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  1. The media are on and off bandwagons remember st kilda. Let's just grind out a few wins. We have a hard road ahead.
  2. Time for a couple of fringe players to step up. Wagner will probably get a run with JKH as well. I went to the Swans game Friday night and they looked slow compared to the Bombers. I'm not sure why possibly the way they moved the ball. In any event I think the key to Friday will be keeping up our pressure and speed which is why Garlett is a big loss. I'd be looking for those two attributes from the two's ahead of mere possessions.
  3. 6 viney 5 tmac 4 Tyson 3 oliver 2 gawn 1 vince
  4. Speechless. Players down. Some missing but come back. An epic win. maybe the best win ever.
  5. Was at the game with a mate. Umpires were terrible. Swans didn't respond well to pressure which Essendon applied which means we are in with a big chance against them if we bring our pressure game. I must say I enjoyed the last two minutes it was ninthmondesq. Goddard was poor and Jobe can't kick longer than 40.
  6. Tips in tatters again after one game. A year where the draw may influence the final outcome considerably.
  7. Agree with this we can expect TMac in the ruck and Pedo up forward as well possibly all 3 rotating
  8. Love the sentiment here, which I share, but I hope the match committee don't share. If they think he is good enough great otherwise let's pick our best side for the West.
  9. like me....Thanks.
  10. As a non punter are the odds just reflective of the money actually placed or do they weight it at this stage for things like the ladder and an assessment of the draw?
  11. If ever there was a week we deserved another player in the team. Oscar is very unlucky. So is Watts who in 3 quarters had 16 disposals 5 tackles and 3 goals compared to the Darling who had 14, 4 and 2.
  12. I don't bet but ...... Seriously (they get a loading for the home ground advantage and for a good win over the cats) .....?
  13. Its not just you and he has form. It spoils the commentary and was distracting. We did get the rub of the green but that is often the case with the team that is playing better.
  14. I think we can put most bogeys to bed now. Goody is dismissive of them. We are a new team and will beat our foes on any given day anywhere.
  15. Lewis, Vince and Jones are at the end of proceedings so we need to have an eye on replacing them with a quality mid and possibly similar mature aged recruits. Our forward line is very make shift when we have injuries. We need a Garlett type replacement in the next few years and another KPF. Weed will develop but we need some depth. Our first stop is a quality mid.