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  1. I agree with those who view them very differently. Dunn gave us great service, his investment in the club couldn’t be questioned, and he was respectful in his departure even while being pushed out. On the flip side, Howe did everything but urinate on the door as he left. He couldn’t contain his glee at joining the filth. The fewer times I can see his dopey grinning mug the better.
  2. If they had won and missed out on percentage purely due to the joke conference set up, that also would’ve sucked. At least this way there are no what ifs. Soundly beaten by what you’d expect to be the eventual premiers. With Daisy back next season they can have a real tilt at it..
  3. Frosty is the only real wingnut in the side. I’m betting it’s not him 😁 Maybe May or Gawn.
  4. That’s the side I want to see lining up. I like the added versatility of Vanders and Hunt in the 22 especially if Hunt can reinvent himself as a forward. It’s amazing what a difference it makes seeing Melksham on the teamsheet.
  5. Second quarter fightback was promising but we’ve been comfortably second best in both games.
  6. Thanks mate. I felt it needed to be said.
  7. Fantastic few minutes from J Smith.
  8. Could have so easily been 9 or 10 conceded.
  9. Nibbler has been awful this pre season. No other way to dress it.
  10. Yeah I was referring to Hudson.
  11. That’s pretty reckless to report Viney limped off if it isn’t true.
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