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  1. Yokozuna

    Match preview and team selection - Round 4

    Cheers. Good mail, but just bad spelling and checking of my own writing!!
  2. Yokozuna

    Match preview and team selection - Round 4

    Put your money on it, Bradshaw is in! hannan emergency and the rest all stay at Casey.
  3. Yokozuna

    Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    Reading some of your comments on here I might as well not go and watch the game this weekend, as we have already lost!!!! so many negative comments. people asking about brayshaw, his biggest issue is his speed, so I would suggest he is up against vince/ lewis/ Tyson/ jones and Wagner for a spot. I rate him, but he will have to wait until they deem someone worthy of being dropped. frost will follow brown into the ruck. our forward line will be fine if we deliver it properly and lower the eyes. Gawn will spend more time forward too. for all the negative comments, if we play our brand of footy, of being hard and pressurising north, and then using the ball well going forward, we will smash them, I don't care who we brought in or left out. Finally, for all those saying comments about Goodwin's selections and doubting him, it is a selection panel, not just him!! They make a GROUP decision, anyone involved in coaching a senior AFL side if any standard knows it is done as a group.
  4. Yokozuna

    Training - week commencing 4 April, 2018

    Ha ha. At this moment he is still pretty calm, give it time though!!! i did write the post after I got him to sleep in the pram though. Not talented enough to write I think and watch him.
  5. Yokozuna

    Training - week commencing 4 April, 2018

    Also, both McDonald and Viney WERE running. Hibberd also didn't do the whole session. Both he and hogan were being looked after but still did some of the main stuff.
  6. Yokozuna

    Training - week commencing 4 April, 2018

    Went to training with my 2 year old son, so may have missed a few things, but hally to try and answer questions where I can. Hogan trained for the first 2/3 of the session, sometimes in the main group, sometimes doing things off to the side. Left the track earlier though. was told he WILL play though. The training itself was pretty basic, but they were working pretty hard and trying to work on some specifics. Could see they were working on their kicking skills, practicing all types ignored kicks in a drill. Also spent a fair bit of time in their groups, doing specific work on their areas. Such as backs doing 1 on 1 stuff and practicing punching/ marks etc. was really impressed with Oscar in those drills. Surprisingly. Jetta was the best small defender in the 1 on 1's. the final drill was more game based with 10 on 10 or so. Practicing pressing up as defenders and trying to cause turnovers, while the forwards were working on quick ball movement, short/ hard passes through the middle and getting out the back or a quick goal. They had to work really hard in this drill as there wasn't much rest. Overall was a simple session, but I was impressed with a few. Notably Oscar on defence, weideman also showed me a bit. Looked much bigger and more athletic to me. Of the current players in the side, I like harmes and petracca with their speed and power and skill and fritsch trained well too. Finally, spoke to my club source. He said that they won't change much this week. Most likely ins are frost and Kent if anything, but they need to find someone to drop (i know many of us have opinions on who that should be) and some of the borderline guys did well last week. Guys such as bugg/ Wagner etc. will always be the ones on the block. Also heard that they are very excited with weideman and his progress, so when he is fitter (considering he missed some of the pre season) he will come in as a forward / ruck. Apologies for any mistakes as this was done on my phone while the son sleeps!!
  7. Yokozuna

    Coaches Box

    Many good points on this discussion. Out of interest, how many people on here have coached a high level AFL side before? not saying people can't have an opinion unless they have coached, but it may help understand some things better. One of people's arguments about him being a poor coach is his demeanour when the camera is in him. That is a load of crap, it means nothing. Just cos Clarkson is demonstrative, does that make him a better coach??? others point out the poor play by players and some of our tactics like bombing it forward to nobody. Do you honestly think the coaches tell players to get the ball and bomb it to nobody??? The tactic of starting with extra defenders running through is great, but the players need to be smarter with who they kick it too or be more patient. overall, I like what the coaches have done in the past two years, the development is going really well, for those who think the last 2 rounds are showing players haven't developed, you really jump to conclusions too quickly! Wait until mid season and see where we are and how we are playing and then people can probably justify there positions.
  8. Yokozuna

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    I know this is a generic reply, as I am being lazy and can't be bothered re reading and finding the people who have written the comments such as "we need to demand more" and "we should expect more" etc. I really find these comments amusing!! How do we demand more???? What affect does that really have?? do you think the people involved at the club, such as the players and coaching group, don't want more and aren't working hard to improve and be better??? Of course they demand better from each other. i am sure after a poor game that the coaches go back and say, good effort, we are really happy with that close win, let's keep going like that and we will be fine!!! just as I am sure all the better performed teams play better because their fans demand and want more and don't accept mediocrity. these sort of statements mean nothing unless you actually have a way of doing something about it.
  9. Yokozuna

