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  1. 6Jones 5 Garlett 4 hibbert 3 Lewis 2 hannan 1 Anb
  2. Tmac is not a forward. We learnt that last week didn't we? Fortunately goody read my post and moved him to the ruck. Took too long to do it. When we get a few back we might just be a team.
  3. Move Tmac back he is no forward.
  4. No.
  5. No words. What a terrible and tough time for him and his family. Can only wish them the best. Here's hoping for a full recovery.
  6. I really think the Weed should be retained but concede he may be the one to give way for Hogan. If Hunt is an out i'd prefer Melksham to Harmes. He may be a better foil for Hibbert off half back. Anyone who is left out after that win would be mighty stiff.
  7. 6 Hibberd 5 Viney 4 oliver 3 frost 2 vince 1 Petracca
  8. Excellent the whole of 'land should read this. We are a puzzle piece or two and a few injuries away from having been 6 - 1. It explains why they were so keen on using Weed.
  9. Great piece by Mark Ricciuto. Absolutely a demon now and has been a great asset to us. Good luck for Saturday you will have two sets of supporters cheering your achievement which is a rare thing.
  10. Let me buck the trend, we are not as bad as some of the posts suggest. The game was lost in a couple of ways. Pedo tried hard but wasn't up to the task on the day. We allowed their ruck to drift in from the side too often. Why oh why did we take TMac out of the backline? Can Oscar play forward? He and Frosty took 7 marks each on the weekend. It would give us options including to run Watts through he ruck and middle more. Watts is a much better player when he is forced to work hard which putting him in the ruck has done. His second half was much better last week. Out: JHK, Hannan, Bugg. In: Kent Stretch and Trengove.
  11. I may sign up again just to try and be number 40,000. I have run out of family to sign up.
  12. It shows the enormous respect other footballers have for Jones I dont think there is any backhander there at all. "..... the footballing world watched Jones toil for years in a midfield where he had little support, as he cracked in contest after contest, often against bigger bodies and often against the odds." Other players may be called "Premiership player" but few have the qualities shown by Jones, he learnt from his early barging mistakes and went on to make the most of the skills he had been given. Whilst not "gifted" he has outperformed many who were blessed by the footy gods. He has been resilient and persistent. His effort and commitment to the Dees is second to none.
  13. The weak links were ANB, Bugg and JKH (and Jetts didn't have his best of days) and our kicking (and OMAc's usual hand pass to someone under pressure). I don't think Kent is ready yet so the only likely change is Stretch with Trenners coming in for consideration but the question is what role does he play? JHK had only one tackle with ANB and Bugg collecting 2 (Melksham 1 as well), we lacked forward pressure at some vital points whihc is a shame given we got it in to the 50 so many times. Out: ANB or JHK (flip a coin) (both if Hogan comes back) In Stretch.
  14. 6 Watts 5 Pederson 4 Oliver 3 Petracca 2 Lewis 1 T Mac (but oh the kicking)
  15. If true that he may not play for family health issues that is sad for him and his family. It may be in a state of flux. I thought he looked out of sorts in his last match and whilst not excusing his actions it may explain the brain fade. If there is an issue at home then it may be better he doesn't play.