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  1. 3183 Dee


    I agree - he looks like a tough nugget, touch of the Vineys in some of those tackles.
  2. 3183 Dee

    A History of afl.com.au

    The first game they covered was the Wizard Cup match between the Dees and St Kilda - the photo is post-match.
  3. 3183 Dee

    AFL lookalikes

  4. 3183 Dee

    AFL lookalikes

    Sam Frost Richie Cunningham
  5. 3183 Dee

    AFL lookalikes

    Melbourne’s number 9 Summer of 69
  6. 3183 Dee

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    So, so sad.
  7. 3183 Dee

    Official Nicknames

    That is a bloody good get!
  8. 3183 Dee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I think we still get short-changed from this.
  9. 3183 Dee

    Rumour File

  10. 3183 Dee

    The Cheese Thread

    I find this thread most haloumi-nating
  11. 3183 Dee

    The Cheese Thread

    Edam is made backwards.
  12. 3183 Dee

    Bernie Vince Retires

    He was injured!
  13. 3183 Dee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    If this transpires, it will 100% be on our terms. Freo are desperate and will need to pay overs. Hogan is one of the hottest key forward prospects in the comp, yet to hit his peak. If Freo want in, they’ll need to make sure Melbourne can get exactly what/who they want.
  14. 3183 Dee

    Optus Stadium

    A friend was over there on Saturday and says they call it 'The Craypot' locally. His main take-out was that it was incredibly loud and reckons it would have been pretty intimidating to play in. Sounds like it will become a fortress for the Weagles in the coming years.
  15. 3183 Dee

    Pies Gone Past Us ??

    Nobody has come from as far back as we have. Not even GWS as all their concessions put them way ahead of us. We were a broken down, basket case, shell of a club, which makes our resurgence all the more satisfying. This also means that we Melbourne supporters automatically have more soul than any of the others.