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  1. hardtack

    Round 15 Non MFC Games

    Rance should be playing in Russia!
  2. hardtack

    Hogan the Crumber

    Nothing good comes without a cost. Take one for the gipper SWYL.
  3. hardtack

    Hogan the Crumber

    Start a Change.org petition SWYL... I’m sure that’d carry more weight than a comment on a footy forum.
  4. hardtack

    Umpire Report

    I'm not saying that the free count was fair, they weren't consistently applied and that is something that is seen in ALL games (although at 30-24, a six free kick discrepancy between the two teams is hardly extreme)... however, I am saying that the idea that there is some sort of conspiracy working against the MFC is preposterous. We were our own worst enemies and that is down to the fact that we had almost double the number of 50 entries (68 to 39) and yet failed to convert them into scoring opportunities; there was nowhere near the number of frees against that could account for that. We should have been in an almost unbeatable position by half time.
  5. hardtack

    Umpire Report

    So you have no issue with the fact that we couldn’t turn those inside fifties into scores on our own merits? The umpires cannot be held responsible for our hopeless conversion rate.
  6. hardtack

    Umpire Report

    Absolutely laughable post. Take off your tin foil hat and ask yourself how we could lose that game with the clearances and inside fifties advantage we had. If our forwards had bothered to show up, we should have been far enough ahead for the frees to have had little to no effect on the final result.
  7. hardtack

    The Soccer thread

    The Colombian's was definitely a reflex action coupled with an arm going out for balance as he attempted to defend... I cannot believe that the VAR is utilised when it shouldn't have been (in the case of the Australia game and possibly the Korea game?), yet not utilised in the case of the Colombian send off when it probably should have been. It's an absolute joke and just one more reason to become more and more disillusioned with the (not so) beautiful game, never mind all of the diving that appears to have been taken to a new level (is that even possible?).
  8. hardtack

    2018 Membership Thread

    I hope you’ve offered to help spruik memberships outside the ground on Monday.
  9. hardtack

    11 Down, 11 To Go

    I’m glad we have a tough run home. If we are a serious finals chance, then I’d prefer we are exposed to other finalists than teams on the bottom half of the ladder; better than going in feeling too comfortable after a few more thrashing’s of also-rans.
  10. hardtack

    AFL 360 (30/5) - Riewoldt and Murphy

    We can only play the teams we run out against each week (cliched, I know), but the ruthlessness with which we’re doing it would seem to indicate we are probably top 4 material if not Premiership material.
  11. hardtack

    AFL 360 (30/5) - Riewoldt and Murphy

    The point I think the pundits miss is the fact the we haven’t just beaten teams below us, we have, in the past three weeks, wiped the floor with them. Adelaide may have been undermanned, but were they undermanned to the point where a 91point drubbing could be shrugged off? Name any other team in the comp who has crushed Carlton by over 100points. Name any other team who has an average combined winning margin over a three week period (that included travel) of something like 90points. They can play the weak/weakened opposition card all they like... it doesn’t change the fact that we are comprehensively doing away with opposition teams.
  12. hardtack

    Islam in the West

    And again I quote ProDee: "There needs to be a mature conversation not the shutting down of debate." Way to start a "mature conversation"... and as for that last sentence... refer to the first line of your quoted post.
  13. hardtack

    Islam in the West

    And further to your response to DaisyDeeciple, I find it interesting in light of your first sentence in the opening of this thread: "There needs to be a mature conversation not the shutting down of debate." DD's post was probably the most mature and level headed response in this entire thread, yet what do you attempt to do with your response?
  14. hardtack

    Islam in the West

    He addressed the fact that those practicing Islam in Islamic states are NOT all out to kill the infidels as you would have us believe. It addressed the fact that they are open to people of non-Islamic faith or background and it acknowledged that there are fundamentalists who would like to do us harm. It was, unlike what I've seen from you, a balanced view of Islam as practiced in the physical world of Islam. As DD suggested, don't conveniently bundle them all into one little compartment to justify your xenophobic tendencies; recognise those who would like to do us harm for what they are... fundamentalists who do not represent all of Islam... just as Fundamentalist Christians do not represent all of Christianity.
  15. hardtack

    Islam in the West

    Someone offers up first hand experience and you brush it off as "copy and paste"? Should we do the same with your posts ProDee; copy and paste from the Xenophobic's Handbook?