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  1. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    He no longer has a role back there are better available. Its either mid or Casey IMO I agree he has to make the grade Time will tell
  2. Not the Youngest/Least Experienced Anymore ...

    Sue I was merely referring to some on here that use it as an excuse not reality Not sure about hairy chested comment. You may be hirsute but me, I am a clean skin and I can only wonder at the link between hairy chest and tough.Anyway you seem to know so I defer absolutely.
  3. Not the Youngest/Least Experienced Anymore ...

    Rackham you are so right!!!! Many on here have used it as an ongoing excuse for lack of heart and determination NO MORE EXCUSES DEES
  4. Lewis to train with the Backline

    I am yet to be convinced that Salem has earned a position in the first 18 I hope he does this year barring injury Still something missing in his game for me.Needs to make a statement early in the season by being in the top players using the skills we know he posseses and hurting the opposition.
  5. I take your point George I thought the strategy being discussed was geting out of the Pokies business so sell the licenses off 30 million could be rolled again a few cycles and we woultdhavesignificant investments should beable to nett 7 to 8 % in this marketwith low risk
  6. 170 cm is midget who doesnt know that?
  7. Are we getting complacent?

    This is no premiership list mentally fragile Cant win clutch games Fall apart under pressure Lets wait and see OK?
  8. hayes will be better such a poor choice
  9. Wont figure in the future pick wasted
  10. OOOOO hh Great another pick that will take a few years Just what we neeed wow over whelemed\
  11. still believe developing Benleigh is a real option should be able to nett about $30 million less current debt if done properly worth consideration
  12. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Not sure Salem will make it any better or easier. The whole team lacks the confidence to attack the goals, this and the slow speed of our decision making into the 50 contributes greatly to our lack of conversion I would hate to be a melbourne forward trying to work out where and how the ball might come in Total confusion..
  13. What constitues other income in light blue? Seems very significant in West Coast and Freo and paltry in the case of Melbourne
  14. The club I believe will never be a powerhouse in terms of absolute numbers mcc membership and older demographic works against us combined with missing 2 or 3 generations of young supporters so I agree we must increase the return per member how you might do it is perplexing If this is so then we will have to be much smarter than we have been to achieve it I agree Diamond Jim the club has a glut of marketing issues to deal with including the perception that it is a club suppoted by toffs and big business that is as we all know completely false
  15. There is nothing on the MFC agm agenda regarding this I wonder if the club has a plan post pokies Me I would develop the land at Bentleigh for a profit while prices are sky high and invest for a good quality cash flow from earnings what profit do we earn from poker machines anyhow?