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  1. P-man

    Training - Monday 14th January, 2019

    Holy hell, Preuss is a monster.
  2. P-man

    Afl.com’s best midfield

    Richmond second? Please. I wondered why they didn’t list the rankings of their midfield last season. For good reason. 8th for contested possessions and 17th for clearances. 17th! Shane Edwards being All Australian is simply testament to the dodgy nature of the AA selection process.
  3. P-man

    Tim Smith v Cam Pedersen

    I was and am a Pedo fan as I think most here are, and he wasn’t always treated fairly at the selection table, but his time was up.
  4. P-man

    Inside the top 4 picks video - vomitous

    Have only heard bad things about the new format and can now see why. Carlton sitting there for 5 minutes while Sam Walsh twiddled his thumbs was idiotic. Seeing the head coach read out the player’s name and handing them the jumper was a great feature and that’s been stripped as well by the looks. Now it’s just Gil meandering on and off stage? How inspiring. They make sme odd decisions.
  5. Here we go again lads and ladettes. Time to place your predictions for season 2019, i.e. how easily will we win the flag next year? Just kidding. There’s a chance we’ll be runner up I guess. Any success. Any failing. Any accolade. Any controversy. Be as optimistic or pessimistic as you like. This is a safe space for sad sacks. Closest to the pin with their quality and quantity of predictions will win the much coveted, much desired, much craved......okay maybe not craved....Demonland Crystal Ball. PREVIOUS BALL HANDLERS 2018: Skuit 2017: ding 2016: wretched.sylph
  6. P-man


    Back off you lot. I saw her first 👿
  7. P-man

    AFL Draft review: Melbourne

    “With his run and endurance Sparrow will be of great value to the Demons who already have a star midfield with Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca and Nathan Jones in the middle” Unrelated but these kinds of statements intrigue me. In naming our top three midfielders they’ve managed to leave out two of the top three in Brayshaw and Viney.
  8. One of the strangest press conferences I’ve seen. Three minutes of questions about life on the farm with a football related question thrown in at the end. You’d swear they’d never met someone from the country before.
  9. P-man

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I’m a bit disappointed he was having tea and scones with Fyfe and Lyon while the season was still alive, but I won’t boo him. That being said, I don’t see the big deal about booing ex players as a general rule. It’s all a bit of pantomime fun regardless of who it is.
  10. P-man

    Pass Mark 2019

    Top four and prelim. I’ll begrudingly be happy with a 5-8 finish if we go on to win the flag 😎
  11. P-man

    2019 Fixture

    It’s a difficult draw but I legitimately fear no other side. It’s a weird feeling.
  12. P-man

    Rating the 2013 Draft (afl.com)

    I think the aim was to have enough Irishmen to field a Gaelic football side in case the AFL thing didn’t work out.
  13. P-man

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    Frost deserves more credit for tidying up his disposal by foot this season. How temporary it will be remains to be seen but there was a marked improvement. Assuming we have a few games to wait before Lever returns then hopefully we get an early indication as to who is more deserving to keep their spot out of Frosty and Oscar. I’d wager the coaches will favour Oscar.
  14. P-man

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Far too young. RIP.