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  1. If he spends anymore than 2 weeks at Casey I will not drink alcohol until he does debut
  2. Sad that he doesn't own a laptop to see scans whist o/s
  3. Could be a ploy to get media off his back by Peter Jackson
  4. So we know contract talks are on hold let's start talking to Brayshaws Viney, Petracca,Oliver McDonald's management teams and sign these guys long term. I would offer Brayshaw +3 years Viney same Petracca 4 years Oliver +2 McDonald whatever he wants also Salem and Tyson+3 get the pieces of the puzzle in place. Maybe drop a couple more years on Goodwin as well
  5. count me in demons 15 change to demons 16
  6. sign me up only thing change to Demons16
  7. Rumour has it Toumpass just finished his 3 k time trial from Monday
  8. lets just win the second half
  9. DONT WORRY ALL PART OF THE AFL GRAND PLAN FOR 2 VICTORIAN TEAMS IN THE TOP 4 also we are crap girls coming out after half time
  10. Season gone changes next week Goodwin in Roos out time to see if Goodwin has it
  11. Terrible day but to see the future of the the club in VINEY,HOGAN, BRAYSHAW,SALEM,TOUMPASS (At casey) MCDONALD,TYSON, There is light at the end of the tunnel even though it is a very long way in the distance. Remember Rome wasn't build in a day
  12. Mad as hell but will be better with VINCE on one side and H on the other side of ground both good ball users was mad when wife told me at 3/4 time I had bet on Essendon wrote wrong number didn't check ticket at Tab Redlegs membership for me and missus paid for
  13. I am really sorry to see Chritian do his knee and I wouldn't wish it on any afl player ( well maybe one )but is now the best time for him to do it. Imagine if he played maybe 3 or 4 games over the first 10 weeks which is what you would expect with P Roos and then he did his knee you would lose the rest of this year and probably next season as well due to fitness levels at least he now knows round 1 2016 is his target
  14. sooner or later I will be right probably 17 or 18
  15. thanks for setting up and running this comp count me in will probably change team to demons15 but will let you know when it opens thanks Gary