    Changes v North Melbourne

    I honestly don't know if I should take some people seriously, or whether people actually watch football properly, or actually have a solid grasp of football, other than being passionate supporters of a club. firstly, people need to calm down. It is round 2, and yes we haven't played great, but we haven't been shocking. And we WON. secondly, before the season started everyone was talking up our depth and individuals, and now some are saying we have little to no depth and these individuals are suddenly no good after 2 games. thirdly, you need to give the team and players a few games in the real season to get a gauge on how it is all going. Obviously we need some work and to play 4 quarters, but wholesale changes will not happen. Fourth, there are no shocking teams in the AFL, so nothing is a given. Look at the results so far this season, so take the win and move on and see the improvement. in terms of changes, I would like to bring in frost and Bradshaw. in no way would I drop Salem. Watch last weeks game again everyone, other than one poor tackling effort, he was really strong in my opinion. I also think harmes has played well, has broken the lines, tackled well and got plenty of the ball. i would drop bugg as I think we have enough of his type in the team already, and they are better than him (Garlett, ANB, melksham, fritsch). i would also drop one of Lewis or Vince as I think we have too many slow guys, if you include jones and Tyson with them. It won't happen though, as Lewis is seen as a leader and Vincent is doing a run with role. So I would say it is either an injured/ sore player or Wagner (who I think has been better than expected), but he is the last one selected in my opinion.
  10. Yokozuna

    Changes v Brisbane

    Put money on it: tyson and bugg for hannan and maynard. A few others on notice, particularly garlett. I personally want brayshaw and frost in the team too. I would drop one of lewis or vince as i think we have too many slower/ older types, especially if we bring in tyson and have jones too. I would also drop wagner for frost, but i do think wagners second half last week was the best he has played in a game for us.
  11. Yokozuna


    We don't CURRENTLY have a 1st round pick next year, but do Yu think we can't get one ny trading for it next year? not sure how and who, but I am sure they would be thinking about it already!
  12. Yokozuna

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I have no evidence he has been told to cut back, but I do know he is a lover of the ingot life and is out and about a lot. He is not alone there, but he is visible and it is not a great look, especially when he rocks up to pre season as he did last season! I would be shcocked if he hadn't been told to pull his head in on more than 1 Occassion.
  13. Yokozuna

    Farewell Jack Watts

    So many things to say about this entire thread. let me start by saying I actually like watts and have no issue with him staying, as we could do with an elite kick on our team. 1) I can't believe jack is surprised, and if he is, that is a worry in itself. Yes, he started he season in good form once he got over his Poor pre season, but his late form was poor and he has been on the list for 9 years without being a consistent, really good player. Stop making excuses as to why he was poor for the first 5 years! 2) people all know his poorer qualities, and complain about it all the time, but once he gets put up for possible trade, many forget them and focus on the fact he is a great kick. Pretty sure we need more than just a great kick from him. The fact he rarely tackles, doesn't sprint like one of the fastest players on our list and can be seen as soft, and that hasn't changed in 9 years, is what needs to change. 3) for those saying we need to improve and bring in new players (such as lever), but we need to keep watts too, we do need to change our best 22 players, so for those saying, get rid of Kent etc. that won't be opening a spot in the actual team. i know people will say guys like vince will be gone soon and other bit part players like ANB and harmes etc. can be taken out for him, but I hope you know what I mean by getting rid of some in our best 22 in order to improve. 4) I also can't believe people who think this will ruin Goodwin. Clubs do this all the time, not always in the spotlight, but it does happen. This will not ruin Goodwin, and he is not the only one who feels this way. This is a football department decision and he is just the figurehead talking about it, and if you don't agree with me there, you are delusional. I also know for a fact the players and the club love jack for what he is, but popularity doesn't win games! if we keep the same squad we had this season, we aren't going to win the flag, so some change needs to be made!
  14. Yokozuna


    I can tell you now, he isn't putting enough mayo on it. i heard the same story the other day from a very reliable source. the Adelaide bloke asked us for our offer and we said our piece, he then came back with "give us two first round picks", we said "no" and he just got up and left. Came back 10 minutes later and they spoke again, he asked for 2 first rounders again, we said NO and he got up and left again!!!! no BS, exactly what happened.
  15. Yokozuna

    The Remaining Free Agents of 2017

    You know what i meant, i hope so anyway. He may be 190 but has plays as a small/mid forward, not a tall marking forward. Either way, my point was that he is soft, no matter his height, and he doesnt know how to tackle or put on pressure.