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  1. Keen on retaining that title aren't you mate?
  2. Nibbler, ANB, or as Danny Frawley calls him, "Bullen". At the risk of putting the mozz on him, I'm excited by this fella. All his stats are trending upwards after a signficant step forward last season. As an elite runner and steadily improving his all round game he could become a valuable long term asset in the midfield. Historically he has split opinion, although majority view has been "useful foot soldier". I'm interested in how posters view him on the back of quietly impressive 2017 season. How do you see him progressing next season? More importantly, what is his eventual ceiling?
  3. Can't find the 2016 thread. Here's the 2017 one:
  4. Place your predictions for any individual or the team as a whole, good or bad, for season 2018. Closest to the pin with their quality and quantity of predictions will win the heralded Demonland Crystal Ball. Previous DCB winners 2016: wretched.sylph 2017: ding
  5. Dom Barry

    Picked up by Port with pick 61. Best of luck to him, ripper young fella, In other new, Port apparently view us as a feeder club.
  6. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    Interesting read, cheers. Re Balic, I've placed him as High scope for a few reasons. First is the amount of football he's missed due to a wrist injury which wiped out his entire first year. Talent aside, he has played just the four games in two years so he's barely scraped the surface as an AFL player. His first run around the oval trailing the rest of the pack shows he is yet to acclimatise to an AFL environment and standard. Second is how highly he's rated by pretty much anyone familiar with him. Phantom drafters. Fremantle fans (granted they were sorry to lose Michie as well, but they seem more sorry about Balic ). Mahoney has said the club has always rated him very highly since the 2015 draft. Finally he has the look of a good player in the making. His basketball background shows with his spatial awareness and smooth moving. Even with limited opportunity he has shown he's a goal kicker. Ovviously it is still speculative, but when you combine those three factors I'm comfortable placing him as High scope. 2018 will tell us a lot more about the player we have acquired.
  7. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    All reasonable calls. I think we've seen what Viney's best looks like already, as in individual games. It's a matter of him stringing 15-20 of them together in a season or consecutive seasons. In that sense he does have another level to go to, but I think we know what his best or certainly close to his best football looks like. Oliver is difficult to place because it begs the question, how much better can he actually get given he's performing at such a ridiculously high level already? I'd be happy placing him in high scope, but God help the rest of the comp if he's only tickling the surface now. Hunt can and will improve but needs to further tidy up his kicking and I'm unconvinced of the extent to which he can do that. He's a weapon no doubt but I have him medium as I think he will always be dangerous, but untidy. O Mac is still very raw. He frustrates like only a McDonald can do, but if he continues on the developmental arc he's on I think he'll become an A grade defender. Just needs time. More size. More awareness. More confidence. i like the romance around Vanders and as a fellow Canberra product I'd love him to turn into Clint's vandenFyfe or Ox 2.0, but at this stage I think it's unlikely. He has improvement in him no doubt, and he has assets which should see him remain on the list. Kent I would possibly change to low scope in retrospect. That said, he is capable of much better than what we saw this year. And I doubt we've seen his best. Stretch was a major disappointment in 2017, but he's still young. I place him into medium partly because the kid has the drive to be great. When you're a mentor for Oliver at his age, you've got something going. I'm a JKH believer. We're a dying breed but there's still a few of us left
  8. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    Cheers. Interested to know what changes you'd make/who you'd slot differently, i realised I left out Filipovic and Tim Smith but can't edit posts after a certain time.
  9. Top 10 individual seasons last 30 years

    Nathan Jones, 2013 - In a 2 win season, his support in the midfield comprised of a barely interested Colin Sylvia and Jones of the Matt variety. Still, he busted his guts every week giving Demons fans everywhere a reason to keep believing in brighter days ahead. B and F. No All Australian selection. A tonne of respect.
  10. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    Players who are best 22 and have reached their potential (7) Jones Lewis Hibberd Jetta Pedersen Garlett Melksham Players who are best 22 and have not reached their potential (15) Low Scope for Improvement (5) Gawn Viney Tyson Frost T Mac Medium Scope for Improvement (6) Oliver Lever Hogan Harmes Hunt Neal-Bullen Large Scope for Improvement (4) Brayshaw Petracca Salem O Mac Players who are not best 22 and have not reached their potential (12) Low Scope for Improvement (2) Bugg vandenBerg Medium Scope for Improvement (6) Hannan Kent Stretch JKH King Johnston Large Scope for Improvement (4) Weideman Balic Maynard J Smith Players who are not best 22 and have reached their potential (2) Vince Wagner
  11. So this was a thing. After scanning through some admittedly slim pickings, I've landed on a winner: Congratulations to @ding the 2017 Demonland Crystal Ball winner. I think you should treat yourself to a membership renewal to celebrate (). Stay tuned for the 2018 version and your chance to win this auspicious title.
  12. 2018 Membership Thread

    Seems likely mate. At least up until reports of houses coming down on the training track.
  13. 2018 Membership Thread

    I'll be renewing but they can bloody well wait. Couldn't muster up a win against a hopeless North from two attempts. Couldn't muster up the prunes to beat a second string Collingwood to give the supporters one measly finals appearance. Meanwhile Richmond, [censored] RICHMOND, plodded their way to a flag on the back of household names like Nathan Broad - a bloke I had not heard of until he snapchatted a stranger with his premiership medallion between her jugs. Yeah, last season still stings.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Where did I say I believed him?