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  1. And add Eddie Jackson to that list. A dashing wingman in our golden years.
  2. When I saw the headline Nathan Jones I was hoping to read that he was no longer 3-4 weeks away and ready by next week. I read his comments and they were fair, straight shirtfronts that Jonesy executes on the field. Not a nasty criticism at all and one Bernie would agree with.
  3. 6. Hibberd 5. Jetta 4. Oscar 3. Petracca 2. Tyson 1. Frost
  4. And so did I. But we know Joeboy has a nasty hatred for Dom. Looking at the comments I would have expected a 150 poits thrashing. We appreciate your 3 word analysis Joeboy but this one was ordinary to say the least.
  5. And nearly made it 6 in a row! Bloody Magpies in '58.
  6. That's a fabulous photo. Where did it come from? I've got it as my desktop. looks great.
  7. Thanks mate. i only watched the last two minutes about ten times and still got my player wrong. Do you think it would have been paid if Lewis was in our forward zone?
  8. In the dying seconds with Eagles going forward the siren one second before Hibberd took his mark. i couldn't help thinking what if an Eagles player had marked. Would it have been allowed? Who cares now though.
  9. In the vital last two minutes we were a team possessed. I compared it to an attacking army who by sheer persistence knocked down the castle wall to destroy the enemy. Eagles only had to force a behind and they may have cleared but we didn't give them the opportunity. This is such a brave group of young players who will take us to the top sooner than we think. Bravo my heroes!
  10. Lets hope you have a win soon Jaded. We must break this Norf hoodoo.
  11. Eagles players always get off. No real surprise with Shuey.
  12. Has a role to play when Max is back. Must be retained in the side.
  13. 6. PETRACCA -what a gun! There are no limits to this kid's potential. 5. JONES- Great captain's game. 4. HUNT- See Petracca. 3. WATTS-Guts and more guts. 2. HIBBERD- What a recruit! 1. GARLETT- Fantastic forwards pressure and brilliant team player. So unselfish.
  14. Well done Jack watts to get fingertips on the ball in the nick of time.
  15. Phew! I didn't know they did two matches per round. Thanks for the information Watts2Hogan.