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  1. P-man

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I’m a bit disappointed he was having tea and scones with Fyfe and Lyon while the season was still alive, but I won’t boo him. That being said, I don’t see the big deal about booing ex players as a general rule. It’s all a bit of pantomime fun regardless of who it is.
  2. P-man

    Pass Mark 2019

    Top four and prelim. I’ll begrudingly be happy with a 5-8 finish if we go on to win the flag 😎
  3. P-man

    2019 Fixture

    It’s a difficult draw but I legitimately fear no other side. It’s a weird feeling.
  4. P-man

    Rating the 2013 Draft (afl.com)

    I think the aim was to have enough Irishmen to field a Gaelic football side in case the AFL thing didn’t work out.
  5. P-man

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    Frost deserves more credit for tidying up his disposal by foot this season. How temporary it will be remains to be seen but there was a marked improvement. Assuming we have a few games to wait before Lever returns then hopefully we get an early indication as to who is more deserving to keep their spot out of Frosty and Oscar. I’d wager the coaches will favour Oscar.
  6. P-man

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Far too young. RIP.
  7. P-man

    Rating the 2013 Draft (afl.com)

    At pick 13. A great pick up yes but Cripps and Docherty aside, check out the rest of their haul: Luke Reynolds, Cameron Wood, Blaine Johnson, Heath Scotland, Ciaran Sheehan, Ciaran Byrne, Cameron Giles, Nick Holman, Dale Thomas, Andrejs Everitt. Yikes.
  8. P-man

    Rating the 2013 Draft (afl.com)

    I also can’t help but think that if Carlton absolutely nailed the draft in 2013 they wouldn’t be a total basketcase on the field in 2018. But maybe that’s an oversimplification 😁
  9. P-man

    Rating the 2013 Draft (afl.com)

    I take your point but the reality is we were going to take Billings. So in the real world, we wouldn’t have Kelly instead. We’d have Billings. Of course that in and of itself would have been a blunder so it’s fair to downgrade as a result. But at least acknowledge it to be the case. Saying it is “essentially Tyson and Salem for Kelly” is misleading and incomplete analysis. i think 7 is a fair rating when looking at the other club ratings, although there is a lot of creaming in pants over Sicily as the “steal of the draft”, whereas Harmes is almost mentioned in passing. That too doesn’t quite add up.
  10. P-man

    Rating the 2013 Draft (afl.com)

    You’d expect a professional AFL writer to be aware that the club intended on picking Billings, not Kelly, which turns the debate on its head. It’s not as though it’s a well kept secret. That information is in the public domain and has been for years now. Again, maybe my expectations of people who get paid to research this stuff is too high. Or maybe they are being deliberately obtuse. Either way, it’s poor journalism.
  11. P-man

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    Fritta must play. We need decent kicks and whether it’s wing or half forward, he brings that to the team. I don’t mind so long as he’s in the forward half of the ground. Hannan to make way and that would be my best side provided KK can impress in pre-season. Stretch will also be one to keep an eye on. Was looking like things had clicked before his injury.
  12. P-man

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    He’s a big May fan from memory. Unsurprisingly. May has a healthy dose of mongrel in him.
  13. P-man

    Trengove to Debut for Port

    He wasn’t given much of a chance. Feel for him after working so hard to get back imto the system. Still, he played 10 more AFL games than you or I.
  14. P-man

    Official Nicknames

    From the pocket profiles on the club website. Fritsch: Fritta, Bayls Petracca: Trac Gawn: Dougy T-Mac: ....T-Mac Spargo: Spargs, Chuck Brayshaw: Stallion, Ticker, Rooster (not sure if this is Gus taking the [censored] on his profile) Some other well known ones: Hibberd: Pig Oliver: Clarry Neal-Bullen: Nibbler Kennedy-Harris: Jay Kay
  15. P-man

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Knowing he was in discussions with Fyfe and Lyon last year places a full stop on this for me. He has had one foot in Freo for some time. That was always suspected but it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt now. He’s a Fremantle player who once played for Melbourne. Good luck to him. Time to move on.