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  1. They go,wild in western Sydney every night.
  2. The 3rd quarter is exhausting to watch...it's just relentless attacking footy by both sides. Brilliant stuff to watch!
  3. But if, as you say, he never went near the ball in an MFC jumper, surely you'd be happy he was gone.
  4. I thought it was a dip in a Lebanese restaurant.
  5. An astounding recovery considering the latest injury list posted in another thread had him with a shoulder and 11weeks away!!
  6. I knew there was a reason we should have held on to Sylvia!!
  7. Hopefully it will inspire them on to an emphatic victory... but sadly, it certainly didn't help in the case of Jim Stynes' passing.
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of the injury list being incorrect... Wagner may not really be 11 weeks away as they have somehow managed to attach Spencer's info to Wagner's name in the list.
  9. Thanks for that info... I had only seen the Perth paper's article which didn't go into any detail. I'm glad then that he had the opportunity to be with him... that will help the healing process greatly.
  10. Not to mention a few on here in the smoking thread. Does anyone know if he was able to be in Perth to say his final goodbyes? Having been in a similar situation when my father passed, I was fortunate enough to have some notice as to his deteriorating condition and was able to drive from Sydney to Canberra to be with him during his last hours. I hope Jesse was able to do the same.
  11. I thought Josh Wagner having recovered from his knee injury, fractured his thumb and would miss a further 4 weeks... now all of a sudden he's out for 11 weeks with a shoulder problem???
  12. Did someone copy and paste one of the many Jack Watts threads and do a gloabal replace substituting "Jesse Hogan" for "Jack Watts"?
  13. I don't know if an officially recorded version of this exists, but David Bridie's effort might fit the bill:
  14. Emily's dad was Syd Barrett.
  15. Or the Pat Cash b&w checkered headband.