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  1. In which case Jetta must have done something terribly wrong as well...after all, he would be one of the first picked in any team we field.
  2. Yep, and Jetta refused to play in a show of solidarity with his one true captain.
  3. Having lost both parents to smoking, I consider $30 to be too cheap! The thing that I cannot understand is that armed with all of the knowledge that is now available regarding the dangers of smoking, why would anyone even consider taking it up... a seriously dumb decision. My parents and their generation could at least plead ignorance due to that knowledge not being readily available. Booze is probably priced right, but when you consider the amount of damage it can do directly and indirectly, maybe it is priced too low as well. There is talk of a tax on junk food and soft drinks, and I have no issue with that either. All of these things, smoking related cancers, obesity and alchoholism and hospitalisation of people indirectly affected by the consumption of alchohol (car crash victims, violence victims etc), place a lot of pressure on the public health system. The taxes are there to reduce consumption and ease the burden... unless of course you have any better suggestions as to how it can be effectively dealt with.
  4. I thought I read in a couple of places (Twitter, Facebook, here?) that Watts had some sort of thumb injury that occurred during the intra-club match and that he has his thumb in some sort of 'brace' (supposedly seen at the family day). Is there any truth to that? If so, wouldn't that go some way to explaining his omission?
  5. You're right Biff... and it's probably not beyond him to do that ;-)
  6. I get the feeling that they will persevere with JKH, otherwise, if not, it could be a lifeline for Harmes who might otherwise not have made the cut for Round 1.
  7. Geez, Nev's got a long arm!
  8. Apart from the fact that a "triplicate" would require every one of the three prmierships to be identical in every way, what would that technicality be?
  9. I'd like that premiership, in triplicate, on my desk first thing in the morning!
  10. Actually, it was Bush Snr and the Gulf War that really started things rolling...some described Dubya's invading Iraq as dealing with unfinished business.
  11. I could practically sense the foam and spittle forming around ProDee's mouth as he spat out that string of invective
  12. I have no problem with that as long as they don't go to the opposite extreme (if they are true... something that must be thrown into doubt now)... a certain amount of compassion must be shown. I don't want them to go the way of Trump and put a blanket ban on everyone just because they come from a particular country, particularly when he is not banning those from the only countries known to have committed acts of terror on the US mainland (all business related of course).
  13. I have not asked why 3/4 of the Syrian refugees in Germany were young men of fighting age because that figure tells us nothing in regards to the actual figures... how many arrive in Germany to begin with (Greece and Italy take far more refugees)? The figures I have seen indicate 75% are males, but not necessarily all are young males. One reason (and a reasonable one I would have thought) is that because of the treacherous/physically demanding journey they have to make, the fittest make the journey with a view to establishing somewhere for the rest of the family to join them later; obviously the younger men fit that bill. Of course some may be avoiding national service, but who could blame them when you see what is confronting them. It's not hard to understand why these people have fled when you see what the combination of ISIS, Russia, Syrian Govt forces and even the USA have done to their cities. No one is saying that it is Europe's "responsibility", but it certainly could be considered a moral obligation, I would have thought. These people fleeing did not bring these wars upon themselves and to my way of thinking are just as worthy of support as those caught up in natural disasters. You can call me a left wing [censored] if you like, but I'd rather that than not care at all.