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  1. This is one spot left in the Barassi league, 1st in gets it. Code to join the R.Barassi League = 830373 As I do every year, I throw open a league for non Demonland users, open to anyone to join 2017 Supercoach Cordner League Code = Code = 448196
  2. Sorry to say that the original thread was accidently deleted, it could not be restored
  3. the link is register your details, then enter the code in the above post to join our league
  4. I will throw this open for anyone wanting to join a DT league. (this is RDT , not AFL Fantasy) The code for the legends league = 471183
  5. I would have to say Bernie. CP5 hasnt got a bad leg also. From the past to name a few. Bennett, Graham (Geelong) , Blight, Melbournes Wheatley. Old Dee, may still remember the day Fred Fanning roostered one Drop kick 105.5m (116 yards) (Melbourne Seconds VFL), v Richmond, Seconds Grand Final, MCG, September 1939. That's if he wasnt already blind and holding up the bar in the members stand.
  6. You are in, Code has been sent
  7. Not sure yet, all depends on interest.
  8. There is. Seeing we are a bit short on numbers in DT. I will send you a code shortly. (Yeah I know, dont call me shirley)
  9. Dream Team Fantasy 2017 is now open. If you are interested, post your 2017 Team Name. I will tick you off as we go. New coaches for 2017 are welcome,
  10. Grimesy is back where it all started.
  11. The plan is to try to get the numbers back up for Dream Team. It only needs 10 more teams and we have the promotion system back in business. I am hoping we retain who we have now, and build from there. Failing that , we still have our regulars with their own league to join. If the DT comp gets canned, anyone wanting to play DT, still ends up playing against randoms. I plan to keep it going. AFL fantasy suffers from the same lack of numbers. Since the DT split I have asked for votes for a preference, AFL or RDT. RDT slightly ahead each time. I played both AFL and RDT, is it just me? but I prefer RDT, for a number of reasons, one is AFL just has too many trades, I end making needless trades just to use them all. Then its mostly sideways trades, because the rookies $$ go up the same time as the ones selected in my team. Making it too hard to generate cash. Maybe I am doing it wrong. but RDT is close to how SC works.
  12. Legends League (Div 1) League Ave = 2020 2016 RDT Grand Final Results Marvel Mavericks 2425 Defeated Rollin' Js 2386 -------------------------------------------- Minor GF EAT A KAKA Won Minor GF 2326 Defeated Hogan's Hulks 2189 -------------------------------------------- ** Special mention to Mega_Watts scoring 49,299 Total Season Pts ,took out this years Highest overall score in the RDT Comp. Making it back to back, taking his tally to 3 overall , and moving him ahead of gmac on 2.
  13. Thats another year done and dusted. Congratultions to all the grand final winners. I hope everyone enoyed being part of our comp. There were some really impressive scores this year, and if it was hard in the Stynes league this year, it is going to get tougher as more high scoring teams get promoted. In a slight surprise, the Barassi league (Div 3) outperformed the Flower league (D2). There was big scoring going on in Div 3. I have collated all the scores for all 4 leagues, and can post all the results if there is any interest.
  14. In a few hours from now,we find out the winner of this years Brownlow. But in smaller room,not that far from the Red Carpet,tallies were compiled,checked,then re-checked. I am pleased to announce our Bluey Medal winner for 2016. Congrats to Ken's Colossi.
  15. If nothing else I 'nailed" the correct weekend to get cruxified for a slip up in DUNN's surname.