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  1. That is an awesome idea. Look forward to hearing some of the Demonland greats in person - good luck!
  2. Not bad going - Lovett didn't quite make the cut, but pretty good otherwise. Any thoughts on this Saturday's lotto numbers?
  3. She was co-commentating the Doggies/Adelaide(?) Rd 1 game and said that she grew up barracking for the Demons.
  4. And 2007-2013 needs a clinical psychiatrist!
  5. 'zackly - Speak softly and carry a big stick!
  6. I'd also imagine that the fact he has made his contract decision has eased his mind a bit.
  7. I spoke recently to a family member of Jack Hutchins, who said that whilst it hadn't worked out at GC, he was determined to give it another crack, and if that meant going via the VFL, then he would do it. Hope he has another great year.
  8. Terlich was also delisted with M Jones and Grimes.
  9. Beat me to it: Ballantyne's is a Melbourne manufacturer of butter.
  10. That is a fookin classic! I thought Knifeduck was funny, but that's knocked it into a cocked hat.
  11. Don't agree at all - it sounds like damage limitation.
  12. Well, that's nice, dear. "As of yesterday afternoon" FFS!
  13. Not sure how I feel about this. Love Lewis's toughness and team first ethic, but too old now? Also, I know these guys are professionals, but I wonder how easy it is to drum up your enthusiasm for another club, when you've only got a couple of years left as a player. Still - kudos to whichever poster it was, who claimed we would be looking at a curve ball trade.
  14. Good news, baffled me when he wasn't included at times this year, as we looked better with him in. He's a good foil for Hogan and leads well at the ball. As a few have already said, players like Pedersen are vital to a good team.
  15. Pffft...not really bothered. A PP is not the answer as we all know. How many flags have Carlton won since their 3 PPs (Kreuzer, Murphy, Walker)? Much happier with the AFL getting us sorted with PJ and Roos. What's the old saying about buy a man a fish or teach him how to fish?