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  1. Almost felt sorry for JKH. Complete mare on the back of which he has to go. O Mac is a somewhat reluctant in allowing Frost to share ruck duties with Pedo who comes in for Smith. Bugg's performance almost demands selection. Someone in that kind of form needs to be playing. In: Pedersen, O Mac, Bugg, Lewis Out: Smith, Spencer, JKH, Melksham
  2. 6. Hibberd 5. Hunt 4. Oliver 3. Petracca 2. Frost 1. Watts
  3. Never leave again Frosty.
  4. I can't make my mind up on ANB. He's a mixed bag. Every time I think I'm a fan he does something VFLish. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.
  5. Hibberd is class.
  6. I love this fixture. Has developed a really special feel to it.
  7. Amazing response from Buggy.
  8. I'm not married to Trenners for Bugg. It's no mystery that I'm a Bugg fan, even though I recognise his limited weaponry. Would be happy seeing him shushing the Tiger rabble again. I am however mindful of Casey reports singling out Trenners for his decisionmaking and skill execution. Notably ahead of other AFL listed players. The F50 entry kick remains an issue for us so he could be a useful addition in the forward half. He may also want to show his one time potential employer what they missed out on
  9. I'm happy to bring in two obvious ins and two strong performers in the VFL. Pedo especially deserves his chance. In: Hogan, Hibberd, Trengove, Pedersen Out: Weeder, Melksham, Bugg, Hannan If Melksham keeps his spot this week I think that's a bad sign. He's not good enough to be a coach's favourite.
  10. Questioned the decision at the time and his form certainly hasn't swayed me from that position. It's however a good sign that we could easily be 4-0 with arguably our best mid playing terribly.
  11. Rec drugs is more West Coast's territory. So far more concerning. lol @ all this fuss over having a dart at a music festival.
  12. Signs are looking promising
  13. Extremely sad. A brilliant man. One of the true kings of comedy.
  14. It's obviously disappointing to kick ourselves out of it but the fact is that we bossed that game for two quarters and didn't have enough gas left in the tank to chase a game we should've already locked away. I'd much rather be in our position than the Cats at this point. This is a very exciting side we've assembled. Jones is a star and Hunt was brilliant for most of the day, but special mention should go to Nibbler and Oliver with 8 tackles apiece. It was the defensive pressure that led to so many scoring opportunities. It would be quite funny if Etihad became the ground where we produce our best footy.