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  1. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    Throw up all the excuses in the world but North are making a mockery of our inability to score last week.
  2. Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    I guess it's a matter of how often it happens to particular teams. Carlton isn't the most flattering team to be sharing a sentence with.
  3. Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    I don't trust them in terms of within games or week to week, though I still think we'll play finals this year. Perhaps foolishly on the evidence of Sunday afternoon. Certainly I don't see talent on the list being an issue anymore. It's now a matter of coaching, structures, mindset etc. All of which is now under the microscope. Supporting this club is one monumental mindf***.

    Any chance of kicking a goal or...
  5. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    Have seen the game and though he won’t be dropped after kicking four goals, Buggy made quite a few simple skill errors that could’ve been costly against a greater opponent. I say that as a Bugg fan and I believe they are things he is capable of tidying up. But he needs to do so, otherwise it sounds like a bloke called Harley Balic is putting his hand up in the twos. Still, our record with Bugg in the side this season is two from two
  6. Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    At a bucks party so have only seen stats. Buggy four goals. Welcome back Dean Kent. Lewis worthy of a spot? Cmon you demons!
  7. Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    I was going to say Pedo is stiff. I think I’ll go with Pedo is unfortunate.
  8. Will we break the hoodoo?

    I hate the players talking about it. It builds it up into an event beyond its worth. Play them on their merits and we win the game. Simple. I've moved beyond caring about the streak being over. I care much more about the four points than ending the streak.
  9. Jeff Garlett, give him some love.

    He's a bloody star. His performance didn't go totally unnoticed in the media. Robbo gave him some love on 360 last night, including a laugh at Carlton's expense.
  10. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    On other forums, placing the OP on ignore would make the thread disappear. Which I would gladly do if that worked on here. Anyhow I doubt it’s going anywhere so I look forward to having this thread taking prime position on a Demons forum after every single Port match.
  11. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Meanwhile, there’s this thing called a thread list where a thread gets bumped to the top of the page every time someone posts in it, thereby acting as a constant reminder of a now ex player that has already been discussed ad [censored] nauseum. A tip on how online forums work. For the simple minded.
  12. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    This thread needs a mercy killing from the mods. Some dingbat will bump it every week to either bemoan or cheer his departure. Talk about self flagellation. He’s gone. Can we not end the obsession now?
  13. Clarry better start than Judd?

    I think the comparison with Judd is mostly on the basis of impressive starts to a career. The same was done with Bontempelli who is obviously a different type of player again. Oliver’s Brownlow tally this year will be interesting to say the least.
  14. Changes v North Melbourne

    I can’t believe some people are suggesting Melksham be dropped. Like, what? On another day he’d have kicked three goals and was in the top 6 for contested possessions behind Jones, Oliver, Trac, Hogan and Garlett. If you include the end of last season in his form line he’s been of our best players. Amother pearler is Weideman coming in for Pedersen off the back of two goals in what was essentially a training drill against Frankston.
  15. Clarry better start than Judd?

    At least he’s realised his mistake but it’s a crazy one to make in the first place.