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  1. spalding

    Missed Opportunities

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by the content with the topic of this thread. As goody said, we are so close. once upon a time there was a team who kept finishing 9th. Then they would make the elimination finals, but find ways to lose. They were ridiculed by the football community after 30 add years of non-performance, the board was being challenged and the coach was going to be sacked. a sulking full forward, a full back with questionable disposal, a captain who would kick backwards and sideways were their best players. Suddenly a tubby early draft pick became the best player in the league, the rest matured and became greats, some good trades and complete buy-in from the list around a game plan that suited them and they look world beaters surrounded by a sea of mediocrity. our young players are going to grow up playing finals. Once they are 25+ year olds we have our chance. Hang in there
  2. spalding

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    Or win the next 5 and play the Tigers in the GF
  3. spalding


    It seems to me that Tyson is making quicker and better decisions in close - and whilst he still missed a kick or two today he is not taking as many quick scrub kicks from packs. not sold on jfk but he is working like Anb without the ball and much stronger defensively. Was better vs crows than this week - but still serviceable. Kudos to our development. Guys going back to Casey are clearly briefed on what they need to improve and seem to be better players when they get their next chance in seniors. pity about Smith. Thought he was really showing his potential offensively today before he got injured. i still have high hopes for Weideman based on the improvements that we are seeing in other players after stints with Casey
  4. spalding

    Go and get Gaff!

    I hope you guys are right and I’m wrong. It will be fascinating to see how it plays out on the next 48 hours
  5. spalding

    Go and get Gaff!

    I bet he will get 3-4 weeks. Probably 3 so he is available for finals. The justification will be that Brayshaw lowered himself slightly as gaff swung his arm and I think he hit him with the base of his thumb - not the knuckle part of the fist. Therefore he will argue that he was seeking to shove him forcefully in the chest. Not saying I agree with this, but this will be the justification as to why it’s different from Bugg (as opposed to the real reason which is that Gaff plays for a marquee club, has no history of being a pest, and the AFL wants the best players in its finals).
  6. spalding


    Yep it was a free - exactly the same as the airy josh Jenkins had in the middle of the ground earlier in the game (which was ruled okay on)
  7. spalding

    Dom Tyson - 100 Games

    Been handy in the last 2 weeks with vineys absence. I haven’t noticed him being caught with the ball as much or turning it over by foot. Perhaps his brief at Casey was to give the first option by hand and avoid the dump kick out of the packs. It seems to me our individual development is working really well. Stretch (run and take the game on) JKH (tackling and defensive running) and Tyson (disposal) have all looked more like AFL standard after a period at Casey.
  8. spalding

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    Make that the last 4 goals. Gws have gone from being in control to in the headlights. Seems like it’s not just us.
  9. spalding

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    Last 2 goals for port caused by umpires - crowd now up, intensity up. Where have I seen this before?
  10. spalding

    Round 18 - Non MFC games

    Not sure how it will end up after the roller coaster that the next 5 weeks will be, but I think that it is becoming clearer that richmond and eagles are the likely gf if they finish 1-2, but collingwood and gws are the danger. I think we are the next best, and the clearest risk to the above 4 - if we can make the 8. Port have seriously loaded up to have a go this year, but are kidding themselves and will fall short, and Geelong are squeezing the last drops out of their top end talent before the inevitable slide that hawthorn have undertaken. Sydney are beaten up, and can’t be carried by their kids (like we can). Let’s hope the hawks get Tom Lynch so they have more years of mediocrity until they bottom out - the pies and Richmond are going to be hard enough for us to beat in the next few years
  11. spalding

    Name three good things

    No-one below the age of 28 did much for Geelong. We will own them in the years to come. whilst they weren’t our best players Spargo, Fritsch and Smith all showed they weren’t overawed. Whilst there were a few mistakes, all had some pretty good moments. Harmes has improved a heap this year, and his development as a run with player could be crucial. i will get abuse for this, but with the exception of umpire no13, I didn’t think we suffered at the hands of the umpires as badly as I was expecting. At least it wasn’t as bad as the port game. Maybe we will start to get a better run as we get recognised as one of the better teams.
  12. spalding


    In 2019 I will do something I haven’t done before. put on some decent size bets on demons for the premiership, top4 and top8 and no13 to win the Brownlow.
  13. This omac witch hunt is just crap. the game plan was working at 3 quarter time. We were beating the cats with their preferred system of play - and although Hawkins was dangerous, he was their only forward. Remember Rd 1 - where he was quiet but Menzel and others got off the chain. tne cats rolled the dice at 3 quarter time and went to all out attack at the stoppages - which worked. Omac was isolated versus Hawkins and got smashed, but just about every full back would have been. He needed more support from either some midfield defence or a spare in the hole. We were too slow to adapt. Hibberd probably would have make a difference here, and been a fair chance to spoil Tuohy. i think his first 50 games have at least been the equal of his brother - and his decision making and disposal is much, much better. I wish some of his teammates showed his composure with his mark and kick in the last couple of minutes. A couple more years and 5-10 kg and he will be our version of Daniel Talia - who is the cornerstone of the crows defence and an all Australian.
  14. spalding

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I’m not an apologist for Goodwin, but I’d encourage all those who think the coach is the only reason we are losing these games to listen to the press conference. Its clear that they (collective noun because it’s a coaching ‘group’ that makes decisions during the game) recognised what was happening in the last quarter and tried things to change it (which did steady the team after the cats got the 4 quick goals). It was also clear that he was seething with the way the cats were able to clear stoppages in the last quarter and our poor decisions in the last couple of minutes. I would suspect that there were some significant deviations from team rules and things they have been working on. the concern I have is whether there is enough coaching experience in the box for Goodwin to lean on - especially with Rawlings at Casey and Macca now back on the bench. I would like to know why Macca was banished from the box. Is there any issue with Goodwin taking advice from a peer or someone more senior our was it just a personality issue. i believe that like our team, the building blocks are in place. Do we need a Neil Balme or Chris Fagan type figure to finish off our coaching team? I’m more confident now than anytime in my 50 odd years that we have a period of sustained success coming - but we need to make sure every detail is covered to get a premiership.
  15. spalding

    Hibberd Ruled Out of Cats Clash with Quad

    I’ve been quite impressed with Harmes when he has played back as well. Did very well when he covered for lever the first time we played the Dogs. May be an option too. Like Brayshaw, his improvement from the start of the year to now has been significant. It’s why we shouldn’t be categoric about how good (or bad) a player is until they have played 50 games.