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  1. You know what i meant, i hope so anyway. He may be 190 but has plays as a small/mid forward, not a tall marking forward. Either way, my point was that he is soft, no matter his height, and he doesnt know how to tackle or put on pressure.
  2. no Menzel please. We do need another clever, small forward, but i would prefer someone who actually knows that football is a 2 way game and that you can actually make physical contact in the game of AFL!
  3. The Jake Lever Thread

    well, i have mail (from 2 sources in and around the club mind you) and they are very confident Lever will be in the red and blue next season. and for those worrying about his pay and being the highest paid at the club, you need to spend some money to improve, and 800k in a couple of years wont be seen as a huge salary anyway. and who else is demanding all our money anyway??? according to some on here, we have depth issues and not enough players, so we can afford to pay him more to get him here while we are paying the younger/ less talented players less at the moment. If you dont want Lever for 800k a season in our side, i guess you are happy with us being in the middle of the ladder every year?
  4. Changes versus Collingwood

    I like tyson, and when he shows patience and uses the ball well, he is one of our best. BUT, i am just telling you what i know from inside the club, and if he doesnt play up to his best standard, he could be one to miss, as unlucky or unlikely as that may be. He is not quick, and to have him, vince, lewis and jones (all who are not quick) all in the same team does make us a little slow, so he needs to do what he is good at, but if he doesnt, he could be the unlucky one.
  5. Changes versus Collingwood

    First post in a while: Put your house on this happening (from a reliable source!!!) Watts and Salem IN Wagner and Stretch OUT And for those thinking about who gets dropped for VINEY in the coming weeks, Tyson better not play and run like he did last week, as he looked as though he was running on a treadmill a fair bit on the weekend.
  6. Jack Watts

    I don't write on here much, as I genuinely enjoy reading some of the opinions on here, most often to laugh or possibly cry at the stuff some people write. But, need to tell you all, from a reliable source inside the club, watts IS being punished for his training standard and how he returned not as fit as he could have been, not his off field stuff like some people are guessing. The main reason though is how he has been training. for those who go to training sessions, you know they film all the sessions and drills and also monitor all players with their gps systems, and unfortunately for jack, he wasn't doing what they expect of all players, all the time. once he shows consistent effort for the entire session, he will be back in. Even if not picked for the WCE game, have been told it is highly unlikely he won't play round 1 for us!
  7. FA & Trade Whispers

    Sorry, misunderstood you, but I agree, would be happy if they took Garland, and happy for him if he got a go and improved!
  8. FA & Trade Whispers

    There is a reason why a player who just played in their GF isn't offered a contract. If they rated him, they would work something out you would think. i would prefer to keep garland, as they will both be playing at casey all year, and garland has been a leader at the club. that being said, I would be happy not to have either!
  9. FA & Trade Whispers

    Have been reading all of these pages with great interest, and finally found a reason to post, as I don't do it too often. if the FD or any serious Melbourne supporter even thinks that Xavier RICHARDS is an option to take the field, or even be on our list, I am hoping they haven't seen him play and are guessing he might be ok cos his brother was. i will happily be proven wrong over the next few years, but for him to ask for a trade is quite amusing, as I would be surprised if anybody wants him. if we brought him in, I will honestly never have any faith in the FD again, that's how poor a player I think he is! not sure if I have been strong enough with my opinion there or not???
  10. Superstar Month on Fox

    I agree too. I actually really dislike the overuse of the word superstar in our game too. Too often commentators call players superstars, when they are just really goo players. I dont think their are that many superstars in our league. I wouldnt be calling Fyfe a superstar (yet) or Dangerfield (yet). I think they need to do it for a few more years and win a flag. I would say a superstar is someone who has won many, many games off his own boot/ with his own presence and has led his team to overall glory, over a LONG period of time. I guess that means that maybe I think Hodge is superstar? I just cant say that though cos I hate him as a player!!! Maybe they should change the month to "really good players month"!? Just doesnt sound that good. And if Cotchin gets a gig, as did Jack Riewoldt and Travis Boak and many more, we should see Jones get a go in my opinion.
  11. Training - Monday 14th December, 2015

    I went to training today too, with my brother, was the first session we had been to this pre season. On a side note, my brother is a sponsor of Jack Trengove (hope he doesnt mind me saying that!!!) and we had a chat to JT in between his running and skills. JT seemed really happy and said he was feeling good. He was moving well and is just getting used to doing everything again, basically getting accustomed to doing what everyone else would see as normal, such as running! He stated he aims to be ready to be selected in round 1. Back to everyone else though, I got there really early and all of JT, Gus, Dawes, Spencer, Vince, Watts, Tyson, Frost were all doing running from 1:15 to 2:00. Of these guys, the most of them then went on and did kicking skills for over an hour. They were all working really hard. Then everyone else arrived. To whoever said Harmes wasnt there, he was, but I understand missing people as they were hard to distinguish at times. Some seperate notes from me: I was super happy with the skills in real blustery conditions, best I have seen in a while. Was also really pleased with the enthusiasm, energy by all players and especially loved the tackling and pressure, it was super hard and fierce. I didnt see many tackles get broken, not without trying, but the tackles stuck and they went in hard. I also know, from a reliable source (always wanted to say that!) that they are trying to train the team to now be more attacking, play more modern football, not just the Paul Roos 1 on 1 style. Goodwin is more of a modern coach who wants to attack more, defend as a team and take the game on. Hopefully they pick it up well and we see more forward movement this year. Individually: Petracca is a beast, his skills were really good too and his leap is still huge VDB looks slimmer and really was impressive. I thought kennedy trained really well and his speed and evasiveness were impressive. Hunt looks really quick and his skills were fine. Gawn has improved, just looks more agile and better endurance. Can see him dominating this year. Hogan was hogan, but what i liked most was his vision and risk taking decisions in drills, he takes the game on! Wiedemann looks real tall, but is skinny in comparison to others. Can see he is working hard but will take some time. Kent looks great and his foot skills and pace were great. I rate him so highly, so i hope he stays fit this year. Along with kent, the kicking skills of Salem just look so smooth, he was moving well, so lets hope he can make the move to the midfield more this season. I like the look of White, his foot skills were great and he goes in hard and has some size. Very good back up. Cant think of any others right now, but if you have any questions, just ask! Overall though i was really impressed today, made me fell much more confident, consdering some of our better and more senior players werent doing heaps.
  12. Changes for Round 2

