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  1. Ah a back of the envelope job but what is the bit about the crows salaries? Nothing to see here.
  2. Damn stats....so misleading.
  3. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    5 points down 30 seconds to go Gawn marks at the 45, Frawley runs into the protected area, 50 mt penalty. Max runs down the clock. Bam 1 point win, karma.
  4. Be Patient with Lever

    A bit of common sense, the whole backline has been out of sorts.
  5. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 3

    6 Gawn 5 Hogan 4 Lewis 3 Bugg 2 Wagner 1 Kent
  6. Changes v North Melbourne

    yes, really ugly and yet nothing. His neck could have been broken. I am gobsmacked its just passed without comment.
  7. Changes v North Melbourne

    What did the AFL do about that tackle? It was very ugly. I think Lewis is affecting our back line balance (or at least something is) his role as sweeper is effectively what Lever did at the crows. I would have Lever and Hibberd marshaling and sweeping. If Hunt is injured we should rest him. We seem to have too many half back flankers. The number one priority is to address the fades we have which seem to be related to our centre clearances, the ball came out too quickly. Last week it was stemmed when Jones went into the middle and we looked a bit harder in there which is why we need Brawshaw if available. I like Bugg but if you cant kick you are simply not AFL standard. Surely we have a kicking coach who can drill a routine into him.
  8. Malthouse - head of AFL umpires

    Spot on. I am also tired of Ablett complaining about the attention he gets to the umpires. At least Channel 7 are onto it, every time a free is awarded against Geelong or Ablett doesn't get one they immediately cut to which ever Scott brother coaches Geelong who is pulling a shocked face.
  9. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    I liked Jack, was sad to see him go and would like him to do well (except against us) however the game against the swans was the first time I watched him without my Red and Blue glasses on. For the first time I saw what a lot of posters were talking about when he was with us. He will need to improve on that outing and Hinkley was being kind to suggest he added anything to their structure.
  10. Malthouse - head of AFL umpires

    In my opinion Selwood's technique of "drawing a free" by dropping his knees and raising his arm so that the tackle shifts neck high should not be rewarded with a free. Others may have a different opinion. However so long as its allowed others in the comp will try it. The whole point of the rule is to protect players from injury not encourage them to draw a tackle to their neck. So if Mick is against playing for frees good on him.
  11. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 2

    6 Garlett 5 Hogan 4 Jones (saved the game for us, went into the guts and showed the way) 3 Oliver 2 Petracca 1 OMac
  12. Name 3 good things

    I like this thread! 1. Our bottom 4 were hopeless (and can be replaced) but we stayed in the game even when we went to sleep (might be two points). 2. Our clearance work is good. 3. Our defence will not be that bad next week and thereafter.
  13. Post Match Discussion: JLT #2 vs St. Kilda

    I agree his disposal was not the best.
  14. Melbourne at the tribunal/MRP 2018

    Must be the wrong video.... That is unbelievable, my five year old daughter hits harder than that.
  15. Ablett may be sidelined for Round 1

    My guess is that he will only stay fit for half of the games this season.