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  1. No, they were already running all over us and Smith's injury just added to the despair we were all feeling at that time.
  2. In which case perhaps we'll be in for a re-enactment of Aldous Huxley's aptly titled essay "The Doors of Perception: Heaven and Hell".
  3. I agree for the most part AF, but Hickey has been the only ruckman to nullify Gawn (something that the new third man up rule will have no effect on) to the point where it cost us dearly. After watching Spencer in the JLT games, I believe he has the aggression (in my opinion) to quieten Hickey down. I will not be in the least bit surprised to see Spencer named in the 22... and if I'm wrong, well... I'm wrong Oh, and I haven't suggested that they rotate in the forwards... Spencer can come off the bench, Max move to the forwards for a spell and one of the forwards take a break. It's patently obvious that like most on here, I'm no great tactician, but I see no reason that it couldn't work.
  4. Usually I'd agree with you, but I would think that the season opener against Port in 2013, that we were expected to comfortably win but ended up losing by 79 points (prompting Neild to say "We didn't see that coming..."), was definitely season defining... it only got worse from that point on.
  5. I agree with those saying there is no real traditional rivalry existing any more... with the possible exception of the one game each year against the Pies on Queen's Birthday. I can however see a three way rivalry building between us, the 'Aints and the Bulldogs to be the dominant Victorian based team. All three have strong young lists now that are likely to be competing against each other for the next decade.
  6. I'd like Spencer to be played off the bench when and if Hickey is getting the better of Max. I could see Spencer's aggression phasing Hickey, allowing Max to come back in and take advantage.
  7. Was tweeted by Chris Cavanagh.
  8. CORRECTION: Saw should be "Saw"... don't you hate grammar nazis?
  9. My first thought was womens' AFL version of Tony Lockett.
  10. Why the angst? This is a guy who has not played, other than JTL, for over a year and is unlikely to make an immediate impact. I'm more interested to know how Jetta is tracking as I consider him more important to our prospects at this point in time. I'd be very surprised if we'd be seeing the best of Hibberd before next season.
  11. And so it's now discussed as if an official pronouncement has been made Gawn will no longer be a full time ruck... now THAT is MFCSS
  12. About 50/50 in the media with regards to our chances in round 1: http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-03-17/what-the-journos-think-about-melbourne
  13. I'm with TeamPlayedFine39 (above) on this. Since his back injury it wouldn't be unrealistic to expect that the team doctors send him off for scans following a few preseason hit-outs, just to satisfy themselves that Hogan is suffering no ill effects and will go into season proper fully fit... far better to be pro-active than reactive.
  14. Rattus Politicus
  15. To quote DeeSpencer: "The forwards where doing a drill where Chaplin kicked the ball up to 2 players from about 30 out and they both flew for the mark. Hulett came in from one side and shifted Watts in the air with his body and he landed pretty heavily on his shoulder." Now I'm going to play the pedant here and say that he did not push Watts aside and DeeSpencer certainly did not say any such thing. You will note that both players flew for the mark and that Hulett shifted Watts in the air. I would argue that once you are in the air, there is very little you can do to stop such movement happening as there is nothing for the player to get purchase on, and if Watts was higher in the air than Hulett, then he is going to be tumbled over. Stating that Watts was "pushed aside" makes it sound as though he was beaten in a contest of strength, and going by DeeSpencer's description, nothing could be further from the truth.