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  1. 3183 Dee

    Put your hand up if you started crying...

    I did - and so did my boy. I came to Australia for the 2006 season, my eight year old has never seen them in finals. He sobbed and I told him that this was why you stick with your team, even through all the bad times!
  2. 3183 Dee

    The song that describes how I'm feeling - Round 22

    Milkshake - Kelis
  3. 3183 Dee

    The song that describes how I'm feeling - Round 22

    Crash - The Primitives
  4. 3183 Dee

    The song that describes how I'm feeling - Round 22

    La Tristesse Durera - Manic Street Preachers
  5. 3183 Dee

    The song that describes how I'm feeling - Round 22

    Downbound Train - Bruce Springsteen
  6. 3183 Dee


    Thanks Clint - I’m not much of a golf fan, but I’ve followed Jarrod’s inspiring story through the media and obviously heard the news today. Never realised that he’s a Dee. Also, never seen that footage before - how good is his reaction : “You feckin’ beauty!”. Holding him and his family in the light.
  7. 3183 Dee

    Brayshaw Re-Signs Until 2022

    Thanks for the link, WB.
  8. Can’t send link as I’m in the car, but just had text from the club saying Gus Brayshaw has signed a 4 year deal! Happy days!
  9. 3183 Dee

    Name three good things

    Totally agree. It feels like we’re about to bust through a wall. As Goodwin said, we are “so close, it’s not funny.”
  10. 3183 Dee

    Melbourne Football Club kids clinic today

    Good on them - the MFC kids’ clinics are exceptional, in my experience. The players are fantastic with the kids and really engage with them.
  11. 3183 Dee

    Dangerfield Stages

    Totally agree - as I get to most Dees games, I don’t get to see the televised ones that often. That commentary team were GAGGING for a Cats win and Cameron Ling was the worst. Absolutely sick-making seeing his big cheesy head all over Tom Hawkins 10 seconds after the siren. For what it’s worth, I agree with Goodwin that we are so close to being a great side. I look forward to hammering Geelong to see the miserable faces of their looked-after superstar midfield, their arrogant coach and that boofhead Hawkins. [censored]!
  12. 3183 Dee

    GAMEDAY - Round 18

    [censored] off Cameron Ling you [censored]
  13. 3183 Dee

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Could have and should have beaten them. The inside 50s were like early on this season. We need to get cleaner. Good effort and intensity - Jetta and Viney huge. Fritsch did some sublime things. I believe we will still make finals. Terrible umpiring mistakes killed our momentum and gave Port clear advantage several times. Disgraceful.
  14. 3183 Dee

    Training - Tuesday 19th June, 2018

    Thanks for the report DZ - much appreciated.