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  1. 3183 Dee

    Demon expats

    It was such a good place to live, although on my last trip back it’s gone pretty bobo now. Isn’t Palaiseau on the RER B, if I remember correctly? Easy trip into town.
  2. 3183 Dee

    Demon expats

    Where in Paris, Bing? I moved to Oz 13 years ago, but was in Paris (10e - Rue du Fbg St Martin) for 4 years or so - still miss it.
  3. 3183 Dee

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Balaclava lad.
  4. 3183 Dee


    I agree - he looks like a tough nugget, touch of the Vineys in some of those tackles.
  5. 3183 Dee

    A History of afl.com.au

    The first game they covered was the Wizard Cup match between the Dees and St Kilda - the photo is post-match.
  6. 3183 Dee

    AFL lookalikes

  7. 3183 Dee

    AFL lookalikes

    Sam Frost Richie Cunningham
  8. 3183 Dee

    AFL lookalikes

    Melbourne’s number 9 Summer of 69
  9. 3183 Dee

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    So, so sad.
  10. 3183 Dee

    Official Nicknames

    That is a bloody good get!
  11. 3183 Dee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I think we still get short-changed from this.
  12. 3183 Dee

    Rumour File

  13. 3183 Dee

    The Cheese Thread

    I find this thread most haloumi-nating
  14. 3183 Dee

    The Cheese Thread

    Edam is made backwards.
  15. 3183 Dee

    Bernie Vince Retires

    He was injured!