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  1. spalding

    The youngest most inexperienced side

    I think the issue is more about the quality of the older experienced guys - who boost up the average. Jones, Jetta and Hibberd would probably get games with the better teams, but I doubt Vince, Lewis, Pedo, and maybe even Garlett would. Compare this to Sydney, Richmond, Geelong and their oldest players are champions. More clearly for us than perhaps anyone else besides Carlton and Brisbane, our best players (or potential champions) are less 23. having said all that I’m sick of bloody waiting like everyone else!
  2. spalding

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    On my way to the dawn service I got a text from a Richmond tragic mate of mine (who is the most emotionally and financially invested supporter I know), who said “chin up mate, it can turnaround real quick, trust me, it does seem darkest before the dawn”. He’s really good mates with Peggy O’neil and also commented about how much pressure she, Brendan Gale and Dimmer were under 18 months ago. He says that their inner sanctum really rates the Demons in the mid to longer term and this is why. last night their experienced leaders, probably with the exception of Houli were not dominant - but still played at the minimum standard you expect each week. This includes the big 4 plus Grimes, Edwards, Grigg etc. Melbourne have no equivalent (yet), except for Jones and Hibberd They think melbourne players don’t trust their system (yet) - too many fly in the backline, too many sucked into the immediate contest. They implicitly trust each not to be beaten in the contest - so don’t all fly in the backline, don’t all get sucked to the ball or into a tackle but start to spread etc. its not such a leg speed issue but speed of ball movement - no fumbles, no hestitation to move (trust again) after telling him to go and gf, he said that with the complete confidence and trust they have a heap of guys that he thought were spuds (grigg, houli, mckintosh, lambert, Lloyd) who actually look good now their in a good team. As angry as i was last night I still think there is enough for us to work with. I’ve been a member for 35 years, and 6 weeks before the 1987 finals. Suddenly the young guys clicked and we played finals for 5 years (and missed a golden chance in 1990). I think this will happen again - hopefully starting this year. for all those who have said they are chucking it in, as I felt like last night, I hope you can hang in there
  3. spalding

    Round 4 Non MFC games

    It’s all about midfield depth people!
  4. spalding

    Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    Exactly - there has been a lot of things that need fixing in the first 3 games. From Goodys presser he and everyone at the club knows it. Yet we have won two games and lost one to a team that will play finals by a kick. A pass mark so far, but the next 3 games will tell us a lot. as we have seen in the last 2 years you need to win enough games to get in the finals and hope to hit peak form in September. It’s only April so it’s good to bank the wins without playing that well. we got a lot of improving to do - but let’s enjoy the ride!
  5. spalding

    Be Patient with Lever

    Maybe we paid overs, but let’s revisit this in a year or two. i keep thinking of Alex Rance’s first 3-4 years. His disposal was average at best, and he struggled as a one on one defender. Now he is easily the best defender in the league and the Tigers would not have won a premiership without him.
  6. spalding

    Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    They haven't given up much to have a shot at the title, so their strategy is perfectly understandable, but I think they will crash hard after the next year or two. Boak, Ryder, Gray and Westhoff are all 30+ next season, and Ebert, Broadbent, Hartlett. Dixon and Jonas are all around 28. So who is left to lead the club, besides Wines, after that/ Watts, Motlop and Rockliff? Probably not a good sample, but gee their backline looked poor to me when we played them at the MCG. Nothing has improved in regard to their defensive pressure from this year's recruits.
  7. spalding

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I vote for this as the best post of the 200 pages.
  8. spalding

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Exactly This message would have been delivered at his exit interview. Probably not for the first time in his career. he was told to consider his options outside mfc. jack would have been hurt - probably surprised, and felt victimised as his loyality wasn't being rewarded. Unfortinately for jack the club's standards are being raised - and the coaching stuff doesn't believe he can lift his standards to the level required once this happened it was always going to be in the public domain (visiting other clubs - such as the doorstop interview in Adelaide) via his manager, jack is pleading his case in public - just as much as the club is. I'm not sure who started this, but there is no way it couldn't be in the public domain if jack has been told to look for other options. this is now an emotional debate amongst us all - but I can't see how Goodwin or the club can be accused of making a mistake or being unprofessional. It couldn't play out any other way once that message was delivered. The only downside for the club, besides the angst of supporters (which will be temporary if the club continues to improve), of what is happening now is a possible slight reduction of jacks trade value. The upside is that we get into an auction that gets us what we want/need for other trade targets, or jack ends up staying because we don't get want we want and his near death experience (in a football sense) sees a change in attitude that results in him delivering on the FDs expectations. It's a decent risk/reward imo. So, do we have the stomach to make the hard calls to be an elite organisation? Looks like the Footy department does - but it's going to be harder for us supporters (who are probably more emotionally invested in individuals like Jack). too many brackets and hyphens - (sorry!)
  9. spalding

