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    36, 52 & 54

    2000, 2001 ?
  2. 13thflag

    MFC Trading Cards - thoughts?

    I used to collect cards up until i found out from a guy that used to have a card shop at Northland sc, and pipe works market, he used to have all the top cards that were worth a lot of money. I asked him how did he always have such cards? he told me that he worked for the AFL and that's how he came to have all of these cards. Cards that should have been sold in boxes that were not. Put me off from a childhood past time of what i used to love and thought was fair and fun.
  3. 13thflag

    Vale Stuart Spencer

    I was sitting with friends out side gate six, Stuart came and had a chat. Lovely man. R.I.P
  4. 13thflag

    Good on you Andy

  5. 13thflag

    Eade as next Melbourne coach?

  6. 13thflag

    Gary Lyon on TFS

    Well said WJ
  7. 13thflag

    Get Well Jimmy

    Get well Jimmy!
  8. 13thflag

    Something good - tomorrow is Allen Jakovich Day

    Does any one know where Allen is these days? Last thing i heard was that he had left Australia.
  9. 13thflag

    Sylvia gone too ??

    Here i will open the door for you Colin. We need to get players who, well whats the word I'm looking for? that's it PLAY! After what has happened I think it might be time to weed out players who don't give 100% and he is one of them. If we are able to get something for him than that's what we should do.
  10. 13thflag

    Give Jimmy a Break

    That's the most upsetting thing out of all of this. Who ever did start all this pack your bags and p*#@ off, you could see Jimmy was in pain and unwell how could you? I love this club but what is most important is Jimmy's health and also the well being of his family and loved ones. Who ever you are you should be ashamed of your self.
  11. 13thflag

    Potential Coaches

    I would like to see how Todd goes. You never know he could be what we have been looking for.