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  1. I worry that Smith is more injury prone. I much prefer a settled side.
  2. Robbie57

    Finals Tickets

    if anyone has a spare near SECTION 145,ROW 14 let me know I have a newphew to get in.
  3. Robbie57

    Finals Tickets

    If they can see the IP addrees and assume that its one person trying multiple times
  4. Robbie57

    Finals Tickets

    got in then it crashed and wouldnt let me back in! another farce.
  5. Robbie57

    Demonland Player of the Year - Semi Final

    6 Viney 5. Hibberd 4. Jetta 3. Petracca 2. TMac 1. Gawn
  6. Robbie57

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    Just my two cents; this thread is a waste of time. He is a star and nothing (absolutely nothing ) suggests he is not committed to this group. We can use him anywhere on the field. As for the rumours (which i accept are being offered in good faith) from someone who knows a player, they have all the reliability of an MP saying I support my leader. Why would he go to Freo which is going to have years of pain and leave a club (and a group he has developed with) that is now playing finals? I also don't buy our forward line is better without him argument. Whilst he has been out our entire team and in particular our back half has been better which has enabled our forwards to be more functional. Had he been available he would have kicked a bag each week. The logic that he is not there therefore the whole team is better is just fundamentally flawed. (Same logic would apply to Lever). It fails to recognise that we have addressed other issues. We need players of his undoubted elite class not speculative picks.
  7. Robbie57

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    Back in hotel trip worth it. Dees fans everywhere. The boys believe and so do I.
  8. 6 Harmes. 5 brayshaw 4 Lewis 3 Jetta 2 weed 1 salem
  9. Robbie57

    3 Dees in 22Under22

    The only AA in the side and not captain? But I am biassed.
  10. Robbie57

    Finals Tickets

    from afl.com: "Since sales for the two MCG finals resumed, 40,000 tickets have been sold to Richmond and Hawthorn club members, while 25,000 tickets have been sold to Melbourne and Geelong members after sales resumed for that game later on Wednesday." Suggests there are at least 15000 more members tickets available.
  11. Robbie57

    Finals Tickets

    M35, M36 and then M37 appears to be in the MCC section so I think we will be amongst friends.
  12. Robbie57

    Finals Tickets

    Anyone still unable to get tix?
  13. Robbie57

    Finals Tickets

    We are in M36 so i think we will be surrounded by the red and blue.
  14. Robbie57

    Finals Tickets

    I have sent the following tweet to AFL and Ticketek: "It would be helpful to indicate if its to be today or tomorrow as people are waiting and will soon have to pick up kids, get on with life etc." Seriously unacceptable to leave people hanging all day.
  15. Robbie57

    Finals Tickets

    Sen news says they will go on sale this afternoon with times to be announced: take that with a grain of salt. Would be smarter to do it tomorrow and the next day.