    Have you watched the replay Biffen? I too thought we were smashed in the clearances, but if you watch again, we were not. We even got a few very clear clearances that resulted in goals, as did they. The issue is that we sometimes did rushed, panic possessions, when we have more time. Garlett's goal was a great example of not rushing. Anyway, to say we are so bad at clearances, and then bag cross, not good enough by you. Look at jones hack out clearances when he has more time, Tyson kicking off the side of the boot backwards in clearances. Cross was not the only mid in there! And to say Toumpas and cross almost cost us the game,many others made mistakes. Perhaps some of our best players for the day! Watts did two shocking kicks that cost us, McDonald a few of his usual skill errors, the list could go on. We won, we played well, we have heaps of improvement, but don't bash the same players all the time. And for my swaps, why no mention of Brayshaw? I was thoroughly impressed by him, but was his first game after no NAB cup. Why JKH and Kent before him in all your opinions? I would be inclined to leave the team, but that does hinge on how fit Vince is for me.
  13. Training Wednesday 17th December, 2014

    Yeah, i worked that out eventually, but there were a few similar looking people with darker hair that I was trying to recognise.
  14. Training Wednesday 17th December, 2014

    Didn't spend a great deal of time watching him. When I first got there it took me a while to work out who was who, with a few players sporting similar facial hair. That being said, when I saw him kick, did not see him miss any targets. Looks like a solid player at training, but who knows what that all means until we see him in a game.
  15. Training Wednesday 17th December, 2014

    I went to training yesterday and have been to a few others, the beauty of being a teacher on holidays. I also coach a local football team, so I often watch lots of teams train to find new drills and ideas. Some points I have noticed about the training: Everything is so much more structured and organised now,Marley any instructions needed, everyone knows what is going on and where to go, it is all ingrained into them now. All of the drills involve a lot, and I mean a lot, of hard and continuous running and work at pace. It is very realistic as the running is done in bursts,much like in game day. A lot of the drills have the idea of team work, quick movement, run and carry It is pleasing to see in the drills there are lots of specific smaller things being taught. In one yesterday they took a mark on the HBF boundary. They had to push back hard, look inboard for a short kick and then Rawlings who was on the mark would call play on and they would have to kick to a 1 on 1 marking duel on the boundary wing. Rawlings would praise or criticise dependent on how hard they pushed back, did they look inboard, did they kick the ball close enough to the boundary and did they kick it to advantage. All very simple ideas, but the basics must be done perfectly to be a better team. This is just one example of heaps they are now doing. (This is my coaching coming out here, but I love to see this). The overall skills look so much better, the drills are not so difficult but the ball is moving faster and less mistakes than I can remember. In regards to individuals, I spent a bit of time watching some for a while each lately: Hogan is a beast and loves training, always seems to be enjoying himself and is so competitive. Enjoyed watching him compete in the 1 on 1's, he is going to monster some players, especially uses his body well when the ball is kicked to his advantage. Also really athletic and involved in other drilled, should be able to push higher up the ground too. Oscar McDonald has really good kicking skills for a tall player, bloody skinny though. Petracca is so powerful, his leap off no run up looks massive in the drills. Still needs to work on his kicking under fatigue, missed a few later in the session as was annoyed with himself. Newton looks like a good old fashioned footballer, doesn't make many mistakes and does all things well. Bradshaw looks impressive but seems to slow down a bit too much before delivery, not sure if it is my imagination, but will be interesting to see how he goes in a game. His skills on both sides are really good and his in close hands are exceptional. Howe looks super quick at training, should be able to play more forward and use his pace and leap again. Viney is a beast, is working super hard on his kicking skills every time I am there, but he is just a bull and is so hard to stop. Dawes seems to be clunking more marks in one go, anymore than I can remember, which is a great sign. HL is in everything, very vocal and highly skilled, will be a very good player for us. Finally, Dom Tyson is a gun, if we start winning more games, get on him for a Brownlow!!! (Maybe I should not say that!) his skills are so good, he is so smooth and just glides around, best thing I saw though is that he is being more vocal, directing people, telling people off for not doing the right thing, he may be a new leader this year in my opinion. Any questions will be happy to answer as I have seen a few sessions.