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  1. Apparently (according to a tweet I saw) Pearce, Paxman and Hickey were all rested for the last quarter; no idea if Collingwood did the same with their key players.
  2. Preseason Training Week commencing - 15/01/18

    Old jungle saying, “No matter your height, Phantom will always be taller!”. Oh, and that’s Mr Walker to you.
  3. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    Admittedly I haven’t read everything written on this topic, but is it public knowledge that the players involved definitely went to the AFLPA without trying other avenues first? Is it possible that they were left with no other option?
  4. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    The number of posts has nothing to do with it - seems you’re getting a little defensive there. I’m saying the fact that you make a general, sweeping statement that you know for a fact that the coach is far from happy, holds little water... so maybe if you could provide a little more, that would at least give it some credence. I think I’d put Gawn’s word ahead of anyone posting here, and having attended three training sessions while in Melbourne earlier this month, I saw (nor sensed) nothing to indicate that anything was awry. Spirits were high and they were, as they say, training the house down.
  5. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    I think you’ll find that unlike you and others, they have built a bridge and gotten over it.
  6. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    Unless you are going to provide more substance than that, you are just another of many on this site who have “the good mail”, but an empty letter box.
  7. Nuggets' Music Video's

    This, I think, is one of the best things I’ve heard for a long time...
  8. I haven’t tried it, but I would hope that by linking directly to the image, it should be embedded in the Demonland post and therefore you see it without going to Facebook (it could just be rather tedious for the person posting when linking to large numbers of images). The fact that there are a few who can’t view images in Facebook is the reason I post a Facebook link to the album as well as upload a subset of those images. But you won’t have to worry about Facebook for a while as my son and I are back home in Sydney now 😊
  9. As promised (and thanks to Demonland for increasing the quota for life members), here is the subset of Liam’s photos...
  10. Bugg and ANB seem to have formed a close bond
  11. And here are the last photos you will get from Liam via myself until we come back for round three (if we can make it for training that week). We hit the road towards Sydney and home, tomorrow. As usual the full set of photos can be found at the following link, and for those unable to access Facebook, a subset follows. https://m.facebook.com/tim.fleming.75/albums/1580660441969233 It appears I’m limited to just 1.63mb of file upload on Demonland 😟. Is there a maximum amount of data per person over a certain period, or is there some way I can circumvent this limitation? (when I uploaded images for Monday’s training it indicated I could upload up to 18+mb of files, now I’m limited to 1.6mb)
  12. On Wednesday they had Hogan and Hibberd working together separate to the main group before they left the session early (see my photos posted yesterday in this thread), but for the most part they seemed to be pitting backs against each other and forwards against each other... for example Wagner on Lewis, Frost on OMac, Kielty on Lever; perhaps in an effort to learn from each other.
  13. Where's Harrison Petty?

    You’ve got him, haven’t you... you and your Traveling Wilmoys!!
  14. No Jones, no Viney, no Joel or Tim Smith, no AVB... I expect they were doing gym work. Will be interesting to see who of them turns out to tomorrow’s open session.
  15. I love the t-shirt! For some reason it makes me think of the artist René Magritte.