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  1. We are the Geelong of 2006 in 2019 - where a very young and talented list goes backwards after making finals the year before and after all pundits predict a premiership tilt. Results in serious club introspection about why things went wrong which then results Geelong of 2007-2012.
  2. spalding


    As a bigger picture strategy, by giving opportunities to players who show great Casey form to get on our AFL list we are going to encourage higher quality players to come to Casey and benefit from our MFC/Casey development and structures. It will be interesting to see what happens with Jay Lockhart in this year's draft.
  3. I’m usually bullish but think a cats 2006 year is possible. Young list, lots of surgeries post season end 2018, Etc Etc.. willl get a better draw in 2020 and reckon that’s when we strike. Hope I’m wrong though but hard to see past tigers and pies in 2019.
  4. spalding

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I’d do it just to avoid this circus continuing for another year and the risk of getting less next year (ie missing on May). We need all players as committed to success together as much as they are to their own needs. I don’t feel that Jesse is committted to team goals as our other young guns are. it might mean more chance of getting a free agent next year and also more cash for keeping the rest of the youngsters happy as well
  5. spalding

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I’d love Jesse to stay but I have never felt he has the total buy-in that a team needs for sustained and ultimate success - such as the hawks and cats whose players made contractural sacrifices to keep their dynasties together. The only way I think he can prove that he wants this as much as I think the other young demons do is to sign a contract extension now. If he won’t, lets move on and maximise what we can get to address our needs. Personally I don’t think May is part of this but I would defer to our football team who I think have traded and drafted amazingly well for the last 4-5 years.
  6. spalding

    Our supporter stereotype

    Mmm - I sort of fit the stereotype. Except I’ve only been skiing twice. in my defence I had no choice (and neither did my kids). im 5th generation. My great great grandfather came to Melbourne in 1855, and his decedents (including me) have been mcc members and mfc supporters since the 1870’s. At least I’ve been a paid up mfc member for 40 of my 51 years!
  7. spalding

    Umpires this week

    Is it just me, or do we seem to be getting a better run (razor ray as an example) now we are relevant, have bigger and noisier crowds, and are no longer looked down upon by the media? the port game was the last time I thought we were truly butchered by the little green men - even the Adelaide and West Coast games seemed reasonably fair.
  8. spalding

    Dees shutdown star eyes biggest scalp yet.

    And vanders just needs to catch smith once early on.
  9. spalding

    James Harmes take a bow.

    I think he is now our second most important midfielder. Particularly as he has the ability to influence the game while shutting down one of the oppositions best. Will be crucial in finals.
  10. spalding

    Put your hand up if you started crying...

    Tears for our mate Kev - a central Victorian Demon who passed away last week. Lots of tears in our group of 15 who met up at the pub to watch in Kev’s honour. Good on you Kev - got the final curse off our back, now get to work on the Norm Smith curse!
  11. spalding

    Missed Opportunities

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the content with the topic of this thread. As goody said, we are so close. once upon a time there was a team who kept finishing 9th. Then they would make the elimination finals, but find ways to lose. They were ridiculed by the football community after 30 add years of non-performance, the board was being challenged and the coach was going to be sacked. a sulking full forward, a full back with questionable disposal, a captain who would kick backwards and sideways were their best players. Suddenly a tubby early draft pick became the best player in the league, the rest matured and became greats, some good trades and complete buy-in from the list around a game plan that suited them and they look world beaters surrounded by a sea of mediocrity. our young players are going to grow up playing finals. Once they are 25+ year olds we have our chance. Hang in there
  12. spalding

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Or win the next 5 and play the Tigers in the GF
  13. spalding


    It seems to me that Tyson is making quicker and better decisions in close - and whilst he still missed a kick or two today he is not taking as many quick scrub kicks from packs. not sold on jfk but he is working like Anb without the ball and much stronger defensively. Was better vs crows than this week - but still serviceable. Kudos to our development. Guys going back to Casey are clearly briefed on what they need to improve and seem to be better players when they get their next chance in seniors. pity about Smith. Thought he was really showing his potential offensively today before he got injured. i still have high hopes for Weideman based on the improvements that we are seeing in other players after stints with Casey
  14. spalding

    Go and get Gaff!

    I hope you guys are right and I’m wrong. It will be fascinating to see how it plays out on the next 48 hours
  15. spalding

    Go and get Gaff!

    I bet he will get 3-4 weeks. Probably 3 so he is available for finals. The justification will be that Brayshaw lowered himself slightly as gaff swung his arm and I think he hit him with the base of his thumb - not the knuckle part of the fist. Therefore he will argue that he was seeking to shove him forcefully in the chest. Not saying I agree with this, but this will be the justification as to why it’s different from Bugg (as opposed to the real reason which is that Gaff plays for a marquee club, has no history of being a pest, and the AFL wants the best players in its finals).