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  1. Yes, it reported that Jesse's dad saw him play in Monday's Richmond match at the G. My condolesces Jesse.
  2. In the last quarter Jeff Garlett had a run and passed to Hogan without success. He had plenty of clear space ahead of him so I wonder if he should have gone another 15 metres and had a shot himself.It would have given us a one goal lead and real hope. What do others think?
  3. Great comments mate. A true Demon through and through. I'm with you all the way.
  4. Hogan _ Mr Iron Hands! Watts- PROVED doubters wrong.
  5. 6. Hibberd 5. Hunt 4. Watts 3. Oliver 2. Petracca 1. Garlett
  6. We did on the last three meetings with Richmond.
  7. We have on our last three meetings with the tigers.
  8. What a lot of crap! The boys tried their guts out all night and they did play like Demons.
  9. No headband for Jayden in multicolours eh? Ridiculous! What if Eddie Betts or any other indigenous player chose to wear a headband in Aboriginal colours(Multi coloured of course)? If the AFL decided to ban this it would cause a major uproar with claims of racism and discrimination. Nothing better to do AFL?
  10. Agree. And wasn't it great to see him sling Rance like a rag doll. A much bigger player too.
  11. Good point america but think the doctor who claimed delayed concussion should have been the club Y one not Club X. Am I right here?
  12. Do Eagles players ever get suspended? Can't remember the last one. Le Cras gets off with a fine because of 'low Impact'. Because the player he collected to the head got up and played out the game it was classed as 'low impact'. Now, didn't the Hogan and Lewis 'victims' get up and play out the game? Problem was they were not wearing a blue and yellow jumper. Talk about inconsistent penalties.
  13. Maybe the spoil should have been directed AWAY from the Dockers goal NOT TOWARDS it. Finding the boundary line would have been better.
  14. We have improved greatly. Not a bruise free team anymore for a start and we have some really great young talent developing beautifully. We are a very exciting team to watch and we can more the ball from coast to coast most efficiently and effectively. I don't know what people are talking about when they say our kicking is poor. Hit targets yesterday. Maybe they are talking about our goal shooting.
  15. 6. Watts 5. Oliver 4. Spencer-A wonderful effort against the giant. Also it was pleasing to note that he didn't need to give JW too much ruck work. Has a tank. 3. Garlett 2. Hunt- so exciting and brave 1. Petracca