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    The Jesse Hogan Panic Room - all contract talk here

    If we can get T Mitchell and and a replacement CHF (say Vickery) for a trade with Hogan, I would be happy. Then we just need Weid and Hulett to continue a strong development and we will be in a good position. We'd need to keep Dawes and Pedo as back ups. Hogan to Freo. First round pick from Freo to Swans. 2nd or 3rd round pick from Freo to Tiges. Mitchell and Vickery to Dees. Perhaps we could get an extra pick in there too. That'd work?
  2. Kaiser Bill


    Tom reminds me of Zac Dawson in many ways, but to be fair, he is probably a better player than Zac. Tom can be a solid defender... Actually, make that; He IS a solid defender. But as soon as he gets the ball, we all hold our breath as he often turns it over leading to an opposition goal. His best bet is to go long to the boundary in most circumstances. I hope we keep him but don't pay 'overs' for him.
  3. Kaiser Bill

    Patrick Dangerfield

    I'm optimistically hoping that defeating Geelong has made The Dees a more attractive option for Dangerfield next year. I think PD has said something about preferrring to join a successful club, so at least we have shown a bit of potential to be that club and I think we will have a few more wins by year's end. Geelong had been the front runner to sign him so beating them helps and hopefully shows they are on the way down.. It doesn't look like Adelaide is leaving much space for him in their cap so I anticipate the move back to Victoria should happen. maybe Bernie can be an influence too? I rate Patrick Dangerfield and think he could easily take the spot of one of our second tier midfielders. He would slot in nicely alongside our 'A Graders'. I hope we really push to get him and wondered what other opinions are out there.
  4. Kaiser Bill

    18th team - What name ?

    On the GWS webite I voted for a green and blue team to be called rangers
  5. Kaiser Bill

    Jack Watts

    ... A bit visceous. I never leave posts because so many people like you make scathing attacks on the opinions of others. For example I like Watts and expect he will be great. Yet he is prone to criticism because he was a no.1 pick and has not shown the public why yet. Lets keep debate constructive
  6. Kaiser Bill

    Best 22

    Big call not including Rivers in selected team. He'd be in my top 10
  7. Kaiser Bill

    Best 22

    I guess Martin is useful as a backup ruckman / Key position.
  8. Kaiser Bill

    Best 22

    Based on a few glimpses of what our players are capable of. Here is my best 22 list, with a view of playing young guns to get more games into them. B Cheney Warnock Frawley HB Rivers Garland MacDonald C Bruce Moloney Morton HF Davey Bate Green F Sylvia Watts Jurrah FOL Jamar Jones Grimes INT Petterd McDonald Trengove Strauss Emg Johnson Scully Wonaeamirri wow. it's hard to fit everyone you want in
  9. Kaiser Bill

    Bailey Locked In

    My fears will be realised if DB gets the confirmed extension. My view remains unchanged to that posted in Bailey or Lyon thread. Extrememly premature for an unproven product... Let's hope I'm proven wrong!
  10. Kaiser Bill

    Bailey or Lyon

    My opinion is based on the two full seasons he has coached more than the freo game. Also, I am not hoping for DB to be removed, especially not now. I only want to see if anyone else has hopes in Lyon.
  11. Kaiser Bill

    Bailey or Lyon

    I worry that DB will be offered a contract extension prior to the commencement of the season proper. This idea was floated in a news article published earlier this year. I don't believe he deserves an extension yet. I understand it is early and I would love to see him succeed. But I have my doubts. If Lyon shows coaching ability with the young kids this year, then he should be considered as a candidate. I think it would be poetic if he could take us to our first premiership in ~45 years
  12. Kaiser Bill

    Bailey or Lyon

    oops. forgive the spelling mistake in Bailey
  13. Kaiser Bill

    Bailey or Lyon

    My understanding is Dean Bailey received the coaching job because he planned to turn the list over and give us some time on the bottom giving us a chance to recruit the best footballers in the country via the draft. He has achieved that goal. Along the way has he convinced anyone that he is also capable of coaching a winning team? DB has recently stated that he believes teams will be zoning more this year and we will need a game plan to break through zones. However I thought that was the style of 2008 when Hawthorn used zones to take the flag. Therefore I would suggest that type of thinking is reactionary and quite dalayed. I think we need a new coach who can coach a winning team. A coach that will have innovative ideas. How good would a Garry Lyon / Todd Viney combination be!