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  1. Bobby McKenzie

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    It's sad, but on last years form Jeffy would be an automatic selection. Don't know what happened to him this year. We could be greatly strengthened if he could regain his best.
  2. Bobby McKenzie

    Optus Stadium

    It was interesring to hear one radio commentator in the very one sided WAFL Grand Final comment on the number of players who lost their footing today and in RECENT GAMES at the ground. Is the surface more slippery than others? Didn't seem to be a problem for the Weagles though. Maybe they had boots better equipped for the ground. The lost footing and falling certainly cost us plenty yesterday. Must have happened three or more times which is not normal for our boys. Thoughts?
  3. Bobby McKenzie

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Calling us soft is a bad call. Were we soft in the previous 4 games defining our season? We just had a really off day which can happen to any team even Richmond. i wonder if many people like you would call the Tigers soft?
  4. Bobby McKenzie

    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    Collingwood for me.( Never thought I would be ever saying that but the fact is I really hate both with a passion.) My reasoning is the opposite of most. I live in Perth and if Weagles win I will hear about it for weeks and weeks just lke all my friends in Melbourne will do if Collingwood win. If Collingwood get home it will hardly be mentioned over here after a couple of days.Maybe be even less. I'm being selfish I know but you have got to live in Perth to experience the Weagles supporters gloating. Strangely enough, If it was Dockers v Collingwood I would have no hesitation in praying for a Fremantle win. They a second rate citizen with the local press. Weagles occupy the sporting pages much much more than their across town rivals. eg 'Eagles defender couldn't train due to blister on his little finger' etc etc. Maybe Weagles and Collingwood played extra time after extra time in the GF both sides will drop with exhaustion and the result declared null and void. Perfect scenario.
  5. Bobby McKenzie

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Melbourne Storm into Grand Final. Thought I must have overslept and missed a whole day in my life when I saw this headline on the ABC news this morning. I would love to see it again tomorrow morning with a small s in the word storm. Go Demons!!!!!!!
  6. Bobby McKenzie

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Feel sorry for Fritsch. He is already a quality player and will be a champion footballer in the future. I can understand Smith's inclusion however given the opposition.
  7. Bobby McKenzie

    My Melbourne highlights from Semi Final

    I just thought of another positive from our win against Hawthorn. By making the Elimination finals and thanks to the fixturing, either Collingwood or Richmond will be out of the premiership race BEFORE us. Isn't that a glorious feeling? For just for over half a day at least, we will in the top three. Let's hope by Saturday evening, we can be top two looking to be number ONE! Go the mighty Demons!!!!!!
  8. Bobby McKenzie

    My Melbourne highlights from Semi Final

    Maybe Gunston knew it was Jack moving in on him and he couldn't get his shot f or goal quick enough. Lucky he was wearing brown shorts.
  9. Bobby McKenzie

    My Melbourne highlights from Semi Final

    Agree 100 %. We bobbys must stick together.
  10. Maxy's fantastic mark in defence at the end. I was a bit worried for his wrist upon his landing though. Hibberd's chase preventing a Hawk goal. If his hamstrings have been a problem they are not now. Oliver's chase to earn a holding the ball decision. Viney's weaving and brute strength to twist andwork his way through a congested pack to deliver a great pass to Brayshaw. What a game from this relentless competitor. Brayshaw's fantastic mark in a pack. Pure courage personified. Melksham's absolutely effortless left foot snap from over 50 metres to allow us some breathing space. He does this often, He is a very powerful kick. Spargo's football brain and clever, creative play. He is so cool. Watching all those pre bounce smiles from the arrogant Hawks players disappear as the game progressed. You could almost hear them saying 'This mob is a pushover'. It must be great for Viney and Vandenberg to get real reward from all the rehab they did for most of the season. Those two and Jonesy must be feeling so proud at the moment. May they become even prouder still.
  11. Bobby McKenzie

    Herald Sun Brownlow Predictor

    Viney would have collected at least 5 more votes if the last two matches counted. What a gun he is!
  12. Bobby McKenzie

    Finals Week 2 - Non MFC Game

    I would love this. In finals over the years we have won 19 out of 20 times against Collingwood.
  13. Bobby McKenzie

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    What a truly gutsy win! One incident that typified our efforts was the incredible sprint by Hibberd to prevent the Hawks player having a certain goal by diving and smothering the ball/. I stood up and applauded loudly in my lounge room! Don't think he would have heard me though since I live in Perth. A couple of friends who follow the Weagles said to me before the game that they would sooner play Hawthorn in the prel final .Sorry guys ,you have got us.
  14. Bobby McKenzie

    Sam Weideman

    Me too , Sorry Sam I really didn't think you were going to make it. How wrong was I ? A truly brilliant game.