  11. Kicked something like 1.6 at Sandy this weekend, so maybe the Dutchy style player is exactly what they're molding him for.
  12. I doubt Kennett would go, good stuff Jimmy.