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  1. jackaub

    Watts Dropped from Port

    Mate they failed themselves Always up to the indivigual just very very poor selections by a management looking for mesiahs and solutions to poor cultures thank god that is over with Goodbye jackie
  2. jackaub

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Port looks pretty confident to me This game will be very hard for the Fees now
  3. jackaub

    Ladder predictor

    PA had as win now loss 8/5 SK JUST A WIN 9/5 Freo loss 9/6 WB loss 9/7 GEEL JUST A WIN 10/7 ADEL WIN 11/7 SUNS JUST A WIN 12/7 SWAN LOSS 12/8 WC LOSS 12/9 GWS WIN 13/9 Also hard to see big % games in our wins so maybe only percentage gets us in Still optimistic though
  4. jackaub

    Ladder predictor

    No John we just lost the crucial match V Collingwood was a must win if we wanted to figure in September Even more disappointing we lost 10% in the bargain Won't get a better chance 15/7 to me is wildly optimistic 13/9 miss out on percentage Losses PA and GWS
  5. jackaub

    We could miss finals with 13 wins

    Don't disagree but I think Hawks with a good run home will take our spot No September action for us once again Ohhhhhh Dear🤐
  6. jackaub

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Richo cant slide due to the knife protuding from his back and the Wad of dollar bills in his back pocket
  7. jackaub

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    Very good Sue Hahahaahaha I always wondered.
  8. jackaub

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    The president has said Richo has the boards' full support. Usually means the decision has already been made and they are planning the execution.
  9. jackaub

    Dom Tyson

    His disposal under pressure hasn't been good enough to date to have him down back Hard to know where to play him based on his output this year
  10. Exactly sbf we have to smash CW midfield and win the clearances We do that all game and our defences will be good enough I would like Joel Smith or Frost to take the vacancy We must concentrate on the midfield battle to win
  11. jackaub

    GAMEDAY - Round 11

    Me to DW cant wait to see Jonesy chaired off as winner and BOG
  12. jackaub

    Stats-file 2018

    Wonderful analysis Skuit Thanks for that. We bring our A game and it should be a good win
  13. jackaub

    What’s really changed since our last loss?

    Don't know why it took 6 rounds to work out we were pressing to far up the ground Blind Freddy could see it wasn't working and contributed to congested packs forming and leaving us vulnerable on turnovers They have adjusted and now There is space and opportunity
  14. jackaub

    Stats-file 2018

    Wow we are a very even team across all stats and more even than I feel the lid loosening 😊