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  1. I can see how the OP was taken aback at how forthright Jones was in his comments. I was too. He did however stop short of it being a throwing under the bus exercise, and ultimately I don't think Bernie would give two shits. He would cop it sweet on the chin much the same as Eddie Betts did from his stray elbow. I quite like the physical edge to the team atm. A bit of ugliness comes with that. We are developing an unsociable reputation which frankly is music to the ears after more than a decade of being the skinny kid in the schoolyard. That said, Bernie is a repeat offender and the time to pull his head in with this stuff arrived a while ago. He deserved a spray from the captain, public and private.
  2. 6. Lewis 5. Hunt 4. Hibberd 3. ANB 2. Oliver 1. JKH
  3. I'd separate ANB from the others. He's going to be around for a while I think.
  4. Not the worst idea, although it would be contingent on who comes back. Dom and Viney coming back provides the luxury of Trac going forward. Overall though I'd leave Hoges forward. He was getting into good positions, he just wasn't holding his marks. They were starting to stick by the fourth quarter.
  5. A lot of wrist slashing for mine. Comments on ANB and O Mac are particularly harsh. They were both fine. ANB is using the ball a hell of a lot better and it stood out. I actually thought he was in our top five or six players on the night.
  6. Our tackling game has been pretty good all season but it was well off tonight which combined with the fumbling was one of the big differences between the two sides. The Crows were much cleaner in the conditions and stuck their tackles at important times. The apparent inability to tackle Walker was especially frustrating. The amount of space they were allowed in their forwardline was a concern and their speed of transition played a big part. We got smashed on the rebound often through the corridor. Again this was uncharacteristic so hopefully it was just an off night in that regard and will be helped with the return of some top liners. Forward entries were particularly poor although at times there didn't seem to be anyone to kick to anyway. JKH and Melksham had decent games but were two of the man offenders along with Pedo. Frost played his worst game of the year by far and his individual errors were costly. Seemed like he was playing outside of his limitations. Nibbler is really going from strength to strength. He's cementing his spot now. Oscar still has some development to go but he's looking more assured. Hunt goal was a season highlight and probably the best individual effort of the night. All in all some negatives that haven't been part of a pattern this season, and some of the players to come back will be very welcome returns. As for the "home" support. What a joke. Vastly outnumbered yet again. It would want to make a lot financial sense because it's a failure on pretty much every other front.
  7. Why is no-one on the goal line?? What a gift.
  8. How cocky is Hunty lol. The casual celebration. Gotta love the kid.
  9. Why do they have acres of space in our defensive 50? Bizarre.
  10. See above.
  11. God that's so poor from Pedo
  12. Milkshake wowee
  13. Jesus lol
  14. Ugly stuff.