    Farewell Jack Watts

    If what GNF said is true, then the key to this whole debate, imo, is who was behind that fluff piece with channel 7 re queens birthday a week or so ago. if not club sanctioned, or if Goodwin wasn't aware or advised of the content, it would seem like an effort by jack/manager to gain support from some inside the club and those outside (like us) for him to stay after getting some home truths at his 2017 exit interview. Perhaps he was spooked by this and what has happened with stringer. if he is playing politics we have no choice but to seperate him from this playing group. having said all that, I would love him to be contrite in the background begging for one last chance from the coaches/leadership group, putting in place a mentor etc to push him to where he needs to get to. I know that I am probably in fantasyland, and that if he could change he would have by now, but I'd love him to have the ultimate success with us - but perhaps those outcomes are mutually exclusive.
  10. spalding

    Farewell Jack Watts

    interesting seems like he doesn't want to get out of his comfort zone and that living in Melbourne is a priority over footballing opportunity.
  11. spalding

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Like many here I am emotionally invested in Jack Watts and would like for him to be part of a successful MFC team after all he has been through. but there will be no successful MFC team if there are any passengers who do not commit 100% - plus our emerging talent has to see that they cannot take any shortcuts and be elite no matter how much talent you have. so either jack has just been given a massive rocket (and shock) and commits totally to the rest of his career at MFC, or more likely, we get something useful in a trade AND the rest of the playing group sees that this football administration is ruthless in its pursuit of success - so they can get on board or be moved on. If any of the players don't like it they will be moved on as well. emotionally I would grieve a bit if Jack goes, but I love the club more, and I wrapt that I think we are finally doing what needs to be done to be successful - rather than a nice club that perennially makes up the numbers.
  12. spalding


    We're much too quick to write off kids. Only a few freaks have much impact before they have played 30-40 games such as Clarrie and Petracca. stretch showed enough in his first 20 games to suggest he will be ok when his confidence is up. For example when he had the shot on goal (on the run) to put us in front versus the hawks last year his confidence was up and you knew it was a goal before he kicked it. at moment he is second guessing himself and fumbling under pressure. He seemed much more composed last year when he probably felt more secure in the team: ANB was the same earlier in the year - but now he has confidence he is much more composed, taking the instinctive option rather than second guessing himself, and seems to cut out the errors. Harmes is similar. Both these guys now look like good like long term told players who can supplement our potential stars. i think our depth will be a real weapon for a serious tilt at a premiership in 2-3 years. Stretch definitely has a role to play in this regard
  13. spalding

    Dom Tyson re-signs

    Sat next to his tiger supporting uncle a couple of weeks ago at the tigers v swans game. he said that Dom was loving where the club was at and completely invested in Goodwins coaching and game-plan - which includes having "squads" of midfielders on rotations (Dom tends to spend more time in the middle in the second half), as it is too hard and physical for a smaller number of players to play totally in the middle. I think this is a real strength for us. It will be interesting to see how it plays out on Friday - where they probably have more A graders but we have more depth.
  14. spalding


    Some of the crap on this site is unbelievable. were not that good people - yet. Get used to it. We will lose games we should win, and win games we are not expected to. we lack quality leaders - but can oliver, Petracca, hunt, Viney ect be these guys when they have played 100 games? Weiderman hasn't got the tank or strength to be a reliable key forward- yet. I wonder if he will. But then I saw him work his guts out to provide a leading option on the members wing with about 5 minutes to go when he was stuffed - and now at least I think he has the desire to make it. ANB and harmes have issues with disposal now - but they are progressing as really good depth mids ( our 5-8 best). Compare them to what Geelong have in the same position - if they are still making the same mistakes after 50 games then get worried. i m [censored] of after watching us get big heads and play like millionaires in the first 10 minutes of the 3rd quarter. But then I think about the last 45 years where we had no hope and look at the following in two years time. fwds - watts, hogan, weiderman, Garlett, Kent, pertracca, mids Gawn, spencer, Oliver, Viney, brawshaw, Tyson, stretch, Anb, harmes, jones, lewis, ( yes we need more depth here!), Salem backs tmac, omac, frost, nev, hunt, hibberd, smith, and depth like melksham and vince. not perfect - but not many I would swap with. what I want to see, and I'm expecting, is to see us show how much this hurt by putting the tigers to the sword. and a final comment - for all those who think finals are over when we have a 2-2 record, are you serious?
  15. spalding


    IMHO it would make no sense to delist him at the end of this year. Surely the one year contact for 2016 was to see if his foot could cope with regular games (irrespective of whether this was at MFC or Casey). Given that it seems he has hit this KPI, I would think he will get another 1 year contract and the chance to see what he can do at AFL level next year on the back of a full pre-season where he participates in pretty much all the drills and loading.