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  1. Emily's dad was Syd Barrett.
  2. Or the Pat Cash b&w checkered headband.
  3. Such as yourself? If the appropriate medical specialists can irrefutably say that he is fit to play on, then yes, he may well decide to... however, I would not be relying on a club doctor's assessment.
  4. On the contrary, I would say we have done him (Bugg) a big favour. His dropping has obviously woken him up and he has responded in the best way possible.
  5. And Daniel Bell after 60 odd games had what appears to be permanent brain damage... don't put your desire to see him succeed as a player, ahead of Brayshaw's best interests. The doctors don't always get it right.
  6. I don't know, but I think I've seen her play.
  7. I think my response to Uncle Fester covered all of that. But on the subject of IP scans, I imagine they are easily circumvented these days with posting from mobile devices through a 4G network and a desk PC/laptop etc via a wireless network.
  8. Possibly Melksham (Hibberd to fill his spot)?
  9. And as was made clear from a point very early in this thread, the net was cast far and wide, just without a big fuss being made.
  10. I understand your point Fester and I am rare;y, if ever, motivated to make such a call... but in this case, I felt compelled due to the reasons I stated. Anyway, if my spider sense is wrong, then I'm happy to eat as much humble pie as can be shoved down my gullet. I'm actually with Dub Dee and the suggestion that this thread be locked...it is pointless.
  11. Not sure how you come to that conclusion. I was simply pointing out the coincidence in the time that two posters joined with seemingly the same agenda.
  12. I have stated why I believe the poster in question may be a troll (oops, there's that word again). Yes it's the mods job to make the final decision, but that does not necessarily mean that a member of the forum cannot make (and state) such an assumption.
  13. OP creates account 14 hrs ago, your account is then created just 4 hrs ago seemingly with the sole intention of supporting the OP's argument against Goodwin, even to the point of adding the ridiculous insinuation that there could be a link between Goodwin and Melksham's gambling fine (in fact in another thread you suggest Goodwin's presence should lead to more diligence with regards to the possibility of players gambling).
  14. Methinks we possibly have a troll here with multiple "accounts"?
  15. http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a25883/north-korea-cant-kill-ninety-percent-of-americans/